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ODP and Engineering Student offering maths, biology and chemistry lessons in Leigh

I am an ODP student who also has a degree in Medical Engineering and I am happy to give lessons in maths up to A-Level and chemistry and biology to GCSE standard. I am an easy going tutor who believes in structuring my lessons around each student and how they learn best whether that be from books, practice questions or even quizzes and flaschards.

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Margaret - Wollaton - Maths

I am a science teacher with many years experience of teaching in schools but also lecturing at University level. I worked as a research scientist before training as a teacher. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Maths and English at key stage 1 and 2. At Key stage 3 and 4 I teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At A level I teach Chemistry and Biology. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Engineering student offering math, physics and chemistry lessons in Southampton or online

I am a first year engineering student at the University of Southampton and offering lessons for those in A levels, GCSE or similar.

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I am a teacher of science and mathematics. I have a long experience especially in tutorials but also in class. I have taught students of all age levels, primary school, middle school and adults in one

I am a science graduate (geology) from the University of Athens and I have an MSc from Trinity College Dublin in chemistry. I am available for tutorials (Mathematics and Science - chemistry and physics) of all levels. I am a professional teacher with many years of experience (16 years). I have worked for years with teenagers, I am patient and I have always seen great results.

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CCEA/ EDEXCEL/AQA IGCSE Chemistry, Physics and Maths- Chemistry student at top uni

-ONLY skype tutoring!! -Studied at independent school for 7 years; currently at univeristy studying physical chemistry and maths.

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Chemistry / maths teacher gives online tuition for GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A level.

I am a chemistry and maths teacher working at an international college in Brighton UK. I also provide online tuition for GCSE and A level chemistry and maths students. I have taught in the state, private and international sectors. I am very experienced and I provide tuition specific to any chemistry or maths syllabus. I teach in an international college in the UK.

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Victoria College Belfast student who desires to help out with physics, chemistry and maths

I am an A-level student, studying in Victoria College Belfast.I enjoy studying physics ,chemistry and maths. I am experienced to give lessons to primary and secondary pupils.I plan my lesson effectively, such that it renders the best content to the student.I generally modify the lesson in order to cater for specific requirements of the student.

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University undergraduate gives Maths, French, Music, History, Sports, Latin, English and Sciences to pupils up to GCSE in Warwickshire

Second year undergraduate at Durham university studying History and French prepared to teach a range of subjects to pupils at any level up to GCSE by working through problems and applying previous knowledge to different situations in order to understand how to resolve an issue.

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Graduate in Leadership & Management in Scottish Borders tutoring in various subjects including Arithmetic

I am a mature graduate from the Open University Business School. Every person is an individual and learns in their own way and any tuition will be devised for that individual to expand their knowledge, understand things and get prepared for any tests or exams in a constructed and patient way. Lessons will be improving their weaknesses and reinforcing their strengths.

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Engineering Masters graduate from the University of Oxford offering maths and science lessons, as well as university application and interview assistance.

I like to base my teaching methods on the individual that I teach and to understand how they learn, focusing first on building their confidence so that went the approach more difficult topics they have more belief that they can do it.

Muhammad noman
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Experienced Science and Maths Tutor with postgraduate qualifications in in Materials Science and Orthopaedic Engineering.

My lessons are well planned and tailored to individual student requirements. I develop students` full potential by agreeing on appropriate targets with students and the parents. The progress of the students is monitored through tests and subject understanding to achieve better results. I use a regular record sheet to inform about progress and results of the students to the parents.

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Chemical Engineering student offering maths and science tuition for GCSE and A-level in Leeds

I am a positive, patient and organised individual, committed to improving students’ confidence in their own abilities and encouraging an active interest in their learning, specifically in maths and science subjects. This is because I believe the key to success in any subject is through understanding, making it easier to digest and most importantly, to enjoy the subject.

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Passionate Tutor of Maths and Science at various levels in Poulton-le-Fylde

fully appreciate that despite best efforts being made by both student and teacher the environment of a classroom is not always the best one to achieve one's best. The one on one nature of my tutoring allows me to identity the specific needs and learning styles of each student and work with them in a way best suited to them alone.

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Asoiring engineering student at UCL offering tuition in Maths, Biology and Chemistry from GCSE up to A level. I work according to the level of the student

I encourage and foster independence of my students. My teaching methods are based on what type of learner my tutee is, i.e visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic.

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Experienced Software student teaching Math and Sciences upto A Levels in Glasgow

I've taught mostly GCSE/Nationals students and ALevels/Highers as well. I focus on forming a friendly relationship to first find out the weaknesses and strengths of my students, so I can understand whether the difficulties they face are conceptual or otherwise.

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Experienced Biochemistry Masters Graduate: Wanting to Help Science Students of All Ages!

Learning for everyone is completely different. When I was studying for my GCSE’s I struggled with understanding how Mathematics was taught at my school, I thought maybe it was my own fault and my confidence was at an all time low. However, after hiring a personal tutor I realized that I could change my grades, just by learning differently. Now as an adult I want to help others in the same way.

