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Qualified teacher with 10 years experience offering 11+, Maths and English tuition

I want my students to have fun while they learn. I will ensure all lessons are well planned and resourced, using the current needs of the child as the basis of my planning. I will make regular progress checks to make sure the students are making adequate progress and test where appropriate so that I can help your child achieve their potential.

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English teacher and examiner, with B.A. & P.G.C.E. available for private tutoring in Merseyside and Halton.

I believe that the key to success for most pupils is to develop their skills and self-confidence to enhance their ability to successfully complete their examination by developing study skills and examination techniques. My first session with a tutee and their parents is to establish their needs and goals. Together we draw up a plan of the work which we will pursue.

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Qualified Primary Teacher offering English (all levels), 11+ / Entrance Exams , languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Hinduism GCSE/IGCSE)

I tutor primary, KS3, GCSE, A Level, degree, adults with English as an additional/second language (and IELTS) I believe in building confidence by providing a relaxed and fun environment where the student is able to enjoy learning and employ different teaching methods such as books, games, tests and ICT to retain focus.

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Sunderland university student offering 11+ preparation tutorial available Wednesday and Thursday and Friday

My teaching methods are starting with identifying the problem areas and learning style to tailor the curriculum to the pupil

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English Student offering help with English and Poetry for secondary school, all levels.

I base tutoring on the student's particular needs, focusing primarily on the texts the student is currently studying in school. I believe that discussion is important in developing an understanding of a subject, for example poetry, and encourage students to give their interpretation of the subject at the beginning of the session.

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English lit student who wants to make reading come alive for others

I look at the person themselves and find out what they want to learn. If they like cars i will find all kinds of things focusing on Cars. I believe that being able to listen to the student helps them grow. I do like to teach on a one to one however i do find having more in the class does also help.

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7 plus and 11 plus tutor - maths, comprehension, reasoning and creative writing tuition

My teaching approach considers the needs of the student and family, the character and learning styles of the student and the pace at which they may comfortably work and achieve. I set interesting tasks and provide stimulating, varied, well researched course materials and can provide homework and feedback after lessons.

Milton Keynes Centre
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Kip McGrath Education Milton Keynes Central- Professional tutoring by qualified teachers not computer programmes.

- Classes Tuition is provided in a small group of up to 5 children of different ages and abilities. Although students may be in a group of up to 5 others, each child work individually on their own tailored educational programme. This allows them to develop as independent learners while having individual attention form our tutors.

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Multi-lingual professional offering English, French, Italian and basic Japanese classes in London

After I get to know my students, I try to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible, integrating subjects of their interest, songs, movies and books. In case you need language for a specific field (like for work) I will make sure to include relevant terminology in the class.

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Neuroscience MSc student offering psychology A level and maths & science tutoring from KS1 to GCSE level in and around Bristol.

Hello, my name is Lowri and I am a personable tutor comfortable with catering to diverse learning styles. My lessons will be tailored to the needs of the individual student, using innovative techniques to make the material accessible and enjoyable for the student so they'll be comfortable interacting with the material.

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Fully qualified primary school teacher providing support to pupils sitting the Transfer Test.

I ensure that all of my lessons are fun, engaging and stimulating for the individual. It is extremely important to tailor the lesson to support the needs of the individual and ensure they are confident in their new learning.

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Experienced Medical student offering GCSE tutoring for Maths and Biology in Exeter

I understand that everyone is different when it comes to learning styles, therefore we will work on a plan that suits you to keep you on the right track and help you with any difficulties along the way. I know how stressful and confusing the sciences can be, so with easy-to-understand explanations and effective notes, we will strive to achieve your best.

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Pamela - Marple - School English

I have had many years' experience teaching in both primary, secondary and special schools, but have recently retired from the class room.I wish to continue my work as a tutor. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am able to teach French and Maths to GCSE and English to Key Stage 3. - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a B.

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English Literature and Spanish graduate and MA Translation student offering lessons for both English and Spanish up to A Level

I base my classes depending on what the student needs. I have found it important to both improve strengths and topics that the student finds more challenging, with sufficient time being dedicated to each one.

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Very experienced teacher offers English lessons for all ages at home or online

When teaching, I take into account the learner's ability and interests and ensure that the learning is tailored to their needs - while making it as interesting and fun as possible. I have many long-standing pupils at various levels.

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English Literature or Language tutoring available in Tarporley, Cheshire (Attained Grade 9s at GCSE)

As a student, I always found that each person in my class learnt differently from the next- I adopt this style when delivering lessons.

