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Taiwanese teaches basic speaking and writing of Mandarin Chinese in Banff (Alberta)

This class is subject to English speaker who never learned Chinese before, and we will start with basic speaking and useful sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduating in Chinese and English offers private or individual lessons for anyone interested in these languages

With a new student, I will base the first lessons on the introduction of the language and its history in more general terms. My lessons are aimed at any person regardless of age. For Chinese, my current level achieved through HSK4 certification is B2. I also obtained the HSKK Intermediate Level in order to attest my speaking skills.

1st lesson offered free !

An ECE teacher with Chinese mandarin national announcer certificate who has more than 20 years working experience

My teaching methodology is being a friend of your student first. Learning a new language always hard, but talking to your friend is much easier. During my more than 15 years marketing experience, I met lots of different customers and trained lots of different new staffs.

1st lesson offered free !

I teach Mandarin Chinese and I l 'HSK 5 and live in Milan

I'm willing to give of Mandarin Chinese classes for all levels and ages and if required also translations from Chinese to Italian or from Chinese to English and vice versa. My teaching method is flexible but I usually work on textbooks.

1st lesson offered free !

Former Chinese professor at the Confucius Institute, with 3 years of experience teaching Chinese and traditional Chinese painting for foreigners both in France and China.

2011-2015: license in English and Japanese 2015: excellent teacher of the Confucius Institute 2016: excellent teacher of the Confucius Institute 2017: excellent teacher of the Confucius Institute 2018: excellent teacher of the Confucius Institute 2018: student at lille3 .....................................

Le Mans
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Chinese teacher for 3 years in France, come on, 跟 我 学 中文!

1 preparation of topics that interest you according to your needs. 2 practice conversations and correct your oral fault. 3 improve your pronunciation and encourage you to speak as much as possible. 4 written comprehension according to your level of language.

1st lesson offered free !

Manager with 16 years' international business experience give Chinese lessons in Perth

I provide opportunities for students to learn attentively to build discipline-specific knowledge in the content area. I know how to determine the effectiveness of my teaching instruction, and make changes to ensure students are making adequate progress on skills and concepts.

1st lesson offered free !

Student in LLCE Chinese at Lyon3, fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

I'm 21 and I am a student of LLCE Chinese Lyon 3. I focus on oral practice in my classes because Chinese is a living language and I wish to allow my students to talk and have fun with that language. I also include anecdotes about the Chinese history and Chinese culture in my classes, because a language is more interesting when one is also interested in the country.

Sandy Bay
1st lesson offered free !
North Adelaide
1st lesson offered free !

Hello everyone International student in University of Adelaide gives Chinese language lessons

My teaching philosophy is that by knowing more about students and interacting with them, my teaching would be more efficient. If students are genuinely interested in the subjects, they would like to find out more about it.

1st lesson offered free !

A graduate of Ca 'Foscari University, he offers lessons in Mandarin Chinese, English and Italian for foreigners

My approach to language teaching is structured according to personal needs. My private lessons are aimed at both language students and people without a basic knowledge of the language motivated to undertake a course of study. For further information do not hesitate to contact me.

Caulfield East
1st lesson offered free !

RMIT Interior Design student used to be an English teacher for 8 years

I approach topics by stories or news that could draw attentions and make my students feel interesting to learn. I would like to give examples and let student to think more by themselves.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Mandarin with a Taiwanese in Neuchâtel all age and all level

The content will based on students' needs. With me you can learn Mandarin in simplified or traditional characters with pinyin or bpm (ㄅ ㄆ ㄇ). A classical class consists of: a small review together, then the new texts and vocabulary, oral practice.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker gives lessons to people who want to learn Chinese

If the student knows nothing about Chinese, I will teach them the pinyin, the pronunciation system of current Mandarin Chinese. Once the student is familiar with the pronunciation, it will much easier to learn Chinese because a lot Chinese characters share the same pronunciation. All I have to do then is to teach them different Chinese characters.

1st lesson offered free !

Private Chinese tutor with 5 years experience, tutored students from multi age group and countries.

Language learning does not only contain fun in the process, but it could also get boring and frustrating often, especially when the student is in a hurry to learn and master the language or pass a test.

