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1st lesson offered free !

Chineses business student in Edinburgh offer Chinese class as my father did

I would like to do introduction between students and I, following by outlining the study purpose of the class. Showing some compulsory knowledge and then giving students more choices.

1st lesson offered free !

Over one-year teaching experience in both English and Mandarin teaching, from 5 year-olds to Uni students in Nottingham and China.

From my teaching experiences around the world, I have an array of different insights and understanding in education that sets me apart from others. As a highly educated student myself, I understand the importance of recognizing that everyone is different and that effective teaching requires a relationship beyond the simple generic providing and receiving.

1st lesson offered free !

Want to learn Chinese and understand interesting Chinese culture ? Come here!

My teaching method is chatting. YES! I still believe people can learn more through talk to each other. So, when I teach you Chinese, we can use it just like practice . You will have an interesting class with me! And if you have some question or confuse, please tell me! When you improve, I will improve.

1st lesson offered free !

Final Year University of Manchester Modern Languages Student Teaching Mandarin Chinese Online

I am a final year language student at the University of Manchester and am currently studying a degree in Chinese and Japanese.

1st lesson offered free !

Master student with 3 years part time tutor experience! Fluency in Chinese and English!

I can teach from oral comprehension or written comprehension. I can teach how to speak or pronounce the Chinese word from English or vice versa. I am patient and lovely person. I love to communicate with people around the world by different culture and country.

1st lesson offered free !

MSc Chinese Studies student looking to teach basic mandarin whilst improving my own.

My teaching methodology will be based on how my teacher has taught me academic Chinese. I want to take the way she taught and apply that to lessons where I can help people wanting to have a basic start to the language as I know that it can be a daunting task to pick up what looks like an alien language to most western eyes.

1st lesson offered free !

International marketing professional offering native Cantonese/Chinese lessons in London. Speak like the locals!

Having lived in England for over 25 years, my in-depth teaching methods are easily digestible to english speaking students, and many of my previous students have learnt about the culture and stories behind the amazing language.

1st lesson offered free !

Professor of chemistry offering tutoring in chemistry, physics, GCSE maths, and phyesics

My teaching methodology is observe the students working and find out the key weak points and exercise accordingly. For example, the most typical problem a student face in the study is that they do not understand the basic concept of the formula or theorem.

May may
1st lesson offered free !

Quick and Easy learning of Mandarin language at your own pace and flexible time

I am a part time student and a full time mother to my 1 year old children. I give mandarin lesson to young children, college students or business traveller who liked to learn few important sentences in short time. I approach lesson by various topics, start from easy to intermediate and easy to understand. Taking initiative to explore more course contents to share with students.

1st lesson offered free !

Exchange student in University of Nottingham, major in pharmacy (bachelor). Fluent in both English and Chinese.

I can give lessons for people who want to learn Chinese (from all different levels). I aimed to based on the books and material that the students use and also answer their questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Tutor with 8 years experience fluent in Mandarin Chinese and French in Welwyn Garden City

My teaching method is always tailored to the individual student. If a student has a specific exam that they are preparing for, then I will of course run through material relevant to the exam that the student and I feel that they need the most work on. I am familiar with all major examination boards including AQA Edexcel, OCR and all HSK levels for Chinese. Having passed them all myself.

1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual Chinese offering oral and written Mandarin lessons in London and Nottingham

Currently I am a penultimate student in culture, film and media and predicated 1st class. I am expert in Mandarin and teaching with very pure and standard accent. I will prepare class and topic with your personal requirements. I have flexible time so the duration of every lesson can be also up to you. I am responsible and experienced in teaching, with Chinese-style humour and relaxing atmosphere.

1st lesson offered free !

Science graduate offering Math, Chemistry and native Cantonese/Traditional Chinese lessons in Glasgow

I am a Forensic Science Graduate with Bilingual capability in English and Cantonese/Chinese. I am able to provide Math & Statistics and (Analytical) Chemistry to any interesed party up to undergraduate level, as well as Cantonese/Chinese lesson with my extensive understanding of the language and cultures as a native speaker.

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1st lesson offered free !

A passionate Mandarin tutor who fits your schedule and excels at both simplified and traditional Chinese characters!

