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University student, Physiotherapy student, offers to take care of children and help them with their homework

I am a Physiotherapy student, I speak several languages, wide availability of hours, guaranteed passes, extensive experience in re-teaching and extracurricular reinforcement, among others. I am a Physiotherapy student, I speak several languages, wide availability of hours, guaranteed passes, extensive experience in re-teaching and extracurricular reinforcement, among others.

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Graduated in philosophy, with a specialization in philosophical anthropology, offers lectures in humanistic subjects for middle and high school students

I have worked with different age groups and different problems and this has allowed me to acquire flexibility in adapting teaching tools and methods.

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I'll help with patience and wherever you like, we can study at home at the park or doing sports

Hello everyone! I'm Daniela, patient and helpful girl. I have a degree in psychology and work as a swimming instructor and teaching is my being. I believe in the private and personal study, so together we will choose where and how to study. My methodology is ours, together we will build along the way.

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Humanities classes in Sanremo. Moderately priced, even at home and on call

I am a student of the school of humanities who has done some work experience and teaching experience even in the CRI and other any other business associations. In a few words, who you are you and who are turning the lessons (diploma, degree, class, specificity, etc.

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Young Graduate School of Business (Master) after Bac Science and Higher Studies in Economics and Management - provides all course materials (general education), the Var and the 06-A Trilingual French

- Lessons for all levels, from primary to higher education and preparatory classes - Teaching customized with a methodology to suit everyone - Joint preparation course based on the wishes of the pupil / student and objectives - Support Stress Management

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Kiwi international teacher. Experienced in teaching a range of year levels, subjects and cultures. My strength is encouraging reluctant learners to discover the relevance and benefits of being an info

The culmination of my varied teaching experiences has allowed me to form my own methodology/approach to teaching. However technically my practice aligns with student centered learning. Teaching in situations where the students and I did not share a common language has meant I have developed unique ways for us to communicate knowledge and ideas, particularly drama and role play.

(6 reviews)
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A facilitator to make you learn more deeply all the school subjects

I believe in being a facilitator rather than a teacher.

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Student of Architecture, German and Spanish offers support classes, in both languages in all kinds of subjects

The way in which I give the classes would depend on the age of the student, since my function would be different in a student who is preparing the selectivity, than one who is in primary school, and I adapt to any type of organization, and together we look the best way to work and achieve our goals.

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MBA graduate, very patient, love to help students with their Math homework and schoolwork.

I love teaching and helping high school/university students to solve mathematical problems using simple methods. I do this by demonstrating how this can be achieved. I am very patient and encouraging. I will work at the pace of the student. My sole aim is the success of the student.

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UNE student tutoring a range of IB and HSC subjects to High School Students

I am a flexible tutor and like to cater my tutoring to the needs of the student. I would be happy to work through the class content, coursework and homework with the students, whilst answering any specific questions they might have.

(4 reviews)
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Pupil in last year of engineering school gives support courses in the canton of Geneva and Vaud

Private lessons of support and development in Maths for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a personalized follow-up: Discovery - Methodical Learning - Improvement. I always do my best to accomplish my job and meet the expectations of my students, to improve and strengthen their level.

New Delhi
Samarendra kumar
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Knows how to drill the concerned concept in a practical way and with the back of my hand

My teaching of computer science has got benefited people in getting them rewarded like my wife got highest mark in computer science.

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I'm student of engineering who can teach you the acadamics in various subjects like Math , Science and languages till 10th class without making you bored with boring lectures instead learning having f

I usually go along the syllabus which is being taught in the schools. I select the topic that has been taught in the school on that particular day and re explain the concept following up with solving problems so that.it will become easy for the students to co-operate with both the tuition and school with out being confused or facing any sought of burden.

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Preparation at the Spanish course option private tuition in and around Lausanne

Spanish mother tongue, I have a bachelor's degree in Spanish philology (Hispanic language and literature). With more than 9 years of teaching Spanish to students of all profiles, I have three accreditations as an examiner of the DELE Spanish International Diploma.

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Certified teacher and licensed for private lessons and school support progress and results

Associate Professor graduate and experienced / Serious and effective / educational monitoring The observed and quantifiable results offers tutoring and upgrading in French: spelling rating, grammar, conjugation exercises and dictations, essays and abstracts, dissertations and summaries Read, write and s express Objective: To review and deepen the concepts necessary for effective command of the...

(2 reviews)

Bachelor of Primary Education give English and French courses by web cam

A graduate of the "Bachelor of Primary Education" from a famous Australian University, and after 27 years in Western Australia, I perfectly master and I teach English. Also having worked as a French teacher at the French Alliance of Perth, I also teach French as a foreign language to children and adults of all levels.

