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Sociologist student wishing to teach gcse science, maths or sociology in Birmingham

My placement was carried out in a primary school thus, this gave me a good insight of what a teacher is. I want to develop my future career in primary so I would love to teach the basic or gcse level.

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Law student offering Chemistry lessons in Manchester. Studied to A level Standard.

I centre my lessons around exam boards and the course of study the student is receiving from their institution. I will prepare lessons based on topics in part explanation and part exercised form. Progress will be assessed from topic tests. I will encourage students to set small targets to continuously work towards.

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Biochemistry University Student offering biology, chemistry, physics and maths tuition in Wisbech area

I tailor each set of sessions offered to the individual students needs. I start each set by providing an initial assessment to find their strengths and weaknesses to identify where I can best provide help. I also offered a learning style test that enables me to tailor the lessons offered to the individual student.

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Physics teacher offering physics and maths lessons in Rutland and Peterborough area

I believe that you need to teach the person, not a course and tailor instruction to the individual student. I work hard to understand the person that I am teaching in order to find a method of delivery that will speak to the student.

Burry Port
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Friendly GCSE Student hoping to provide support to KS3 and GCSE pupils

I am a patient and understanding tutor who believes that time and support are key to a pupil understanding a topic. Therefore, I provide worksheets and textbooks during sessions to aid students, and to ensure they can reach their full academic potential.

Dr koka
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Excellent patient tutor with 20 years experience focussing on content, study skills, learning methods and examination techniques.

Teaching content using Cognitive learning skills like mind-maps and effective note-making techniques. Doing exam style questions. Testing so that the student gets used to the performing to a high level.

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Third Year Medicinal Chemistry Student able to tutor all aspects of Chemistry

I have experience tutoring small groups of first-year students in their university modules through discussion and facilitating learning. It would be my aim to help you to understand the content and exam technique better through discussing and interactive learning.

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Skype teacher for hw & assignments year 1 to 8 and o levels all subjects.Add me on Skype [waqar.jamil11].First month free.I am teaching online in UK since 2011,fee is 90 pounds per month.

Actually I teach my students the learning techniques[How to learn, concentrate & memorize along] with their academic knowledge.Learning techniques make learning easy and save much time.Applying these techniques in daily life can be fruitful as "Learning is life".regards.

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Let's make Science More Interesting with a private tutor in West Bengal

My teaching method is very simple. Science is every where feel and understand it that's all. I always go through the lessons step by step and.I always believe that "Learn a little thing but deeply.. "Physics is incomplete without its application..so I always explain the subject by real examples and ask my students to perform something where they can apply today's learning.

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Chemical engineering student who like to help you with Science and Maths

I like to visualise what I learn so its easier to explain and to understand. Understanding the basics always helps us to do even application level questions easily. Writing down bullet points, making charts and graphs helps to learn quickly. The more you practise the better you get at it.

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Astrophysics student with good knowledge of mathematics offering Maths and Physics tutoring.

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Experienced Maths Tutor with Knowledge Tailed to Passing Exams in Coulsdon / Croydon

My teaching method is based on the student. Different students have different preferred methods.

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A-Level student ( studying: chemistry, biology and maths ) who teaches chemistry, maths and english (up to GCSE) and all subjects for all years below.

My teaching style is flexible as per the student's needs. Possible ways that students I have taught before have found really beneficial: - Lessons on weak areas only - Exam Question Oriented ( how to tackle the exam questions to get maximum marks) - Guided exam papers - 50% revision and 50% exam questions.

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Fresh, Friendly & Experienced Education Student at the University of Brighton. Maths & Science Tutor.

I am organised, patient and very approachable. Being a similar age to students means I can identify with them and be more understanding. I provide the first lesson for free, so you can have a feel for how I teach before committing to anything.

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Graduated student in food industry offering chemistry and science in Stoke on Trent

My way to teach the chemistry start for simple point. Atoms are complicated but only if you don't know the method to approach them. In my course we see how chemistry run and works in the world how biochemistry move everything in the nature.

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Draycott Science Tutors is a London based best of breed tutorial service

We understand science and we make it our business to teach and support our students through the delivery of tutorials tailored towards the individuals needs of the student. The tutorials are delivered on a group or individual basis - we teach the entire curriculum.

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MChem graduate offering Chemistry lessons for GCSE and A-level, as well as lower school science in Cardiff

I believe that the best way to teach is to encourage people to think instead of just bombarding their minds with loads of information that will increase the risk of students disengaging and losing interest. I feel that people must appreciate the background of what they are working on, in order to make them feel more excited about what they do.

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Recent chemistry graduate from Durham University offering GCSE chemistry and maths lessons in London

If you are struggling with a particular topic/area, we can start by ensuring you understand the concepts underpinning it. Once you feel more prepared we can move on to tackling past exam questions to reinforce your understanding of the topic.

