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Happy to share my knowledge and experience along with useful trick. keep learning

I am a professional software engineer . I am graduate in the field of electronics and computing. let's talk about my teaching techniques, I like to describe the topic with real life examples , my main focus is to give an idea about how the things are working , mechanism etc..I don't believe in memorizing book or any subject like puppets.

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Read to learn, to increase your knowledge as well as confidence and to become independent

Hlo I’m a a student of microbiology and I love to learn science and spread that knowledge among others. I also love to use what I learn. Though my aim was not to be a teacher but now I love to teach. So I decided to start my teaching with middle class students. And I’m confident about it. I try my best to make my student my best friend.

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Chemical engineer gives chemistry, math and physics lessons to middle school and high school levels in Pocatello

I have a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University. I have been actively working as a process chemical engineer in industry.

Carson City
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Get the A you know you can achieve! Personalized chemistry tutoring online!

Graduated from USC Santa Cruz in 3 years with a BS in Chemistry concentrating in the biochemistry field. Worked in a microbiology lab for 2 years and completed a senior thesis on protein structure in cancer cells. I hope to get others as excited about science as I am.

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Chemistry and biology tutoring offered by college student for middle school or high school levels

I have a minor in chemistry and am in my final year of receiving a Bachelor's of science with an emphasis in biology. I am, also, pursuing a Masters's in education. I have a total of 24 credit hours in chemistry and 32 credit hours in biology.

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Support courses in science (math, physics and chemistry) any level in Biel

support classes for science subjects, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. private lessons with experienced teacher, it is you who direct the course and conduct. The course is fully implemented pesonnalisée way. Education focused on understanding and not on short-term memory.

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Engineer gives private lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and Engineering Sciences Level High School / Superior Technician Level

Hi, Currently in an engineer position, I want to use my knowledge in science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering sciences) to give lectures, doing tutoring or homework help, help preparing the BAC, etc. for high school student or students in Superior Technician Studies. I am a patient teacher who can adapt to all facilities and difficulties.

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Physics Graduate gives math and physics lessons from middle school to college level in Austin

I received my bachelors of science in physics with some experience as a high school teacher and astrophysics research. I am a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher who can explain math and physics in various methods to facilitate understanding and retention.

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Science and Math made easy. Long experience as a global educator . I believe that Math and Science are the backbone of education for a good career

A global educator . Long experience in giving solid base in Math and Science . I have a degree in Administartion, and political science. I am also highly qualified to teach Biology Chemistry and earth science for all students at different levels.

Sierra Vista
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I have seen failures in many ways you can never imagine,so im a pretty good teacher

maths and a fun way of learning both are complicated, here lets break the barriers. we have got ourselves prepared to break the barriers.maths is the most practical lesson in the entire world it becomes harder when we cant relate it with daily scenarios.so lets start making maths our life.

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Chemistry, Biology, Algebra PhD in Chemistry from Vanderbilt. Lavonia GA

STEM expert with 12 years experience in the educational publishing.I have a PhD in Chemistry. I specialize in general and organic chemistry. I have a minor in Physics and an extensive background in biology. I have tutored Algebra and biology at the college level.

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Biology professor now accepting private high school and college students in Orlando

Biology professor with two Master's degrees and some doctoral credits looking for students for one on one tutoring. Meetings are generally for 1 1/2 hours at a mutually convenient time and location.

Owens Cross Roads
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Hello! My name is Evan Fryberger, Biology Is Tough Let Me Help You

I graduated High School and am currently working on my Law Degree at UAB. I'm am very proficient in Biology, Vocabulary, Astro Physics, Anatomy, health sciences, Law, Business, Psychology. I'm looking forward to helping you with one of these subjects.

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College student studying nursing gives Anatomy, Biology Chemistry and Physics lessons to 5th-12th graders.

I am a nursing student at Worcester State university. I graduated Algonquin Reginal high school with a 3.7 GPA. I love sciences which is why I choose to pursue Nursing. School never came easy to me but with a lot of studying, I was able to do well in my classes.I believe anyone can do well regardless of the subject.

Boca Raton
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Zuzu's Tutoring services: Certified teacher wishing to start tutoring, I am available

Education :I have a Masters degree in Organic chemistry, Bachelors in chemistry. I have completed a Masters degree in Education (Reading/Curriculum and Instruction) I have taught Science for Broward county public schools as a certified teacher.

Casale Monferrato
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Mathematics, electronics and telecommunications, computer science, physics, and (something) of chemistry! !

I am an electrical engineer with experience in public schools, especially of higher average grade. I taught in high schools and technical institutes. I'm familiar with the use of ICT. They are usually used to do lectures, but I can safely use the webcam. Council typically 2 hours of lessons so that you can also do exercises after you have reviewed the theory.

New York
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Medicinal Chemist with 7 years in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare gives Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lesson in New York

I have a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry and 7 years of work experience in industry and academy. I can teach most level of Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I prefer to help students to figure out the questions, homework, and school exercise.

