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Group or individual meditation class with teaching from ancient texts and OM chanting for stress release

I base my meditation classes on teaching from the Bhagavad Gita as well as other inspirational ancient Hindu texts and stories to draw on the messages within such texts to deepen our understanding of ourselves. I use the teachings I have learnt as a trained Sivananda yoga teacher.

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Meditation with Yoga Alliance International Teacher and Life Coach in SW London

I am teaching different kinds of meditation: Chakras, Gong, Sound healing, Gratitude, Love kindness, Nidra for deep relaxation and more. I believe each case is very individual and firstly i would love to get to know you better and your life journey to be able to tailor meditation for you.

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Life Coaching; Happiness Management; Self-Empowerment. Learn how to live the life you have always desired !

I hear my clients talking about their problem or the difficult situations they face. From a life coach's perspective it becomes more flexible to target the problem area and work on it with my client. What I ask from my clients is however, their participation and patience.

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Holistic/complimentary/sports therapy/ tutor helps you gain your qualification efficiently Liverpool Merseyside area

I can help break down in a way you can relate and understand help with study mind maps spider study or just the best way for you to remember.

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Holistic therapist reiki master offering Reiki beginners to master level courses in Glasgow

I base my classes on understanding how energy moves within and around the body and playing with frequencies and how to manipulate them using reiki and Eden Energy Medicine techniques. I am happy to teach anyone with an open mind to using reiki for healing others. I can be flexible with my teaching times to suit each student. I think it's best done in small groups so people can practice together.

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Qualified Naturopath offers lessons in Nutrition, Holistic and Natural Medicine in London

My methodology is to teach in a funny and practical way, also I would like to adapt myself to the person I am teaching as much as possible. As every person is different my methodology will depend on the person I am teaching.

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1st lesson offered free !

Beauty & Massage therapist and qualified teacher with over 20 years of teaching and industry experience.

I offer VTCT qualifications in a range of Level 2 & 3 massage and beauty therapies. However I can also offer tuition to those wanting to learn for personal use. My teaching style is relaxed and not intimidating, maximum group size is 4, but often work personally with just one student. I provide all resources needed for you learning.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
1st lesson offered free !

Relaxation therapist gives lessons to help relax body and mind in Newcastle upon Tyne

I provide one to one lessons to help you relax body and mind using relaxation techniques such as affirmations, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, body scanning, muscle relaxation, grounding, guided meditation and offering advice on healthy eating, aromatherapy and colour therapy.

1st lesson offered free !

Meditation in Portsmouth. I'm Self-taught and willing to pass the knowledge along.

I have no 'professional' training. I'm quite shy. But meditation is a really useful skill, at least for me. I will start off by teaching the basic breathing exercises, and how to visualise correctly. I will then move on to teaching you how to enter a meditative state.

1st lesson offered free !

Spa Manager passionate to share knowledge and experience in Scotland, 20 years experience

I approach each person as an individual and adapt techniques accordingly, I am very passionate about the industry and believe it a pleasure and a gift to share my knowledge and experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Still in school but need some extra money so I’ve decided to tutor only if you are under 12

I approach each topic by asking the student what they feel they need help with as I am there to help them

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Skincare Specialist and VTCT Teaching Award Level 3 providing training for Massage, Makeup and beauty treatments

My teaching method is hands on theory training as well as being taught within a holistic and beauty environment and setting.

1st lesson offered free !

Sound Therapy lessons to teach individuals the means of relieving stress. Includes Tea and Aromatherapy.

I use a combination of teaching my students how to play the bowls and basic knowledge on the bowls. I also use a holistic relaxation method by using tea meditation and aromatherapy as well. It is up to my student which they would like to include in the session. I can also do webcam sessions for discounted lessons on theory. However the full experience is best had face to face.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn how to use essential oils for every day ailments and relaxation

For Aromatherapy Teaching my style is individualised and will run over a series of different topics week by week. I use visualisations, excerpts, healing philosophies and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Aromatherapy products / treatments / gifts / uses.

1st lesson offered free !

Salon owner and Qualified Massage Therapist available to teach all about starting up in the industry

As a learner I found I benefited from watching and doing. Many prefer classroom style learning however I prefer a more open sharing environment where you aren't intimidated or overwhelmed by information and you have an open forum to ask questions, seek further help and additional support wherever required.

