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Lessons offered by Olivia
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GCSE Maths Tutor London | GCSE Maths Lessons Essex


Hi, I tutor by post & email in maths and statistics from GCSE prep up to AS/A-level. As I have a PhD in Statistics from Cambridge University and 5 yrs+ experience in statistics research I can also assist with degree level statistics and consultancy.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

Flexible Correspondence Tutoring in

- Maths from GCSE preparation up to AS/A-level (school years 10-11 and 1st/2nd year college)
- Statistics and Probability from GCSE preparation up to AS/A-level and beyond to Degree level and Consultancy
- GCSE topics: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics, Probability
- AS/A-level topics: Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Probability and Statistics

Example Topics: Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra, Problem Solving, Prime Factorisation, Percentages, Formulae, Simultaneous Equations, Geometry, Circles, Triangles, Trigonometry, Pythagoras' Theorem, Angles, Sine and Cosine Rules, Quadrilaterals, Solids, Transformations, Quadratics, Polynomials, Polygons, Functions, Graphs, Inequalities, Loci, Sequences, Series, Vectors, Mechanics, Forces, Newton's Laws, Circular motion, Kinematics, Work Energy and Power, Matrices, Complex Numbers, Iteration, Numerical Solutions, Differentiation, Integration, Probability, Statistics, Frequency Tables, Stem and Leaf, Pie Charts, Histograms, Distributions, Expectation, Variance, Sampling and Estimation, Hypothesis Tests

- Tell me about your qualifications.

Qualifications in Maths and Probability and Statistics

- GCSE Maths, AO level Maths, A-level Maths and Further Maths
- BSc Hons in Maths, Statistics and Operational Research from Cardiff University
- MSc in Statistics from UCL and PhD in Medical Statistics from Cambridge University (mentored by Prof David Spiegelhalter FRS and Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University)

- How much do you charge?

- £20/hr fixed rate, charged for reading your work and writing responses only
- Minimum £2 (for example for quick emails)
- Payment by online BACS transfer, Paypal, cheque or postal order
- Postage charge (Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class)

- Where do you teach?

Flexible Correspondence Tutoring

- If you have a scanner you can attach work to me by email or send pictures via your phone
- Otherwise send work by post and I will return by email or post
- Please make handwritten work reasonably readable

- This is an efficient way for me to get through material, working during the day. The hours you put in are flexible, as there is no fixed appointment to keep
- For students and parents in particular: I expect that your child only hands in work that they understand themselves, through my help or otherwise. This is essential for coordination with their classroom work and their progression towards exams

- When are you available?

Since this is Correspondence Tutoring, all the time!

- I will give you an estimate of when I expect to return your work
- This will depend on current work load
- You may give me a deadline and I will inform you as to whether I am able to meet it

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

- School years 10-11 (14-16 yrs)
- 1st and 2nd year Sixth Form College (16+ yrs)
- 1st year Degree level, possibly above (for Statistics and Probability)
- Consultancy

- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

AS level
A level

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

Email me and I should get back to you within 24hrs

- Do you have a personal message for students?

- Enjoy the Benefits and Flexibility of correspondence tutoring!
- You can ask quick or longer queries by email from £2 or send homework/problems/assignments by post
- Please be careful to submit work to school or college that you understand yourself, through my help or otherwise. This will ensure the work coordinates with your classroom work and enable you to progress towards your exam


- What kind of experience do you have?

Good Experience in Subject(s) and Experience of 1-1 Tutoring and Tutoring of Small Groups

- Informal tutorials (individually and in groups up to 5 people) with peers at Cardiff University and at UCL at Masters level
- Tutoring of individuals and pairs of students of students in Maths/Probability and Statistics at St Johns College and Trinity College Cambridge
- Assistant tutor for courses teaching statistics to clinicians and academics in fields other than statistics
- Mentoring of a PhD student in Statistics at the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge
- 5+ years experience in Statistics Research (3 years with Prof Spiegelhalter)
- Educator and expert on a homework help website (8000 points)

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?


- Do you belong to any professional organisations?

Senior Member of King's College Cambridge
Member of the Royal Statistical Society


Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Lessons offered by Olivia
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Statistics
  • Further Maths
  • All Levels

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