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Learn to easily communicate with the help of a professional communicator (Manchester UK)


I approach each student by finding out how they learn best. Teaching relies on the student being fully engaged in the lesson. I try to make the learning fun and encourage my students to own. the learning rather than for them to be force fed.


Corporate communications and book writing - over 18 years experience. Worked for a range of organisations including SMEs and private and public sector clients.

Strategic and tactical communications that include digital, print and film.

Types of communications include, internal, external from PR to marketing and events.


Transportation Fee : £10
Rate for online lessons : £11/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £50
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £90
Lessons offered by Alice
The lessons will be held
At the tutor's house
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Computer Skills
  • WhatsApp
  • Blog Writing
  • Internet Explorer
  • Skype
  • Video conference
  • All Levels

Alice's CV


• Writing and editing a commercial book ‘The Answer to PCOS’ by Norah Cozens
• Excellent verbal and written communications
• Devising and implementing internal and external communications strategies and campaigns
• Researching, sourcing and writing for a range of media including film
• Event design and management
• Press and PR skills, (press releases, press briefings)
• Stakeholder development, management and engagement
• Budget management up to £300,000
• People management skills and experience
• Confident IT user comfortable with all mainstream software and some experience of Indesign
• Working knowledge of social media platforms
• Writing awards entries

Career Highlights

• Winner of national PR Week Award for Internal Newsletters
• Winner of North West Cream Award for Internal Newsletters
• Involvement in the successful launch of cultural change communications for blue chip organisations
• Outstanding film production for stakeholder engagement communications
• (Against the odds) Bringing the ‘frontline’ direct to a defence sector senior leadership conference via a 'live' video link with senior military personnel serving in Afghanistan for a personal word of ‘thanks’ for support and expertise
• PR successes with SME company resulted in increased confidence in management team who as a direct result secured increased borrowings of £100,000 at a critical stage in the business
• Outstanding success designing and delivering strategically crucial stakeholder events


April 2017 – Present day

Writing, editing, commissioning and managing the design of books for private clients on diets and natural health supplements.

This included setting up a website and writing the content.

July 2014 – April 2017

Employed by Boost Marketing, however since 6th February 2015, I have been working with Boost on a freelance basis.

• Researching award entries
• Interviewing clients by phone or face to face to get the story
• Developing award planners as part of an awards strategy
• Writing award entries including developing supporting material
• Managing award submissions

December 2011 – July 2014

Various freelance communications alongside a part time role promoting products for Betta Living, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Nov 2010- Dec 2011; (Plus these dates with the same organisation - see below) Sept – Dec 2009; Jan 2008 – Sept 2009 - BAE Systems Freelance internal and external communications, stakeholder mapping and engagement with change communications planning - Major change communications projects impacting UK-wide business due to HR technology update and resulting business transformation.

June 2010 - September 2010 - Communications Consultant, Service Birmingham
Communications Consultant contracted to Service Birmingham, strategic partnership with Birmingham City Council.

• Led a change communications campaign, ‘Tell the Story’, managing a team of three staff, developing a poster campaign, case studies and a quarterly publication.
• Worked on developing content, messaging and design and production for company collateral, specifically an Annual Report style external document.

September 2009 – December 2009 – Senior project manager BAE Systems, Warton, Lancashire (short term temporary role) Stakeholder engagement work on the final roll out of the company’s global Code of Conduct

Made a significant contribution to the ‘final push’ communications to secure sign up to the Code across the business

January 2008 – to September 2009 - Senior Communications Advisor covering maternity leave with BAE Systems, Warton, Lancashire

• Internal and external communications - sourcing, creating, researching, writing for range of print and digital channels including film
• Communications strategy, design, planning and deliver
• Public affairs
• Multi-site delivery of tactical communications across population of 17,000 including large manufacturing population including film
• Cultural change communications

Against the odds I succeeded in organising a video recording (only a couple of hours old at the time of showing, ie the nearest thing we could get to a live broadcast) of senior military personnel in Kandahar in Afghanistan which was played at the senior management conference to the delight of all concerned.

The military were able to thank the management ‘direct’ on video for the work the company does in manufacturing excellent products and responding so effectively to urgent operational requirements. Effectively the work brought the ‘frontline’ straight to the video screens at the conference to inspire and engage the leaders of the business. People in the team were really thrilled that I managed to finally pull it off as you cannot actually telephone anyone out on operations to discuss/set up and it took weeks of time and effort with every day a new set back to overcome. There were a whole host of other problems in securing the video material including arranging the filming via an RAF base in the UK.

I led communications planning and delivery working with senior management and external agencies and suppliers to define and shape messages and deliver content for a key strategic initiative; the ‘Samlesbury Travel Plan’. This involved, a range of material to engage local residents and keep them onside with the company’s strategy to develop the site, regarded as central to the company’s future success in the UK and in the global market competition increases in fast growing economies in other parts of the world. This involved internal and external stakeholder management and cultural change communications to engage employees to create a modal shift in the way people travelled to work. Delivery included video, posters, intranet and print media campaigns. This also involved building relations and networks across the company’s various sites, particularly in the North West but also further afield. The success of this project was key to the company’s business strategy to develop this site to deliver key manufacturing contracts for US’ F-35 aircraft and the Eurofighter.

Employee engagement was critical to the company’s ongoing investment plans as there are planning condition targets to be met as evidence of change in order to secure future planning consent.

July 2007 – November 2007 - Communications consultant with Learning & Skills Council – interim role on the MIAP programme

Stakeholder engagement communications for the education sector across the mix of organisations from schools to universities on an influencing programme

An interim role for the MIAP programme (Managing Information Across Partnerships). This involved working in the education sector across the mix of organisations from schools to universities on an influencing programme to facilitate learner record rollout and management and create buy-in to the MIAP programme. This work involved communications planning and delivery to engage stakeholders across the sector from educational establishments to government organisations. Specifically, I worked to raise profile of MIAP across the sector, through the design, delivery and management of stakeholder events and liaising with a PR agency. I also, led MIAP’s attendance at BETT, the foremost international technology exhibition for this education sector in the world.

July 2006 – to July 2007- Communications Consultant with Trafford Housing Trust

• Internal and external communications including corporate publications
• Crisis management
• Coaching tenants to write and publish magazine
• Events management, design and delivery for 200 people
• Speech writing
• Script writing and film production

Managing day to day press and public relations with lots of difficult PR issues alongside developing communications strategies, materials, stories and material for the website, tenants’ newsletter, managing the editorial panel which included tenants, coaching them in developing writing skills and general communications skills, staging key events covering all aspects from invitations to toastmaster’s speech, scripting and devising the film schedule and entertainment for events. These included the AGM, a Gala Dinner showcase event (200 people) and the Key Stakeholder and Partner dinner (150). Also wrote Annual Report and Accounts, Tenant Report and Accounts, Equality and Diversity Report and Accounts.

2000 – July 2006

Freelance Internal Communications, Press and Public Relations and Marketing for a range of clients, including an online car sales company who secured significant funding from their bankers to support their strategic aims on the back of a successful confidence boosting PR campaign. I also worked for a greetings card company on internal communications to facilitate sharing of best practice across a network of franchisees to boost sales, generate new customers and retain current ones. In addition, I’ve worked for clients in recruitment, advertising, law and corporate finance.

1995 – 2000

Internal communications executive and press officer for Ernst & Young’s North of England region.

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