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Law student from India offering Hindi lessons in London. Hindi is my native language.


I prefer giving lessons to middle years and high schoolers about Hindi. I could also help any one struggling with the basics of the language. My teaching levels can be flexible based on the individuals I am teaching the language to and their understanding of the subject.


I am new to the teaching process but I have always helped my friends in understanding Hindi as a language. I received a 6 in IB Hindi and also wrote my Extended Essay in Hindi, I've grown up in India which means I have a strong base of Hindi and English.


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £10/h


I will charge £3 for any cancellations done an hour or less before the time set for the classes
If I have to travel longer distances, I may charge an additional fee of £5

Lessons offered by Khushi
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Hindi
  • All Levels

Khushi's CV


Queen Mary University of London, LLB Law 2018-present
IB- 37 points with 6 in Hindi 2016-2018
IGCSE- Distinction with an A in Hindi 2014- 2016

Experience with Hindi

Extended Essay in Hindi 2017-2018
• Received a B for 4000 words extended research paper in Hindi.
• Researched about changing beauty standards for women in India.
• Conducted interviews and surveys in Hindi.

Received a 6 in IB Hindi SL 2017-2018
• Received a mark of 18/20 in my oral examinations
• Wrote internal assessments and was awarded a 7/7 for these
• Got a higher boundary overall 6 in the subject
• Have learnt the language for 18 years of my life

Published a Hindi poem in school magazine 2018
• Wrote a poem empowering women

Experience with teaching

Wash In School Project (WINS), International Rotary March 2018
• Represented my school as a part of a 15-member team chosen by our school’s CAS Coordinator.
• Undertook a month long project to teach the students of the Parma Government School about basic sanitation; provided hand soaps and renovated the toilets.
• Created strong bonds with the students and subsequently initiated the formation of a Student Council to further integrate the WINs principles among the students.

Volunteer, Phutaluangwattaya Secondary School, Thailand March 2017
• Helped the students to improve their fluency in English through interactive games, along with a team of 9 members from my school.
• Delivered speeches addressing the students and the directors of Phutaluangwattaya Secondary School on behalf of the Principal of my school.


Administrative Head, Secretary to the Managing Director, Group Landmark Private Limited- a network of automobile dealerships June 2018
• Administered the retail of Jeep cars in the National Capital Region of India.
• Ensured timely completion of tasks
• Increased efficiency in delivery of cars by reinstating a previously non-functional delivery dock within a day.
• Attended meetings with the members of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and was entrusted with the task of implementation of the ideas discussed.
• Was honored as the Chief Guest upon delivering 15 cars to CNH Industrial Company.
• Brainstormed on marketing strategies to improve the sales of jeep.

Receptionist, QMUL’s Legal Advice Centre September 2018- Present
• Facilitated growth of clientele by canvassing for the LAC’s new projects like for children with Special Educational Needs; sent out posters to over 200 schools, health centers and old age homes.
• Networked with solicitors and clients.
• Assisted second- and third-year student advisors by taking notes of their interviews with clients.
• Developed time management skills by managing overlapping tasks.


Volunteer, The Earth Saviours Foundation April 2018
• Worked with specially-abled children and adults that were adopted by the Foundation
• Provided the foundation with food and monetary donation to facilitate the betterment of the less privileged people who were groomed, fed and provided with shelter with that money.
• Received a certificate for commendable support


Best Tackle in the Turncoat interschool debate August 2017
• Was commended for the points I made against the motion ‘media is no more information and analysis, it is marketing and market’ in my first interschool debate.

Creative Intelligence Award 2014-2016
• Received this award for outstanding performance in Drama
• Wrote, directed and performed many plays including a monologue as Blanche Dubois from a Streetcar named desire.

Player, 66th National Basketball Championship for juniors, Basketball federation of India October 2015
• Played with a completely new team that I was introduced to a week before the matches
• Chosen as the main player of the team
• Got invited to senior nationals

Emcee, TEDX hosted by Pathways World School 2018
• Assisted in organizing the TEDX by researching on all the guest speakers coming and writing short introductions about them in a brochure shared with the audience
• Wrote the emcee script with one more student
• Introduced all our guest speakers on stage in front of an audience of more than 300 people


Head of logistics, MUN Secretariat 2018
• Was responsible for the smooth running of the MUN hosted by Pathways school
• Created long lists of transports to ensure timely pick up and drop off of students
• Responsible for allotting countries and committees to more than 400 students
• Delegated and supervised the task of creating goody bags with IDs, stationary and placards
• Personal usher for a guest school

Hobbies and interests: Adventure activities, writing, traveling, reading and meeting new people.

Reference available on request

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