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Socratic which is based on probing the student in discovering. As a teacher I do set the scene for students to find best methods for them to learn in different ways and the discoveries will motivate them to learn more.

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Richard - Twickenham - Science - Cambridge Science degree, worked in Chemicals industry, now experienced tutor for Physics, Chemistry, Biology in GCSE and Oxbridge entrance

I agree a broad programme with parents then adjust as specific tests come up at school in Biology, Chemistry or Physics. I adjust my content to match which of the four GCSE options are taken namely Triple or Double Science, Higher or Foundation. to and I set very targeted homework, followed by an email feedback after every lesson.

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Passionate Chemistry graduate offering well planned lessons in Chemistry up to A-level

For me lesson planning is key and must be tailored to each students individual needs. For example the first few lessons should be utilised to understand the students strengths and weaknesses before tackling the problems head on. I believe the best way to teach must involve theory work followed by exam questions.

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BSc Honours Biochemistry Graduate 2:1 from a Russell Group University - London

My teaching method is not set, it would vary depending on the preferences and most effective methods I see are working on the individual. I would challenge their preferred method of learning from time-to-time which allows them to see they are making progress by adapting to new methods of learning content.

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Second Year Physics Student offering GCSE and A level Maths and Physics lessons in Birmingham

For Maths and Physics, I have found that the two most important things to consider when learning are ensuring full comprehension, and practice. Since I'm tutoring alongside school teachers, I find the best approach is for the student to come to me with problems they are struggling with, so we can target and strengthen specific weaknesses and improve effectively.

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Current 3rd-year Aerospace engineering student looking to teach maths and computer-based subjects

I can cater to your individual needs, and currently very flexible with timetabling. I feel I am able to help with most subjects up to GCSE level and then computer-based skills to a higher level. Potentially could help with some A-level and University modules.

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Oxford Tutor, A level Chemistry, GCSE Maths and Science London

Friendly, approachable and experienced Oxford educated teacher offering GCSE/A level tuition in science and mathematics. At present I am teaching Chemistry at a top independent North London school. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I offer tuition in Chemistry up to AS/A2 level, Maths and Science up to GCSE.

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Industrial Pharmacist offering maths and various sciences upto GCSE level in Bushey

Flexible teaching approach depending on the the child. Having taught and still teaching my children has given me experience and expanded by ability to adapt to different teaching methods. Identify specific problem areas and support in those specific areas. Then working through exam type questions to see how to answer the questions.

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6th Form Student Studying Chemistry Looking to Give Tutoring to Younger Students in Academic Subjects.

I will teach primary and secondary school students who may be struggling to grasp science or maths concepts using what I have learnt and the methods I used to memorise my facts before my exams. I will try to be amicable with students and focus in detail on areas they struggle with until they can do it confidently and accurately.

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STEM GCSE and A level tutoring £18/hour. Chemistry Masters graduate - The University of Edinburgh

My aim is to streamline the learning process through teacher-guided student identification of learning needs and targets. Additionally, I advocate for students solving their own questions via inquiry based learning.

Bishop's Stortford
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Chemistry, Physics and Maths Tutor Bishop's Stortford - Dr Hugh Scott

Please contact me if you have any questions. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I mainly teach Chemistry and Physics to A level and GCSE students. I also cover these subjects for the International Baccalaureate. I will provide support for GCSE biology and mathematics to my students where required - Tell me about your qualifications. I have a B.Sc. in Chemical Physics, and also a Ph.D.

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An Engineering graduate from INDIA offering to give MATHS classes to the school level

My method of teaching is simple. I focus on each topic and move forward completing one topic at a time giving exercises related to each topic simultaneously. I believe this method helps students to understand and clear their doubts thouroghly.

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Second year student sciencs teacher offering lessons in Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Total of one year experience teaching at GCSE level in schools.

I have no set method of teaching as I realise all pupils are unique and as such have differing needs and must be challenged in different ways. We will discuss what works best for you as an individual and using the information you provide we will create a learning environment which suits you.

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Physics BSc graduate offering to tutor physics up to degree level, physics, chemistry, maths A levels and all GCSEs. Based in Torquay.

I tutored 1:1 GCSE maths and science whilst I was studying for my A levels in Exmouth. I am willing to tutor any level in most subjects. I believe I have a calm and patient approach to tutoring, as people learn in different ways which should always be acknowledged. I like to search for the best way for the student to understand a concept, otherwise it does not help them reach their potential.

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IB PROGRAM EXPERT. full time professional tutor. all subjects. From the USA.

I make sure to contact the teachers and stay in constant contact with them to make sure that the student is improving and that we coordinate class material. This way the material we use in our tutoring sessions is identical to what they are doing in class.

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University students offering GCSE, A-Level and below lessons for maths and science

My method depends on each individual as everyone learns differently but it varies from worksheets, going through textbooks and having some tests on topics.

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Daventry AS-Level Student offering one-to-one Tutoring in Maths for GCSE level and below

My methodology is to combine reading and comprehension of the subject with random recall and exam-style questions. Expect to memorize formulae, but also expect to apply them, as this is what this style of exam expects in regards to problem-solving.

