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Lessons offered by Dimitris
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  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Rock Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Metal Guitar
  • All Levels

Guitar and/or music theory lessons or coaching by experienced guitar teacher who also teaches at a UK university


The main philosophy of the tuition which is about passing the understanding of how to play and approach music. This helps the students to achieve more over time.

Private tuition which greatly enhances the student's progress (this greatly affects the speed of learning as well as the amount of information that someone can absorb in a given time)

No 'group tuition' issues.

All students get the same level of attention from the instructor

Tuition is focused on each student's way of learning (something that is impossible in a group situation)

Learn at your own pace

Use of professional studio equipment during the lessons

Use of backing tracks

Learning in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Improve/develop any or all of the skills listed below:
(note: don't let the concise and formal terms scare you... the approach and content of the lessons is manageable by everyone)

Fretboard awarness
Improvising skills
Performance skills
Composing skills
Rhythmic awarness (timing)
Knowledge of theory/harmony
Recording skills (even from an early stage)


1 to 1 electric guitar tuition at a UK University, schools (primary/secondary) and privately.
Member of EMI PM UK composers.
Session musician. Remote/online guitar recording and production.
Currently working on a publishing deal with a high end US music library company.
Experience with teaching from total beginners to coaching experienced players.


Rate for online lessons : £25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £120
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £235


Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are charged at full rate. It may be possible to offer an alternative day/time, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Lessons offered by Dimitris
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric guitar
  • Rock Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar
  • Metal Guitar
  • All Levels

Dimitris's CV

Here is some feedback I received during collaboration or negotiation for possible collaboration.

"You are clearly a very talented guitarist and arranger in classic rock style."
"You are a very very talented composer as well as a gifted guitarist."
Nick Raymonde (credits: former top positions at A&R for Sony, BMG, RCA, first signed Take That)

"I can see the potential in you taking a Jim Steinman role."
Kevin Donoghue (credits: first discovered/signed Nine Inch Nails - managed Top20 international recording artists for Sony, CBS and Epic.)

“I do like this a lot - it is superb (Died In Your Arms Tonight)”
Andy Lee - CEO Love To Infinity Records (credits: Grammy nominated production team, 38 number 1 records, 65 gold silver and platinum discs worldwide, over 90 top 40 hits worldwide)

Education and Qualifications

Music Degrees/Certificates:
Teaching Certificate for Yamaha Guitar Encounters 1 2006
Yamaha Music Schools U.K.
MMus in Composition (Merit) 2004
University of Leeds - Leeds, UK. Composition Portfolio Supervisor: Prof. Philip Wilby.
BA(Hons) Band Musicianship (1st Class) 2003
University of Salford - Salford, UK. Composition Portfolio Supervisor: Dr Alan Williams.
Certificate on Fugue writing (Excellent) 2002
Phaethon Conservatory -Alexandroupoli, Greece.
Certificate on Counterpoint (Excellent) 2000
Conservatory of East Macedonia -Kavala, Greece.
Certificate on Harmony (Excellent) 1998
Symphonia School of Music -Thessaloniki, Greece.

Lord Snowden bursary 2004
For progress and commitment on a guitar performance module (MMus Composition), University of Leeds, UK
British Reserve Award for Academic Excellence 2002
University of Salford, UK
Elgar Howarth Composition Shield 2002
University of Salford - Salford, UK

Background Information

Guest guitar solo on I Remember you by Wild Souls. Previous guest soloists on their albums included Doug Aldrich (ex Whitesnake guitarist). Release date 29/5/20 by Lions Pride Music. Premix demo of the solo: (concealed information)

High end US publishing/licensing company Music of The Sea Inc. (credits: Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC, MTV, Dimension Films, Lake Shore entertainment, Warner Bros, Nissan, CBS Television, Omnicom, Viacom, Microsoft, Getty Images, Times Group, Universal Publishing et al) selected my production and co-composition Weird Route (instrumental) for a 5 year exclusive deal. The company extended the offer to include on their catalogue as many pieces of high quality music I would like to submit Status: to be considered and signed.

Deal for licensing 2 tracks to Amada Records (credits: Billboard, iTunes, Amazon Charts placements) for inclusion on 2 rock compilation albums (Rock Star and Rock-N-Roll Heatseekers) alongside tracks by Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) Zak Starkey (The Who, Oasis) 09/19. After Amada Records postponed the releases on a few occasions for several months beyond the initial mentioned dates in the negotiation phase, I withdrew from this project. 6/2/20 The songs I submitted featured Goran Edman, ex vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum’s solo album.

