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College level document preparation support given by University professor with 18 years experience.

Teaching methodology encompasses classic educational model, practice tempered by adult education principles based on Bloom's taxonomy. First, the instructor demonstrates the desired skill. Second, the instructor and learner practice the skill together. Third, the learner demonstrates the skill independently.

Diego antonio
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PhD in Philosophy and Psychology offers tutoring for all subjects in Rome

My approach is topic oriented: regardless of the subject, I believe that the secret to learning is to present clearly the essential elements that describe the problem, circumstantiate them in the correct learning context and highlight the connections (possibly in a multidisciplinary way)

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Post Graduate in Chemistry along with Bachelors in Education gives tuitions in maths and science for classes up-to 10th Standard. Special classed can be arranged for 11th,12th and graduation students

My teaching methods includes Demonstrative technique, Audio-Visual Aids, With help of an activity, Inductive method, by using practical problems and examples, model-charts-projects, laboratory method and question and answer method . Methodology may vary from individual to individual and from subject to subject.

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Tuition classes for classes- VI,VII,VIII,IX,X. (Maths, science,social science, General Knowledge.) Reasoning & g.k. classes are also provided for competition.

I start from basics and try to explain each and every aspect of topic,I try to make the subject interesting and make study fun for students.my teaching method depends upon the student's catching power and his way to understand things..I love teaching and it's never a work for money task for me...

Sesto San Giovanni
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Graduating in Conservation Sciences and Technologies proposes advanced science subjects for high school students and repetitions of all subjects for middle school students, MILAN

the methodology is based on an informal approach to the subject to develop curiosity and interest in order to facilitate the study of the most complex topics.

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Master of Teaching Student is unleashing the creative and curiosity from within the learner

My teaching methodology is I assist learners to achieve by helping them identify their own learner preferences, then develop personal learner strategies to fit the learner. My areas that I specialise in is the performing arts: Dance, Drama and Music. I can also teach a number of other areas such as Science, English, Mathematics from Prep to year 12.

Torrejón de Ardoz
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High school student in Torrejón de Ardoz for ESO preparation and general school support.

My teaching method would be based on imparting basic and dynamic study techniques, with which the student would find it easier and more fun to study. Before each exam, you would have some controls to know how the subject takes; according to the qualification, he would receive extra support on what he has not understood.

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Specialization in Physics upto class 12(All Boards), Science and Math upto class 10(All Boards), More than 8 years of Experience, Taking Classes in areas around Mumbai Western line

If you can't explain your topic to a six year old, it means you haven't understand it yourself....By Albert Einstein I try to break down the complex concepts into the simplest ones so that the students can easily understand and remember it.

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BSc Genetics student gives school support classes (languages ​​and maths/sciences) for elementary / ESO in Barcelona

My classes usually start with a few minutes dedicated to review the previous knowledge of the student and / or those acquired in the previous class. Then, depending on the subject and the objective (such as to pass recovery exams), the methodology to follow may vary. Normally, I divide the scheduled sessions to review the minimum required.

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Production Engineer, school support as well as private tutoring in specific units.

I approach the materials on a freeway, each session must be adjusted to the needs. I am an extremely methodical person, focused on objectives and proactive. I believe that everything is possible to achieve. Only recently did I start the school support activity. I'm extremely enthusiastic about it.

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Fun, easygoing tutor gives extra help to elementary school students kindergarten- Grade 7

My teaching methods are kind and patient. I am a fun, and easygoing person. I am passionate about life and about learning. I want my students to be inspired and to be be willing to take risks with their learning. I feel that I provide a safe and caring environment where those risks can be fostered.

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Semi CA, looking forward to help students with my knowledge and experience

I try to explain and make students understand things practically and objectively rather than making them mug up the concepts. I believe that once you understand the core of any concept or chapter, it becomes as easy as a cake-walk.

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Mechanical engineering graduate gives tuitions in Engineering Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry from Secondary School to University level students seeking help.

Most of my teaching methods include 3 phases. Lecturing the requested syllabus, and demonstrating it in a more comprehendible way and finally collaborating with the student for open discussion and doubt clearance. It will also include a session for ensuring the effectiveness of my teachings.

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Online tution Tutions available for Students of class 1 to 10 in affordable fees .

I concentrate on the level of student's mind then I will prepare myself to teach them according to their Intelligence Quotient. Basically I want to teach hindi medium students because they have lot of potential. I want to make them comfortable in English language also.

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Student of M.Tech and gives tution to ECE students of B.Tech and student of 6-12th std science & Maths

A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner. For a particular teaching method to be appropriate and efficient it has to be in relation with the characteristic of the learner and the type of learning it is supposed to bring about.

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Graduating in Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, she proposes math repetitions to middle and high school students

I think the best way to learn scientific subjects is to understand the basic concept and do many exercises. For this reason to the boys to whom I give repetitions of daily exercises to be performed.

