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1st lesson offered free !

University student with chinese as my native language and good oral English skills.

I will teach mandarin in a way that best suits the students' need. I have teaching experience for different types of students.

1st lesson offered free !

Fly with me through learning Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) . . .

Why should you learn with me? - If you need to find a Chinese teacher that understands your challenges as a language learner - If you desire to learn to speak, read and write Chinese - If you would like to travel around China later - If you want to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese cultures - If you have to prepare for an examination - If you strive to communicate better with the...

Red Deer
1st lesson offered free !

Chinese is my native language and I can speak both Chinese and English

Chinese is my native language so I am able to help with listening, speaking, reading and writing. I will teach the pronunciation first, practice conversations skills and strategies and then the understanding of the wording system with the beginner reading.

Frankfurt am Main
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Business Chinese Learning Course in Frankfurt or on webcam for business

1. Tailor-made workflow: Level test> Predict teaching unit> Course & Flash cards > Test > 2. Private videos so you can always repeat after class. 3. Simulation of different scenes (food culture, drinking culture, table manners, email communication etc.) 4. Exam preparation for HSK 5.

Ala language
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Mandarin Chinese Language for your Business or Job in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

My Teaching Methodology may be: Face-to-face classroom teaching, recorded video teaching, Online classes, Hindi / English Language to Chinese Language Teaching. Language Related Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services depends on the nature of work. Private Tour guides for Chinese Language also available.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese speaker with exceptional English skills studying at the University of Queensland.

I will be patient with students. I’d like to open the door of the Chinese language for students in a fun way.

Sunnybank Hills
1st lesson offered free !

It is the easiest to learn and interesting Mandarin Chinese class in Brisbane

My class is 1.5 hours for every week. It will have a topic for each time. The topic will come from daily life and will include pronunciation, vocabulary, character and conversation. The class sometime will talking about movie, drama and news. So you can learn many kind of Chinese in the class.

Dollard-Des Ormeaux
1st lesson offered free !

Gifted language teacher with a Ph.D in Education (Université de Montréal)

I prefer more interactive approach with the maximum participation of the student. I also believe that the application of new technology and social media is a must on class.

1st lesson offered free !

If u want to learn authentic Chinese, come and find me, I would teach patiently and tell u some interesting Chinese culture. ????????????????????‍♀️

According to your learning process, the Chinese study lesson divided into three level including the primary, medium and senior level. If u know nothing about Chinese, it doesn’t matter I would teach you from basic words.

1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Chinese is keen to teach primary students at beginner level.

I gave interesting pedagogy teaching using on line and interactive games to support my teaching.Students always enjoy learning with me.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Mandarin Speakers with years of teaching experience with students in QLD

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort.

1st lesson offered free !

UQ Medicine Student Fluent in Both Chinese and English Give Chinese Lesson

I have different approaches for different areas in Chinese, but a central theme is to focus on the real-life use of the language. I will source learning materials from books, news articles, etc. to give students a better understanding and appreciation in not only the language, but also the culture.

Belinda wai
1st lesson offered free !

Native Chinese teacher with 3 years of experience teaching Chinese (written and spoken) at your home in Madrid

I teach Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese in a very practical, effective yet fun way. I adapt to each student according to what he wants to learn such as oral comprehension, Chinese writing, grammar exercises, phonetics.

1st lesson offered free !

Student at shoolini university have studied chinese language so we can teach chinese in solan.

I prefer interactive learning. I like to chit chat with the learner and stay in contact so that people can communicate without hesitation. I provide learning material and i prefer oral revision as well. I teach oral chinese and chinese characters also because i believe that it helps in memorizing things faster and chinese characters are pictographs and ideographs, which are fun to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Commerce and International Business Law student teaches Chinese/ Cantonese in Perth :)

My teaching method is totally student-oriented, based on students' interests. I would like to teach students Chinese based on their interests.

Chun wai
1st lesson offered free !

Completed Bachelor of pharmacy and studying in graduate diploma to equip myself more right now in the University

My teaching is based on interacting between student and tutor, and would always find interesting materials to motivate the student to learn themselves.

1st lesson offered free !

I used to hate mandarin a lot and now I'm trying to get everyone to love it

I can say that the best way to learn a new language is by loving the language AND loving the process of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

English speaking Chinese teaches Chinese to Chibese lovers at home in Toronto

My teaching method are student-centered communicativr teaching approach and culture immersion methods

1st lesson offered free !

Adelaide Engineering Student give Chinese lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My lessons would begin with a Chinese idiom which links to the teaching content. Then, I would do some reviews about the last lesson. For this part, I would prepare some questions, like how to write some words, use some words to make a sentence and so on. My main teaching method is to link all pice of knowledge together.

1st lesson offered free !

Monash teaching graduate from China with interesting teaching strategies and energetic characters.

I like to teach students with different activities, and the teaching contents will be interesting and relating to the world.

1st lesson offered free !