Negotiations for management with VIPrecordings (partner of Amada Records): offer rejected 09/19

Airhunt selected and ‘on hold’ by Alexander Johnston for weekly Highlights Show and Play Off Show. $10,000-$15,000 (no further communication) 09/19

License to Producer Paul Twohig (06/04/19) to use my song Begging For Your Mercy in future production lessons at Pro2 Studios. The track was previously mixed and mastered at Pro2 Studios

Guitarist for the band Storyteller’s Night, a Magnum tribute band. (concealed information) Samples of my playing can be found here (concealed information) & (concealed information) 28/10/18-31-31/03/19

Guitarist & co-producer
Agreement directly with K.E. On The Track (Multi-platinum Music Producer – over 30 Billboard Hits, Jay-Z ,Chris Brown, Akon , Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Future, Lecrae, Kid Ink etc.) to collaborate on 2 tracks that he would shop to major artists/labels. The agreement involved me composing/recording guitar parts. 3 Samples/beats are available upon request. Status: on hold (no further communication) 18/9/18 - present.

Session Guitarist: online collaboration with producer D Malegas (Motorhead, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton) - ongoing as and when needed. Sample from one of the remote recording sessions: (concealed information)

Session Guitarist: for a Bob Seger tribute band. Summer of 2018
Session Guitarist: for a progressive rock album 2018 - ongoing. Samples available.

International record label Bentley Records made an offer for a marketing/distribution/publishing and artist representation deal. 1 year contract for unlimited singles or 1 EP/Album 08/2017 no final agreement

Kevin Stratton & Steve Jennings requested some material for consideration after contacting them. Mr Stratton was a voting member of The Grammy's National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc. He has contributed to 4 Grammy winning albums and has developed the sound of Chicago, Toto, Stevie Wonder, Thomas Dolby, Van Halen and many others. Steve Jennings asked for Died In Your Arms Tonight and an original to be forwarded. Outcome: intial correspondence was suggesting they would likely engage with me in a non exclusive agreement. Update 08/2018: due to a serious health episode that Mr Stratton had it is highly unlikely any collaboration will take place.

Brief talks with Kevin Donoghue (credits: first discovered/signed Nine Inch Nails - managed #20 international recording artists for Sony, CBS and Epic.) after he expressed interest in the possibility of managing me and my project(s). Not successful.

EMI Production Music UK included me in their database of composers. 04/2017 - ongoing.

Presentation of a Music Masterclass to all music students at The University of Salford. The Masterclass involved looking in depth at improvising options over the Mixolydian mode in a way that even theoretical concepts that don't seem directly relevant can be used. The basic philosophy behind the approach is transferable to other modes, but also chord progressions. One of the main goals of the Masterclass was to help students appreciate the power of music theory in music creation and how this could enable them to steer the sound inside and outside the Mixolydian mode. 28/10/2016

Electric Guitar Instructor (Hourly Paid Academic) at The University of Salford by invitation. The University was looking to expand their team with an advanced guitar techniques specialist. I have been teaching foundation and undergraduate degree students. The 1st year Syllabus was for a number of years exclusively Jazz based. The second year Syllabus although it was predominantly Jazz based, allowed more flexibility. Since 2018 the approach to suggested repertoire for the students is free. 03/10/2016 - present

Producer for a Raw Kingdom female artist. Nick Raymonde (top positions at A&R for Sony, BMG, RCA, etc.) responded to a promotional campaign of my music and asked to work with one of his artists. I started working on a cover version of I Will Always Love You in a melodic hard rock version. I resigned 4 times and Mr Raymonde tried to kindly persuade me to stay on the project the first three times. I felt this project was taking my career in a direction I didn't consider appropriate since there was no set agreement in place. Nick Raymonde and his artist where really pleased with the cover I was developing for them as well as some unfinished musical ideas that could be worked into songs. Goran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum vocalist) eventually sang this cover. 26/3/2016 - 26/5/2016

Love To Infinity Records CEO Andy Lee has kept on hold for several months the cover version of I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight and after several months rejected the possibility of releasing my music.
Love To Infinity Records have 31 number 1 hit records, over 90 top 40 hit records and have over 65 platinum, gold and silver discs. 2013-14:

I had talks with Mark Alger from CEO of Z Records for possible release of my recordings. He was interested, but wanted more tracks with vocals on and due to lack of funds I could not provide this. Z Records were not interested in paying the fees of Goran Edman as they thought they would be high. Mr Alger suggested to work with Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath singer) or some other singers from their label (I cannot recall the names), but after checking Tony Martin's profile I felt that although he is a great singer, he wouldn't fit at that point the character of my songs and I also didn't want to stop cooperating with Goran Edman. Around 2013-14

Session Guitarist for Rebecca Bains (Onwards Records). Her single Hard Road, on which I played some guitar parts, reached No 33 on UK iTunes Country Chart and No 29 on Greek iTunes Chart. 2013. I was hired again at later dates to track guitar parts for more songs and perform at a gig with approximately 20,000 spectators (After Dark Fireworks Spectacular at Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield 5/11/2014). Open to possible collaboration.

