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Guidance on Public Speaking and holding the floor with opera singer and confidence coach Olivia!

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Why do some speakers manage to hold our attention and why do others make us feel easily distracted or bored? Do you dread having to speak at work or university and spend the whole time you're speaking waiting to be able to stop? Believe it or not, you have all the tools you need to speak with a resonant, clear and supported voice, and to hold your audience's attention with ease. I like to work individually with you on a one-to-one basis. Talking is central to our work together and we will first discuss your life and background and what you are looking to change or develop. Together we will work through some exercises to develop your vocal technique, and will complete tasks and discussions together that are geared towards you growing in confidence and starting to see your voice as your own personal toolbox to assert your importance in whichever situation you are in. Over the course of our work together, things below the surface may also become clear and we will use the techniques and exercises we have learned to work out how these also fit into your personal puzzle. Depending on your needs and preferences, I may also set 'homework' tasks to be done between sessions in order to help your development process along.

I am delighted to work with people of all ages because speaking with confidence and holding our own in any situation is an important skill to hold throughout our lives! I'm happy to help children, teenagers and adults of all ages.
Don't hesitate to get in touch, and I look forward to helping you to live your most wonderful life!


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About Olivia

Hello dear students! I would be delighted to meet you all and pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained in order to encourage you to live happily and peacefully as your best and most authentic YOU! As an opera singer, I have spent my entire adult life training my voice to be able to be heard over an orchestra, with zero artificial amplification like microphones, while maintaining beauty of tone - and I have learned along the way that this is entirely possible when speaking too, not just when singing. I began voice acting in 2020 and have narrated several audiobooks for Amazon Audible, sometimes using my voice for several hours at a time to record. I apply the tools that I have learned throughout my career to help you use your body to support a rich, resonant and confident speaking voice.

On a personal level, I have grown from being the shy, anxious girl in secondary school to finding the confidence to make my living singing opera on stage as an adult, navigating an international career, and throwing myself into new and terrifying situations in different countries on a regular basis. In a time when life is becoming increasingly overwhelming and causing many of us, understandably, to spiral and to develop anxiety, I would love to work one-to-one with you to discover the root causes for your personal barriers, and to break those barriers down together bit by bit! In my work as a singing teacher, my main priority is the confidence of my students, and I adore seeing my students blossom.

We will work together on both a technical and emotional level, to overcome your barriers towards speaking with ease and confidence, and after our work together you will no longer dread your turn to speak! Please do get in touch for a one to one session, and stay tuned for my online masterclasses, coming soon!



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  • £45/h

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