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Blackheath Westcombe

Rose - Blackheath Westcombe - School science

Hi I'm Rosie, I offer tuition to students who would benefit with extra support with their studies, revision and exam preparation. I tailor my teaching to the student to ensure understanding, and aim to improve confidence in their knowledge. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach KS2, KS3, GSCE Applied Science, GSCE, A Level Biology. I also provide piano tuition for beginners.

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Fun and Energetic acting student, that will attempt to make learning bareable!

I feel the best way to teach maths is to strip away all of the rubbish and try to simplify and contextualise everything to an approachable level.

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A College student studying biology, chemistry and physics offering GCSE science tutoring

My teaching method is to look at the area in which someone is struggling, see why they may be struggling and go through it step by step making sure to stop along the way if needed.

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Am a pharmicatical chemistry student looking to help people with applied science

my teaching method involves giving a student enough information to set them on the right path so that they can find the answer for themselves.

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University of Dundee Anatomy Student offering Biology and Maths lessons in Dundee

I approach tutoring by first looking over the whole syllabus and dividing up sections by those which will require more time and effort towards and areas which may have already been touched upon previously by the student to dedicate and set out a lesson plan across the time from first meeting my student to the examination period.

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Mechanical Engineering student offering help with physics and maths. Up to and including advanced higher.

I like to know where the student is stuck and start with one subject at a time to allow the information to settle and make sure the student is comfirtable before moving on to more advanced topics. I prefer to write things down and explain as I'm doing so I can break it down step by step.

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Chemistry lessons from Key stage 3 up to A-levels in London !

My teaching methodology varies with each and every pupil. I work according to their routine of learning, however I will ensure that the lesson will be summaried in a mind map and past paper questions, calculations and past papers will be provided for GCSE and A-levels students. Student are welcomed to call outside lesson hours and this is free of charge.

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Cancer diagnostics final year PhD student offering Biology, Maths and chemistry teaching from primary to undergraduate level

Interactive teaching. It means that the lessons are not memorised but embedded into the student’s mind. Interactive teaching causes students to pay attention to detail and are also involved in the process of unfolding key learning steps. Since GCSE I’ve found flaws in teaching methods. My learning came from extracurricular activities which I designed myself since my lessons were not fulfilling.

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Engaging and proactive Master of Biochemistry graduate from Oxford University tutoring the sciences

I believe strongly in planning, strategy and variety when it comes to teaching. I approach all students as individuals in order to suit their way of learning. In particular, exam preparation is generally critical, and I have a number of techniques which will help students reach their target grade.

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Particle Physics student offering lessons in Physics (and related fields) in Hampshire

I have taught English lessons to Japanese high-school students, toddlers, adults, and even the elderly. I have thus developed an extremely flexible and personalised teaching style that I suit to each individual student.

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Experienced Maths and Science Tutor, of 30 years, offering lessons in London

I use a combination of teaching new materials and also examination practice. I work around the needs of the students and also follow a curriculum outline. I have taught all of the main examination boards Edexcel, AQA and OCR Science. As a tutor that can teach both maths and science, I am able to integrate learning from both disciplines.

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Imperial College Student Studying MSci Chemistry- Improve by at least one grade!

homework to be completed and sent over before each class, mock tests, extra notes that I used. I use interactive whiteboard just like a classroom. I will not only review your whole syllabus to ensure I deliver the best tutoring, but I will help you in exam technique.

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Online exam. preparation for GCSE science and A level biology by experienced science teacher with examining experience.

I start by assessing your needs and potential areas for improvement. We will look at past papers and write model answers together. I am supportive and patient.

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Chemistry graduate offering maths and science lessons in Stockport. Group or individual tutoring available

I will start my lesson off with a quick 5 minute discussion on what the student has been learning in school this week, how they are doing with homework and what they have struggled with. I will determine what to teach from there. I have a range of pre-planned lessons which I can go over.

Golders Green

Nasim - Golders Green - Chemistry

I enjoy teaching, and have been giving private tutions for many years now. I enjoy seeing my students achieve their goals and ambitions with my help and guidance. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Biological sciences at KS1, KS2, KS3,SATS, GCSE, BTEC, BTEC National, A/AS level, HND and degree level.

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Biology Graduate and experienced tutor, offering Science and Maths lessons in Cambridge and Brighton

My approach to tutoring is centred around each student. Rather than just providing information, I focus on helping the student build on their existing knowledge to confidently grasp the whole subject. I guide students through the course to gain a better understanding. There's no easy fix to learning a subject, so I bring this together with strategies for revising beyond the lessons.