I am currently a MA in Education student in cheltenham. I have been a teacher/tutor for past eight years mainly on the subjects of English and Mandarin in Taiwan.I teach my students according to what their needs are and I am very passionate about my work .

Xin wei
1st lesson offered free !

Malaysian undergraduate in Accounting and Finance gives Chinese lessons to people who are intereseted

I do not have a fixed teaching method as my teaching method varies according to the student. I will find the most effective teaching way according different students. Normally I will combine games and works together to avoid the uninteresting of class.

1st lesson offered free !

Comparative Literature Student gives Chinese lessons in London (Native speaker with good accent)

I am Xiaoou, I am a student studying in Comparative Literature at Aberdeen University. I now live in London for the summer. I was involved in organising teaching Mandarin to primary pupils for the Confucius Institute in Aberdeen. I also have some experience in private tutoring.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese master student gives Chinese lessons to secondary school pupils in glasgow

Chinese postgraduate student study in University of Glasgow Give lesson to secondary school pupils or any level of Chinese adults One to one, face to face teaching Based on the requirement of my students, make personal program for different individuals Professional personal teaching program for you

1st lesson offered free !

Mandarin tutor London by English-Mandarin bilingual tutor (homework, conversation, pronunciation, chinese philosophy)

My focus is on practical Mandarin e.g. learning by conversation, discussing traditional Chinese philosophy application in today's world. I can expand into Chinese culture, economy and market. I can also help with homework for primary and secondary level. This is suitable for both children and adult.

1st lesson offered free !

Would you like a fun and engaged mandarin lesson with an experience tutor? Here I am!

I believe that engaging and encouraging are the essential aspects of the teaching, which help the learners develop their own personal interests in the subject. Meanwhile, as my own personality is enthusiastic, passionate and lively, I intend to create a fun learning environment rather than a strict teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Happy Mandarin. A joy to teach and a joy to learn. I teach students from 4 years to 50 and over.

I make the drills interesting, which enables students to learn and improve their language skills in a fun and joyful fashion. Most of my students, toward the end of classes, will have a deeper understanding of Mandarin Chinese which is seen as probably one of the most interesting languages ​​in the world today.

1st lesson offered free !

Online (via Skype or WhatsApp): Essential Mandarin Chinese for business and travel survival

I won't have you learn from a text book, instead, we will work on stuff that matters - Your listening and speaking abilities, nailing the tones, texting and typing - no one uses pens these days! :) Plus how to navigate essential Chinese apps such as Taobao (China's Amazon/Ebay) and WeChat (really the ONLY app you need these days!)

Kirsten tsz kiu
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker offering speaking and writing lessons at your home in Manchester

I have helped students learn to analyze literature, write essays, listen to materials and understand historical events, also helped them to understanding slang terms to communicate more naturally. I like to use creative ways like create songs and quizzes to teach and help students to prepare for their exams.

Zi xin
1st lesson offered free !

I am a trainee solicitor offering basic/advanced Mandarin classes in Birmingham :)

I base my classes on the individual student’s needs and pace. My teaching materials and content are all flexible, and are tailored to meet each student’s needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced, passionate Cantonese and Mandarin teacher with 10 years of experience offering lessons

All learning materials are provided to you:) DURING THE LESSONS we’ll use scenarios related to your goals : 1. I teach you everyday vocabulary and sentences you need. 2. We role-play the situations on different aspects to make sure you’re 100% confident with the subject. 3. If you have difficulties I answer to all your questions and give you tips to improve yourself.

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching Chinese Language experience more than eight years in Singapore and United Kingdom

School notes, School books. private tuition materials from Singapore and China More details depends on individaul situation. LIU YU (VIVIAN) (concealed information)6 Currently working in London, so based in London I will teach primary school secondary school and high school students.

1st lesson offered free !

A Malaysian Chinese. Currently Physics undergrad, passed with distinction for Diploma in Piano Performance ATCL

Maybe based on syllabus if required by client (tend to be stricter in that case). I am happy to take in learners for casual conversational skills as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Imperial College student, native Chinese speaker, teaches you how to speak, read and write in Chinese

Classes will be based on 3 key areas: vocabulary, comprehension and speaking. I am looking to teach students up to Year 9 levels, and I hope that students are proactive and passionate about the subject. I will provide materials for each lesson a few days prior for students to look over, as well as a bit of homework to ensure students familiarise themselves with the new content.

