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Accounting and Finance Student at the University of Leeds, with A-Level standard knowledge in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics

I am able to give lessons to students of all ages up to those giving their GCSE qualifications. I would like to give lessons over Skype but am flexible to work around schedules and teaching styles.

Mill Hill
(7 reviews)

Zac - Mill Hill - Maths

I am a qualified teacher and experienced tutor with a background in psychotherapy and counselling. I have a track record of delivering excellent results, and improving the confidence and self-esteem of my students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? At Newman Tuition we teach all school-based subjects at all levels. Personally, I teach: Maths and English at KS1, KS2, 7+ and 11+.

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Friendly, professional tutor in Liverpool that enjoys tutoring Maths and Science and GCSE and A Level. Also has a passion for and is a qualified Forensic Scientist so is happy to tutor Forensic Scienc

Hello, my names is Katie and I am 29 years old and currently work as a Forensic Scientist for the Police. I have a BSc(Hons) in Forensic Science and a MSc in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. I have a passion for Science and Maths and enjoy helping other people expand their knowledge, skills and abilities in these fields.

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16 year old hard-working college student with all A/A* GCSEs offering maths tutoring in Essex

I am a hard-working student who understands that it can sometimes be difficult to grasp a concept with maths and I understand the pressure of the new GCSEs having sat the 9-1 spec myself. Therefore, I would like to help ease the pressure by explaining with examples and activities to ensure that the topic sticks in your mind.

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Post-Graduate Student offering Online tutoring via SKYPE in Biological and Chemical Sciences

I am an experienced tutor, currently studying for my Masters degree in Cancer Biology. I have a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Forensic Science. I would be able to tutor students in Biological and Chemical Sciences up to degree level.

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Chemistry tutor dundee, qualified to advanced higher level, from national 5 to advanced higher

I am a willing and outgoing individual, who is in year one and studying MA Education. I have a great passion for Chemistry and studied the subject to advanced higher level. I really enjoy teaching others and enjoy sharing my knowledge of the subject.

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Chemical engineer with deep knoweledge of chemistry and maths with practical teaching experience

i am a chemical engineer by profession, and i can teach maths, chemistry up to A level, i will deliver lectures online and at the end of each lectures notes (solution ) will be forwarded to the student, mock exam test will be conducted after each chapter to achieve best results.

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Experienced Oxford University Graduated Chemistry and Biology Tutor for all undergraduate levels

My name is kashif saleem and I have done my MSc in organic chemistry from University of Oxford UK, I have a great deal of experience in teaching chemistry to O-Level, A-Level and undergraduate students.

Great Glen
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I am M.Sc. in chemistry and from Bangalore. My favourite portions in chemistry are organic , spectroscopy, inorganic chemistry

Chemistry is most easy subject but it's easy when we are able to know the hidden concepts of it. I like to teach the concepts which we need to be a expart. Nothing more to say. Love Chemistry, eat CHEMISTRY and breath chemistry.

Greater London
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Medical student offering thorough Biology, Chemistry and Maths tutoring for Secondary school students (up to and including A-levels)

My name is Parth and I'm currently a Medical Student at Imperial College London. Being 19 years old, and having recently covered the A level specification, I can understand and relate to students both in terms of the difficulty and quantity of content. I aim to tailor and adapt my teaching methods to match the individual students learning style.

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Dental student gives maths and chemistry lessons to GCSE students in Manchester

I am currently a first year dental student looking to teach secondary and GCSE level chemistry and maths. My methods of teaching are simple and therefore, easy to follow as well as being informative. My aim is to increase the confidence of my pupils in these two subjects as I know how frustrating and not to mention how easy it can be to fall behind in class.

Greater London
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Postgraduate in Engineering gives Maths lessons to secondary school pupils in London.

A well organized and consistent person with a wealth of experience in observing lessons and helping students complete various tasks and solving mathematical problems. I have experience of GCSE/O'Level to undergraduate tutoring in Maths and Science coupled with taking care of the teaching needs of students under my supervision.

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QUB student in Biology gives chemistry lessons to secondary school students in Northern Ireland

I am a college student from China. I am good at chemistry and I always got full marks in the past. I would like to give lessons to secondary students. I will try my best to help you solve the problems and discuss them.

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Enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable student. Currently studying Chemistry at the University of Sussex

I am currently a second year chemistry student at the University of Sussex. I give tutoring sessions to GCSE level chemistry students. My tutoring technique consists of teaching the basic information required then explaining the chemical principles behind that specific area to help the student understand the conceptualize.

Mar joery
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Chemistry, Iligan City Philippines, BSE-CHEM, teaching students by enhancing their knowledge in that subjectmatter for 2 years.

Demonstration method You have to give more example so that they can get what it would be mean to that particular subject matter or to unlock difficult terms. Moreover to taught the subject or the lesson in a easy way in order for them to understand the concept.

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Cambridge graduate gives maths, physics and chemistry lessons to secondary school students online

I give online lessons in maths, chemistry and physics using Skype for secondary school students. Objective is to improve understanding, competence and confidence. Results are achieved through working examples intensively to achieve results. Remember: 'Practice makes Perfect'.

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An a level student in the bradford area offering chemistry maths and spanish tuition for secondary and primary education

tutoring for maths, Spanish and Chemistry from Primary to secondary level. I will sit down with the student go through each area of the syllabus and let them pick out which areas they feel weakest on and focus on them, I will use Past examination papers to improve their exam technique and ensure I cover the entire syllabus.

