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2nd year Medical student offering maths, chemistry and biology tutoring up to A Level qualification

GCSE through to A Level, I provide tutoring for maths, chemistry and biology. Within these subjects, there may be topics you do not understand which I am ready to explain and cover with you. I can also help with homework and provide you with tips on how to revise for upcoming exams.

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A level chemistry, Maths and Physics student offering tutoring for Chemistry and Maths in Bournemouth

My teaching method is when first starting with a student ask them the key concepts or topics they are struggling with and then each session go through the theory of the topic. Then go through some exam questions covering that topic.

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Software Consultant giving lessons in Maths, Physics, Chemistry Upto GCSC. Also Grammar School English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning.

I teach basics of maths and physics by drawing pictures. Then I practice questions papers to make sure the students learnt the concept. Then I give homework and worksheets to practice.

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Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology student offering lessons for students up to GCSE in Mathematics and Science (A Level students will be considered).

I am willing to adapt my teaching style to the needs of the student. Normally, I base my classes on the exam board’s specification explaining concepts with examples, topic related activities, resources and questions from past papers and other sources.

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Science and Maths tutor with 8 years experience. Phenomenal Feedback. Located in Kent. Online tuition available.

Unlike a lot of tutors out there, tutoring is not something I do whilst aspiring to pursue another career entirely. These tutors are often inexperienced, unenthusiastic and unreliable. Tutoring is my career of choice and it is with great pride that I offer the highest quality tuition and professional service.

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Second-year Chemistry undergraduate student offering chemistry lessons to students, specializing in first-year undergraduate or GCSE/AS & S2 support.

My teaching method aims to help you learn chemistry by a more practical approach. Using examples from your books, lessons etc. and learning by actually doing them and working through them with you, instead of just teaching you how to tackle them. I believe at A-Level and GCSE in particular, you learn better by seeing how a question or problem is solved first hand.

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A Level student offering Maths, Further maths, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level and below.

I will always get to know the entire syllabus in and out before anything. I will help with basic introductions to all topics in order to understand all strengths and weaknesses of the student, and spend most time both improving the students weaknesses to a high standard and making sure the student is retaining and improving on their stronger topics also.

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I'm GCSE student. I can teach maths and science for primary school student, also can teach basic knowledge of german(learning as a subject in my GCSE) and russian language(as carrier)

I prefer to teach personally(not online), but can in both categories. I have my teaching method. I based in on my personal experience. The student must be interested in learning. It's the most important thing. The student should know why he teaches and what he teaches. For younger children, study should be presented in a fun and entertaining way.

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Passionate Chemistry graduate 2:1 (Hons) , in Nottingham for anyone requiring additional help. Passion enables learning.

I'm open minded and caring individual. I am not in chemistry or tutoring for monetary gains and would go above and beyond to ensure people dreams can be given.

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Aerospace Engineer making the best out of her skills and teaching chemistry, physics and even biology.

I take students along with the schools, helping them with their homework’s, preparing them for tests and exams along with giving them separate creative assignments and tasks.

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Falkirk based analytical Chemist (BSc, MSc, MRSC) offering school level biology and chemistry tuition

Science is all about problem solving, but in order to solve the problems you need a good grasp of the underlying principles - and a key part of that is having them explained in a way that's relevant to you.

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An Aeronautical Engineer offering Math and Physics classes online with practical experience

I mainly prefer to make the subjects fun to my students. I do this by using a lot of visual and imaginative aids. The first few classes are always to figure out their present strengths and weaknesses and then to further improve on them.After that, I begin intensive relearning of the subjects and build on their strengths to reduce their weakness.

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Biomedical Science student at the University of Wolverhampton offering GCSE science tuition

I am a biomedical science student at the University of Wolverhampton. I have aspirations of becoming a biology teacher and are offering GCSE science lessons. I enjoy tutoring through use of past exam questions that are topic specific. Enabling students to understand the topic but also what is required of them in examinations.

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Making the Alevel concepts just that little bit easier to understand and apply

The basis of my lessons focus on your actual understanding of the topics and even the nitty- gritty details of them. I focus on running through examples, making easy to follow and accessible notes that will help you throughout your study.

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Experienced master's graduate based in London offering Maths and Science lessons online

I give lessons in Maths and Science to GCSE level. I like to get to know my students well - their strengths and weaknesses, expectations and concerns for the subject - and I am a firm believer in encouragement in all areas. I bring a positive and hopefully outlook to every lesson, and I am excited to watch my students grow and succeed. My tutoring style is a gentle but persistent approach.

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Any branch of Chemistry up to Undergraduate Degree level, individual or group lessons.

I teach any branch of Chemistry up to Undergraduate Degree level. Either individual or group lessons. Available during school hours, after school hours, and weekends. Upon agreement, lessons can take place at the student's home, at the tutor's home, or in any suitable public place such as a library, a museum, or a natural park.

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Enthusiastic and freshly-graduated Chemistry Tutor (soon coming to Manchester) offers home and Skype lessons up to University Level.

