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Maths and physics courses by a third year student in Graduate School of Engineering

I am now a third year student at Arts et Métiers Engineering School after two years of intensive course to prepare for competitive entrance exams to highly selective Graduate Schools of Engineering at Lycée Sainte Geneviève in Versailles. My courses are for middle school and high school students. I am patient, comprehensive and I will try to make my students gain confidence.

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Chemistry grad student giving classes in chemistry, physics and math for high school and undergraduate university students, in Vancouver.

My teaching methods are quite flexible to cater to the needs of individual students. I however like my students to arrive at an answer themselves instead of me spoon feeding it to them, in order to promote logical, critical, analytical thinking skills.

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Teacher with brilliant record of 12 years of teaching science and Maths up to class 10. Concept based smart Teaching, satisfaction guaranteed

I like to adopt a variety of teaching method depending on the topic which include lecture, demonstration and use of relevant ICT material. The focus is more on concept clarification and practice.

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Student at the University of Science and Technology Limoges offers monitoring in mathematics, physics, chemistry or philosophy

Student in Engineering Master Math, having prep math-physics and 2 years in engineering school offers Bordeaux preferably tutoring in math, physics and chemistry for 6th to Terminale students. price to be discussed after the first interview. one hour set free relationship.

Sant Vicenç dels Horts
(2 reviews)

ESO science tutoring / Bachelor offered by student of Environmental Sciences

Currently I am studying Environmental Science and I'm practicing in a company and the final degree work. I am a patient and calm person and I like to help others so that's why my classes focus on the concepts explained are clear to the students (I prefer to explain 4 concepts than 20 if the student don't understand anything). I like to motivate students and provide security for the exam.

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Doctorate in Chemistry teaches reinforcement lessons in Spanish or English in Valencia.

I finished my doctorate recently and now I have time again to help you with your studies. Both sciences and languages, I teach reinforcement lessons for all levels up to high school. Sciences for University students included. The lessons acquire different objectives and methodology depending on the needs of the student.

(8 reviews)
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Engineering student at INP Grenoble / passed by one of the best prepa (Math-sup, Math-spe: MP *) gives courses in mathematics and physics chemistry in Grenoble and its surroundings

I am a student engineer at INP Grenobe, I offer courses of support in Maths and Physics Chemistry for all levels: from primary to high school (all sections) and also for the preparatory classes. I have taught for more than 2 years, so I know the programs very well.

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Medical(MBBS)student looking to give lectures on different topics in Chemistry and help in student's academics.

I think formal education and training methods in today's world broadly are very insensitive and poorly effective relative to individual skill and sensibilities. With that being said, you can get the essence of what kind of teacher I might be.I'm a scientific purist and I believe in self-learning and that a teacher's job mostly if not all,is to guide and inspire.

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I am a tutor for maths and Science and i am in winnipeg

I am a very friendly guy. I always approach my students with love and they always respond me back with it. I always try to teach my students the latest methods of study. Moreover, I always motivate them to achieve their goals.

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I can give Math and chemistry classes for class 9-12th I have taken admission in UOIT in chemistry honour

My teaching methods are very understandable I base my classes on student prospective and I approach subjects with structure/flexibility.

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Graduate student in Space Engineering offers courses in Mathematics / Physics High School

I propose to teach mathematics or physics for high school students (any course: S, ES or L). My method is to follow the rhythm of school, verifying that the chapters studied beforehand have been understood and learned by the student but also to make sure that he has the necessary basic knowledge for it.

(5 reviews)
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Former teacher, graduated in Physics and Humanities gives courses in Physics, Lycée and Sup., Paris

I hold a Master's degree in Physics. I am nor a young student, nor retired. It is at the heart of active life that I offer you my 25 years experience. What's more I am naturally close to my Lycée students, because they are the age of my daughter who passed her Bac S 2 years ago! (TB in maths / B in physics).

(4 reviews)
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Computer programmer gives math, physics and computer science classes up to terminale S level

IT developer, holder of a baccalaureate S and BTS IT management, gives mathematics lessons, physics until the end S. I brought for several years of students from the 3rd to the patent, and I helped second graders to choose their specialty first. These are the most important and interesting years to teach.

(4 reviews)
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A Mechanical Engineer offers math lessons and homework help for all levels!

Hello, I am a mechanical engineer. I offer tutoring maths (and tutoring). The courses are aimed at all levels. The price is 20 euros / hour.

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Grade 10-12 math and science teacher with over 15 years experience is here to help you.

I use many examples to move students through concepts and show you the tips and tricks of key concepts that can be repeated over and over again to decode the math language and solve increasingly more difficult problems. Moving students beyond average level questions to ensure they are ready for the requirements of any comprehensive examinations is my general approach and building on past successes.

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College Tutor: Virginia Tech Senior studying chemistry and materials science and engineering

I prefer in-person teachings for high school or college level students. I ask that students make me aware of trouble areas prior to us meeting so I am able to prepare a schedule for that session. I am a student myself, so I understand how hard it can be to grasp a subject, especially chemistry.

(3 reviews)
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Experienced Chemistry Teacher in Philly offering chemistry and algebra tutoring online and in person.

I like to approach tutoring sessions by knowing not only what the topics are but also with what specifically the student is struggling. Each student is different with different needs and I like to tailor my approach to meet those needs. I also regularly ask students for feedback on how I can better help them reach their goals.

(2 reviews)
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Micromechanical engineering specialty materials - Master Wood provides structural analysis during physical sciences engineer math for all levels (primary, secondary schools, higher) region Frang

elementary, middle, high school, higher levels in math, physics, mechanical engineering, industrial design, engineering calculation wooden structures, My teaching is based on understanding and what is it about, I adapt the learning methodology to each student and always keep on mind the pleasure of learning.

