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History undergraduate at the University of Manchester, tutoring history, art history, english (literature and language). A*A*A in English Literature, English Language and History at A Level.


I am a university student studying History at the University of Manchester. I enjoy studying and reading about history, literature, and I am also interested in English Language. I have worked as an intern in humanitarian aid and relief, and I volunteer for the Big Change homelessness charity, as well as working as a waitress part time.
I really enjoy teaching about these topics, and helping other students to understand new ideas in a dynamic way. Through our sessions I will grasp your best method of learning, so that we can engage in the content in a dynamic way, and you can not only understand, but really enjoy the topics.
I offer lessons in History, English Literature, English Language, Religious Studies, Art, as well as Philosophy. If there is a specific topic you are interested in, do let me know as I am happy to read the syllabus to be able to construct a suitable series of lesson plans.
I am based in Manchester, and I can travel.
If you are interested in taking classes with me, or have any questions, feel free to get in touch!


Since secondary school I have mentored students aged 11-18 one on one, in a range of subjects. We covered a range of topics, and through these sessions, improved students grades, aiming for their desired or target grade at GCSE and A Level.
As a current student, I am actively engaged in studying, so I understand the struggles that many students face, and therefore I am able to help students overcome any obstacles. I can offer consistent support to students, and encouragement to help them realise their potential.
Being actively involved in the Big Change charity which aims to help tackle homelessness, I am passionate about helping others. Also, as a producer in film, I am a highly organised individual, which is important in my role as a tutor.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : £20/h
Lessons offered by Tara
In group
Taught subjects
  • History
  • All Levels

Tara's CV

The University of Manchester
BA History, expected result 1:1
Key modules I have studied:
Classical History
• Constructing Archaic Greek History
• The Roman Empire 31 BC – AD 235
• Egypt in the Graeco-Roman World

History of Art
• Romanticism

Latin American & Spanish History
• History of Latin America
• History of the Spanish Atlantic World: Empire, Trade, War

Islamic & Middle Eastern History
• Histories of the Islamic World
• The Question of Palestine/Israel 1882-1967

Economic History
• Crisis and Prosperity in Twentieth-Century Europe
• Capitalism in Historical Perspective: 1700-1913
• First Modern Economy and First Industrial Nation: The Netherlands, England, c.1600-1850

• The Making of Europe, 400-1500
• Colonial Encounters: Violence, Race and the Making of the Modern World
• History in Practice
• Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Foundations for Study in the Arts
• Eighteenth century Irish nationalism and political thought, and its influence from Enlightenment

• My history degree has allowed me to study history different periods, from classical to modern, over a diverse geographical range. I have particularly enjoyed using primary sources to engage with historical movements and events and understand how the modern world has been constructed. It has also given me a valuable insight into the history of arts and culture, two spheres I am interested in.

• Working with primary and secondary sources and using analytical skills to extract important information and construct persuasive arguments, has improved my analytical abilities, which can be applied when reading any text or document.

Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School & Sixth Form
• A Level: English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), History (A)
• AS Level: Art and Design (B)
• GCSEs: 10 (2 A*s, 3 As, 4 Bs and 1 C) including A*-B in Maths and English.

Work Experience/Volunteering

Producer of a short film, ‘While You Were Watching Me’
• I am producing a short film which offers a modern, feminist approach to the typical film noir genre. This involves organising all aspects of pre-production including fundraising and managing finances, location scouting, casting the actors with the director, overseeing the filming, and managing post-production.

Contributor to Love For the Streets
I wrote an article for the social enterprise and media organisation ‘Love for the Streets’ titled ‘Art as a Solution to the Mental Health and Homeless Epidemic; A Patronising Suggestion or a Viable Solution?’ exploring the ways art can be used to help with social issues, the ways in which this can be problematic and how we can overcome this.
Link: (concealed information)

Bartender at No.8 Cocktail Bar at Hatch, Manchester
• Whilst at university, I also have a part time job in a cocktail bar in Hatch, as part of a small team. I am a bartender and waitress, and I also organise student music events.

Creative Director & Events Manager of the Big Change Society
• Last year I became Creative Director and Events Manager of the Big Change Society. This has involved organising several music events raising money for various charities, including:
- The Big Change x Not Bad for a Girl – this was a collaboration with an emerging female DJ group in Manchester, raising money for the charity MASH (which helps vulnerable women involved in sex work).
- The Big Charity Event @ Hatch with Lunar – our recent event in January worked with a new DJ group, giving a space for up and coming artists whilst raising money for the Big Change Manchester.
• I am currently in the process of organising an art exhibition, in collaboration with Mustard Tree, to create a body of art produced by those experiencing homelessness, with student volunteers, to exhibit for the public in Manchester. I feel it is important to give the opportunity for everyone’s creative work to be given a platform and visibility.

Bartender and Waitress at Brown Sugar Bar & Restaurant - Catalunya, Spain
• Over summer I spent four months living in a town in Catalunya, Spain, where I worked in a vegan and vegetarian restaurant and cocktail bar, preparing food and making cocktails. I also learned Spanish during my time in Spain.

Global Programmes Internship at Human Appeal
• During my second year of university I secured a place on the Global Programmes Internship at Human Appeal, a humanitarian aid and relief organisation, where I worked at the Middle East desk, assisting the Middle East Projects Coordinator. My role involved researching current affairs and updates on the political climate and humanitarian situation in the Middle East, in countries such as Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan. Extracting important statistics and information, writing reports about each country monthly. Working in a team and communicating with donors to decide where to direct our funds.

Contributor/content writer for the Manchester Historian
• I have contributed articles to the Manchester Historian, a student history newspaper, including a piece about the abolition of slavery in Latin America.

Copyeditor at the Manchester Historian
• I worked on the editing team as copyeditor at the Manchester Historian, which involved proof reading and editing a number of articles to a deadline. I was able to use my analytical abilities and articulate communication skills for this role.

Administrative Assistance at Safespaces
• I worked as an administrative assistant in the offices of Safespaces, a local company which sells products internationally. This role also involved a variety of responsibilities including having phone conversations with customers discussing products, using databases such as Insightly, and helping to draw up products using computer programmes.

Assistant to the Wardrobe Mistress at Scottish Opera
• I completed work experience at Scottish Opera in Glasgow, where I worked as assistant to the wardrobe mistress, preparing garments for the actors, allocating them to a specific time schedule, and making alterations to the costumes.
Positions of Responsibility and Achievements

Jane Biran Prize for English Linguistics
• I was awarded the Jane Biran Prize for English Linguistics in 2016, following my performance in my English A Levels.

Secretary of the Big Change Society
• Since September I have been the secretary on the committee of the Big Change Society, a collaboration of Manchester students working to help tackle homelessness in Manchester, and bridge the gap between students and those experiencing homelessness, through raising awareness and fundraising. As secretary I organise meetings, oversee all administrative aspects of the society.

Additional Skills Language
• I speak basic Spanish, at a level proficient to converse
• As well as being academically interested and motivated, I am a creative individual, and I enjoy being involved in projects using artistic forms to help with social issues. This is something I am extremely passionate about.

Hobbies and Interests • I enjoy film photography and painting, and I display my photography work in a blog.
• I enjoy contemporary dance, and I am part of a contemporary dance project with dancer Sara Carter, based near Manchester.
• Short Course in Fashion Design at Leeds College of Art - during my gap year before university I took a short course at the Leeds College of Art in fashion design, in which I created a project which I developed in a sketchbook, and produced some final designs.

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