1st lesson offered free !

I love to teach Mandarin and Japanese in Brisbane or through skype

I was a primary teacher in Taiwan. I learned how to design the methods of teaching according to different personality of students. By designing games can improve learning I try to explain to students in different ways until he/she understands.

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly, equable, patient and experienced Chinese native speaker in Adelaide, can both teach online or face-to-face

My teaching method will depend on your knowledge level. The second language is different the first language you learnt, the environment makes you are lack of both input and output. The teaching based on daily conversations, novels, movies, business news and so on will attract you more and help you learn easily.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker with more than 5 years teaching and tutoring experience gives Chinese/Mandarin lessons to 1 or groups of students from early childhood to adult in Perth metro area

Provide Chinese lessons of exceptional quality. You may be a complete beginner, holidaymaker, going to live in China, a student or a business person. 1.5 hrs per lesson for student over 14. 1 hr per lesson for student under 14. If you are an absolute beginner, you will learn the basic greetings, conversations, Chinese cultural background, travel phrases, numbers, how to type Chinese, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Private Tutor with Many Years Experience Teaching Both English and Mandarin, Bay Area or Sacramento Area

My philosophy is that it is no fun to learn a language but it is thrilling to be able to speak a language. Therefore, I have you speaking and having simple conversation even in the first lesson. I customize my lessons based on your needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn chinese mandarin in entertainment way ...let's say ni hao ...Study chinese

You will be taught chinese in entertainment way ....videos , fun games and activities...

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1st lesson offered free !

Melbourne Mathematical Physics Student (native Chinese) gives Chinese lessons to secondary school/uni students in Melbourne

I am a second-year Melbourne University student majoring in Mathematical Physics. As a native Chinese, I am able to teach foreigners both oral and written Chinese efficiently and intriguingly. My teaching philosophy is 'multidimensionality' ------ for instance, in every lesson, I will first play a short youtube video about one topic to catch the students eyes.

Belconnen - Belconnen Town Centre - Emu Ridge
1st lesson offered free !

Student enrolled in master of public health in ANU teaching Madarin in Canberra.

My name is Chao.I am from China.I was a registered nurse before and now keep learning more about health in ANU.I hope to introduce you the beauty of Madarin and the attractive culture of China to help you master this language more easily and quickly.

Paris 3e
1st lesson offered free !

Chinese courses at ease at home, in your office or via Skype

The method is very funny, no books, we learn everything by speaking, playing games or reading simple texts. Lessons can be either in French or in English. I can come to your office or you can come to mine next to Place de La Republique.

1st lesson offered free !

During Chinese individuals (Mandarin) in TROYES for all ages and all levels

Student at I'IUT of Troyes, I offer Mandarin Chinese courses in French and Sino-French all ages / all levels. I am Chinese, and I've already got the international Chinese language professional qualification certificate. I speak standard Chinese and master the writing of simplified Chinese characters.

Oscar gilberto
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Chinese Mandarin who teaches private tutoring at home and online.

I manage textbooks according to student level, power point presentations, flash cards, Mandarin Chinese language videos to improve pronunciation and learn Chinese culture, songs in Mandarin. I focus on the skills the student has and give him confidence so that he can engage in dialogue from the first class and have the initiative to study the language on his own outside the class.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a Chinese girl I speak Chinese and English. I am willing to teach my language and my culture. I am a flexible person with a lot of patience :)

I know that it's difficult to learn Chinese in a western country, but I have the confidence to teach it well and make sure the students like it. Chinese is a very interesting language, and since I am a native Chinese who is in love with her culture, I always teach things more than just the language.

1st lesson offered free !

An undergraduate in Oriental languages ​​offers private lessons of CHINESE LANGUAGE in Verona

I am Anna, an undergraduate in Oriental languages ​​at Ca 'Foscari University of Venice. I offer private lessons: - fo beginners; - for workers who want to practice business chinese; - for students who need help in studying chinese language.

1st lesson offered free !

I am Chinese, I just Beijing. I speak Mandarin. Do not worry accent.