Ryan jay
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College student in Busines Administration gives physics and math lessons in primary and secondary student in London

I love to teach student especially to those who have the hard time to understand math and physics. I'm teaching primary and secondary students. I'm teaching Algebra, Geometry, Physics and Chemistry. I have a lot of patience on my student and I'll teach as best as I can be.

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University Chemistry Student gives chem and maths lessons to 12-18 year olds

I am a second year chemistry student at Durham and I have been tutoring secondary and primary school students for SATS, general year exams, GCSE's, AS and A Levels for 3 years. When I teach, I ensure my students understand the concepts by giving them weekly tests that I write myself. I teach by giving plenty of examples of scenarios, especially in chemistry.

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Mathematics Physics and Chemistry tutor with Masters degree and 15 years of experience

I am Mathematics/Physics teacher for secondary school in South Africa. I teach grade 8 to grade 12 students. I ask lot of questions initially about the topics, reason being students always know little bit of topic but are unsure of their knowledge. I start my topics from at least 2 years past knowledge.

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A student which runs an online revision tutorial for GCSEs and A-levels offering tutoring in GCSE and A-level sciences and maths

In tutoring I split the sessions up in to three sections. The first being the revision part where we go over what we did in the previous session to ensure we know it. Then we have the explanation side where we discuss a topic and the knowledge required. Finally we have the application part where we answer questions and put what we learnt to the test.

Vina rose
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I can teach primary and secondary students. I can also teach math subject like trigonometry and algebra. Aside from my full time work as a teacher I was in the field of tutoring for six years since co

I will give lessons to primary and secondary students. My area of concentration is Science especially Biology, Chemistry and Physics. But I can also teach Math like Algebra and Trigonometry. The strategies that I mostly used during my tutorial were active listening and active probing . Also, I used to get inductive approach during my tutorial sessions.

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1st Class Honors Imperial College Graduate - A-Level Chemistry Tutor in London

I give lessons to A-Level chemistry students. My lesson structure involves going through the syllabus and elaborating on information from core textbooks. I aim for students to understand the content rather than just memorizing information. This allows students to transfer their knowledge to different questions.

Crawley Down
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Hi! I am currently a high school student and keen physicist. Favourite areas - mechanics and thermodynamics. GCSE and AS mathematics, physics and chemistry. Available in Cracow, Poland, Worth School,

My techniques include oral explanation, drawing helpful models and asking question that will help you to understand the topic. During online classes chat and internet reference are also helpful.

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Chemical engineering, chemistry and maths are my favourite to teach and to learn them too.

I have been tutoring students since my high school and now in college i have been a teaching assistant for undergrad students. come to me with doubts and ggo with a solution; not applicable for science and maths but also for your life problems. Let's make teaching fun by being a friends.

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Science teacher (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) up to Secondary age. Also a Special Educational Needs teacher. BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences PGCE Secondary Science ( QTS) MEd Inclusion and SEN

I believe students learn best when lessons are enjoyable and accessible for them. My lessons identify the current knowledge of the pupil, and any misconceptions they have around the topics, which are then corrected. Activities are assessed to ensure the objectives of the sessions have been met...and if they haven't...try, try, try again. Practice makes perfect.

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Engineering student offering maths, Chemistry and physics lessons in London up to GCSC Level

My methodology is definitely making things simple by giving examples from real life. I think on student level and then teach them in the way they want and they pick things fast. I give them Worksheets to do and I also check them time to time if they putting some effort to learn or not.

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Mathematics graduate offering lessons in Maths, Chemistry and Spanish up to GCSE level in Reading

My tutoring approach varies based on the students’ needs and aims. I believe it is important to teach students by using real life examples and to test their understanding by doing examination style questions and by asking the student to explain what they’ve learnt. I not only focus on learning content but answering questions efficiently to mirror the scenario of exams.

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High Qualified Engineering Graduate from UCL- Tutoring Maths Physics Chemistry and English and History


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I am here to teach the subjects listed below!!!! i'll teach with full determination.

i used to relate the subject and topics with routine life things and goods that we use in out daily life and student undeerstand what i wanna teach them!!!!! and i think everyone's mind is at different level and every one has its own school of thought so its interesting to teach different people!

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Perfect! Great tutor and speedy with reply and arrangement of time and date. Also very knowledgeable in her field (Chemistry).

Ellie, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sumandeep is a great and friendly tutor, she has extensive knowledge and experience on her subject as well as good teaching skills. I have definitely seen a progress in my learning.

Vin, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Babar is a very good teacher. He explains concepts thoroughly and is articulate as well which helps in ensuring the student understands the concepts. He is also good at explaining concepts using computational tools.

Saagar, student
3 weeks ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Great tutor, he explained everything in detail and really helped my son progress and develop his understanding of maths and physics.

Amanda, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Myriam Is a terrific tutor who will help you in all the areas that you find difficult. Myriam is very patient and works with steady speed. At the end of each lesson she will summarize the session and everything makes sense . I highly recommend...

Noreen, student
1 month ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Otun has been incredibly helpful with every topic we've been through as she works thoroughly and methodically, providing slowed down, in-depth explanations of each section. Otun's lesson structure has also proved to be very effective as she will...

Nadine, student
1 month ago
(8 reviews)

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