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Gloucestershire Airport 
Gloucestershire Airport 
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Gloucestershire Airport 
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Language EFL, Spanish and Italian tutor online and in Gloucestershire area with experience

I teach 11-18 year olds language lessons by tailoring the content of my classes to their needs and interests. Outside of teaching I really enjoy boxing, painting and keyboard - as well as most kinds of spicy food. Grades aren't everything but I will focus on exam syllabi if necessary.

rates vary according to student level and language taught

I teach other languages. For the level(s)BTEC, undergraduate, masters, diploma, doctorate, C1, C2, professional.
I give lessons in person, at the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Anita's Experience

I have taught throughout university and am keen to continue this through my masters degree having taught groups between 1 - 30 EFL and mentored students finding Spanish classes difficult. I have also worked within financial operations and PR settings

Anita's CV

Capita Insurance Services
Assistant Technician September 2017 - Jan 2018
Day to day tasks involve data analysis and interpretation, training on use of excel for insurance documentation, research on finance terminology and insurance policy inputting into simulator for aggregate purposes. I have needed to work to SLA deadlines and well within a team as well as use my own initiative during this role.

British Study Centres
Teacher and Activity Leader July 2017 - August 2017
Over this year I have been working teaching english to children as well as leading activities. This has required me to be flexible within my approaches to different cultures as well as adaptable within the timeframes required for the job. During my time there the centre underwent a British Council inspection and gained “very good” status which required organisation and planning as I worked to meet the necessary deadlines. Within the remit of my role as Activity leader I showed leadership and initiative adapting trip schedules to fit changing circumstances.

TBS Engineering
Consultant Spanish Interpreter June 2017
For a week I interpreted from Spanish to English at a local engineering company which required me not only to introduce Peruvian clients to aspects of British business culture, but also to sit in on and contribute to sales meetings as well as business lunches and learn a lot of technical terms, both their meaning and their spanish equivalents, in a very short amount of time under pressure.

Fringe Arts Festival Bath
Volunteer June 2017
Stewarding and invigilating art spaces meant that I had to learn about the exhibits quickly in order to give appropriate recommendations to potential buyers. I also had to be prepared to adapt to varying venues and show professionalism to artists, audiences and event organisers alike in order to take and respond effectively to requests. This required me to use knowledge of visual arts that I already had within a work setting.

Montpellier PR and Creative, Cheltenham
Intern July 2016 -August 2016
During my time as PR intern I took on various tasks such as monitoring social media traffic and preparing content for clients. I was also involved in the drafting of a business pitch that required me to show commercial awareness and respond to feedback positively and professionally. I also needed to learn the difference between indirect and direct marketing, how the two fit together and the importance of the agency that I was interning for within the plans of each client.

IC San Fruttuoso, Genova, Italy
English Assistant  January 2016 - June 2016
Running small conversation groups for the students I had to work well under pressure, show creativity, in order to keep the kids talking in english and interested as well as mediate should a problem arise. I have also had to plan well ahead  as some of the children I teach have learning difficulties and require different approaches to keep them integrated in the group and interested in the lesson.

The Big Issue, Bath
Company Volunteer July 2014 - February 2015, August 2016 - October 2016
Starting off as a work experience student I then went on to do a few months of volunteer work whilst studying.My succinct writing and communication skills have been applied and improved on by creating charity publications to fit with a specification set out by a supervisor and taking on board their feedback and liaising with local businesses in order to maintain relationships and collect some donations. I was also involved with the management of social media accounts.

Bar roles - various
September 2012 – November 2015
I gained skills in spoken communication and teamwork through taking orders, working with kitchen staff and other front of house colleagues as well as being sent to buy stock from a supplier. I significantly improved on my ability to work under pressure during local race week when the number of customers grew massively. I gained knowledge of food hygiene regulations by making hot beverages and through the cleaning tasks I had to complete.
I gained non verbal communication skills by working with non english speaking staff members and learning names of Turkish food independently demonstrated my reliability through handling till and card transactions as well as the selling of alcoholic drinks and showed leadership through coordinating kitchen staff.

My interests include creative hobbies such as visual media and keyboard, which is something I have picked up recently. I enjoy a local martial arts class for its social feel and hiking to keep fit as well as reading books by the author Murakami and, more recently, the Sherlock Holmes series. My favourite film genre is comic book/superhero films. I am a social media ambassador for the charity Time to Change and will be undertaking the Mind Hike as decreasing the stigma around mental health is something that I feel particularly passionate about. During my time at University I was also an active member of the Catholic society, speaking out against the politicisation of that community. I now volunteer in my church locally.

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