UWA Master of applied finance student teaching Mandarin ( happy and useful class)

Happy and fun. For a learner, they are looking forward to join a fun and interesting class. As a tutor, I enjoy teaching in a more cool way . Easy to learn and Easy to digest. willing to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

A Chinese Business student who is studying at the Curtin University who has tutoring experience before

My teaching style is varied on my student's language level. If a student is a beginner, I would teach the student about the basic of Chinese language, start with an oral expression, slowly move to the written expression. However, I hope that the student is interested in the Chinese culture because the language is closely linked to the Chinese language.

1st lesson offered free !

I am from Tiawan and iwas adopted to america when i was 10 years old and i still remember chinese. i teach traditional chinese with zhuyin fuhao

i would start with zhuyin fuhao and with regular chinese talking to them and start with easy to hard slowly so they would understand slowly. i also love to work with kids because they are cute and funner to teach.

1st lesson offered free !

Students with private tutoring experience gives Chinese and Cantonese Lessons for Children in ACT

My teaching method differ from person to person. I will teach and prepare lessons based on the child learning process and make sure the content suits their level and is not boring. I try to make lessons fun and at the same time deliver the most knowledge to my students.

Siaw chian
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) - Reading, Writing & Speaking in the easiest and fastest way!

I aim to make the process of learning fun to the students so that they are not stressed out throughout the entire lesson. I am flexible and always encourage exchange of ideas from students so that all of us can benefit from the ideas shared.

1st lesson offered free !

Chinese university student with 2nd grade,A level Mandarin Proficiency Test certificates can teach Mandarin online.

I am friendly, enthusiastic and patient. I have high standard of Chinese speaking and fluent English speaking. I enjoy teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

Western Sydney uni student give Chinese classes to all age students or math to primary and secondary schoolers in inner Sydney

My teching method Is online or face to face. Base on every day practise. It’s easy and fun. Learning through expressing yourself.

Brisbane City
1st lesson offered free !

QUT student with Chinese background giving Chinese lessons to high school and University students

I would try to give instructions based on individual students as much as I can, the lesson structure will begin with the basic standards for beginner Chinese learners, gradually develop towards advanced level in terms of listening, speak, read and write.

San Diego
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced UCSD Student Teaching Chinese (Native Speaker): Enjoy the fun learning Chinese

I am a Chinese international student graduated at the University of Georgie and going to be a graduate student at University of California San Diego. I have many years part time teaching experience over different subjects and cover different age group. I tend to make my class environment fun at the same time using the useful material.

West End
1st lesson offered free !

QUT IT student currently. Offer mandarin lesson to all ages from Brisbane.

• Mandarin is not difficult any more in my lessons. I created a new method for my students to learn oral Chinese. • I am a native Chinese speaker. • I used to offer English speaking lesson to high school students in China to help them get 7.0 in IELTS speaking, so I have a thing about teaching. • I accept students of all ages and I have different methods to teach.

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Perfect! Thank you Nikki for making learning Chinese so much fun for my little boy. You have encouraged him to speak more at home!

Ann, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Didn't respond to my email, I had no contact with Yuwei at all after a week

Peter, student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Amazing first lesson, super nice and considerate, explained everything in perfect detail for me since I’m an absolute beginner. Would highly recommend

Bruna, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Hilary is great, highly recommended. Very friendly, explained everything in detail and got a good amount covered in our first lesson.

Angus, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Candy is a great tutor! Would highly recommend. Been such a lovely experience learning from her. Thank you.

Chloe, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! She's professional, accurate and very kind. My first lesson was very satisfactying. I'd surely keep on studying with her :-)

Francesca, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

Learning Chinese with a Private Tutor

With over 955 million native speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. If you learn to speak Chinese, you can communicate with nearly a sixth of the globe. That said, learning Chinese can strike fear into the hearts of many. In fact, Chinese writing is nothing like our own. However, writing and speaking Chinese is far from impossible. You’ll learn Chinese much more quickly than you expected with Chinese private tutorials. Don’t worry about the writing system, either; there are romanisation systems for transcribing Chinese characters and words in the Latin alphabet. Pinyin is one of the most commonly used methods. Your private tutor will tailor their lessons to you and your learning styles. This is one of the main aspects of being a private tutor, teaching students at their own pace using the teaching methods they prefer. Each lesson is tailor-made for the student and their learning goals using a teaching style that the student responds to.

Learning Chinese to Boost Your Career

You can’t argue against the benefits of speaking a foreign language when it comes to your career prospects. However, with Chinese being so different from our mother tongue, it can be difficult to get started. In addition to being able to communicate with a sixth of the world’s population, you’ll boost your career by being able to speak Chinese. Teaching Chinese has increased in popularity in recent years. In fact, it overtook German at A Level this year. There are so many people wanting to learn Chinese as a foreign language. As China grows and develops as a global superpower, the number of people deciding to learn the country’s language increases and their value as an employee increases. You can’t argue with just how powerful China has become. Employers have also noticed this and are hiring those with the right Chinese language skills. Whether a business is expanding abroad, signing a new deal or contract, or discussing business with a client, your Chinese language skills are probably going to be called upon. If you want to create your own business, getting lessons on how to speak Chinese could be a great way to break into a new international market. Additionally, this could help you garner investment as well. More and more British companies are taking their investments eastwards. China, similarly, is investing in British companies. The Chinese government is very interested in the country’s international growth. Getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare yourself for the future. Whether you’re a student or in full-time employment, a private Chinese tutor could help you get ready by teaching you how to speak the language.

