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Helping people succeed in writing and thinking. Chichester based author, teaching English.

Curiosity is the mother of all learning. Together we will explore great writing and deconstruct what makes it work. You will apply these techniques in your own creativity and learn how to write - with skill - from the heart.

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Creative Writing and English A-Level student teaching in and around Chichester, West Sussex

I am a Creative Writing student who also writes novels, scripts and poetry, including analysis of said mediums. I use a foundation based methodology which lays the basics for struggling English students and Speakers.

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College student studying A levels - incl. english A level - A* GCSE English in Literature and Language - Chichester

Hi! I am a year 14 college student, currently studying A levels in English Language, Chemistry and History.

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University graduate offering KS 2,3, and 4 tutoring for English language and literacy in Chichester.

Using a relaxed, open style of lesson I encourage students to discuss and explore the subject. Questions are encouraged and answered. students are challenged to ask me questions I will find difficult to answer to get them fully engaged with the topic.


Gaby - Fishbourne - School English

Confidence is everything in learning - and one-to-one tuition is a time to develop both confidence and self-belief. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I primarily teach English Key Stage 3 and GCSE, though I also teach Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 French. As a published novelist, I teach Creative Writing either to individuals, or by arrangement to groups of up to four.

Bognor Regis
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Enthusiastic Psychology university student offering tutoring for English, Psychology and essay skills!

I will make my lessons as simple and easy to follow as possible by breaking content down into demonstrations and presenting information in multiple ways.

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English Literature and American Studies student offering university level tutoring in Brighton

My teaching methodology is to listen to the specific needs of each of my students and help them with their individual concerns. I do not necessarily have a formulated teaching methodology, instead I focus on each individual student and try to give them everything they need in the clearest and most helpful way.

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English Literature student offering English related classes in Portsmouth up to University level

I treat each class differently and adapt my teaching style to suit the learners. Generally, I like to create a friendly and approachable atmosphere where the student feels comfortable asking any questions and guiding their learning. I'm happy to teach any age-range, up to University level.

(1 review)
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Graduate English teacher gives private tuition from primary to GCSE level in Scarborough area.

I deliver personalised English/Literacy lessons to students of all ages. I'm professional, inspirational, experienced and get outstanding results. All students have an Individual Learning Plan and scheme of bespoke work to ensure progression in their studies. Students with learning difficulties are encouraged, and well supported.

Central Portsmouth

English, Latin, Drama & Creative Writing Tutor Ealing, W London - Laura Jenkinson

I have had many lovely compliments from my students, including "very unexpected", but for the most part they have described me as warm, caring and fun. Online, my help is described as "very effective.

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English tutor giving lessons to primary and secondary pupils in Portsmouth

I have tutored in English and literacy for several years to primary and secondary pupils. I teach in their homes, schools and libraries. I build up a good rapport with my pupils, so they can trust my teaching to help them succeed. I teach up to GCSE level and have a friendly approach but am clear about the need to put in effort, and concentration to gain from the work we do in lessons.

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Illustration graduate offering reading and creative writing enhancement studies, proof reading services

My creative background provides a good base from which to plan engaging lessons that both educate and captivates students. Working predominantly with key stage 2, I have had the opportunity to inspire students in those early stages, when individuals are beginning to take a real interest in the content of classes.

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English and Creative Writing in Petersfield Area, Studying A level currently. Going on to study at University. Engaging and Social.

I think each lesson is individual to the learner, my classes have no mould because everyone learns differently. I have worked with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other disabilities. I like to get to know the student before we start to understand how they want to learn and how I can then help them.

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Qualified teacher offering English and psychology (up to A level) lessons in Gosport.

I start my planning by considering the students' needs and their best method of learning. I am an expert at diffentiation and ensuring that all the students are comfortable and confident in the classroom. I use a variety of methods so students are motivated and challenged embed learning with lots of progress checks.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Qualified teacher of 11 years based in Worthing and Brighton with a proven track record of excellent results

Starting with the student, I build a flexible route through learning. I teach Able and Talented students and those who struggle with the subject in the same positive, encouraging way - always helping them to achieve their very best! I work with upper primary school students, secondary students and those looking to attain a certain result at G.C.S.E. and A-Levels.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced English tutor with great references and 100% success at improving results

I improve students' quality of writing with effective essay planning and writing strategies and instilling a creative understanding of use of language devices. Step by step processes which lead to success. most students find writing an essay very challenging, particularly in exam circumstances. In their lessons they are given the tool to approach essay writing with confidence.

Central Worthing
(3 reviews)

Gabrielle - Central Worthing - School English

I'm a warm, approachable mother of two with experience of children in primary and secondary schools, within the classroom or in a home environment. I also have experience in tutoring adults, and offering support for non-native English speakers. - Which subject(s) do you teach? English Literature and Language, Literacy, Film Studies, Media Studies, Creative Writing.

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Perfect! Olivia provided me with English tutoring over the last few months as I needed to pass my English GCSE, which I passed with a 75% mark. Olivia was a great tutor with extensive knowledge of poetry. She also demonstrated great ability to develop my...

Magalie, student
1 day ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Charlotte has been fantastic with my son.The best thing about her teaching style is that she motivates the children and she gets them to enjoy their writing. She plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on how she wants to approach each...

Masami, student
3 weeks ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Catherine has been tutoring my sons in KS3 for six months now and I couldn't been happier with the result. She is very patient with them even though they often forget her instructions or tips. Catherine motivates them in the way that I could not do...

Toake, student
1 month ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! It is not easy to choose the right teacher from an application. I made a quick decision to choose a form of training that was both efficient and affordable. Thankfully, Ilona agreed to work with me. Ilona is an expert in English education. She...

Elif, student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Kyran was always an avid reader and enjoyed English. In the last year or so his confidence took a dip and resulted him shying away from any English work. During his first session with Yasmin he produced an impressive piece of literature and even...

Shazia, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would like to say that if you get Tom as an English tutor you have hit the jackpot. He is patient, hard working but most importantly he know his stuff. He has a high expectation of his pupils, but with good cause as he does get results. We had...

Michelle, student
6 months ago
(12 reviews)

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