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A level student with 8 GCSE O distinctions teaches Chemistry in Singapore

My method of teaching is through firstly identifying what concepts the student cannot understand through a practice assignment covering the topics and a survey asking them which topics they are weak in. This will be followed by condensing the concept and making sure the student is able to understand them, in order to answer different questions following the same concept.

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Online Maths,Chemistry,and Biology tuition for exam experts in the UK

My teaching method is going through the specification from the start.My first step is asking the student making notes from videos that i will provide.my next step is developing knowledge and asking student questions.Then giving exam question.

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College student offering Chemistry and Maths lessons up to (and including) GCSE level.

I will give lessons to maths and chemistry GCSE level students. My lesson will be structured so we have time at the beginning to review last lesson and to bring up any queries the student has had since the last lesson, then I shall teach them new content and at the end give them some work to have a go at and some topics to read up on for the next lesson.

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Chemistry Undergraduate offering Maths Physics and Chemistry tuition up to A level in Manchester

I'm currently a first year undergraduate, I can teach Maths, Physics and Chemistry for anything up to A level standard, I also did very well at GCSE for all the sciences and Maths and I often read around my subjects so tuition on other science subjects shouldn't be a problem, I'm happy to read any specifications and reaffirm myself with any content or techniques you will need to ensure you get a...

(2 reviews)
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Mathematical and Theoretical Physics student at the university of oxford offering chemistry tutoring in oxford

I usually help the student understand the subject rather than get them to memorise the concepts. I also tend to explain them proofs and not to just accept things as they are.

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Chemistry student and piano enthusiast studying at university with straight A*s in A-level maths,chemistry and biology.

I teach students at A-level or below and Beginners piano. I gear my lessons toward the needs of each individual by first discovering what topics the student struggles most with and focusing on these. I believe in building up core knowledge to provide support throughout trickier topics.

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Biochemistry student , passionate about her subject, offering Chemistry and Biology Lessons in Leeds.

I always start simple as this builds the fundamental basics that can be developed to cover the whole topic. In order to learn those trickier topics I think its essential to break down each process and fully understand it before moving onto the next stage by highlighting the most important information in a fun and memorable way, so come results day it can easily be remembered.

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I have three degrees and can help Online students with Maths, Physics and Chemistry assignments and problems

I listen and understand why students are having trouble with concepts or methods. I use lots of practical worked examples with realistic reasoning to build confidence and proficiency. I show multiple logical approaches to analysing problems to get to the answer quickly and easily.

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Cambridge University Natural Sciences Graduate Teaching Physics, Maths and General Science in Hertfordshire and North London

The most important aspect of a 1-on-1 tutoring session is that it must be a conversation, not a lecture. I challenge my students to work out the answers, rather than just giving it to them, which is much more effective. My lessons are enjoyable and good-humoured, as I believe this is extremely important for students to learn well. My lessons are also exam-focussed.

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Law Student with A* qualifications in Maths and Sciences offering lessons in London

I have a number of techniques used to acieve the highest grades which I will pass on to GCSE students in both Mathematics and Sciences.

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Post A-level student Currently on a Gap year A*s at A-level, Tutoring GCSE level and below

Over the last 2 years I have helped around 5 GCSE students with Maths, Chemistry and their Physics in one on one sessions. I don't have a set lesson plan depending on the student and topic I try to help by going through the key concepts to improve understanding or by breaking down problems and practicing with them.

1st lesson offered free !

MSc Pharmacology graduate offering tuition in Sciences in Cambridge and Ely area

My teaching method is personalised and tailored to each student. It includes lots of quizzing and testing prior to and post lessons. I encourage lots of verbal discussion and focus my teaching on encouraging students to find the answers themselves.

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Perfect! Raj has been teaching my son for a while now. He explains the concepts in a very easy way and my son's confidence level has gone up substantially. He always look forward to the class. Having tried other tutors, I would strongly recommend Raj.

Judit, student
4 days ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Richard responded to my request very quickly and has been an excellent tutor for my son ever since. He introduces topics in a fun way and has given him a better understanding of Physics and Chemistry.

Remi, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Conor is an excellent Tutor! He is very proactive, passionate and well prepared. He requested all information regarding my paper and assignments along with comments to insure he was able to focus on the right areas. He has a great way of explaining...

Arna, student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Tyler has been tutoring my step brother for the last 5 weeks, he is very happy with his lessons and progressing well. I'm sure the lessons will continue until the end if the school year. Honest & reliable, highly recommended

Steve, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am very pleased to have found Anushka. She is very lovely and my daughter likes her very much. The first lesson went very well. She was able to explain few points that Charlotte had problems understanding.

Veronique, student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I asked Alex to help me in my preparation for the NSAA (the admission test for Cambridge University, in Natural Sciences). Although I don't have the test results yet, I feel confident in saying that she was of great help, always very helpful in...

Lorenzo, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Let a private Chemistry tutor help with Chemistry homework, Chemistry questions, and exam prep.