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12 years in the field of sports services of parkour and freerun. For more than 8 years I have been teaching parkour and free-running. Work with kids and adults.

Movement, prepearing for obstacle race, functional training. Work with newcomers and professional athletes. Training experience - 10 years. Certified fitness instructor of the school "MASTERS". For all the time I trained about 400 people, among them there are winners and prize-winners of regional and All-Ukrainian competitions in parkour.

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High Performance Coach Offering Gymnastics Private Lessons and Personal Training in Midlands

I plan and deliver sessions personalized to the ability and age of my students. My lessons are always engaging and matched to the goals and ambitions of the participant. I hold a British Gymnastics accredited High Performance Coach qualification and a DBS certificate.

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Gymnastics for all. Are you a beginner or do you just want to improve what you already have. I can make it happen and take it further.

I like to build it up progressively starting from the basics and moving our way up. Having said that I like working towards achieving the goals of the individual which would be beneficial and in his own interest to achieve.

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Semi-Professional Gamer offering services in Fortnite Battle Royale on Playstation Network

I teach across face all or the playstation network in a private party chat! We can practice in the playground or head straight out onto the battlefield in a duo or squad game!

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I offer private home gymnastics sessions, to complete beginners, or to enhance already existing gymnastics skills. I tailor my sessions to the individual and can provide ‘at home’ exercises and drills

I work with each individual to provide the best possible sessions for them. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the individual, setting new, achievable goals and challenges. We’ll have fun whilst learning some great gymnastics skills. I also enjoy helping my student understand each movement and the reasons behind specific technique.

Hemel Hempstead
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Gymnastics coach level 1 looking to give lessons in artistic gymnastics female

My teaching methods are simple, fun and based mainly on good execution of skills and form.

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I love helping other people but this she i saw it i was so happy so I went straight on a became i. Tutor. I really hope that my lessons will be helpful

I approach each topic with enthusiasm and excitement to help other people and help them learn what they want to learn

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College student in sport a level giving lessons to secondary students in manchester

I am a gymnastics coach from Manchester for over 5 years and have been studying sports for over 5 years. Lesson structure will be around basic movements of all sports and also provided information to help secondary students help pass their GCSE as I achieved a grade A. Here to help everyone succeed.

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Former Gymnast and Ex Cirque Du Soeil performer available for gymnastics lessons

My teaching method is to drill basics into my students mind and body. I always inform them that a good gymnastics foundation is extremely important as it is very difficult to acquire a harder skills without a good foundation. I am very encouraging to my students and give lots of positive feedback and constructive criticism.

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Sophomore College Student Athlete from New Jersey with 16 Years of Gymnastics Experience

I have been teaching gymnastics for three years at my club gym for levels 2-10. I am good at correcting specific techniques for skills and always keep a positive mindset while I am teaching. I am a qualified USA Gymnastics coach, and have been trained on how to spot.

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Former gymnast and artistic gymnastics coach with 1.5 years of experience in Mendham, NJ

I am a college student who has a life-long passion for gymnastics. I've coached girls from the ages 4-14 levels 1-3 and advanced tumbling (tumbling exceeding level 3). In groups I structure my lessons to have a warm up, rotations of some or all the events, and a cool down (if time allows).

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Hello friends! I have been an indoor climbing coach for the last 5 years and would love to share my knowledge with you and/or you children.

Being a gymnastics and climbing coach, I have learnt how to engage and share through play. Training for technique and strength will advance your climbing to the next level. Movement of any kind is a beautiful practice, whether it be a sport, dance or yoga.

Paris 12e
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Professional Professor in Pilates and Theater New York City with over fifteen years of experience! Offering one-to-one classes and group classes at home and for businesses and

American acting training for serious actors wishing to settle in New York and Hollywood. Joseph Pilates, classical training in the United States. American acting training for serious actors wishing to settle in New York and Hollywood. Joseph Pilates, classical training in the United States.

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Gk & GS ki Sabse Aasan Short Tricks with Satyam Sir (mp)

My teaching method is long & Short Tricks . I wanted to learn my student very simple method & learn....

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Female Artistic Gymnastics Trainer Usag Levels and Age Group. Teaching of acrobatic elements, flexibility and choreography.

My teaching method is based on the analysis, planning and programming of training for all ages, developing the conditional and coordinative capacities for the execution of gymnastic elements from the basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Graduated in Sport, Sports and Health Sciences, offers classes of artistic gymnastics and group or individual muscle strengthening in the area of ​​gubbio / perugia

my lessons are mostly practical. I am used to working with both 3-year-olds and 20-year-olds. I have a lot of experience in sports. With the children alternate sessions of play and training. While with the boys alternate sessions of empowerment and training.

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Artistic Gymnastics coach focusing on basics and fundamentals for beginners to intermediates.

Hi there! I am a coach previously working in Singapore for the past 9 years, and currently in Canada. I am Foundation Gymnastics, First Aid, and Basic Sports Science Certified. I focus on fundamentals technique and the importance of having them in order to move on to higher level skills.

Rio de Janeiro
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A thousand fantastic possibilities with the Pilates Mat method in Rio

In pilates in the ground, or pilates mat, there is no use of apparatus, you can use accessories as balls, elastic bands and weights, which will help or promote greater resistance during exercise. Breathing, posture, and body awareness are critical during movement. The main purpose of the method is to strengthen the core of the body, which is the source of strength, balance and movement.

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Energetic Educator offering English, gymnastics and life lessons in VA with 17 years experience

My teaching methods vary according to the student's situation. Maybe some students do better with physical examples, some do better with stories, some do better with written and verbal cues, or discussing fears out in the open before trying to overcome them.

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Vishwajeet singh
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Students BSC physical education.. Athletics national player. Running. Contact please Any job sports coach

Yes attached students national player.. support next game state lavel, national .

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Competitive gymnast for 15 years. Love working hard and having fun altogether !

I love to be interactive with the kids and help them learn in a fun manor. I approach everyday with a new and positive outlook.

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Ex-competitive gymnast in Noblesville, IN offering lessons to gymnasts currently in level 1-5

I have a keen eye for correct form, pointed toes and straight legs. I know several drills and ways to condition a gymnast to get a new skill. I am comfortable coaching levels 1-5 basic skills Examples of what I would be more than comfortable helping with: forward rolls, handstands, back bends, back walkovers, front walkovers, cartwheels, round-offs, back-handsprings, and back tucks.


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