1st lesson offered free !

Mandarin tutor and courses in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, London | Learn the Chinese Language

Tutoring Approach My interests are teaching both oral and written Mandarin. My aim is to help people who are interested in Chinese culture, or business opportunities in China to learn more about our culture and also help them to achieve their goal to speak Mandarin fluently.

Blandford Forum
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker with 20+ years of English teaching experience here to support you along your journey of mastering Mandarin

I am a professional with an MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. I have 20+ years of experience teaching English in universities in China, USA and UK. Recently I obtained the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages conferred by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and started teaching Chinese.

1st lesson offered free !

Private Chinese tutor (native speaker) in Belfast with years of tutoring experience

I am an easygoing person and I am good at communicating with kids as well as adult students. I understand that patience is very important in the practice of teaching a foreign language. I can help you with your pronunciation, vocabulary as well as your writing skills. I can also teach you some typical Chinese idioms and poems if you want.

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Perfect! Hilary is great, highly recommended. Very friendly, explained everything in detail and got a good amount covered in our first lesson.

Angus, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Candy is a great tutor! Would highly recommend. Been such a lovely experience learning from her. Thank you.

Chloe, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She's professional, accurate and very kind. My first lesson was very satisfactying. I'd surely keep on studying with her :-)

Francesca, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Renee is a brilliant tutor and lovely person, highly recommended!

Gary, student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

With over 955 million native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. If you learn to speak Chinese, you can communicate with nearly a sixth of the globe. That said, learning Chinese can strike fear into the hearts of many. In fact, Chinese writing is nothing like our own. However, writing and speaking Chinese is far from impossible. You’ll learn Chinese much more quickly than you expected with Chinese private tutorials. Don’t worry about the writing system, either; there are romanisation systems for transcribing Chinese characters and words in the Latin alphabet. Pinyin is one of the most commonly used methods. Your private tutor will tailor their lessons to you and your learning styles. This is one of the main aspects of being a private tutor, teaching students at their own pace using the teaching methods they prefer. Each lesson is tailor-made for the student and their learning goals using a teaching style that the student responds to.

Learning Chinese to Boost Your Career

You can’t argue against the benefits of speaking a foreign language when it comes to your career prospects. However, with Chinese being so different from our mother tongue, it can be difficult to get started. In addition to being able to communicate with a sixth of the world’s population, you’ll boost your career by being able to speak Chinese. Teaching Chinese has increased in popularity in recent years. In fact, it overtook German at A Level this year. There are so many people wanting to learn Chinese as a foreign language. As China grows and develops as a global superpower, the number of people deciding to learn the country’s language increases and their value as an employee increases. You can’t argue with just how powerful China has become. Employers have also noticed this and are hiring those with the right Chinese language skills. Whether a business is expanding abroad, signing a new deal or contract, or discussing business with a client, your Chinese language skills are probably going to be called upon. If you want to create your own business, getting lessons on how to speak Chinese could be a great way to break into a new international market. Additionally, this could help you garner investment as well. More and more British companies are taking their investments eastwards. China, similarly, is investing in British companies. The Chinese government is very interested in the country’s international growth. Getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare yourself for the future. Whether you’re a student or in full-time employment, a private Chinese tutor could help you get ready by teaching you how to speak the language.

