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The average price of Chemistry  lessons is £10.

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On Superprof, many of our Chemistry tutors offer online tuition.

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Getting chemistry support from a tutor: a great idea!

Children and adolescents, from kindergarten to university, are used to being taught in large groups by a university certified teacher.

But what would happen if you added an element to this system and by doing so allowed your child to dramatically progress in their schooling? Or perhaps gave yourself an extra leg-up in your own studies?

An in-home chemistry teacher is a professional who intricately knows the ins and out of teaching, while also adding a notable skill set, that of successfully working one on one, at home, with students.

They can sometimes be self-taught, a science student or an experiences researcher, but they always offer professional and tailor-made help to foster the successful progression of the student.

 Can in-home chemistry lessons help to level the economic playing field?

Titration, activated complex, enthalpy, van der Waals force, phi bond, the periodic table of elements... It's impossible to deny, chemistry is not always very easy to understand!

And if, in addition to the sometimes complex nature of chemistry, we add in disparities due to social inequalities... it becomes even more challenging! In this regard, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), an international organization based in Paris, published in June 2016 a report highlighting the disparities between the various French social strata in the field of mathematics, which can be easily compared to similar findings in the UK, and extrapolated to the sciences.

To sum up the study a little, the OECD argues in particular that the most disadvantaged students learn simple notions of math, while the most advantaged tackle arithmetic, linear equations and other high-level concepts early on. One statistic states: 43% of "disadvantaged" students are less familiar with mathematical concepts than others, while the national average is 65%.

To fight against this very worrying trend, there is a solution for parents and their children: in-home tutoring, which is available for everyone! And in the face of such statistics and increasing disparity amongst students, the remedy offered by a private chemistry teacher at home becomes invaluable... We, therefore, invite all different levels of students to turn towards home schooling support, which offers help with homework and science classes at home!

 The importance of chemistry

We cannot deny the crucial importance of chemistry in our lives. Everything you do is chemistry and even your body is made of chemicals! Chemical reactions occur in everyday and every minute details of life and include tasks such as breathing, eating, watching TV, playing. All matter in the earth is made of chemical compounds from the periodic table, and so studying chemistry is like studying the important of everything!

Chemistry can be found in other ways as well in the daily and professional lives of each person. Chemistry is used to determine the make-up of household cleaners, cooking and preserving food, environmental issues such as pollutants and nutrients... and much more.

Chemistry can sometimes be considered a complex and 'boring' science, but fireworks and explosions are based on chemistry, not to mention live-saving medicines.... so sign me up!

 Chemistry in education: the central science

Taking private lessons in chemistry or hiring a teacher for tutoring and help with homework, is proving increasingly necessary. Parents have less and less time to devote to these tasks.

But the importance of science subjects (biology, physics and chemistry) does not decrease with age. Thus, to get accepted into certain university programs and give yourself every chance to get the career you want, or to ace your GCSEs and A Levels, you must know a number of science topics very well!

Chemistry is often called the central science because it links to other important sciences such as physics, life sciences and applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. It can involve the building blocks of understanding of other sciences or work alongside them as partners. For example, when you learn radioactivity in physics, you'll also need to know atomic structures, which is a chemistry topic. Chemistry can be a stepping stone to many exciting careers and higher-level classes.

With the help of a chemistry teacher, you can review all these topics and begin to get to know them by heart, which makes taking the GCSE that much easier. Improving your chemistry skills can open many doors after high school and help you in finding the best career for you in the sciences.

What kinds of careers does chemistry lead to?

When you have your nose to the grindstone and you're tearing out your hair in frustration, you might feel like giving up on the sciences! But there's a good reason to stick with it as there are many amazing job opportunities that follow from learning chemistry.

Studying chemistry doesn't mean your future career will be restricted to a lab, there are so many other jobs connected to chemistry, such as forensic scientists, biotechnologists, nanotechnology, pharmacologist, toxicologist, environmental consultant, nuclear engineer, patent attorney, university teacher and many more!

Typical employers of chemistry graduated might include companies that work with pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, utilities and research, health and medical organisations or the government and science research organisations! The world of possibilities is vast for a chemistry major! But maybe you need a little help with your studies to give you a hand getting there?

Why get help from a chemistry teacher at home?

Hiring a chemistry tutor for your child or yourself is an important decision. To give them all the best chances of success right at the start. But what exactly as the benefits of home tutoring and getting help with homework?

Tutoring and help with homework can combat difficulties

Let's talk about tutoring at home: it is a great idea for students who are having difficulty, looking to improve and succeed academically! This is also why we talk about help with homework in these support classes.

In middle school, in high school and even in higher education, the sciences can pose a lot of problems. For those who want to move on to higher learning or university degrees, science classes are often mandatory pre-requisites. However, the logic involved in science terms, processes and equations is sometimes not obvious to all students.

Some students can develop psychological blockages, thinking themselves not able to learn and progress academically. But this is not true! This is why calling upon an independent chemistry teacher, who can devote all their time to the student, can often be life-saving.

GCSE, A-Level and University... Prepare for the big deadlines ahead of time.

Private chemistry teachers are not just for students having difficulty.

Some simply have to prepare for a major event and ensure admission to their desired program in one of the major schools they are targeting. And to enter upper level science classes, physics, chemistry, biology... calling upon the help of a teacher specializing in at-home support is more than recommended! In any case, it is an ideal way to learn good studying techniques and know your subject matter like the back of your hand.

A chemistry tutor can help put an end to psychological blockages

As we said above, the sciences can cause some confidence and academic issues in many students. But incredibly helpful tutors can also help with problems with shyness. It is true that being asked in front of everyone to solve a chemistry problem on the board or explain a complex chemistry reaction can certainly be intimidating! Especially when it has to be done in front of thirty other students.

Some middle and high school students are thus limited by their introverted nature and shyness when asked to participate. And in the end they can progress more slowly. A real problem that an at-home chemistry teacher can solve by fostering a peer-to-peer relationship. Without the image of the all-powerful teacher standing behind his desk and potentially intimidating students: instead a new kind of chemistry teacher (having gained a diploma or not), close to the student and accustomed to teaching in these sometimes delicate contexts.

How to find a chemistry teacher near you?

As you can see, learning chemistry can sometimes require the help from a teacher who will guide you in your classes. For this, Superprof invites you to discover all of our chemistry tutors online. Based all over the UK, you will have no trouble finding a talented teacher to share their knowledge with you. A professional university trained teacher, or a very knowledgeable university student.

Note that we have more than a couple hundred chemistry and science teachers waiting for you today on the Superprof website. With such a large number, we know that you can find the teacher you are looking for, one who teaching methodology is a good match for your learning style.

Superprof, is like a professional classifieds site which helps to connect teachers and students together. Students will benefit from the talent and availability of passionate teachers who will tailor individual lessons for them to personally help them succeed in their given subjects and goals.

For chemistry classes at all levels of ability, we select the best teachers.

We offer courses in many other areas as well: coaching classes, scrapbooking, piano lessons, drawing, physics, violin, cooking classes, Italian, Spainish, guitar... and more! For all levels of study, from primary to higher education.

SuperProf is the ideal site for dedicated students who want to find high-quality teachers. So start your search for a chemistry teacher in your UK city of choice today!

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