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James - Ravenscourt Park - Acting

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My name is James Reid, and I have been tutoring privately since leaving Oxford University in July 2008.

I also trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), graduating in July 2013.

- Which subject(s) do you teach?

I teach 11+, 13+ (in most subjects), GCSE English and Drama, and Interview technique in Archaeology and Anthropology. I am also a LAMDA Exams tutor, and have experience teaching acting, voice coaching and stage combat.

- Tell me about your qualifications.

At GCSE I achieved 7A*s and 5As, followed by 4 As at A level in Mathematics, English literature, Psychology and Performance Studies. I subsequently read for a degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at Magdalen College, Oxford, where I was awarded with a 2:1. I also trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) on the 3 year BA (Hons) course in professional Acting.

- How much do you charge?

£65 per hour flat rate.

- Where do you teach?

I am based in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, usually tutoring in West London, although please feel free to contact me regardless to see whether we can come to an arrangement. I am happy to teach over Skype for those living too far to travel to, or outside of London.

- When are you available?

I teach primarily at the weekends, and have a number of current clients fixed into my timetable. Please contact me with regards to my availability and we can discuss it further.

- Which ages and levels do you teach?

I am happy to teach from 5 - adult, depending on the subject, but I specialise in 11+ Common Entrance exams.

- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

I prepare my students for 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams, as well as Drama School auditions.

- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

I regularly tutor my 11+ or 13+ clients online during holiday periods. We simply come to an agreement on a good time to go book in for, and simply continue from where we left off in the last lesson. It is, quite often, useful and more interesting to make use of the student's surroundings, using your holiday location as inspiration for creative or descriptive writing tasks.

- Do you have a personal message for students?

I really want my students to enjoy our sessions. However, I do expect certain a level effort to be put into the work. Lessons may be tough on occasion, especially as I will never hand you answers on a plate. I will always invite you to discover answers and concepts on your own, as they will stay with you for longer, and you will have a greater understanding of them this way. If work is set to be done, it must be done. However, I will never overload the student with anything more than I think they can manage.

I look forward to working with you!


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About James

- What kind of experience do you have?

9 and younger:

One off session with a 5 year old looking at handwriting while working on the alphabet (1 hour); teaching an 8 year old boy from Newton Prep with working memory deficit and other specific learning difficulties English, with a focus on creative writing and comprehension (19 hours); working alongside school syllabus in Maths to ensure this 8 year old is on target and able to keep who with school Maths. Work, with a focus on averages, area and perimeter and fractions (14 hours); helping an 8 year old girl primarily with Maths basics including telling the time and multiplication/division, alongside assisting with school English homework (particularly comprehension) and introducing Non-Verbal Reasoning as a concept early on (55 hours); teaching an 8 year old girl with working memory deficit, getting her basic understanding of grammar and simple maths up to scratch in order to stay on top of school work (2.5 hours); tutoring a 6 year old in literacy and numeracy, assisting with reading, times tables, telling the time, telling stories and sustaining interest in them in order to be able to write them down (5 hours); teaching an 8 year old literacy and numeracy, using creative and exciting ways to explore ideas that the student had difficulties with; teaching literacy and numeracy to a dyslexic child of 9 years; tutoring his younger brother of 6 in Maths and English; teaching a 7 year old girl English as a second language, looking at comprehension, creative and descriptive writing and grammar and punctuation as well as building her confidence in talking to others (she was painfully shy). Tuition included 6 hours of Skype tuition (55 hours); tutoring a very lively 6 year old boy in Maths and completing school homework. He is very easily bored, so games, such as role playing him as a shopkeeper to educate him in the use of money (6.5 hours); tutoring a 9 with working memory deficit and ADD in general Maths, working to get him up to scratch, and subsequently give him a head start on his schoolwork, so that he is not left behind, given his difficulties (26.5 hours); teaching a 6 year old girl how to tell the time through games (1.5 hours).

10+ and 11+ tuition:

