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Mandy - Whitburn - School English

To help you accomplish and achieve. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English Literature (KS3, KS4, KS5 and University level) and Psychology (KS4, KS5 and University level). Alongside my tutoring commitments I also offer a writing, editing and proofreading service. Therefore, I can provide guidance and constructive criticism on your essay, dissertation or thesis.

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Business student offering simple guidance on how to get the best results

Hi, my name is Alisha Kearney. I am currently on my last year of University studying Science in Marketing. I give lessons to students at any age who need help with preparation for exams and making simple, easy to read study notes.

Greater London
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French Language | London | Tutoring Help for Students | Test Preperation

I am a multilingual student at Queen Mary University who can speak in French, English and Arabic. As a tutor, I am prepared to answer any questions and make sure that the student understands whatever she/he might need help with. I have the ability to adapt the way I teach to however I see fit with the student to ease the process.

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Belfast Fully Comprehensive English Tutoring - Suitable for Primary, GCSE, GCE A-Level

Local Editor and Branding Strategist in educated in English to degree level at Queen's University Belfast. Previously a tutor/peer mentor at Tor Bank School working with young students with complex learning preferences.

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Academic Tutoring covering reading exam preparation and creative writing practice -

I have tutored primary and secondary school children in English as I received an A in GCSE and an B at A level. I like to give children exam questions so they get used to the setup of the exams and make them summarise notes so they are easier to revise from. I also like to make my teaching fun to keep the children interested. I am friendly, approachable, responsible and fair.

Greater London
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Life changing literary knowledge, studying a degree, open to all in London

I teach in depth knowledge and literary format for students ranging from the age of 6-16. I cover all aspects of grammar&punctuation, reading, vocabulary&spelling to controlled literary assessments, coursework as exam aid and preparation. Fun learning whilst succeeding always provided.

Greater London
Tahsin zahra
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grade 7 english college student giving english lessons to primary students

i will be giving Primary school students tutoring lessons; my methods are aimed to make learning more fun for the students.

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Reading English at Bristol, offering lessons to GCSE and below level students

I am willing to teach all levels up to GCSE in English language and literature. I teach by attempting to impress my passion for the subject upon the student, whether this is by analysing texts and passages in past exam papers, or through general discursive analysis of poetry, novels and films I have read or seen. I am a methodical tutor, a patient listener and a hard worker.

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English student offering English literature lessons in London for students ages 9-16

My teaching method is to ask each individual what they are struggling with and focus specifically on those key aspects. I will then give each student a past paper to complete, if they do not achieve the required grade I will continue to work on key areas which they did not understand. This will help students with both learning and understanding how to structure their essays.

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Cambridge History Undergraduate with teaching experience offering online 11+ and 13+ preparation

I am a great believer in the fact that children will only ever effectively learn if they are enjoying what they are studying. With this in mind, I use a wide range of exciting teaching methods, introducing interactive games and an element of competition wherever possible.

South Elmsall
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Qualified Teacher tutoring in Entrance Exam support for 7, 11, 13 plus

I strongly believe in letting children discover and learn for themselves. I feel that it is my job to provide the correct scaffolding and support to allow children to really understand what they are learning, and be able to interpret this in an exam situation. I also believe in empowering children with confidence in what they can achieve so that no question can phase them.

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Very enthusiastic A level student offering 11+ tutoring to a very high standard

I tend to let the students work through some papers, pick up the things they struggle with and work on supporting them in that area, with broken down methodology and more practice with my guidance. I also make my lessons more engaging with quizzes and short tests.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Enthusiastic English with Creative Writing Graduate in Newcastle provides lessons in whatever location you choose

I believe English is a great subject to learn through tutoring because it's about interpretation, and each person does that individually. The starting place is understanding how each of my students currently interacts with their work, and then creating a personal plan that works to their strengths, based on the relevant mark schemes and the demands of the exam board.

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Pre-U English Literature offering help with any English related needs in Maidstone

I prefer to use a range of teaching techniques to cater to each individual's need. I am willing to try a new method if thats how you prefer to be taught.


Malika - Blackheath - School English

- Classes We offer a wide range of options. The aim is to provide tailored learning. Our subjects are listed on our website. Our fantastic team of passionate and inspiring educators aim at making a difference to the academic development of families in the area. We want to build children's confidence and support them in shaping their attitude to become successful learners.

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Psychology student at The University of Sheffield offering English, Biology and Psychology tutoring up to GCSE level.

