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I am a professional Artist/Illustrator with over 10 years’ experience in Drawing/Art and Fashion Design. My lessons involve fun drawing and relaxation time for all skill levels. Mentoring is tailored

This Ad is for for Adult learners over 18. (Please see my other advert if you are interested in tutoring for children). I see art/drawing as a form of therapy that not only relaxes the mind but expands the way we think about something and life in general.

1st lesson offered free !

Master of Arts student teaching drawing and offering portfolio guidance in London

I am teaching drawing (with traditional medium) to learners of all age, and providing portfolio review for exams and school applications. Please note that I only teach in a local coffee shop near your place, or on a phone call from the students (in which case students need to send their work in advance).

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Learn Traditional Drawing and Painting Techniques in Sheffield from an Experienced Artist

I will be able to help anyone seeking a stronger grounding in traditional drawing and painting techniques than is typically provided by the art faculties of contemporary schools and universities. I am happy to teach people of all levels, from beginners who haven`t picked up a paint brush in their life to experienced artists who would like to incorporate new methods into their work.

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BA Art and Design student offering drawing and painting (including exam preparation) lessons in Peterborough

I gravitate towards teaching GCSE and A-level students where you would need assistance on artist research, critical analysis, applying research to their work and also writing about your experimentation and processes.

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Art classes focus on figurative and abstract drawing and painting. Master of Fine Arts, painting as a primary workshop. I have been teaching painting and drawing since 2012. Location - Bermondsey

Classes are addressed to beginners or advanced students. My teaching focuses on the fundamental elements in figurative and abstract painting-drawing. Additionally, in-depth comprehension of the terms Form and Abstraction. Studies are based on still life, plaster casts and nude human compositions.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustration student offering online drawing and art classes to aspiring artists in Lincoln

The level of difficulty for my lessons would be adapted to each student. No student is required to have even drawn before, just an interest for drawing. I will have different lessons for both artists who would like to get better at drawing on the side, as well as those who would like tips for their exams.

1st lesson offered free !

Drawing expert (comics, animation, life drawing, graphic design) for drawing classes in Edinburgh

The needs of the learners are the starting point of my classes. I discuss with my students the reasons they are learning to draw and on which projects they want to direct their skill.

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Practising Professional Fine Artist, located in Northamptonshire, BA & Masters in Fine Art.

My Teaching Method is to provide a brief, followed by a practical demonstration to provide an outline of an approach, followed by support and suggestions for research. I consider practical work to be imperative in conjunction with Research into aspects of the brief and to ensure support in what they discover to be true to them.

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A GCSE art student who is inspired by abstract pieces of art and enjoys painting and drawing in my free time

My teaching method is to help students improve on their work to influence them in a way that keeps their liking of work and how they like to draw to help them achieve what they want and meet their target. My basing of students to teach are younger children who will enjoy drawing and want my help as well as having a friendly but professional bond.

1st lesson offered free !

Passionate painter with a desire to not only to share my experience, but also gain what my students have to offer.

My teaching method is to listen to my student's needs, and approach them accordingly. I try my best to share what I know, but more so I try to generate confidence from each student and assure them that their own approach is just as valid as mine.

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1st lesson offered free !

Theatre designer offering drawing classes!Anything from life drawing to charcoal or mixed media.

Depending on your own needs and dreams I will create a unique teaching method. My main goal is to inspire you and help you find your own source of creativity. The first lesson is a good chance to discuss and experiment with different alternatives.

Maria paula
1st lesson offered free !

From the basics of sketching to techniques of colouring to create masterpieces!

Start from the basics of sketching, observing and studying real subjects, then focus on adding the detail, colour and dynamicity in order to express realism.

Chris a engleheart
1st lesson offered free !

Award winning classically trained artist and art teacher teaching in Battersea. Giving lessons in classical drawing and painting techniques

You will be shown the difference between line and tonal drawing and how to use both in order to create a convincing realistic drawing, also how to avoid the common pitfalls beginners often find themselves in. At no stage will you be left wondering where to go next as each stage develops on top of the last, starting with simple objects gradually progressing in complexity.

1st lesson offered free !

A national level Indian Handicraft Artisan offering painting workshops for any age group.

I am a passionate Artist who has worked with different mediums and techniques of painting, mix media art(murals,waterfalls,terracotta), ceramic, flower making, Paper art, Parchment,Papermarche, Quilling. I provide hands on learning technique where my students would be painting and I would be working with them on their canvas and step by step guiding them in the process.

1st lesson offered free !

Fashion design MA student offering darwing and fashion design classes in london and epsom

Teaching is for fun. I hope people can relax in my teaching, at the same time finding their real interests and make themselves be a better person.

