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Innovation Architect helping SMEs renew themselves through leadership, innovation and change in Dumfries


Through Action Learning I will help you discover answers to questions you have, to learn and understand for yourself how to transform your business, identifying new markets and opportunities, and negotiate changing environments in the transition towards BREXIT and beyond. To think and act like an Innovation Architect.


I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience, having been awarded a Distinction in Leading Innovation and Change from York St John University in 2015. Since 2006 I have worked as a Consultant in both the Private and Government sectors within the United Arab Emirates.


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £15/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £85
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £160
Lessons offered by Kevin
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Business Studies
  • Management
  • Management and Organization
  • Business strategy
  • All Levels

Kevin's CV


A pro-active, highly motivated and dependable innovation and change consultant with a wide-ranging portfolio providing direct support to senior Emirati stakeholders, primarily within a UAE federal entity, and utilising business development and programme management processes.

Is responsible for preparing detailed strategic plans in order to sustain organisational performance and capability, and also for helping customers integrate and embed innovation and change within their organisation.

Roles have include identifying initial scoping requirements, generating technical and commercial proposals, negotiating contracts with senior Emirati stakeholders, and generating initial project management documentation and plans.

Additionally, is responsible for the senior behavioural and technical assessment and training consultant responsible for the design and implementation of leadership and assessment programmes within a number of public sector organisations.

A qualified educator and training specialist with over 20 years of teaching experience at all levels within organisations, has been responsible for the training development of over 8,000 personnel within UK government organisations.

In this role, is fully capable of successfully conducting training needs analysis as well as course design and development, training delivery and assessment, and post-programme evaluation of training.

An extremely productive, reliable and flexible individual with the drive and enthusiasm to translate plans into action, is someone with a ‘can do’ attitude who is prepared to work ‘over and above’ accepted norms for prolonged periods and will take absolute responsibility for delivering results ahead of time.

Having lived in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for over 11 years and collaborated with a diverse range of business leaders globally, is very cross-culturally aware and possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills, being capable of developing and maintaining strong individual and team relationships.


Innovation and change are critical challenges in today’s global workplace. Inspirational leadership of innovation and change can make the difference between success and failure within diverse and evolving business environments internationally.

An understanding of the key processes and challenges associated with innovation and change, and the introduction of strategies to overcome these, enables experienced leaders responsible for innovation to bring about sustained change within their organisations.

Adopting an organic and systems thinking approach enable a business to successfully shape innovation and change through the application of transforming business practices that respect existing leadership styles, strategic thinking and cultural norms.

By accessing the latest thinking relating to these issues leaders, managers and professionals at all levels within an organisation can facilitate wide-ranging, informed and systematic approaches to solving the challenges of leading in an innovating and changing environment.


The acceleration and integration of world trade, technology and information now signals the emergence of a borderless business environment where the workforce has become increasingly diverse culturally.

As the global reach of business continues to increase, the desire for organisations to import new knowledge and capability grows with this being perceived as critical to establishing innovating change within domestic business spaces.

Modern leaders must be motivated to fully engage culturally; gain knowledge of new cultural perspectives; strategize and plan for constructive cultural exchanges and adapt their own behaviour to initiate unconditional cultural cooperation.

Sustained organisational excellence into the future can be established through the comprehensive evaluation of leader attitudes and capabilities, with the development of a global mindset being central to effective leader performance.


The development of global profiles ensures that both technical and behavioural evaluations of competence are predictive of those attributes of behaviour that are most frequently perceived as being acceptable, are most frequently enacted and are most effective.

The provision of a universal framework of acceptable behaviour within an organisation should reflect how the culture-general similarities and differences between individuals and groups compare with context-specific perspectives of the business environment.

Whilst those processes that enable the technical profiling of individuals have been established for many decades, the processes and tools that support the profiling of cross-cultural competence outside of a Western context are still in their early stages of research.

A systematic approach to both technical and behavioural profiling, by integrating specialist psychological testing and specific-to-role assessment centres, ensure that an individuals’ global competence is profiled for their placement into the most appropriate role.


Successful transfer of knowledge relies not only on the recipient fully understanding those concepts and ideas taught within the training environment, but the application of this knowledge to solve problems innovatively in order to affect successful change.

Non-traditional training approaches include student-centred pedagogical methodologies as well as experiential and action centred learning. In this way participants not only reinforce learning but further build on this understanding to directly benefit workplace initiatives and projects.

A key component to this is the contextualization of education and training within the host culture, with this requiring a deep understanding not only of the subject matter but how this relates to, and can be applied within, specific cultural and business contexts.

A lack the understanding of how leadership and business training, designed for use within a western context, can now be successfully delivered within a new cultural environment often translates into poorly developed and delivered education and training programmes locally.



Working in close liaison with senior Emirati stakeholders, generated business development, organisational performance and strategy planning documentation within an innovation and change setting.

Prepared business cases and defined detailed resources and budgets supporting programme solutions, explaining and negotiating these with clients. Routinely adopting a Project Management approach to programme planning, execution and evaluation.

Provided consultation to senior Emirati customers, and their staff, on the development of technical and behavioural performance development and assessment frameworks, was also a subject matter expert in all of these areas.

Was responsible for the software development of integrated feedback reports that combine all components of psychometric and assessment centre data.

Responsible for designing and implementing complex behavioural assessment and development programmes as well as managing the design and execution of leadership and management training courses.


As a specialist in leadership development and assessment, provided advice and guidance to senior Directors and Emirati stakeholders on all aspects of leadership performance management, this being transformed into the design of technical and behavioural competency frameworks supporting the development of individuals, teams and organisations.

Acted as the customer’s agent for the provision of innovation and change consultancy, primarily with a view to designing and implementing a range of Emiratisation training courses supporting graduate programmes. These were designed in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), and involved the development of programmes at Levels 2, 3 and 5.

In collaboration with FranklinCovey (Middle East), was responsible for the business development and establishment of innovative FranklinCovey Education Solutions within universities, colleges and schools.


Employed as part of an innovation and change team, was responsible for the implementation of a Systems Approach to Training (SAT) within a Federal entity. Was recruited to work alongside Emirati managers and consultants to fast-track the implementation of the SAT into failing and non-performing organisations that were highly resistant to change.

Used extensive knowledge and experience to identify key SAT strategic planning goals and objectives, and then implementing these as part of a team to identify the training needs of over 50 job groups supporting core and specialist training across a wide variety of competencies. From this, comprehensive Course Training Plans were developed to support the delivery of high-quality training to over 2,000 personnel.

Additionally, was responsible for the internal and external audit of training establishments and courses to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of training, as well as establishing Quality Control departments to ensure the standardization and validity of all courses.


Interests include engaging with local UAE history and cultures, kayaking in the mangroves off the Abu Dhabi coastline and exploring the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) beyond normal tracks and routes.

I am the owner of a 1963 Jaguar Mark 10 sedan car and 1975 Honda Goldwing motorbike which I am in the process of maintaining and restoring in the UK, these help me to engage with my love of historic vehicles and the maintenance of engines and other engineering components.

Additionally, between 2012 and 2016 I have published short monthly articles relating to Motivation in the Oasis Living Magazine (Al Ain), most recent articles can be accessed at (concealed information)

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