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Pre-registration pharmacist providing tutoring for GCSE students in the Bradford/Leeds area.

My sessions are tailored towards each individual, enabling students to use their strengths to develop understanding of content and be able to identify weaknesses. Recognising and working on weak areas is key to progression and achieving top marks in exams.

South Wimbledon

Physics Tutor Wimbledon | Maths Tutor Wimbledon

I love teaching. Am patience and understanding. Having brought pupils through KS3, GCSE and A-level, I am fully aware of the challenges the current syllabuses present and common problems for students.


Roya - Southgate - Maths

I graduated from The University of Warwick with a degree in Biomedical Science in 2015. I am now conducting a PhD in Sustainable Design at Imperial College London. I have extensive experience of teaching, and specifically private tutoring.

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BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences student available to teach Chemistry lessons in Inverness

A student myself, I understand the pressures of meeting deadlines and grades. I take an organised and methodic approach to learning- using mind maps, flashcards and other materials to encourage memory recall.

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Junior Process Engineer offering Chemistry and Physics lessons, levels: Secondary / College / Sixth-form

I have a different approach that the one from school in order to give the best chance of understanding, memorising and learning to my students. I always find an efficient way to re-explain knowledge and concepts which could be difficult to understand or too fast to follow during classes. I trained my students with gradual exercises, small tests as well as more complex problems.

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Psychology graduate offering ks 2-4 tutoring in Science, ideal for GCSE prep.

my teaching method is based on a lecture approach. I will research the topic of the lesson, then draft a crib sheet for the topics with areas to research on the students own time. I will stop to answer questions when the students have them.

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Outstanding teacher, now a tutor. I will give you the skills and knowledge to get the grade you want.

Children have individual learning needs, I will identify these needs and develop a bespoke programme of study including progress tests. All lessons are planned to include instructional work, either reviewing material covered in class or new material. Every session will end with questions to confirm understanding and homework.

West Cross
1st lesson offered free !

Currently studying biology chemistry and maths at A level in Swansea, Wales

My methods of teaching include approaching each problem clearly and creating a plan for answering questions, using past papers and their marking schemes to gain an understanding of exam technique and using mind maps to link topics and clearly identify the necessary information.

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A Level Student who achieved all A*'s at GCSE and has experienced the new 9-1 GCSE System first-hand. Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics/ Maths/ English Literature/ History

Learning from my own experience my lessons are tailored towards covering subject specific content as accurately yet concisely as possible as I feel with the mass amount of content expected to learn in subjects this year, the most effective way is to learn content precisely as it would appear on an examiners mark-scheme, in this way there is no possible room for what I call,”a mark-scheme error”

Vasile calin
1st lesson offered free !

Engineering graduate with over 30 years’ experience and a passion for Physics, Chemistry and their applications, will help you to really understand what this is all about and be successful in your exa

My teaching method is based on assessing the student’s level of understanding of each topic, versus the level required and then deliver training based on theory discussions, guided and unguided experiments and discovery, to ensure best understanding possible, while also satisfying the syllabus requirements.

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Bio-medical college student offering science and maths lessons, in English or Romanian, in London

After teaching people of my age and younger, I have come to realize that everyone requires different teaching methods. I like to first cover the basics to understand exactly what level of knowledge my student has, and then build up on it with my understanding. I know that using real life examples is very helpful in explaining sciences to others.

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Engineering Masters student with 5 years tutoring experience offering maths lessons in Bristol

I believe that education should be an enjoyable experience which enables you to reach your potential. I use a variety of interesting real-world examples to explain topics and bring lessons back to planet Earth. Whether you are just starting secondary school, cramming GCSEs or studying A-levels, my lessons will be tailored to suit your specific needs and learning styles.

1st lesson offered free !

Medicine MSc graduate offering biology and chemistry tutoring in London and online

I base my lessons off of the curriculum objectives with some emphasis on past papers and understanding what the examiner is looking for. I am a friendly and encouraging tutor and am willing to help students with any aspects of their science subjects.

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QUB Mechanical Engineering student offering Maths, Technology & Physics lessons in Newtownabbey/Belfast

The backbone of an Engineering degree is Mathematics, and I've found that sometimes an Engineering approach can provide an alternative way of thinking. I'm a very visual learner, so therefore am a very visual tutor. I find that breaking down long strings of algebra into small bites and understanding what maths is at play, can strengthen a young person's Maths foundation and help them progress.

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