I finished the tray in China and in high school I chose the literary. I will choose the book for my class and the elements except I will learn what my students are interested. The content of my course is based on what my student wants to get. The grammair, Chinese words, culture is ...

1st lesson offered free !

Learn French, English or perfect it, it's here! By a web cam or in the valley embrunais- Serre Ponçon.

Live sessions, humor, curiosity is what I propose for learning. A language is alive, then we will take living examples for you to learn. I also translate studies' memoirs and technical documents.

1st lesson offered free !

9-year teaching experience teacher gives both chinese lesson and ESL lessons to all levels

As a native mandarin chinese speaker carries standard chinese and English teaching certificate brings vivid and super fun chinese lessons and ESL lessons to u, I'll design a special plan for each of u and make sure you make a gradual and good progress every single class. ( I have both chinese and English text books offered if u don't have or prefer to use mine.

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Perfect! Thank you Nikki for making learning Chinese so much fun for my little boy. You have encouraged him to speak more at home!

Ann, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Didn't respond to my email, I had no contact with Yuwei at all after a week

Peter, student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Amazing first lesson, super nice and considerate, explained everything in perfect detail for me since I’m an absolute beginner. Would highly recommend

Bruna, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Hilary is great, highly recommended. Very friendly, explained everything in detail and got a good amount covered in our first lesson.

Angus, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Candy is a great tutor! Would highly recommend. Been such a lovely experience learning from her. Thank you.

Chloe, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She's professional, accurate and very kind. My first lesson was very satisfactying. I'd surely keep on studying with her :-)

Francesca, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

With over 955 million native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. If you learn to speak Chinese, you can communicate with nearly a sixth of the globe. That said, learning Chinese can strike fear into the hearts of many. In fact, Chinese writing is nothing like our own. However, writing and speaking Chinese is far from impossible. You’ll learn Chinese much more quickly than you expected with Chinese private tutorials. Don’t worry about the writing system, either; there are romanisation systems for transcribing Chinese characters and words in the Latin alphabet. Pinyin is one of the most commonly used methods. Your private tutor will tailor their lessons to you and your learning styles. This is one of the main aspects of being a private tutor, teaching students at their own pace using the teaching methods they prefer. Each lesson is tailor-made for the student and their learning goals using a teaching style that the student responds to.

Learning Chinese to Boost Your Career

You can’t argue against the benefits of speaking a foreign language when it comes to your career prospects. However, with Chinese being so different from our mother tongue, it can be difficult to get started. In addition to being able to communicate with a sixth of the world’s population, you’ll boost your career by being able to speak Chinese. Teaching Chinese has increased in popularity in recent years. In fact, it overtook German at A Level this year. There are so many people wanting to learn Chinese as a foreign language. As China grows and develops as a global superpower, the number of people deciding to learn the country’s language increases and their value as an employee increases. You can’t argue with just how powerful China has become. Employers have also noticed this and are hiring those with the right Chinese language skills. Whether a business is expanding abroad, signing a new deal or contract, or discussing business with a client, your Chinese language skills are probably going to be called upon. If you want to create your own business, getting lessons on how to speak Chinese could be a great way to break into a new international market. Additionally, this could help you garner investment as well. More and more British companies are taking their investments eastwards. China, similarly, is investing in British companies. The Chinese government is very interested in the country’s international growth. Getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare yourself for the future. Whether you’re a student or in full-time employment, a private Chinese tutor could help you get ready by teaching you how to speak the language.

