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Chemistry student offering lessons for GCSE and A level Chemistry and Maths.

I believe that if you truly understand something, you are able to explain it to someone with no prior knowledge and they will be able comprehend what you are saying. This is what I would hope and strive to achieve with my students. I can break down and simplify explanations. My role as a PASS leader has made me able to think of new ways of teaching and transferring information in different ways.

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Learn with mind not with heart that the beauty of physics students


Burghfield Common
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Motivational and reliable tutor offering help in subjects up to a GCSE standard

my lessons will be 100% pupil led, and I will be there to assist them at any stage. I will encourage pupils to focus on areas they don't feel confident in to ensure they excel, having instilled helpful tips and ways of learning in them.

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A-Level student offering GCSE / AS Maths and Science Tuition in Cheadle Hulme

Offering tuition to GCSE and AS students. I teach the content pupils need to know according to their spec and go through questions ensuring they know how to do them. Rather than making pupils memorise things, I ensure they understand the concepts. I often use analogies and other examples to help. I also give them notes and ensure they learn everything they need.

Central Bromley

Joycellyn - Central Bromley - Maths

Is your child struggling with maths and/or English at school? Do you find that the days are just not long enough to schedule enough time to support your child? Whether it's for the 11-plus exams, GCSEs or just to catch up at school, I can help.

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A graduate in computer science offering maths and basic computers lessons in Cardiff

I have taught maths and computers to primary students. I believe to teach in friendly environment where students and teacher can have discussions over topics related to subjects. I try to start with easy problems first in order to get them proper understanding and knowledge about the respective problem.

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First Class Honours Chemistry (MChem) Graduate offering tutoring in Chemistry for all levels.

I base my tutoring on what the student would like to learn first and foremost, before moving into areas which can be identified as the student weakest. This approach makes a student prepared for all areas in exams including their weakest.

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Medical student giving chemistry lessons up to A level grade in Lancaster

I go through topics that students struggle with in a simplified manner and try to make the classes as interactive as possible by testing the student as I go along.

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A level student offering lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry up to GCSE standard

My teaching method is based around using past paper questions to develop exam technique and further the students knowledge in the subject.

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Forensic PhD graduate offering academic tutoring services for GCSE maths and chemistry

I like to try and tailor my teaching based on the student. Some people learn kinetically in which case, I try to make it fun. Some learn by repetition or by exams based questions. I am happy to tailor my tutoring to the students needs as I feel this is the best way for each individual to learn and a methodology that they can take into other subject areas.

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Engineering student offering maths and physics tutoring up GCSE and A-level or equivalent

Online teaching via messages. For example if you message me an equation your stuck with or a topic in will reply taking you through step by step how to answer it. I will also explain why you make the steps so you gain a greater understanding for each question. I can also create resources for free such as flash cards to suit your learning style.

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Biochemical Engineer with over 10 years of experience, providing lessons in Maths and Science

I have tutored both maths and science subjects, on a one-to-one basis and in small group settings. Tutoring Style: I have many years experience tutoring all levels. I have helped students improve their academic perforce at KS2 and prepared students for GCSE, AS, and A-Level.

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Offering Maths and Chemistry tutoring in Nottingham. Both studied upto A Level

Discuss certain weaknesses and address them accordingly. Spend as much time required in order to allow for student to digest and absorb information, so that we can move forward in a progressive manner. Using images so that students can visualise.

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Online Chemistry and Math Tutoring available by two University Students in Edinburgh

We are looking to tutor up to Advanced Higher, or A-Level Chemistry, and looking to tutor someone who is willing to put the work into improving themselves, as these are difficult subjects. We are flexible on lesson structure, and the type of help we make available based on the individual.

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Chemistry student offering chemistry ( I love Organic Chemistry) lessons up to university level in Edinburgh.

I give lessons up to Chemistry postgrad, first lessons are free of charge, to get to know the student. Once we get to know each other and the type of help that you need I can shape the lessons in the way to help you reach proficiency and improve your understanding.

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PhD Chemistry student in Edinburgh with 8 years tutoring experience, offering chemistry, maths and physics tutoring

I don't think any one teaching method works for everyone so I like to start by seeing how much my student knows and understands. A big part of my tutoring is working out if the student doesn't understand something, or if they lack the confidence to tackle the work. From there we can either start from basics and explain the subject if they lack understanding.

Greater London
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Italian bilingual Physics student offers tutoring for any subject at a high school level or specific tutoring for university level education (math, physics, computing and statistics) in London

Growing up with a Physics researcher as a father and a university philosophy professor as a grandfather Taught me the importance of methodology in teaching. I strive on enforcing the scientific method (deductive and inducuctive reasoning) in both scientific and historic subjects.

Greater London
Killian dennis
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Bachelor of science teacher of physics staying in Ndola, Zambia. Interested to teach online

I am a qualified physics teacher who obtained the degree in bachelor of science. I also have a master of science degree in sustainable energy engineering which has increased by knowledge and skills to teach physics. I am interested to teach O level and A level physics.