(4 reviews)
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James Cook University Medical student who is always able to be there for whatever you need!

I prefer for my students to bring me the work they are struggling with so that I can explain, step through the problems with them and then provide practice problems for them to work through. I am a visual and active learner myself so my teaching style will definitely benefit those who are also visual and active learners themselves.

(4 reviews)
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METU Architecture student helps with school lessons and homeworks and English lessons for any level of language proficiency

I do not use memorizing during the course. It is important to perceive and comprehend the logic of any subject. Learning cannot be accomplished by memorizing. Therefore, I try to make the students discover the method of learning and understand the lessons by processing them.

Pozuelo de Alarcón
1st lesson offered free !

ADE student gives support classes in school support and English to Advanced level

I rely on the content of the textbook, at the beginning of the class we will review what was given in class and then do exercises to practice and strengthen concepts. I will also provide more material if necessary. In addition to doing a general review before the exam.

(2 reviews)
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Study to understand the concepts and not just remember the topic .

No need to memorize just understand the logic and the concept ....and I dare ,you won't ever forget it .

(6 reviews)
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International Trade (English) students in Istanbul Primary and Secondary School Mathematics and English courses - Educational Consultancy

My priority is to work with my students. Each person has a different understanding and learning ability. I understand the ability of my student to understand his own work in this way. My first priority is to have primary and secondary school students and to create a solid foundation for their knowledge and thoughts during these years when the foundations of education are laid.

(6 reviews)
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Management student gives tuitions in english and social studies for classes 4 to 10

I believe in building a rapport with the student first and proceeding to tailor my tutoring to their needs. Also I put emphasis on understanding of concepts as opposed to memorisation and rote learning. Furthermore , I have observed that encouraging curiousity and teaching children to question is a far better action than to just to tell them about a topic.

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A Teacher who can solve your all problems with a easy techniques

I will give the details and outcome of what they going to learn, then cover the basics related to cover the topic.

Paris 4e
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Student in Master of International Law gives course level middle / high school in Paris

Attentive both the needs of the students and expectations of parents I adapt my method after a first interview. Nevertheless I leave a great importance to the practice and to let the student actor of his course. The student thus makes his own return on the knowledge he has, which I help to complete especially through exercises adapted to the needs of the student.

(1 review)
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Remedial teacher (elementary school + first grade of high school) in Angers

I practice as a specialized teacher involved in various schools (primary schools and colleges). Motivated, dynamic and creative, helping and advancing others is above all a passion for me. I propose accompaniment and tutoring, homework help, refresher, methodology and private lessons for students from CP to 4th.

Navi Mumbai
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Student in academic and college avail the facility og good teaching in computer programming.

My teaching methodology is one to one basic and group based facility to all the student who want to avail this facility. According it will be easy to cater their static and implied needs. Based on the recommendation we are calibrate the student potential.

(8 reviews)
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Faculty teaching in University to Post Graduate students for seven years interested in educating students for CSIR NET, medical entrance and for class IX-XII

I teach to build concept based knowledge. I use both power point presentation and black board teaching with diagrams so that concepts can be built.

(2 reviews)
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I am an engineering student who provides home Tution till grade 10 with exp of 4+ yrs

First few classes I take to find the weak areas n work on them to convert them into strong areas

(3 reviews)
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Graduated in the three-year degree in Classical Literature and in the specialist in Archeology, she offers repetitions, preparation of university subjects and after-school courses for pupils of all ag

I am a recent graduate in Archeology with a primary degree in Classical Literature behind me. I have deepened my knowledge in the historical, humanistic and archaeological fields. My lessons are aimed at anyone who needs to consolidate their knowledge or learn new ones.

(19 reviews)
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Highly experienced Post graduate teacher gives Chemistry and science classes in Gurgaon and

If you are looking for a friendly,knowledgeable,caring and engaging tutor, look no further.Sound knowledge of my subject. I have more than 10 years of experience in tutoring different age groups right from my graduation days. I try make students understand from daily life examples.I use different strategies of teaching.

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Perfect! Bernadete was extremely helpful with helping me to grasp a better understanding of learning Human Rights from a Gender perspective. I am looking forward to more sessions with her in the future

Lois-diamond, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you so much Brian You are an excellent teacher. I always follow your advice. I recommend every post graduate students to take lessons with Brian. He has an experience which is very useful for students in this level.

Dawood, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Margareth é molto professionale e puntuale nel suo lavoro; grazie a lei ho superato bene l'esame d'inglese all'università. Scrivi testi molto chiari e coincisi ed è stata un aiuto prezioso.

Cristina, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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