I have just freshly-graduated from my Master’s Degree in Chemistry, with a First Class Honours (1st), and I have a specialization in Chemical Innovation and Regulation. I can teach Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry for anything up to A level standard. Nevertheless, I am happy to cover all sciences and Maths, I can easily teach English to GCSE level, and Italian, which is my mother tongue.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Online A-level Chemistry Tutor for AQA - Dr Andy L PhD AHEA

I offer all students a free trial lesson so they can experience my teaching style before deciding if they wish to continue with tuition. To arrange a free trial lesson, just send me a message. My lessons are based around developing exam technique as well as improving understanding.

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A-level student studying Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics. I am London based.

I am best suited to teach younger students, allowing them to develop maths skills they'll requiring the future. I am a friendly tutor, I try to make students comfortable in their environment to allow a maximum amount of development.

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Secondary science teacher seeking to help students with GCSE biology, chemistry and physics

Implement differentiated tasks, questioning, outcome-based task and worksheets, in order for students to have a deeper learning. I believe it is important for students to have varied learning activities, to ensure students have inclusive learning opportunities. Also crafted my lesson planning in order to carry out formative and summative assessment.

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Pharmacy graduate offering chemstry/biology/physics/maths and 11+ exam practise up to and including GCSE level in/around Barnet

I will teach students to prepare for exams(all boards). My tutoring style is tailored based on the student`s requirements, whether the aim is to build confidence on the subject or more exam geared.

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Completed my DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Now i would like to give and share my knowledge with onther.

Introduction of the title. Giving some examples to explore the title. Giving brief description about the title. Listening question and answer.

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Msci Geophysics graduate offering online maths, chemistry, physics, geology, and geography lessons

I am a physics, maths, and geography, and geology tutor up to A-level standards, and able to teach up to GCSE in chemistry. My teaching method involves an introduction and overview of the subject area setting out goals for the session. After this problem solving and direct past paper practice is undertaken with feedback.

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Mech.Engineering student with academic excellence offers Math, Physics and Chemistry lessons in Coventry

Have EU (Latvia) education, equal to A-level in these subjects. My teaching method is to bring the main idea of topic, not particular examples. After understanding the idea, we start to solve particular problems and questions. Usually, the first is theory, then comes practise.


Ruslan - Bank - Maths

I offer help in various Mathematics, Statistics and Physics related modules/subjects at the University and professional levels and A-Levels. Please read through my profile or enquire for more detail.

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Friendly and passionate chemistry tutor for GCSE and IB neat Cardiff University.

I am very patient and friendly and I believe in a good teacher-student relationship such that the student can always approach me when needed. I use different teaching materials depending on the student's abilities such as models, charts, animations, virtual labs etc.

Binley Woods
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MATHS and English Tutor with over 10 years experience teaching Primary, Secondary and Adult retake GCSE

I approach tutoring depending on the student. I am flexible.I get to know the student and the best way they learn. I network with other teachers to learn and utilise approach to teaching.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Biomedical science student and offering chemistry and biology tuitions upto school level.

I believe working smartly yes ofcourse hard work is mandatory at the same time. I always try to make things as simple as possible and concepts to be very clear.

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Sixth Form Student in London offering tutoring for GCSE Maths, Biology, & Chemistry

I ask my students which topics they're most struggling with and focus on those. I like to go through each topic and show a few worked examples before allowing my students to try with me and then by themselves with further help if they require it. I'll happily bring worksheets for my students and give or check homework.

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Chemistry student offering support in Chemistry and Maths (IB or A levels), situated in York

I aim to provide support to students by teaching them how to tackle and approach problems by themselves rather than just giving them the answers. This encourages them to explore different techniques during their exams and helps them to become more self reliant and less dependent on support from others.

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Perfect! Babar is a very good teacher. He explains concepts thoroughly and is articulate as well which helps in ensuring the student understands the concepts. He is also good at explaining concepts using computational tools.

Saagar, student
3 days ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Great tutor, he explained everything in detail and really helped my son progress and develop his understanding of maths and physics.

Amanda, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Myriam Is a terrific tutor who will help you in all the areas that you find difficult. Myriam is very patient and works with steady speed. At the end of each lesson she will summarize the session and everything makes sense . I highly recommend...

Noreen, student
2 weeks ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Otun has been incredibly helpful with every topic we've been through as she works thoroughly and methodically, providing slowed down, in-depth explanations of each section. Otun's lesson structure has also proved to be very effective as she will...

Nadine, student
2 weeks ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! My 7 year old daughter has been learning with Caza for 1 month. During that month she has made tremendous progress under Caza's tuition .So much so that it has also been acknowledged by her teachers at school.

Michael, student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Excellent tutor! Siobhan is very professional, organised, consistent and hard-working. Siobhan has a kind and respectful manner which puts my teenager at ease. Very confident looking forward and have no doubt that Siobhan will help my teenager to...

Suzanne, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Let a private Chemistry tutor help with Chemistry homework, Chemistry questions, and exam prep.