Combe Down
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1st Biochemistry student offering online biology or chemistry lessons for A levels or GCSEs, 3A*s at A Level in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

1st Year Biochemist, offering A level or GCSE tuition online for Biology or Chemistry. Problem based learning as well as a focus on exam technique and achieving higher grades. Strong use of past papers and predications of possible questions.

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A level psychology student who wants the get students into all the normal and social sciences

At GCSE I got a B in all my sciences. Chemistry being my strongest. I took it at alevel for a year before I realised it wasn’t for me but I’d still love to share all the knowledge I gained.

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Tutor offering maths and varied science subject lessons in the Dudley area.

I am currently studying at a college level and I offer tutoring up to a GCSE level. I approach topic's in a holistic way by using visual, auditory and reading techniques with elements of fun. This is because everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds, so it is important to find out what benefits the student most.

Greater London
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Learn with a Natural Sciences Undergraduate studying at University College London offering Maths; Economics and Chemistry lessons.

I am a 1st year undergraduate studying Natural Sciences at University College London. I am majoring in Physical and Organic Chemistry and minoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. Initially from Kent but now living central London. The way I teach is the way I learn myself: explain the topic; give examples; give problems and then go through the problems together.

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Chemistry (Primary - GCSE) Made Easy - in Manchester - At Home or Online

I am a Professional Science Tutor with a plethora of experience. I am also a Biomedical Scientist specialising in Microbiology. I tutor Sciences at All Levels including the all new GCSE Grade 1-9 syllabus across all exam boards. I am also the co-founder of an Afterschool, Homework and Tuition Club where along with my partner I help children of varied ages with any subjects they struggle in.

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Student for masters in chemistry gives maths and chemistry lessons in Fife

My lessons target secondary school students who prepare for class or for exams. The structure of my lessons will focus on applied examples of concepts so they can be understood better by the students.

Greater London
Mohammed nafisul
1st lesson offered free !

Current studying Pharmacy at Kings College, Covering Hammersmith, tutoring in Maths

Providing Maths and Chemistry support up to A level. Sessions involve student questions, main topic lesson, review and revision tips. With your learning there can be no wrong answer or embarrasement and I adopt a friendly and supportive approach to my teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

College student, studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology and offering lessons to secondary school students online

I like to go through the learning objectives of a lesson, any key words, definitions, or formula that will need to be learnt. Then, I would move on to an explanation of the lesson at hand, and follow through with a few worked through examples. Once the student is confident, I would continue by setting a few questions, with varied difficulty.

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College student doing A level maths and Chemistry teaching GCSE and lower

A practical, logical tutor with a lot of patience and ways of solving problems. Happy to answer even basic questions to teach understanding of subject, in order for the student to progress. Enthusiastic and happy to research further in order to overcome any difficulty.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

A level Maths and Chemistry student gives maths and chemistry lessons to primary and secondary school children

I am currently an A level Maths, Biology and Chemistry student. I am able to help primary and secondary school children with any school work they have to do as well as doing extra to make sure they understand and remember the content. I am very patient and kind but i am able to take control of the situation if the child is not willing to co-operate.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Globally experienced teacher of Science & Special Needs- "I'll guarantee your success!!"

Hi! I will be patient, supportive, encouraging, but firm and focused on your achieving success- whilst enjoying yourself!! Here's what I offer: 1) 1 Hour Skype session of talking about, explaining and practising what you want to learn 2) A worksheet with answers sent by email each week for you to practice what you are learning 3) Ideas on how to make a plan so that you are prepared for...


Andrew - Carshalton - Maths

- Classes Carshalton Tutorial College primarily provides one on one tutoring. We are planning to start running programming workshops in the evening and weekends for children and adults. We occasionally running courses for teachers and lecturers who need to get up to speed with various aspects of computer science and computing in the school curriculum e.g.

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Perfect! Great tutor and speedy with reply and arrangement of time and date. Also very knowledgeable in her field (Chemistry).

Ellie, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sumandeep is a great and friendly tutor, she has extensive knowledge and experience on her subject as well as good teaching skills. I have definitely seen a progress in my learning.

Vin, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Babar is a very good teacher. He explains concepts thoroughly and is articulate as well which helps in ensuring the student understands the concepts. He is also good at explaining concepts using computational tools.

Saagar, student
3 weeks ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Great tutor, he explained everything in detail and really helped my son progress and develop his understanding of maths and physics.

Amanda, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Myriam Is a terrific tutor who will help you in all the areas that you find difficult. Myriam is very patient and works with steady speed. At the end of each lesson she will summarize the session and everything makes sense . I highly recommend...

Noreen, student
1 month ago
(12 reviews)

Perfect! Otun has been incredibly helpful with every topic we've been through as she works thoroughly and methodically, providing slowed down, in-depth explanations of each section. Otun's lesson structure has also proved to be very effective as she will...

Nadine, student
1 month ago
(8 reviews)

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