Preparing for a Trip to China with Private Chinese Tutorials

The UK is a very popular destination for Chinese tourists. If you work in the tourism industry, speaking Chinese would be a huge plus. Similarly, China is a popular destination for a lot of British tourists. In terms of culture and history, China has nothing to prove. There are over 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country! Whether you want to travel to China on a trip, live there, or participate in an exchange programme, getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare for your time there. What’s better than getting help from a Mandarin Chinese tutor before you go to the country itself and start speaking with the locals in their own language? While the Great Wall is certainly worth a visit, it’s far from the only thing with seeing in this culturally-rich country. Speaking with locals is another great way to discover the history and culture of a foreign land. Your private tutor will probably also recommend heading to China for the Chinese New Year. You'll be able to experience the heart of Chinese culture. Knowing Chinese vocabulary before you go to China will help you really immerse yourself in everyday life. Similarly, understanding the basics of the language thanks to lessons with a private tutor will also help you to improve your language skills much more quickly once you get there. Your tutor will have given you the skills to express yourself and work on your pronunciation in order to learn new words and expressions every day you spend in the country. It's a good idea to get to grips with the writing system with the help of a tutor from Superprof before you travel to China. The number of British students spending time in China is also increasing every year.  Of course, living in China isn’t just for the young. There are 36,000 Britons living in China and Hong Kong. Finding private Chinese tutorials with Superprof is a useful way to help you on your way to becoming bilingual.

Learning Mandarin to Discover Chinese Culture

Learning the official language of the People's Republic of China is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and history. After all, language and culture are inextricably linked. Private tutorials are also usually more enjoyable than the regular language lessons that you’d get at school. China has one of the oldest civilisations in the world. There are around 5,000 years of history to discover. Paper, gunpowder, and silk were all developed in this fascinating country. Your Chinese tutor can help you to learn more about the different artistic, cultural, and historical aspects of this impressive and wonderful country. Chinese painting underwent significant changes throughout the different dynasties. Learning Chinese will help you discover more about the ink used in China for their beautiful calligraphy and art. Chinese culture also includes a number of other customs including martial arts. A Chinese tutor from Superprof will help you get ready for your trip to China or meeting new Chinese customers. You’ll learn that the Chinese pay particular attention to friendly proceedings and professional relationships built upon trust. Manners are also particularly important in intercultural dealings.  Learning Chinese will also teach you more about the country’s tradition.

Finding Chinese Tutors for a Good Price

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the People's Republic of China. It’s often just referred to as Chinese. This language includes Standard Mandarin and Jin, the version spoken around Beijing. There are plenty of different dialects spoken around the country. Dialects are variations of a single language. On Superprof, you’ll find plenty of tutors ready to teach you the different dialects of Chinese and Mandarin Chinese, in particular. A lot of our tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour as a taster session. This is a great way to see whether or not the Chinese tutor’s right for you. With a beginner, the tutor will probably focus on getting started with some basics about the language. Bit by bit, you’ll get to grips with the new vocabulary and pronunciation. The tutorials prepared for you will help you learn Chinese as effectively as possible. Tutors can even help you prepare for the HSK exam. This is the exam that can prove your level in Chinese. It’s the official language test of the People’s Republic of China. This will show employers and schools what level of Chinese you have and how well you’ve mastered the language. All our Chinese tutors are there to help you improve your language skills and learn more about the country and its culture and history.  Private Chinese tutorials are the most cost-effective way to learn Chinese. The average cost for Chinese tutorials in and around London is £23 per hour. Of course, the rates are different depending on where you live. There are also sites that offer free Chinese language learning resources. That said, these can’t replace tailored tutoring from a qualified and experienced tutor. You need all the help you can get when you learn a language as different from English as Chinese. With Superprof, you’ll be able to benefit from teaching approaches tailored to you. There’s a Chinese proverb that goes “Studying is like climbing a mountain.” This is why you should have someone there to help you.

Learning More with a Chinese Teacher

There are plenty of private language tutorials available from the tutors on Superprof. There are plenty of private Chinese tutors ready to start teaching students all over the UK. Additionally, there are tutors who teach Chinese languages other than Mandarin such as Cantonese. Learning Chinese is famous for being difficult because it’s so different to English in terms of writing and pronunciation: Our private Chinese tutors will help you to pronounce Chinese words and phrases, understand Chinese texts, write Chinese characters, and have conversations in Chinese. Most of our Chinese tutors are native speakers of a Chinese language and have a profound understanding of their mother tongue. Some of them teach Chinese full time whereas others teach Chinese tutorials because they love sharing their knowledge of the language. To learn more about Chinese culture and the languages spoken in this country, you can also get specialised tutorials in other subjects. Mandarin isn’t the only language you can learn to speak with the help of a private tutor, you can learn every language from Arabic to Zulu.