Preparing a child with mild dyslexia for 11+ entrance exams in English, Maths, Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning, with focus on discovering and attending to problems in Maths as well as improving comprehension technique. He gained a place at St Benedict's (40 hours); English tuition with a 10 year old boy with English as a second language, focussing on grammar and coherent expression both in written work and vocal expression. This tuition included 12 hours of Skype tuition, using his holiday surroundings as inspiration for story-writing (142.5 hours); tutoring 11+ to a 10 year old in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths – the student was applying for UCS, Latymer, Queen Elizabeth School for Boys and Highgate (36.5 hours); helping a 10 year old boy struggling with working memory deficit and ADD with his focus in all 11+ subjects, developing a system of short bursts of work with intermittent breaks involving small physical challenges. He has applied for and gained places at Kew House and Wetherby (105 hours); creating a structured plan alongside a 10 year old's parents for getting through certain Maths and English topics, developing a system to keep him engaged as he tended to loose focus more easily than most (23 hours); assisting a 10 year old girl with English and Maths, focusing on improving reading and comprehension skills, along the way encouraging use of a dictionary to improve vocabulary, looking at grammar use as a tool for analysis of text (28.5 hours); preparing a child with English as a second language for 11+ exams, particularly building on skill in English, and encouraging a push in his already honed mathematical abilities as well as completing Humanities homework (32 hours); teaching a 9 year old Maths using both Bond books, a text book in order to complete multiple exercises exposed as being difficult from completing Bond Maths papers and the Mathletics website. Also assisting him with homework in French, Latin and English (18 hours); teaching Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning to a 9 year old boy, encouraging an interest, and instilling a passion for the work through interview technique, wherein questions about what he wants from his future were posed. He was applying was for Wesminister, St Paul's, City of London, Highgate and UCS (6 hours); tutoring a 9 year old 11+ Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, encouraging repetition, and use of logical steps in order to think laterally around difficult reasoning questions, introducing interview technique (20 hours); 11+ preparation in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. In the latter we focused on grammar and comprehension, but also explored story writing, which he thoroughly enjoys (6 hours); preparing a 10 year old boy for 10+ exams at Kingston and subsequently 11+ exams at Latymer, Kew House and St Benedict's, working on creative writing as well as comprehension, as well as recapping rules of English grammar (55 hours); 10 year old boy, with equal stress on all 11+ subjects, as well as interview technique, over time dispelling his need to produce perfect all the time, which caused anger and slowed his progress (35 hours); 11+ for a French girl with English as a second language, with equal focus in all 11+ subjects including interview technique. This girl was bright, but lacked communication skills for interviews, though after some work, made huge progress, and was able to ask the most challenging of questions. This included 4 hours of Skype tuition. She gained a place at Francis Holland, Emanuel, Godolphin and Latymer, St James and Queen's Gate and is now attending Emanuel School (40 hours); Maths and English focus with a 10 year old boy with attention difficulties, with regular focus on algebra and creative writing primarily. He gained a place at Latymer (41 hours); one off lesson with a 9 year old girl introducing her to methods of approaching non-verbal reasoning at 11+, as well as guidance towards approaching poetry for LAMDA Examinations. She was preparing for admission examinations to St Michael's, St Marylebone, Queen's College London and West London Free School; pushing beyond the syllabus for a boy who excels in Maths, as well as introducing Shakespeare for the purpose of general interest. He gained a place at Latymer (23 hours); introducing a 9 year old girl to all 11+ subjects, initially rediscovering basics first, such as times tables, in order to make quicker progress further down the line (12 hours); another introduction to all 11+ subjects with a 10 year old boy, initially focusing on creative writing and grammar, and then covering the broader range of subjects, including interview preparation. He applied and gained places at St Benedict's, Harrodian and Kew House (61 hours); one off session with 9 year old boy, looking over grammar and creative writing abilities, identifying what is holding him back (1 hour); intensive tuition in the months building up to 11+ exams for a child who had never had tutoring before, with attention paid to particular Maths topics identified as difficult, as well as difficultly expressing creative thoughts in writing. The student gained places at both Dulwich College and Portland Place (18 hours); early preparation for Winchester, Eton and Harrow, focusing on English comprehension, and providing enough detail to give a confident and coherent answer; getting an 8 year old girl up to scratch with what will be expected of her in 11+ Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning tests using a selection Bond books and tailor-made lesson plans that complement her school lessons. Introducing and developing technique for comprehension (17 hours); tutoring a very shy 10 year old girl, working on creative ways to engage her, including using games on our feet, as well as helping her to realise that her creativity was something that she could take pride in (16.5 hours); tutoring a 9 year old girl in early preparation for her 11+, focusing on making Maths more accessible to her. This is her least favourite subject, which has had affected her confidence. Together, we continue to find ways to bring some enjoyment to the subject, with small goals being achieved during each lesson, and a reduction in her self-judgment of her mistakes (28 hours); encouraging some enjoyment in education in a 9 year old girl in preparation for her 11+ exams, as well as instilling a sense of pride and independence in her own work, primarily focusing on Maths, alongside her school curriculum, and in the use of Maths Bond books. She is currently considering applying to Putney High, St. Edmund's Girl's School, St. Swithun's School (Winchester), Notting Hill and Ealing, and St George's (Ascot) (38.5 hours); teaching a 9 year old French boy who had just come to England, assisting him in catching up with the English syllabus. Starting nervously, he warmed up and responded well to humour, which helped him to excel quickly in the short space of time that we saw each other (4 hours); tutoring a very bright 10 year old boy with issues in confidence. He made very quick progress, but what changed most was his attitude, accepting that he will get things wrong, but that he could learn from his mistakes. We focused on Maths, with his school work excelling very quickly. He gained a place at Kingston Grammar (29 hours); A one of session with a 10 year old girl, encouraging confidence in her English in preparation for 11+ (1 hour); a one of session with a 10 year old boy, working on creative writing to help him to learn to be more fluid with his expression (1 hour); guiding a 10 year old Eton-Applicant towards improvements in English and Maths, aligning with his school curriculum. He has a positive attitude to education, but there are gaps in his learning we are working together towards filling in, for example, in algebra and ratio in Maths, and grammar and punctuation in English (11 hours).