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A-level student offering maths, chemistry, physics, biology and religious studies for GCSE students.

I am an A-level student hoping to tutor GCSE or students of a lower age. My teaching method varies on the subject. For example, for maths, I would teach the content and give the students a few questions to attempt and help them when they get stuck.

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Qualified Mathematics Teacher offering GCSE/A Level tuition in all maths courses in Chester

My teaching method is to use real life situations to make the subject more approachable and easier to remember. I adapt my teaching to each pupil depending on their strengths. I am able to explain methods and ideas in different ways, suiting the pupils needs.

Barrow Hill
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Maths Tutor In Chesterfield Offering GCSE Tutor Support ( Foundation and Higher )

My teaching method is step-by-step work along with guidance through exam questions.

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University student offering to tutor for maths, biology, chemistry, and physics up to A-level or university level

Firstly I prefer to learn the harder topics first. I break down the topic into different sections that let me dissect the teaching material and understand it to my best knowledge. I revisit the material, again and again, to make sure the topic is well understood before completely moving on.

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2nd Year Student Mechanica engineering teaching MATHS, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS,SPANISH AT A LEVEL

Deep understanding of basic concepts is key in order to tackle questions from different point of views. Repetition of excersises in Maths makes perfection. Understanding how mark schemes work in exams to use appropriate words and get as many marks as possible.

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PGDE Secondary Chemistry (with Science) student offer tutoring! Willing to travel! Learn to Love Science

I myself struggled in high school and therefore use my learning processeds to help provide alternative ways of learning! Not every child picks things up the same way therefore my teaching adapts to what my students require. Whether it be through pictures, highlighting, mindmaps or animations I develop and use different methods to help students at different levels.

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Ex-HoScience, based in Bedford UK| Face to Face or Online GCSE/ iGCSE A-level/ IB Chemistry lessons. A level examiner.

Online lessons or face to face. Bedford area. I'm an Ex-Head of Science and Head of Chemistry from a top Bedfordshire Upper School. Search @onlinechemistrylessons for details and testimonials. 36 years A level chemistry teaching & examining experience. Need a top grade for university? Struggling with the basics? Help is here.

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Chemistry Student offering Physics and Maths tutoring to GCSE and Chemistry to A Level

I tend to run tutoring sessions by introducing an idea or topic, running through a few example questions with the student before aiding them as they independently tackle some questions. I focus on tackling areas students are fining difficult or topics they haven't seen before.

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Fully qualified tutor offering maths and all sciences up to A level

I have a somewhat alternative approach to education and learning. I very much like to couple education and physical activity and make sure my student is fully concentrated on their studies in my sessions. I strive to give them a holistic understanding of the subject so they can equate it to real life experiences.

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West Cross
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Currently studying biology chemistry and maths at A level in Swansea, Wales

My methods of teaching include approaching each problem clearly and creating a plan for answering questions, using past papers and their marking schemes to gain an understanding of exam technique and using mind maps to link topics and clearly identify the necessary information.

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Qualified Pharmacist tutoring students from KS3 to postgraduate in Birmingham otherwise online!

The support I will provide will be tailored to the student needs. I will help you excel in your subject area by helping you understand your topics, reinforcing what you have already studied and consistently motivate you. Complex materials will be broken down to complete basics and then it will be gradually be built on, making it easier for you to understand.

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Maths and Science tutor with a Biochemistry degree up to GCSE/Nat5 level

I treat every learner as an individual, so I adapt lessons to suit their needs. Flexibility is key in adapting a session to best suit the learner, so that they are able to get the best out of every session. It is reaching their academic goal that I keep in mind when approaching every session.

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Maths and Economics Student offering maths (and physics) lessons in Guildford,Surrey,UK.

My main teaching method varies from the use of quiz's and diagrams, all of which should help clarify key concepts. I also like using flash cards to make revision as short and snappy as possible which ultimately should lead to a greater retention of knowledge.

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Perfect! Raj has been teaching my son for a while now. He explains the concepts in a very easy way and my son's confidence level has gone up substantially. He always look forward to the class. Having tried other tutors, I would strongly recommend Raj.

Judit, student
4 days ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Richard responded to my request very quickly and has been an excellent tutor for my son ever since. He introduces topics in a fun way and has given him a better understanding of Physics and Chemistry.

Remi, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Conor is an excellent Tutor! He is very proactive, passionate and well prepared. He requested all information regarding my paper and assignments along with comments to insure he was able to focus on the right areas. He has a great way of explaining...

Arna, student
3 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Tyler has been tutoring my step brother for the last 5 weeks, he is very happy with his lessons and progressing well. I'm sure the lessons will continue until the end if the school year. Honest & reliable, highly recommended

Steve, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am very pleased to have found Anushka. She is very lovely and my daughter likes her very much. The first lesson went very well. She was able to explain few points that Charlotte had problems understanding.

Veronique, student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! I asked Alex to help me in my preparation for the NSAA (the admission test for Cambridge University, in Natural Sciences). Although I don't have the test results yet, I feel confident in saying that she was of great help, always very helpful in...

Lorenzo, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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