Ribeirão Preto
(16 reviews)
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Ph.D. in Chemistry by FFCLRP USP, specialist in electrochemistry, I have disponibility for classes in Ribeirão Preto!

- Classes aimed at reinforcing school in high school and undergrad courses, as well as preparatory for college entrance examination. "I'm used to a lot of different teaching materials, and I keep up with trends in various college entrance exams. - In my classes I try to know the background of each student, so as to use examples that are closer to their daily life.

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Take it from an engineering student, it's always easy when you understand it better ;)

I am a student engineer at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne. Having a bachelor's degree in Mathematics Science with honors, I joined the preparatory classes to the Grande Ecoles (2 years) and then I joined the most prestigious engineering school in Morocco: EHTP, and after a high selection, I obtained a double degree with the Ecole des Mines.

(6 reviews)
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ESSEC student - Training preparation / consolidation Christmas - Preparatory Classes

Hello! /// Intensive week Saturday, 17 December 2016 - Thursday, December 22, 2016 -> Revisions acquired the first quarter -> Preparing the quarter January after two years of scientific preparatory classes (Lycée Saint Louis), I graduated engineer of ESTP (Special School of public works). I then joined ESSEC, I graduate in July 2017.

Dr prashant
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Dr. Prashant S Kore (M.Sc.,JRF, SRF, DAE-BRNS(BARC), Ph.D.(Nuclear Physics).

My teaching method is quite helpful to understand actual concept, historic fact, importance, depth, view in education system/syllabus, beauty, logic etc. of the subject of Physics. Physics is the only key to see the real Universe and role of us.

(2 reviews)

Chemist teaches at all levels. Located in Geneva. Languages: Spanish, English and French

I am a chemist with a doctorate. I offer high quality individual courses. I take the time necessary so that the student understand the theory and reinforce it with practice. I work on the exercises necessary for the student's success.


You are at the Lycée in Nantes, consolidate your Mathematics and Physics with me, I'm an engineer with experience in education - CAPET in 2014 and CAPES Math in 2015

More than learning, I try to give a taste for learning. I bring you the approach and method, it is for you to find the path to knowledge. It must be a special moment listening with proofreading phases and explanations, and deepening, in an inductive approach starting exercises.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering graduate gives math, science classes for grade 7-12 students in Edmonton.

I base my classes on how I would like to be taught, that is keeping things simple as possible. I carefully observe the learning and understanding pace of each student, and continually remind and motivate students to reach their potential.

(2 reviews)
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Student of 2nd year of Civil Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico. I teach in the Lisbon area. I teach physical-chemical classes until the 10th grade inclusive.

I approach the subject in a different way for each student. I focus more on the student in himself and his needs than on explaining only matter. I think that no one is born taught and therefore I defend that each one with his abilities has capacity to understand the matter in question with a little will and work together with my explanation.

(5 reviews)
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Physics course given by teacher in physics and chemistry in Geneva and about

I give tutoring classes in the Geneva region only, I can move home and receive in my apartment in Grand Saconnex. I am rigorous and maybe a bit harsh in my teaching method but experience has shown me that just giving advice turns out to be ineffective for the student, so it will have to work with me.

(1 review)

Support courses in science (math, physics and chemistry) any level in Biel

support classes for science subjects, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. private lessons with experienced teacher, it is you who direct the course and conduct. The course is fully implemented pesonnalisée way. Education focused on understanding and not on short-term memory.

(7 reviews)
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LESSONS MATHEMATICS - PHYSICS during Mathematics Physics Engineering Sciences in Creteil (94000)

Hello, I am currently in engineering training after having followed the years of preparatory classes (PCSI-PSI). It has been 5 years since I am tutoring in mathematics and physics for college and high school students, and I blossomed in this activity.

Cardano Al Campo
(2 reviews)

PhD student in Mechanical Engineering with a long experience in teaching proposes lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science

I am a PhD student of the Milan Polytechnic at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I have a degree in Materials Engineering and I have a strong passion for teaching, a passion that I carry out with private repetitions (since 15 years) and teaching at university too.

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Perfect! Very professional, well organized tutor. I required specific help answering exam style questions. The theory was covered first then we went through exam problems! I passed all necessary exams with flying colours. Highly recommend.

Scott, student
2 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Alisha is working well with my granddaughter twice a week towards N5 maths and has quickly adapted to her needs and interests. She has been helpful and accommodating in fitting in with the time, place and frequency of the lessons, and already, after...

Jenny, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ma fille est ravie d'avoir enfin trouvé un professeur de mathématiques très pédagogue et de surcroît sympathique et impliqué . Elle a repris goût aux maths et surtout confiance en elle. Houssem a bien détecté ses lacunes et l'entraîne avec...

Naeem, student
1 year ago
(50 reviews)

Perfect! My son enjoys Daniel's classes (Biology for the A levels) very much and says he is learning a lot and understanding things that had seemed very difficult to him until now. After only a few lessons, he feels much more confident and optimistic.

Elena, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sophie is a great tutor who has helped me to become more confident in both chemistry and biology. She is always really encouraging and always explains subjects to me in lots of different ways. I would highly recommend her!

Jasmine, student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Très pédagogue, facile à comprendre. Petit "stage" de 6h pendant les dernières vacances qui m'a permis de m'approprier une meilleure méthode de travail et d'approfondir notamment le chapitre des suites de Term S.

James, student
3 years ago
(1 review)

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