13+ tuition:

Preparing a bright 12 year old child for His St Paul's scholarship exam, challenging him with complex Maths and English questions, encouraging the use of evidence in both disciplines (36 hours); teaching a 12 year old at Sunningdale school, Ascot, assisting him with in house and 13+ exams, specifying in English, Maths, Science and History (164 hours); teaching a 12 year old girl in year 7 Science and Maths at Francis Holland School, Regent's Park (25.5 hours); teaching 13+ English, Science and Maths to a 12 year old girl intensively for 20 hours in 4 days; early preparation for 13+ for an 11 year old, focusing on English comprehension, both in poetry and prose, introducing elements of structure, analysis and formality in writing, working to match his creative, more informal style (31 hours); intensive, last minute sessions with a 12 year old student over his holidays preparing for and accepts to Winchester (18 hours); tutoring a 12 year old in comprehension, focusing particularly on poetry, recapping grammar and punctuation in order to make educated analyses of text, encouraging this analysis to form creative evaluations (14 hours); three week push in the approach of 13+ exams on Science and Maths, putting together strict schedule of prioritised topics for revision. The student gained places both at Latymer and Dulwich (23 hours).

GCSE and A-Level tuition:

Preparation to get up to scratch for beginning GCSE English, focusing on grammar and punctuation, creative writing, Shakespeare, public speaking and comprehension (63 hours); Teaching two 16 year old GCSE students in preparation for their AQA Drama theory exam (2 hours); preparing a girl for her written Drama GCSE exam, focusing on structuring answers and supporting answers with sufficient evidence (6 hours); organisation of folders with a 15 year old girl in order to encourage a feeling of independence and responsibility for her own learning, as well as a clear method for keeping notes (2 hours); Maths GCSE final preparation before January exams to go over (1 hour); one off session with an A-Level Drama student looking at past papers on the comparison of two plays, as well as a discussion on a show he had seen (2 hours); tutoring a 17 year old in AS-level Maths for 2 sessions in algebra in preparation for a modular test (2.5 hours).

Adult education:

Tutoring a French lady in English tenses (2 hours).

Oxbridge interview technique:

Interviewing over 50 candidates for Oxbridge practice interviews; creating a bespoke teaching course with 3 students who requested longer periods of tuition in Archaeology and Anthropology (31.5 hours in total).

Acting and acting related teaching:

Acting and Voice Coaching: leading courses in acting and creating theatre with a class of 9 year olds; giving tuition in audition preparation for drama school auditions; teaching vocal technique, including breath support, diction and accent; teaching LAMDA Exams in Using Spoken English to a 6 year old; preparing a 14 year old boy for LAMDA Exams in Speaking in Public; teaching stage combat to a number different groups of students ranging from 16 to 30 years of age at drama schools, LAMDA and ALRA, encouraging slow repetition, and constantly reinforcing the basic rules so as to encourage independent learning in the future (452.5 hours); preparing an 18 year old girl for her National Youth Theatre audition, developing bold and varied choices, as well as encouraging breaking down her pre-learned monologue delivery pattern in order to try out new ideas (1 hour); audition preparing a student for auditions at LAMDA and RADA, looking at his classical and contemporary pieces both at a table, and on our feet, exploring vocal and physical qualities to assist release (3.5 hours).

- Do you have an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB) Certificate?


- Where and with whom did you train?

I read for a BA (Hons) degree in Archaeology and Anthropology at Magdalen College, Oxford. The course was run by the fantastic Clare Harris, specialist in Tibet.

I also trained on the BA (Hons) as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) under a large range of world class acting, movement, singing and voice teachers, as well as working directors, such as Dame Janet Suzman, Helena Kaut-Howson (Chekhov specialist), and star of the original Noises Off, Nicky Henson.

- Do you belong to any professional organisations?

I tutor for a number of tutoring agencies praised in the Good School's Guide.

- Tell me about some of your current students.

The majority of my students are working towards a goal - e.g. 11+ or 13+. My students are sometimes very early on in the process, but often, too, may be looking for intenstive tuition in the build up to exams. I often work with a number of students with specific learning difficulties, including working memory deficit, ADD and dyslexia. Those who are not working towards 11+ or 13+ include a student in the year before his GCSE's, studying Shakespeare and creative writing, as well as a five year old with whom I go through the extreme basics of English language and Maths.



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  • 10h: £650


  • £65/h

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