1st lesson offered free !

Art therapy trainee advising on art therapy for the self, and taking care of the self

i teach with love and patience and a positive atitude. there is no such thing as a slow learner or someone who is not smart enough. everyone can learn. learn to take of yourself.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Professional aromatherapist gives massage and health and wellbeing, theory and practical tutoring in london

Hi, I'm qualified in aromatherapy massage, reiki, indian head massage and crystal therapy to level 3 diploma level. I also have a PTLLS diploma. I give interactive 1 to 1 and small group lessons in massage, aromatherapy and crystals from introductory to professional level.

1st lesson offered free !

Pgce student, adult tutor specialising in Aromatherapy and Wellbeing for Anxiety and Stress

Focused on student centred learning and learning with practical activities to enhance the learning experience differentiation used for each learner

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Holistic Health Consultant offers help and advice on Health and Lyfestyle

I base my approach on living naturally, eating local and always combining the Mind the Body and Spirit as well as environment and astrology.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Suzy Dior offers Wonderful Weight Loss combined with your healing processes online

I teach through wonderful conversation worldwide and will tell your fortune while you go for your health and wellbeing as I am Master PADI trained and can teach you breathing techniques learnt underwater to heal yourself through practicing you will be perfect once more.

The Gap
1st lesson offered free !

International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

1st lesson offered free !

Registered Dietitian offering help in a variety of nutrition, health, and biology related subjects.

My teaching method is very collaborative, it's important that we work together on subjects and that the root understanding is made clear. This will ensure a proper grasp of the material and overall success! With this being said, everyone learns differently and I am happy to tailor my approach to what will best suit your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Help in Rockhampton from a local mindfulness holistic counsellor with many years experience in teaching and in alternative and mainstream health

I am a very relaxed educator and each person is different so each approach I have to teaching is different. People learn differently and start from your own background of knowledge. I will meet you where you are at your level and take to where you want to be in your training.

White Plains
1st lesson offered free !

Lightworker and alchemist on 2+ year-long spiritual journey provides guided mindful meditation for beginners

I am a bohemian and intuitive empath, a master of living both in the spiritual and physical realities. I actively instruct young-millennial women the mind-body-soul connection, how to balance the intrinsic and extrinsic identities, spirituality, and holism through interactive methods and practical application during a 10-week up-and-coming program--BOMBshell Intelligence™ Bootcamp.

1st lesson offered free !

Natural Health Practitioner, tutor Healthcare in Pretoria. Specialize in Aromatherapy and oils.

Before you start, never give up in the beginning, middle or end. Take one day at a time. Only you can make a difference. If there is an obstacle, either climb over or go around, but keep going. I do one on one or group training. We take one subject and handle it or what ever you request where there is a problem.

1st lesson offered free !

Psychologist (MsC) and Bodyworker. Tantra, emotional healing through the body. +10 years of experience. English and Spanish!

Each session is a unique experience in which I put at your service all my tools, from psychological therapy to multiple techniques of massage, tantra and meditation, depending on your particular intention at that time.

1st lesson offered free !

Aromatherapy classes: learn how to benefit emotionally and physically with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I love giving group or individual classes on the properties of essential oils and the uses that you can obtain both physically and emotionally. As well as giving workshops on how to reduce the toxic load in your home with essential oils.

1st lesson offered free !

Nutrition inspired individual with day to day experience in well-being. Let's talk proper nutrition with a holistic approach! :)

I approach Nutrition in a very natural way to encourage and help people maintain their health. The techniques I will be using in my tutoring method is going to be a step by step process, which also requires commitment from the individual as well to obtain the health status.

1st lesson offered free !

Intro-Herbalist offering insight on alternative medicine, meditation, relieve stress and how to try and achieve an overall well-being.

My teaching methodology is based on the knowledge I have, and what my student want to learn. I will be patient with my students and repeat information if necessary. I don't want my student to ever feel as if they can't ask a question based on what they're learning.

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Perfect! Alison is an amazing tutor who is very knowledgeable and really passionate about her profession. She is professional ,helpful and patient. Will highly recommend her service to anyone.

Jenny, student
2 months ago
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