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Julian fernando
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Mechanical Engineer with excellent pedagogy teaches classes in Mathematics, Physics, Thermodynamics and Programming in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

My passion for good pedagogy led me to understand that academic excellence is guaranteed with dedication, good study techniques, and always finding the exciting side of things that seem difficult.

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Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics classes in Recife (with an Engineer graduated from UFPE)

Classes with theoretical foundation and wide immersion with the practice of exercises. I use the student's didactic material and bring new questions and challenges to each class, in order to develop the cognitive potential. Sensitivity to search for the real problem / difficulty of the student, which sometimes is not really in the subject required.

Mathilde guillemette morgane
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Doctoral Student Research Issoire Geology and Biology college courses at home l

PhD research student in lectures of earth sciences and life. Can also give courses for Baccàlauréat and below, English bilingual with three years in Ireland (Dublin) and Canada (Montreal) Patient, educator, on tim , rigorous. I love teaching and would like this becoming a part of my professional career.

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High mechanical engineer exemption mathematics courses up to level BAC + 3

Hello Issue of the National School of Engineers of Metz (+5), and holds a Bachelor of Science, Mathematics specialty, I mainly offers courses in mathematics and physics for classes ranging from college to BAC + 3.

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Dr. in Chemistry, Professional Trainer and Coach with Industrial Experience Gives Chemistry and Maths Physics Course and Vocational Guidance

I base my teaching method on that used in vocational training (questioning, theory presented in a fun way and practical exercises). My classes are a real individual accompaniment where the student evolves at his own pace on complex notions and feels his learning as a positive experience. He feels that he is learning for him and not for external constraints, which makes all the difference.

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Bachelor student in Physics and Chemistry gives courses in Math / Physics / Chemistry

As a student for 4 years (not to mention the years in primary and secondary education), I understood that to assimilate a course and internalize it permanently or over a long period of time, it is not enough to learn the lesson by heart but understand it and put it into practice (with exercises) on a regular basis; this allows the student to put things into perspective and thus to assimilate it...

(2 reviews)

Young graduate in chemistry suggests science courses to high school students motivated or not motivated to give them a taste of science.

Chemist, I teach the following subjects for primary and secondary levels: "chemistry"; "physical"; "mathematics"; "biology" and methodology. I am very excited to meet my future students. I am a listener and trusted person. A student in "difficulty" is a pupil quite like the others. He just did not have the required listening or the envy of the material.

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Student in Engineering School (Centrale) - Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English - Year 7 to Year 13

My approach is to dedicate the first session to an assessment of the student's level, then to understand his expectations and how to achieve his objectives. I do not have a rigid methodology, on the contrary I prefer to be flexible and adapt to my student's needs.

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Student of scientific bachillerato gives classes of mathematics, physics, chemistry and English in Granada

I treat the subject in a way that is not boring or heavy to the students, and at the same time they understand it. My classes are aimed at any student in elementary school or ESO who has difficulties in any of their subjects, especially math and English.

Navi Mumbai
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A retired professional from oilfield with teaching as first love. I have a passion for teaching Physics, Physical Chemistry & Maths to school students at stage when they need it the most. The Guru wit

I am a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and an oilfield professional of 30 years experience. I have a passion for teaching Physics to school students at stage when they need it the most. I have successfully mentored many students for last 20 years.

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Expert in mathematics and applied sciences, can help you understand in new and really useful ways

I show people exactly where scientific and mathematical knowledge can be applied, it is not the same to talk to them about nonsense numbers, to find data in factories, companies, and daily life to apply tools. In addition to that I have a new and fresh system to present themes.

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Physics, Math, Chemistry - Coquitlam - 4th Year Physics Student at SFU

I do my best to give a clear and accurate explanation. I am concise, without omitting important information, and I try to give multiple perspectives, if possible. I find analogies to be helpful sometimes, for example in the explanation of circuit theory, and I give real world examples to help motivate learning.

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U of T biophysics student gives math, physics, biology and chemistry class for high school students in Toronto

I believe analogy is the best kept secrets in education. It will be often used in my class to facilitate students learning. I would give my students a lot of encouragement to create a rewarding learning environment and let learning happen, after all nine tenths of education is encouragement .

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I am currently completing my master's degree in physics and providing tutoring in the subjects of math and physics for all classes and for some modules at the university.

I clarify complex and general facts by means of well-chosen examples. It is also important for me to give the student time to find the solution to a problem on their own and to give them little food for thought. At the end of the lesson, I explain to the student how they themselves can internalize the learning content discussed (usually with the help of practice exercises).

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Engineering Graduate offers 'EASY to LEARN' Maths and Physics classes for students across the globe

I would participate in understanding the problem area of a student and would tailor my teaching methods accordingly. These classes are meant for school students up till High School. A class with me would most likely allow you to associate mathematical and physics concepts to our daily life examples hence registering them in the minds forever.

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Physics graduet student @uOttawa offers help in mathematics, electrical engineering, & mathematics in Ottawa

While teaching I try my best to illustrate a physical law or mathematical fromula with a real world example. I take great pains in ensuring student build confidence in problem solving, because that is where the real learning comes from. Speaking of my philosophy, I I believe, a teacher's real success lies in making him unnecessary to his student over time.