Preparing for a Trip to China with Private Chinese Tutorials

The UK is a very popular destination for Chinese tourists. If you work in the tourism industry, speaking Chinese would be a huge plus. Similarly, China is a popular destination for a lot of British tourists. In terms of culture and history, China has nothing to prove. There are over 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country! Whether you want to travel to China on a trip, live there, or participate in an exchange programme, getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare for your time there. What’s better than getting help from a Mandarin Chinese tutor before you go to the country itself and start speaking with the locals in their own language? While the Great Wall is certainly worth a visit, it’s far from the only thing with seeing in this culturally-rich country. Speaking with locals is another great way to discover the history and culture of a foreign land. Your private tutor will probably also recommend heading to China for the Chinese New Year. You'll be able to experience the heart of Chinese culture. Knowing Chinese vocabulary before you go to China will help you really immerse yourself in everyday life. Similarly, understanding the basics of the language thanks to lessons with a private tutor will also help you to improve your language skills much more quickly once you get there. Your tutor will have given you the skills to express yourself and work on your pronunciation in order to learn new words and expressions every day you spend in the country. It's a good idea to get to grips with the writing system with the help of a tutor from Superprof before you travel to China. The number of British students spending time in China is also increasing every year.  Of course, living in China isn’t just for the young. There are 36,000 Britons living in China and Hong Kong. Finding private Chinese tutorials with Superprof is a useful way to help you on your way to becoming bilingual.

Learning Mandarin to Discover Chinese Culture

Learning the official language of the People's Republic of China is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and history. After all, language and culture are inextricably linked. Private tutorials are also usually more enjoyable than the regular language lessons that you’d get at school. China has one of the oldest civilisations in the world. There are around 5,000 years of history to discover. Paper, gunpowder, and silk were all developed in this fascinating country. Your Chinese tutor can help you to learn more about the different artistic, cultural, and historical aspects of this impressive and wonderful country. Chinese painting underwent significant changes throughout the different dynasties. Learning Chinese will help you discover more about the ink used in China for their beautiful calligraphy and art. Chinese culture also includes a number of other customs including martial arts. A Chinese tutor from Superprof will help you get ready for your trip to China or meeting new Chinese customers. You’ll learn that the Chinese pay particular attention to friendly proceedings and professional relationships built upon trust. Manners are also particularly important in intercultural dealings.  Learning Chinese will also teach you more about the country’s tradition.

Finding Chinese Tutors for a Good Price

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the People's Republic of China. It’s often just referred to as Chinese. This language includes Standard Mandarin and Jin, the version spoken around Beijing. There are plenty of different dialects spoken around the country. Dialects are variations of a single language. On Superprof, you’ll find plenty of tutors ready to teach you the different dialects of Chinese and Mandarin Chinese, in particular. A lot of our tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour as a taster session. This is a great way to see whether or not the Chinese tutor’s right for you. With a beginner, the tutor will probably focus on getting started with some basics about the language. Bit by bit, you’ll get to grips with the new vocabulary and pronunciation. The tutorials prepared for you will help you learn Chinese as effectively as possible. Tutors can even help you prepare for the HSK exam. This is the exam that can prove your level in Chinese. It’s the official language test of the People’s Republic of China. This will show employers and schools what level of Chinese you have and how well you’ve mastered the language. All our Chinese tutors are there to help you improve your language skills and learn more about the country and its culture and history.  Private Chinese tutorials are the most cost-effective way to learn Chinese. The average cost for Chinese tutorials in and around London is £23 per hour. Of course, the rates are different depending on where you live. There are also sites that offer free Chinese language learning resources. That said, these can’t replace tailored tutoring from a qualified and experienced tutor. You need all the help you can get when you learn a language as different from English as Chinese. With Superprof, you’ll be able to benefit from teaching approaches tailored to you. There’s a Chinese proverb that goes “Studying is like climbing a mountain.” This is why you should have someone there to help you.

Learning More with a Chinese Teacher

There are plenty of private language tutorials available from the tutors on Superprof. There are plenty of private Chinese tutors ready to start teaching students all over the UK. Additionally, there are tutors who teach Chinese languages other than Mandarin such as Cantonese. Learning Chinese is famous for being difficult because it’s so different to English in terms of writing and pronunciation: Our private Chinese tutors will help you to pronounce Chinese words and phrases, understand Chinese texts, write Chinese characters, and have conversations in Chinese. Most of our Chinese tutors are native speakers of a Chinese language and have a profound understanding of their mother tongue. Some of them teach Chinese full time whereas others teach Chinese tutorials because they love sharing their knowledge of the language. To learn more about Chinese culture and the languages spoken in this country, you can also get specialised tutorials in other subjects. Mandarin isn’t the only language you can learn to speak with the help of a private tutor, you can learn every language from Arabic to Zulu.