Les Rosiers-sur-Loire
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Student in History degree in Angers gives course of History-Geography, french, math, SVT

My support classes are based on what the student did not understand, to learn the basics, to review them, through exercises before working on the new concepts seen in class. My courses are for all levels up to the Baccalaureate.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in English and cinema offers tutoring and preparation for baccalaureate and brevet

I approach the subject freely, depending on the personality of the student and his mode of learning. I am offering tutoring to any student in a general education (and not scientific for high school students) and under the bac level. I like to approach subjects through the prism of art and game, music for example or cinema and series to foster a better understanding of English.

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Student of Primary Education (bilingual modality) gives classes of educational support of any subject to children of Primary. English classes are also offered at ESO level (B2 level)

The best way for children to learn is while having fun, that is, playing. If the level is higher, I like to use learning by discovery or research. The levels to which I am qualified to teach are the 6 courses of Primary Education, although if it is only for English I could make exceptions.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Mathematics teacher with 2+ years of experience in tuition, content development and counselling students tutors students from standards 9 through 12 and gives special tuitions for IITJEE and GRE Quant

First I focus on making strong relationship with students first so they feel comfortable in sharing their doubts and their problem areas. I help them individually to understand the basic concept of the courses in mathematics so they can solve any problem afterwards.

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Neo professor in foreign languages ​​and literatures with many years of experience offers repetitions

my approach varies according to the student and his needs. tendentially the lessons are not pure and simple explanations / clarifications of the arguments, but intact with extra materials (songs, videos, films) so that the students can find in reality what they study.

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School teacher gives CP support course at the 3rd all subjects (except German)

I teach according to the scientific process. I make the observation with the pupil of what he knows or think he knows, then we try together to support and improve this knowledge so that the student understands the notion and knows how to explain it later or use it.

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Special Education/Elementary Education Teacher with 18 years experience offering academic tutoring in NY

I tutor students with disabilities, including Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism, as well as students who just need some extra assistance with their school work. I use a variety of methods to teach, including direct instruction, learning strategy instruction, and using a sequential, simultaneous structured multi-sensory approach.

Juchitán de Zaragoza
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University student gives "regularization classes" at the Primary and Secondary level in Mexico

My teaching method is based on "detecting the student's conflict" and proceeding to "find the subject or topic in which you need help" I also like to develop your criticism of any problem, make you participate and build your own solutions.

Alina maria
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English Studies student offers reinforcement classes for Primary and ESO + English classes

My teaching method is mainly based on doing activities that are fun for students and with which they can learn easily because, being in Finland I learned that children (and even adolescents and adults) learn more easily if they enjoy the process of learning and do not feel compelled to do so. My intention is to put into practice everything I learned from the Finnish education system.

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High school student offers private lessons, repetitions and homework help in Mathematics English and Latin Italian Biology for middle and high school schools in the Palermo area

I attend the fifth year of a scientific high school, my approach to the study varies according to the subject matter and according to the needs and skills of the boy / girl, helping him / her to find an effective personal study method that makes him / her standalone / a.

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Bubbly enthusiastic trained clinician offering academic tutoring for K-12 in Math, Reading, Writing, Science!

My teaching method is by focusing on the students cognitive senses to help them get past their learning barriers. I focus on fun, hands on methods that allows the student to be creative and use their imagination and enjoy their studies.

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Primary school teacher looking for a change of pace from the classroom.

My teaching pedagogy is underpinned by theories such as the 'Universal Design for Learning'. I believe that content should be presented in multiple ways (i.e. tactile, visual, hearing) and that students should have multiple opportunities to practice and apply concepts.

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Stay at home mom gives tuition for all subjects up to grade 7

Each child is different and I understand the child first; then work towards achieving results. No child is above or below average. There is no bench mark. So the most important thing is to make the child understand his/her strengths.

1st lesson offered free !

A mentor with 10 years of experience in teaching children of class 1to 10. Teaching is a passion for me and i treat students as fellow mates, actively involving them in the learning process.

I keep student's perspective in mind while explaining concepts. I Use examples and real time practices to support my theories. I give my students full freedom to discuss and debate on any concept that is not understood well. I focus on practice and support with theories.

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Perfect! Bernadete was extremely helpful with helping me to grasp a better understanding of learning Human Rights from a Gender perspective. I am looking forward to more sessions with her in the future

Lois-diamond, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you so much Brian You are an excellent teacher. I always follow your advice. I recommend every post graduate students to take lessons with Brian. He has an experience which is very useful for students in this level.

Dawood, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Margareth é molto professionale e puntuale nel suo lavoro; grazie a lei ho superato bene l'esame d'inglese all'università. Scrivi testi molto chiari e coincisi ed è stata un aiuto prezioso.

Cristina, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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