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Civil Engineer with focus on exact disciplines - fundamental, average and superior levels

My method is to develop, along with the student, problem solving tools aimed at perfecting logical reasoning. All sorts of problem solving must follow a step-by-step, the goal is to ensure that the student solves any problem that is at their school level.

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Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science student gives tutoring courses for high school students on Gap

I can teach high school / college maths and physics / chemistry . I can also help terminal students in ISN specialty. I prefer exercises to teaching, for help the student to acquire a scientific reflection. Of course each course will depend on the specific demands of the student. If the student prepares the Brevet or Bac, I will rely more on this objective there.

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Future student in preparatory classes (CPGE), having participated in the Concours Général in both Maths and Physics, gives courses in these two subjects in Saint-Germain-en-Laye

I teach high school students who want to review the programs of the past year, as well as those who are interested in that of the years that await them or for those who have curiosities in the subjects concerned. Unlike a high school teacher, I can afford to take the time to help students assimilate methods of reasoning, in the way that is most suitable for them.

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Engineer student at INSA Lyon gives courses in Maths / Physics / Chemistry from college to final year S

I am currently in the 3rd year of engineering school at INSA Lyon. After 2 years of first cycle (integrated prep) I decided to move in the field of Industrial Engineering. I have always been good at college and high school without having facilities which allowed me to always perfect my learning methods to be as effective as possible and to lose as little time as possible.

Ciudad de México
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Biotechnology Engineer teaches science and math, high school and university Mexico City

I like to teach starting from the most difficult topics for the student. Generally, I always use examples of everyday life that are easy to relate with. I like to work with materials from different sources, such as books, online exercises and videos.

Ciudad de México
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Student of Food Engineering (UAM-I). Classes of Differential and Integral Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations, and Fluid Flow (Moment Transfer) Regularization.

My classes are based on the student's aptitude and progress. For each topic, I show their real applications (of having them), and in the same way I propose exercises to be carried out. Weekly I apply an evaluation of the topics to probe the progress (or regression) of the student, and reinforce what is needed.

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Student in MPSI gives maths and physics from middle school to high school on Tours

I am a cool person who does not like to take the lead, with me the lessons are fun and practical and I know how to convey my enthusiasm for science subjects. I am very close to scientific news and I know many sources on the internet that could take over from my courses if you want to deepen a topic. My classes are essentially directed from the concrete to the abstract.

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Classroom teacher in the Education of Mathematics offers ongoing support. Will be displayed to advance and love taught.

Classes begin with a review to be able to target your difficulties and overcome them. Dynamic and personalized method, adapted from the 7th grade to undergratuated . Pricing per hour or package depending on the needs of the pupil or the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in the Department of Physics of ENS Cachan, gives courses in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English.

I have already taught several students, usually the student warns me of what he wants to work, we review the subject together and we work with exercises. For those who are preparing exams or competitions, I rely on annals to prepare the student for the specific requirements of the tests.

1st lesson offered free !

Road engineer and professor of mathematics, physics and chemistry in Madrid with more than 5 years of experience teaching elementary, ESO, baccalaureate and university students.

Road engineer with a passion for teaching. I have been successfully teaching more than 5 years at different levels. I am always interested in my students really understanding what they learn. I seek to adapt to each student and prepare the classes in relation to it.

Carlos alfredo
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Private Lessons at home in Joinville - Elementary, Middle and High School

For private lessons, I try to know the subject / subject that the student has doubts and check what previous knowledge he or she has. For shorter classes, I try to work specifically on the difficulties of the student, and if there is more time, I explain and contextualize the subject as a whole.

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Graduate Physics student in Groningen, gives tutoring in all science subjects (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.), from high school to Bachelor level

I love to connect with what you want and need. We will look together at what you encounter and what we can do to resolve it efficiently. This way we will ensure that we achieve your desired level and results.

(1 review)
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Student in Terminale S in an international school gives courses in science, mathematics and English in Paris

I offer courses in physics, chemistry, maths and English to students from the 6eme to the 2nde. My teaching method is based on the understanding of the student's difficulties in order to set up a personalized methodology. I am patient, pedagogue and have a lot of fun helping others. My goals are to convey good work methods, as well as the rigor needed to obtain very good results.

Côte Saint-Luc
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Professional medicinal chemist 10 years teaching. Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry in and around montreal

Firstly, I try to identify where students are struggling before making a study plan that will help them to achieve the grades that they wish to achieve. I focus on comprehension rather than memorization.

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Perfect! Ma fille est ravie d'avoir enfin trouvé un professeur de mathématiques très pédagogue et de surcroît sympathique et impliqué . Elle a repris goût aux maths et surtout confiance en elle. Houssem a bien détecté ses lacunes et l'entraîne avec...

Naeem, student
8 months ago
(48 reviews)

Perfect! My son enjoys Daniel's classes (Biology for the A levels) very much and says he is learning a lot and understanding things that had seemed very difficult to him until now. After only a few lessons, he feels much more confident and optimistic.

Elena, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sophie is a great tutor who has helped me to become more confident in both chemistry and biology. She is always really encouraging and always explains subjects to me in lots of different ways. I would highly recommend her!

Jasmine, student
1 year ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Très pédagogue, facile à comprendre. Petit "stage" de 6h pendant les dernières vacances qui m'a permis de m'approprier une meilleure méthode de travail et d'approfondir notamment le chapitre des suites de Term S.

James, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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