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Management Science research student offering GCSE Maths and Statistics help in Lancaster

My name is Richlove. I come from Ghana and have an undergrad degree in Electrical Engineering and a masters degree in Operational Research and Management Science from Lancaster University. I am currently working on a research project with the university. I also work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Management School and a tutor at the Maths and Statistics Help Centre on campus.


Joanne - Southgate - 11+ preparation and guidance for all school entrance examinations

Fun, stimulating and accessible tuition, specialising in 11+ preparation and KSs 1 to 3. Patient and professional tutor who is able to relate easily to young people, delivering excellent results. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in coaching children for 11 plus and secondary school entrance exams, including teaching Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

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NQT Teacher offering both English Language and Literature tutoring within the local area.

My teaching methodology is offering both 30 to 1 hour lessons, catering each lesson to the pupils individual needs within a subject area. An initial assessment lesson will be required at a reduced rate to understand what planning and preparation is required within each lesson.

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Fully qualified teacher with over 10 years of experience, offering outstanding tuition.

During my lessons, I first seek to understand what areas require focus and support, ascertaining our starting point as well as the student's preferred learning style. I then plan each lesson focussing on these needs. I will prepare the learning resources we will use, tailoring each session to the students individual learning style and educational goals.

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Languages and humanities graduate giving lessons in French, English, History, Philosophy, Art and Religious Studies up to degree level and in Maths up to KS2 level. Sports/music lessons also available

I am a keen tutor looking to help children and young adults learn how to approach subjects they find difficult. As well as covering material thoroughly, I teach students to look for patterns and methodologies which allow them to continue their learning away from the classroom.

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I'm a English language student offering English Language tutoring up to University level.

My teaching method is adaptable to each persons. I like to ask a student what their preferred learning strategy is and change accordingly. I like to give examples and exemplars as I find it useful to compare other peoples work. Peer marking or marking together is also helpful so the student can learn how to improve.

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A highly qualified primary school teacher with 12 years of teaching experience, based in Manchester. A specialist in preparing children for 11+ exams and SATs in Reading, Writing and Maths.

I tailor my teaching to suit the needs of individual pupils. I begin by identifying any gaps in learning and then use a range of fun, engaging and effective teaching techniques to target these gaps. Pupils will be able to succeed academically and will have increased confidence, self-belief and a positive mind-set.

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Sixth form student who attended The Norton Knatchbull School offering 11+ tutoring specialising in Maths and English.

My teaching method is to look at the areas that my student struggles with and to help them to understand it fully until they feel comfortable with it. Furthermore I like my student to feel relaxed in a calm environment when being tutored as I feel this helps to enhance their learning.

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English graduate in Antrim offering 11+ test prep and help with GCSE and A-Level English.

If you come to me for tutoring, we will start our first session with a chat about your goals, and then we'll make a plan to get you there. We will discuss what we can realistically cover in each subsequent lesson, and set some mini-goals to meet along the way. We'll try to have fun while we work to make sure you stay engaged with the subject.

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BA graduate and PGCE student offering lessons in English in Norfolk and Norwich area.

I will be offering lessons in English to high school age students (11-16) to improve written language, grammer and puctuation. I can offer individual or group classes. Individual classes will allow focus on a particular area which the individual can choose, such as essay writing, reading comprehension, grammer etc.

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High performing engineering student offering 1-2-1 11+ and GCSE Tuition in Birmingham

My personal approach to tutoring is to help calmly and thoroughly help students understand the question and the solution to make a strong foundation for future knowledge. I aim to assist students and give hints and support to inspire understanding of the answer until they are capable of completing the questions independently.

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English & Education student offering English lessons up to Higher Level, in Glasgow.

I believe that every student has the potential to thrive in school. In order for this to happen, the methods and techniques that are used need to be altered for each student. Therefore, I would adapt my teaching styles to accommodate the learner.

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Literature Student in Chester wanting to help younger pupils with their literacy skills

I am a firm believer that reading is the key to grasping the requirements of basic literary skills. I would go through passages of different literary styles (novels, short stories, poetry etc.) and explain why writers choose to employ certain styles as well as looking specifically at the punctuation and grammar of the text.

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Level 3 Public Services student offering math tuition in homes in Reading

Everyone has a different way they learn, and I would adapt to how everyone learns. However I prefer getting a good old fashioned whiteboard and textbook and going through sample questions, approaching questions in a calm manner, and thinking of a structured solution.

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Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
9 months ago

Perfect! Heaven, is exactly what I have been looking for because she knows what to do with my son without telling her, well prepared during the writing and comprehension lesson, the section was very good as she went through some of his work and gave...

Christiana, student
10 months ago

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