Maria eugenia
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Graduated with a Master in Chemistry offers private lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry

I graduated from Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela with a Master in Chemistry with honors. I give chemistry lessons at every level. My teaching technique consists in giving the student the necessary tools to understand chemistry, using examples from everyday life.

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Online understanding from a Physicist who keeps it simple, fun, and interesting.

I am a recent graduate of Tougaloo College where I received my B.S. in Physics. I was taught that if one can break anything down to the level of a 5 year old, then one understands it completely. I have been teaching for almost two years and have kept that method. Anything can be broken down to simplest terms and that is what I provide to all my students.

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Mathematics, chemistry, physics and engineering. Academic Civil Engineering, UAS, 6th period. Calculation of Monitor 1, Calculus 2 and Mechanics 1 by UEA.

1. I am a communicative person, easy to talk and reliable. The classes are aimed at students of primary, secondary and higher in mathematics, chemistry and physics. 2. lessons on the blackboard brush, exposing in detail and slowly all logical reasoning discipline. Explain the content to the student as often as necessary. 3.

Paris 16e
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Oxford student gives private lessons in Mathematics, Chemistry Physics

I provide private lessons in math, physics, chemistry for students in high school and bachelor students. I am a former student of Lycee Louis Le Grand (famous French high school, and I am currently doing a Masters in Statistics at Oxford.

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Passionate teacher looking for students (Grade 9, Science, Math to University level) to help them in their study

Brief overview of the whole topic then enter into the specific area where the student need more explanation or support. I always prefer to show relevant diagram and practical analogy.

Saint John
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Recently completed my PhD and tutoring chemistry courses in Saint John NB

My teaching methodology is very flexible and I aim to math the students learning style. I often let students lead the tutoring session and come with questions, class topics, or assignments to work on. However, I can adapt to whatever is the most beneficial for your learning style.

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Efficient Indian Tutor for Science, Maths & Computer from Grade 1 to 8

My teaching method will be unique. I will be taking classes offline and online too. Will help you to develop your interest and love in the subject and improve your understanding of the subject too.

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Tutor with an Honours Science degree with major in chemistry and minor in biology. Also familiar with MCAT

I try to first grasp the knowledge level of whomever I am teaching. I am careful to not to introduce any topic that may be too complicated early on as this may result in loss of interest and difficulty later on. I find it best to understand how people learn so I can teach most efficiently.

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More than teaching, I believe on EDUCATING. Working along the mends of organic changes, making the subject more interesting!!

I initiate with a topic very conceptually, from the depth and base , evidently discussing the logic behind every readout , then further by giving students their chance to clarify anything they want to and moving on next to the practice session by coming up with different but similar problems. No boredom.

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Engineering lecturer provides Math and Physics tuition classes for any student who likes to boost his/her understanding as well as scoring above 85.

I base my class on understanding the topic with multiple methods including you tube videos, real life examples, questions and answers, related activity and a bit of fun. In my class you would be always happy about what you learn and looking forward seeing me again as it opens a new window to your life. studying is not only about scores but about the real life and applications of the subject.

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Student in ESIGELEC engineering school gives Maths and physics course in Rouen

My teaching method is to identify what the student's shortcomings are and then to provide more effective help. For that, I check by means of a small examination that the notions seen previously at the school are acquired. If so, I help the student keep up the pace and maybe get ahead.

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DPS PGT Chemistry gives Tuition from XI & XII Class. EXPERIENCE 10YRS.


Dr. m
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Experienced PhD Chemistry Tutor For University Chemistry Courses and Grade 11/12 IB/AP

elaboration of course concepts in deep providing a study plan for each student according to the student background that student should follow with intense focus, commitment and continuous practice providing practice problems to student in PDF format working with student on practice problems, assignments and practice questions, problem sets, midterm and finals exams from...

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Perfect! Ma fille est ravie d'avoir enfin trouvé un professeur de mathématiques très pédagogue et de surcroît sympathique et impliqué . Elle a repris goût aux maths et surtout confiance en elle. Houssem a bien détecté ses lacunes et l'entraîne avec...

Naeem, student
1 year ago
(50 reviews)

Perfect! My son enjoys Daniel's classes (Biology for the A levels) very much and says he is learning a lot and understanding things that had seemed very difficult to him until now. After only a few lessons, he feels much more confident and optimistic.

Elena, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sophie is a great tutor who has helped me to become more confident in both chemistry and biology. She is always really encouraging and always explains subjects to me in lots of different ways. I would highly recommend her!

Jasmine, student
2 years ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Très pédagogue, facile à comprendre. Petit "stage" de 6h pendant les dernières vacances qui m'a permis de m'approprier une meilleure méthode de travail et d'approfondir notamment le chapitre des suites de Term S.

James, student
3 years ago
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