Session Guitarist: occasional collaboration with producer from Pro2 Studios and EBA Records founder/director Paul Twohig. 2013 - Open to collaboration at any time.

Composer/Producer/Guitarist/Midi Programmer for a CD cooperating with singer extraordinaire Goran Edman (mostly known through his collaborations with Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum from the band Europe). The same album features Terry Gregory on bass (ex Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, Shaun Baxter, Martin Taylor) a founder member of Basstech (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance London). 2011-2013. The album has not been released (yet), but it has created interest from key music industry professionals and was the key to being offered some opportunities as explained in the CV.

Guitarist for a York based band. The band supported The London Quireboys, Marseille (Neil Buchanan’s band presenter of Art Attack). 2011

Independent single release Air Hunt 2010 (not available anymore due to new version available to be published)

Peripatetic guitar teacher for the Doncaster Music Service (William Appleby Music Centre). Main duties over the years have included: teaching guitar (electric and classical) in primary and secondary schools (including a special secondary) as well as teaching theory up to grade 5 at the William Appleby Music Centre. Direct, arrange or compose for 2 ensembles with electric guitars, basses and drums. 01/01/05 – 21/03/08

Private guitar/theory instruction. Founder and managing director of (concealed information) Responsible for all aspects of this business including: teaching the electric guitar, music theory, social media management, digital marketing, photo/video/music editing. 2006 - Present

Guitar instructor for the Yamaha Music School in Doncaster. 2006-7

Guitarist for Nitefire (function band – (concealed information) - not accessible anymore). 2005-6

Guitarist in part of a recording targeting the French market. (Collaboration over the Internet). 2005

Guitarist for Area 39 ((concealed information) 2004-5

Composer, programmer, producer of a 10-minute soundtrack for a multimedia project. 2003

Bandleader for a rock/fusion band playing mainly compositions of my own. Samples of this project can be found at (concealed information) 2002-3

Composer, programmer, producer of a 1-minute soundtrack for a post-production project. 2002

Guitarist for a Greek rock group working in local bars (part-time). 1999-2000

Private guitar/theory instruction. 1997 - 1999

Guitarist for several other groups. 1992 - 2004

Guitarist/composer/arranger/producer/MIDI programmer for home and studio recordings. I have composed and/or arranged/scored music for rock ensembles, string quartet, wind quintet, wind band, orchestra, big band and other ensembles. An excerpt was used by Rockton (GHS corporation) as a sample for a multi-effects processor ‘Voodu Valve’ 2002-2017 (concealed information)

(concealed information)
(concealed information)
More music samples available upon request.

Music Video Clip Appearances
Storyteller’s Night (2019) Live at Cutlers Arms [Online]. Available: (concealed information) & (concealed information) 10 Jun 2019].

Bains, R. (2014) Hard Road. iTunes [Download]. Available: (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Bains, R. (2014) Rebecca Bains - Rebecca Bains Live, added by rebeccabains [Online]. Available: (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Bains, R. (2014) Rebecca Bains - Making of the HARD ROAD video, added by rebeccabains [Online]. Available: (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Bains, R. (2014) Rebecca Bains - Hard Road, added by rebeccabains [Online]. Available: (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Some of my playing might be on some published tracks from session work, but I don't have this information.
Kyriakidis, D. Edman, G. Flaming Rose [CD]. Unpublished.

Bains, R. (2014) Hard Road. iTunes [Download]. Available: (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].
This single, on which I played some guitar parts, reached No 33 on UK iTunes Country Chart and No 29 on Greek iTunes Chart. Available on iTunes, Amazon, 7 Digital & HMV.

Kyriakidis, D. Edman, G. (2013) Begging For Your Mercy. On Loud-Stuff - Bands You Need To Hear Volume 3 [Download]. (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Kyriakidis, D. Edman, G. (2013) Begging For Your Mercy [Download]. (concealed information) [Accessed 17 Apr 2015].

Kyriakidis, D. (2010) Air Hunt - Single. iTunes [Download]. [not available any more due to expected revisited release]

Hane, J. (2005) De L’Autre Coté [CD].
No information on release, may be unpublished 2005 was the year of production. Session guitarist for Guerriero and two more tracks.

Kyriakidis, D. Various Artists. (2005) The Deviator, On Portals IV [CD]. Progressive Music Society.

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