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Find The Best Private Art And Design Classes In Edinburgh

Do you want to take your private lessons in the most picturesque cities in the UK and the world in general? Edinburgh is the best place. The town is among the most welcoming for artists with a lot of young artists, professionals, art students and also painters. Edinburgh is popularly known as the festival city since it hosts artistic events every week and mostly during summer when its peak of the game. Therefore, if you want to be an artist, there is no better place you can be recommended to other than Edinburgh. Hence, if you are looking for comedy spoken word, a collection of drama and visual arts in Edinburgh, or want to take an extra class in art subject, Superprof is your solution. We have the best tutors with an average rating of 5.0. 94% of our tutors offer their first class free of charge. An average lesson costs $16/hr. Our tutors also respond in less than 2 hours.

Edinburgh also houses some of the major museums and galleries in the country. It contains busy cultural scenes and art education infrastructure with art centres on almost every corner, public photography joints, and visual art exhibits everywhere you look. It offers a serene environment for your private classes. Why not enrol today and experience a difference in your learning?

Our Art Classes

We offer a wide range of classes from beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional, and kids. Some of the classes include Drawing, Art and Design, Illustration, Art School Preparation, Painting, Acrylic Painting, and Oil painting. We offer a lot of arts education programs from a degree in history of art to community painting club and also courses in fine arts.

Our private classes help you develop your expressive potential. So, whether you want to study art history from da Vinci to impression or want to dabble in watercolours or if you want to fancy do a still life or two of the human figure, you will find something that floats your boat in Edinburgh.

Why Take Private Art Classes?

Here are five reasons you need to take private art classes with Superprof.

Develop your passion for art

Just the same way some students are ‘science’ minded, some students are ‘art’ minded. There are those children and grown-ups who love how to paint and draw. You will find them with a sketchbook, and they can’t speak about anything other than drawing, art, and design. Our classes will help these people to develop their passion even to a professional level. Our private tutors will help you create art that anyone would love to look at.

Increase your knowledge

Our classes develop and expand your knowledge as well as increase and develop your technical range. These classes will help you explore new horizons in the art field, and in the process, you will develop your skills.

It is a way of having fun

The art classes are full of joy. Once you join the courses, you will develop a passion for art. Our tutors usually offer lessons with so much fun. It is an excellent natural technique to make students feel relaxed. The entire process is also rewarding at every level.

Easily accessible

One benefit of taking private classes is that they are easily accessible. In the past, you had to have a friend’s recommendation or move from one institution to another trying to inquire if they offer one. But today, the internet has made everything easy and accessible. You can access your tutors right in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is log into the website and search for the subjects you want to take. Check the tutor’s profiles and engage them to plan for your classes. You can securely transact with your tutor through the inbox, as Superprof does not engage in any monetary transactions between the tutors and the students.

More future opportunities

Once you enroll in our classes, our tutors will train you to be professionals. We have tutors who have very long experience of over two decades in the artwork. These tutors with rich experience will have a one-on-one 100% attention on you to help you attain your goal. In the process, you might be able to connect to some of the top artists that might open bigger doors and opportunities in your life.

Our Teaching Methodologies

Our tutors teaching methodologies are meant to address the immediate needs of the student. Therefore, whether you are a complete novice, beginner to the arts, or already have some experience in art work, our private classes will meet your needs. Our tutors are also sharp. They can detect the students’ strengths and weaknesses that will help them develop a blueprint and framework to take you through the classes. Therefore, with Superprof, your skills don’t matter. What will matter is your availability for the classes.

Most of our tutors will always start by identifying each student’s objectives. They will tailor the lessons focus on building confidence in life through discovering the joy of drawing, and the fun of playing with imagination. Our tutors are professionals in various fields of art, including artists, designers, illustrators, and different concepts that inspire them. They explore how to use colours, shapes, and lines to meet your needs as a student.

Final Words

If you want to find private tutors in Edinburgh, then Superprof is a great place. We host over 17 art tutors across the city- professionals who offer all kinds of specific techniques with 100% dedicated attention. Why not try us today? In general, we have over seven million tutors teaching over a thousand subjects across the world. Therefore, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t keep learning. Whether at home or online through the website, take advantage of the close supervision in Edinburgh by an experienced tutor. These classes will help you improve the grades of your performance, refine your accent, work better, and more efficiently. You will be able to shape your future with Superprof. Join today, and enjoy your classes.


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The average price of Art and Design  lessons is £15.

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