I would prefer one on one teaching, giving the student space to develop thought and guiding them where necessary. I would try to make sessions as interesting as possible so that, hopefully, students see them as an exciting way of building their knowledge rather than a boring task. Sessions can be made exciting in all different ways depending on the student.

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Business University Student with Experience willing to tutor near you in London

My teaching method is unique and I ensure that the students I tutor will learn new things as they are enjoying their tutoring lessons. I don't have previous experience however, I can tell you that you won't be disappointed and you will learn new things and improve in whatever subject you are struggling in.

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Qualified English teacher with a degree and masters offering lessons in the Brighton and Hove area

I am a friendly, approachable teacher. I base my teaching from relevant research and from my own experience as a teacher and 1:1 tutor. I often bring my own resources to lessons and exemplar student work to aid my students in their learning.

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Primary Education final year student offering tutoring for KS1 and KS2 in Derry

My teaching method tends to be very hands on and practical. Each child learns in their own way, so what one child may learn through reading and carrying out, another child may learn through using resources within a practical method. I carry my work out differently depending on the needs of the child.

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A Level Grammar School student offering 11+ Preparation and support for Primary School students in Birmingham

My teaching method is based on looking at what the student struggles with and ensuring that the student is comfortable with it before the exam. I like to encourage students to attempt mock papers with me and at home.


Doctoral student with over 5 years' tutoring experience offering English language, literature, and writing

I approach each topic by assessing a student's individual needs and goals. I make use of a variety of teaching methods and multimedia techniques. I typically divide my lessons into writing/speaking/listening exercises, to make certain that the student has fully grasped the subject-matter by engaging with it.

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Foreign languages and literatures student ( English, French, Italian and Spanish) giving repetitions in London (White City based but other zones are okay as well)

My lessons are directed to whoever has problems and wants to learn abouth languages. My lessons offer both grammar and literature, help with homework and all it includes such as : reading, writing and comprehension .

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A level student offering tutoring in maths, biology ,chemistry up to GCSE level and tutoring for 11+

I teach my first learning the concept and then testing . I place great emphasis on time management and learning to work fast aswell as accurately in the given time as students are always getting tested. It’s not enough knowing the facts if you can’t explain it all in the time required.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Jill - Heaton - School English

I am a skilled and experienced qualified teacher, with more than thirty years experience. I enjoy the opportunity to work with individual children or adults, tailoring a learning programme to meet each student's very specific needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Literacy, English (KS2 and KS3), and GCSE English Language and Literature.

(6 reviews)
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I am a tutor in dissertation, creative, reflective scientific writing. I have a MD in internal medicine and a masters in neurology. I have written papers and dissertations myself and have a great deal

Teaching approach is basically student tailored to fit the specific need of the student. Also I use a lot of methods to motivate the students and foster interest and enthusiasm. I teach students at all level up to PhD. I am friendly and my students usually tend to come back to me. I have students from all around the world and I am familiar with the education systems in many different countries.

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Tutoting in primary and secondary school subjects in london, very calm Education studies student

i give lessons to primary aged children but also secondary school children. i am a calm person and i make sure the student understands the work. depending on the lesson i carry out small quick games to keep the learning fun. i also do reading exercises and writing extentions.

South Croydon
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College student with a B In English GCSE level hoping to set students up to get Better than what I got :)

My teaching method is to help the student understand what I am teaching them and test them on it after a short while. If they don't understand I would use real life examples to help them.

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A Level student offering help KS1, 2 and 3 and GCSE work

My teaching method varies depending on subject but mainly circles around visual and audiotory learning in subjects such as English Literature or History. I find that discussions help a lot in retaining information so I often like to use examples during explanations and discuss different possible viewpoints in humanities subjects and English (Language and Literature alike).

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GCSE Student offering English Literature, How to write an essay and Exam Techniques. Also other tips and tricks you may need.

I like to base my classes on how the student thrives and likes to learn, this then makes it easier for the student to learn and get better. I use worksheets and tasks that have worked in the past. I like to be positive at all times even if the student is not. Also I feel to be teaching under 15s.

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Qualified Teacher Offering Maths and English Tuition Plus Experienced 11+ Common Entrance

At first it is important to get to know the student and see their abilities and interests. After that I will base my lessons depending on their needs. Lessons are fun and a safe place to learn with constant feedback.

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Perfect! My best English teacher ever. Really, she is perfect.

Majid, student
10 months ago

Perfect! Heaven, is exactly what I have been looking for because she knows what to do with my son without telling her, well prepared during the writing and comprehension lesson, the section was very good as she went through some of his work and gave...

Christiana, student
10 months ago

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