St Albans
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Experienced teacher offering biology, chemistry and physics lessons to GCSE level and A level chemistry lessons.

I find it important to work with my students and to listen to what motivates and interests them. I link the science content to their interests them and make links between the content and their interests. This makes it easier to remember. I also seek out my students' misconceptions and correct them. This leads to a deeper understanding of the subject content.

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Psychology graduate offering mathematics, psychology, history, science, English, guitar and beatboxing lessons in London

As I am educated to a degree level in psychology, I am looking to teach psychology from GCSE level to degree level. In addition, I completed an advanced statistics module at University, and achieved an exceptional first class mark for the module (81%). As such, I am looking to teach statistics from GCSE to degree level.

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Accounting and Finance student offering maths and chemistry lessons in London!

I am able to teach students from Key Stage 3 up to GCSE in subjects relating to maths, chemistry and physics. Lessons would be based on your current knowledge of the subject, and built up from then on.

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I can offer a wide range of lessons. I am particularly interested in working with children where the traditional school system doesn't work for them.

I approach each subject step by step, I will not overwhelm any pupils with too much information at once. My teaching method will be adapted to each specific child and the methods will be what works for them. Everyone gets to where they need to be, sometimes it just takes a bit more time.

East Leake
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A Passionate Medicinal Chemistry Graduate offering biology and chemistry lessons around Loughborough

I give lessons to those studying GCSE and A-Level chemistry and biology. I am also willing to help those at university who are studying organic chemistry. I describe things in a clear and precise manner and tailor to the individual needs of the student rather than have a set methodology by which I teach.

Church Lawford
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Chemistry student offering A-level or GCSE Chemistry tutoring in Coventry and Warwickshire

Firstly I shall highlight the key concepts in the topic that we are covering and ensure that the student is confident in these by discussing them together. Then we shall attempt past paper questions together and I shall provide prompts when necessary. Finally, I will set questions for homework that we will review in the following session.


Philip - Dunfermline - Maths

An experienced Private Tutor, retired Senior Lecturer, Wolverhampton University Formerly at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities - Which subject(s) do you teach? Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Computer Science, Study Skills - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Chemistry Degree Student offering tutoring for A-Level or below in and around Harrogate

I prefer to have quite a relaxed approach to things. Take it slowly to make sure the basics are understood before moving through the more advanced material. I'm adaptive as to the way I can teach, and can use whichever method you find most suitable, but my personal favourite method for learning is flash cards.

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A PhD Chemist who wants to tutor A-level students on a one-to-one basis in the west london area

I listen to their problems and focus on their concerns and turn their weakness into strength. Also i help them with their exam techniques. I'm patient and have a great resilience to students. I also advice them on their potential career help in Science and Medicine.

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Dynamic, motivated and inspired tutor to help you with your accademic studies

My teaching methods is open-ended; I prefer one-on-one/face-to-face discussion. I will get to know how to proceed as I will be monitoring when you understand or not. It is also a forum to question every step you need elaboration.

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Chemistry with Med. Chemistry Graduate offering tuition in Secondary School Maths and Chemistry

I like to incorporate a level of understanding of the topic being taught whilst staying true to the relevant information that students need to pass their exams with good grades. I appreciate that all students have different learning styles and I encourage my students to explore how they learn as I find this produces the best results.

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Pharmacy student offering chemistry and biology tutoring to alevel standard in Cheshire East

I try and make the way I teach as interactive as possible, using games or diagrams ect to explain information. I also think it is important to teach what the exam board wants, as with past experience GSCEs and Alevels become a lot easier with practice of papers ect.

1st lesson offered free !

Environmental sustainability Student offering Maths, Sciences and Chemistry tuitions up to college level in Stoke-On-Trent

My teaching method is to make students understand the contents and let them practice on their own. If they stuck somewhere they can seek my help. First I made them understand the topic and if difficult I tend to show them youtube video as picturing things make people learn faster and efficiently. Then I test their ability and by this, I get to know their understanding of the topic.

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Perfect! One of the best tutors I have been taught by, understood everything. Absolutely recommend.

Muntasir, student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Raj has been teaching my son for a while now. He explains the concepts in a very easy way and my son's confidence level has gone up substantially. He always look forward to the class. Having tried other tutors, I would strongly recommend Raj.

Judit, student
1 month ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Richard responded to my request very quickly and has been an excellent tutor for my son ever since. He introduces topics in a fun way and has given him a better understanding of Physics and Chemistry.

Remi, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Conor is an excellent Tutor! He is very proactive, passionate and well prepared. He requested all information regarding my paper and assignments along with comments to insure he was able to focus on the right areas. He has a great way of explaining...

Arna, student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Tyler has been tutoring my step brother for the last 5 weeks, he is very happy with his lessons and progressing well. I'm sure the lessons will continue until the end if the school year. Honest & reliable, highly recommended

Steve, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am very pleased to have found Anushka. She is very lovely and my daughter likes her very much. The first lesson went very well. She was able to explain few points that Charlotte had problems understanding.

Veronique, student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

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