Preparing for a Trip to China with Private Chinese Tutorials

The UK is a very popular destination for Chinese tourists. If you work in the tourism industry, speaking Chinese would be a huge plus. Similarly, China is a popular destination for a lot of British tourists. In terms of culture and history, China has nothing to prove. There are over 45 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country! Whether you want to travel to China on a trip, live there, or participate in an exchange programme, getting Chinese lessons is a great way to prepare for your time there. What’s better than getting help from a Mandarin Chinese tutor before you go to the country itself and start speaking with the locals in their own language? While the Great Wall is certainly worth a visit, it’s far from the only thing with seeing in this culturally-rich country. Speaking with locals is another great way to discover the history and culture of a foreign land. Your private tutor will probably also recommend heading to China for the Chinese New Year. You'll be able to experience the heart of Chinese culture. Knowing Chinese vocabulary before you go to China will help you really immerse yourself in everyday life. Similarly, understanding the basics of the language thanks to lessons with a private tutor will also help you to improve your language skills much more quickly once you get there. Your tutor will have given you the skills to express yourself and work on your pronunciation in order to learn new words and expressions every day you spend in the country. It's a good idea to get to grips with the writing system with the help of a tutor from Superprof before you travel to China. The number of British students spending time in China is also increasing every year.  Of course, living in China isn’t just for the young. There are 36,000 Britons living in China and Hong Kong. Finding private Chinese tutorials with Superprof is a useful way to help you on your way to becoming bilingual.

Learning Mandarin to Discover Chinese Culture

Learning the official language of the People's Republic of China is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and history. After all, language and culture are inextricably linked. Private tutorials are also usually more enjoyable than the regular language lessons that you’d get at school. China has one of the oldest civilisations in the world. There are around 5,000 years of history to discover. Paper, gunpowder, and silk were all developed in this fascinating country. Your Chinese tutor can help you to learn more about the different artistic, cultural, and historical aspects of this impressive and wonderful country. Chinese painting underwent significant changes throughout the different dynasties. Learning Chinese will help you discover more about the ink used in China for their beautiful calligraphy and art. Chinese culture also includes a number of other customs including martial arts. A Chinese tutor from Superprof will help you get ready for your trip to China or meeting new Chinese customers. You’ll learn that the Chinese pay particular attention to friendly proceedings and professional relationships built upon trust. Manners are also particularly important in intercultural dealings.  Learning Chinese will also teach you more about the country’s tradition.

Finding Chinese Tutors for a Good Price

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the People's Republic of China. It’s often just referred to as Chinese. This language includes Standard Mandarin and Jin, the version spoken around Beijing. There are plenty of different dialects spoken around the country. Dialects are variations of a single language. On Superprof, you’ll find plenty of tutors ready to teach you the different dialects of Chinese and Mandarin Chinese, in particular. A lot of our tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour as a taster session. This is a great way to see whether or not the Chinese tutor’s right for you. With a beginner, the tutor will probably focus on getting started with some basics about the language. Bit by bit, you’ll get to grips with the new vocabulary and pronunciation. The tutorials prepared for you will help you learn Chinese as effectively as possible. Tutors can even help you prepare for the HSK exam. This is the exam that can prove your level in Chinese. It’s the official language test of the People’s Republic of China. This will show employers and schools what level of Chinese you have and how well you’ve mastered the language. All our Chinese tutors are there to help you improve your language skills and learn more about the country and its culture and history.  Private Chinese tutorials are the most cost-effective way to learn Chinese. The average cost for Chinese tutorials in and around London is £23 per hour. Of course, the rates are different depending on where you live. There are also sites that offer free Chinese language learning resources. That said, these can’t replace tailored tutoring from a qualified and experienced tutor. You need all the help you can get when you learn a language as different from English as Chinese. With Superprof, you’ll be able to benefit from teaching approaches tailored to you. There’s a Chinese proverb that goes “Studying is like climbing a mountain.” This is why you should have someone there to help you.

Learning More with a Chinese Teacher

There are plenty of private language tutorials available from the tutors on Superprof. There are plenty of private Chinese tutors ready to start teaching students all over the UK. Additionally, there are tutors who teach Chinese languages other than Mandarin such as Cantonese. Learning Chinese is famous for being difficult because it’s so different to English in terms of writing and pronunciation: Our private Chinese tutors will help you to pronounce Chinese words and phrases, understand Chinese texts, write Chinese characters, and have conversations in Chinese. Most of our Chinese tutors are native speakers of a Chinese language and have a profound understanding of their mother tongue. Some of them teach Chinese full time whereas others teach Chinese tutorials because they love sharing their knowledge of the language. To learn more about Chinese culture and the languages spoken in this country, you can also get specialised tutorials in other subjects. Mandarin isn’t the only language you can learn to speak with the help of a private tutor, you can learn every language from Arabic to Zulu.