Newcastle upon Tyne
1st lesson offered free !

Architecture student offering support in charcoal drawing for anyone interested in learning

My teaching method is about how to look at an object or structure and use charcoal accordingly and the way it should be done

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1st lesson offered free !

Professionally trained and working artist with 10+ years of experience teaching drawing, painting and mixed media. Currently working and teaching in Maine!

I am interested in teaching aspiring artists of any age or skill level! Through teaching classic drawing and painting techniques, I hope to help aspiring artists to further hone their skills and develop their own personal working style. I love to explore my art by experimenting with different kinds of materials and referencing work from past and current artists I admire.

1st lesson offered free !

Portrait Painter with a BFA offering drawing lessons as well as portfolio consultations

As a high realism painter, my aim is to teach students a proper foundation of seeing and rendering accurately, how to handle drawing materials and use tools properly. With a proper foundation, the student can create a style of artwork with a proper technique. Students begin with an introductory lesson, and will learn portrait, still-life, or landscape realism subject of their choice.

Navi Mumbai
1st lesson offered free !

Have relevant experience in art and craft, participating in various project and competitions for art, painting and as such.

I am very creative so it all starts with an abstract method and there is no hard and fast rule I follow. The classes are entirely based on how the individual wants and how much far he is ready to learn.

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1st lesson offered free !

All types of paintings being taught in most easy and friendly way!

I don’t follow a rigid teaching pattern. Every student is different and requires personal guidance according to his/her grasping ability. Mine is a very easy & friendly approach.

1st lesson offered free !

Be an artist! You don't have to know how.. You will learn..

My teaching method is I started with basic.. Because you want to be an artistist you should know how to draw n how to start with basics..

Para Hills
1st lesson offered free !

Uni Adelaide Master Desinger gives painting lessons to anyone who interesting in painting in Aelaide.

I will ask what is the most thing the students interesting to draw. and will give them a guid to open the new angle for the art work. The structure will be the question, and discussion. research for good samples, and explanation painting method. Giving the drawing step by step examples then let tudent practice. and last is review for improvments and recomandation for futher training might needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Fun Art Classes for kids, Great for small group activity - Eastern Suburbs

My teaching method is to keep it simple and fun. Explore different styles and materials, depending on the age group, look into various artists, so that they are inspired by the possibilities. Exploring paints, crayons, pencils, charcoal, etc. Looking at landscapes, still life and abstract pieces.

1st lesson offered free !

Visual artist with BFA in Painting & Drawing offering fine art lessons in Milwaukee, WI

Many people avoid making art because they think they have no artistic talent. Creating art can seem like a scary and unattainable goal, especially for those who are relatively new to the art world. I offer beginner-intermediate level lessons, providing the basic building blocks of 2D art, and helping students develop their inner artist.

1st lesson offered free !

Housewife specialised in art works gives art and craft classes in bangalore

1. My teaching techniques will be creative and simple 2. Crafts will be useful for day to day activities 3. Creative and useful things will be my idea for craft making 4. Classes will be specifically for age group 5-12 , in my opinion i thing in this age group children are more creative and are curious to learn about new things.

1st lesson offered free !

Fine Artist Tutor in Birmingham with teaching experience in painting and drawing

My teaching method is following along with the student step by step to understand not only the process of making art, but also the technique and skill that can be applied to any medium. I am able to explain abstract concepts (color wheel, shadows, portrait structure) very easily for deeper understanding.

1st lesson offered free !

Freelancer, visual artist wanting to help others exploring art and the creative process

My teaching method depends on the student. I adapt my lessons to suite the beginner's needs and desires.

1st lesson offered free !

"I DREAM MY PAINTING,AND THEN I PRINT MY DREAM WITH COLORS" NATIONAL LEVEL WINNER Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,have gone through course of Bangiya Sangeet Parishad (WEST BENGAL).

I will follow BANGIA PARISHAAD methodology, as per the course syllabus, whosoever is getting ready for exams. For Beginners i will start from basics.

1st lesson offered free !

Art tutor providing art and craft lessons for school students and anyone who like art

my teaching method is letting my students do their painting from the scratch as I will guide them with proper tools,paints,and an easy method that everyone can follow.

1st lesson offered free !

Be cool , be creative learn to design cars and bikes and start a career in Automobile design. The coolest job for the coolest people.Learn from an Illustrator,artist and a designer who loves to design

My teaching method includes three steps:- 1. Making you to love the course. Creating a passion for learning. 2. Practicing and fun small competitions. 3. Developing skills and finding your style.

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