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Taking Away the Fear of Dissertations with your Dedicated and Experienced Champion

My teaching is student centred. I tend to listen and walk the student through the process. I also make sure that the student is interested in the subject on investigation. Even though I simply the process for easy of understanding I also ask relevant to ensure that there is clarity in the though process.

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Kitty - Wembury - English for academic and professional purposes and preparation for IELTs/CPE.

I always work together with students to set targets for the achievement of their specific goals so that they can monitor their progress and focus on attaining the grade they need. Preparation for: IELTs CPE PTE English for Aviation English for medical exams - Tell me about your qualifications.

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English Literature and Sociology student offering English knowledge up to university level.

My teaching method is tailored to whatever the student needs. I am as flexible as possible and understand that every student is unique in their own way. I can be more visual, more audible, more kinesthetic, more slow etc. I hope to create a comfortable environment where learning isn't too much of a chore.

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Consultant psycholinguist offering bespoke and trusted editorial skills development in central Manchester, M3.

Oliver Delgaram-Nejad is an interdisciplinary (psycholinguistics) PGR at Manchester Metropolitan University. His PhD research examines the composite language and communication phenomena of schizophrenia, as relative to figurative language processing, using experimental psycholinguistic methods; his master's dissertation focused on paralinguistics: blended displays (i.e.

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Experienced academic offering guidance and support in academic writing upto Doctoral level

My approach to education adopts a “pedagogy of collegiality” which aims to overcome the traditional teacher-learner relationship, thereby empowering the learner to shape the teaching session to best suit their learning preference. Consequently, while I enter a teaching session with a plan, I am willing to be flexible in its implementation, in order to suit the needs of the learner.

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Highly experienced teacher available for exam, essay writing and oratory skills Manchester

Understand the needs of individual learners and tailor resources to suit. Use creative and engaging methods to make learning enjoyable and rewarding. Use exemplars to advance students understanding and structured lessons to build their skills to highest level achievable.

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Adgirl looking to tutor English Language and Literature from GCSE to A-level

I vary with classes and levels, and I like to take a friendly approach rooted in what my students want to achieve. I adapt to the student and the curriculum, but typically use a range of real-world examples to create a better context.

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PhD in sociolinguistics, retired English teacher, offers English Literature KS3, GCSE, iGCSE, AS, A-Level. Online anywhere, or in-person at my home in Harbury, CV33.

I’ve tutored in-person for many years, and am convinced online tutoring is just as valuable and effective - recent successes include iGCSE in Dubai and Jerusalem. I taught English and related areas at post-16 colleges and university for 20 years, but have tutored all ages from KS2 to adult, and all levels from basic literacy to undergraduate.

Gloucester Road
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Victor - EVERYWHERE ONLINE (BY SKYPE) - Writing of Dissertation and Thesis and Other Manuscripts

Improve the English of your dissertation or presentation online through Skype in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office in any country, city or village in the world. I am accustomed to working with both students and professionals from the pre-college to the post-doctoral levels and also with business and professional people from every sector and industry.

Newcastle upon Tyne
(10 reviews)

Michael - Blakelaw - School English

I am a tutor and proofreader. I primarily tutor in the North-East of England. I am prepared to take on students of any disposition, from the nervous and struggling type to the confident and capable type.

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Experienced tutor of English and French. All ages, all abilities, all backgrounds!

My main aim is always to boost a student's confidence, I truly believe that confidence is the key to success! I am patient and kind and I strive to make lessons relevant and interesting for each individual student. I have studied current methods of second language acquisition so that I understand how to use the most appropriate methods to encourage students' progress.

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Carolina - Bloomsbury - School English

I am a professional tutor with 12,000 hours of experience who aims to motivate students to broaden their curiosity and critical thinking in classes planned to solve problems, explore, experiment and apply skills creatively for deep learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths: KS1, KS2, Entrance Exams. English Language & Literature: KS1. Essay Writing (Undergraduate, Postgraduate) Reasoning.

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Experienced tutor in US College Admissions SAT, ACT, and GRE with Oxford Postgraduate Degree

As I say above, techniques and strategies form the bulk of material covered in my US Admissions classes. By their nature as standardised tests, they require strong general knowledge, time management, and deductive reasoning more so that great depth and breadth of knowledge in particular subject areas.

(2 reviews)
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Tutor with 8 years experience offering Essay Writing and resume cover letter lessons in Stratford upon Avon

I work with individuals to assess their current knowledge, skills and understanding. I will support an individual through their learner journey to reach their goal. I am honest and will work with an individual to stretch and challenge them to reach their full potential.

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English and History graduate offering English lessons, essay and dissertation guidance / proof reading, literature analysis etc from secondary to university level.

My lesson structure is entirely based on how the student wishes to learn and what their requirements are - everyone is different. From analysing small chunks of text, to long documents or even helping to construct paragraphs and essay plans, I am flexible to the needs of the student.

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Improve your reading, writing and critical skills. Enjoy the beauty of language and literature.

Learner-centred, audio and visual, multi-media experiential learning. Learn the art and craft of reading for meaning and writing to express within the exam-board disciplines and guidelines. Whether a second language or improving and honing your skills at all levels, I will challenge your abilities and knowledge and help fast-track you to the level and grades you need.

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Qualified, experienced drama teacher offers lessons in both Drama, English and general subjects

I aim to elicit critical thinking from my students. To start with what they know already and work from there. I make my lessons fun and engaging so that by the end of the lesson they feel confident in their knowledge and motivated by their subject.

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English and Creative Writing in Petersfield Area, Studying A level currently. Going on to study at University. Engaging and Social.

I think each lesson is individual to the learner, my classes have no mould because everyone learns differently. I have worked with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other disabilities. I like to get to know the student before we start to understand how they want to learn and how I can then help them.

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Detailed, explanatory tutoring from A* A-level and A GCSE Undergraduate Student at University of Warwick

Teaching methods are crucial, and I like to tailor them to every student depending on how best you can reap the benefits from my lessons. I employ the use of practice papers and essays that I will mark and read over with you in the lesson to show exactly where you can improve that grade.

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Offering English and English literature lessons in Sheffield, if your having trouble with critical thinking, reading and essay writing, i am here to help.

i offer English lessons at a secondary education level, my approach as a tutor will be to build a good relationship with my students therefore, i know what their strengths and weaknesses are. this way we will be able to work together closely to develop a much stronger character.

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Experienced Classics teacher from USA available to transform London students into Scholars

In keeping with my Classical background, I am primarily a Socratic teacher: I see my role as to model the thought process that the student should internalise in order to think for herself. This means guiding the student to ask ever-deeper questions of the subject material, and to assess her own understanding.


The English Expert | Nottingham | Academic English | General English | English specialist with university tutoring experience

I am an English specialist that can help you or your child to improve in this core subject. **Please note: for adult learners I am only able to accept female students (this does not apply to children).

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Recent Graduate, Masters Student and Drama professional offering Study Skills support at KS3 to UG in Harrogate/Leeds

I am available to provide study support to secondary level all the way up to undergraduate level students. This includes help with approaching homework or assignments, managing workloads, and understanding complex areas. My facilitation work involves listening and understanding, so my teaching is based on starting from where you are, and working together towards a shared goal.

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Teaching EAP and study skills such as note-taking, exam prep, critical thinking and time management.

I believe that one of the main reasons students struggle is not because of their lack of knowledge in their subjects, but instead, it is how they're preparing their notes, assignments or exams, their lack of critical thinking, and even their time management skills! In addition to teaching EAP, I can assist with all elements of study and ensure you are successfully prepared for University.

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University of York English Literature Graduate with formal teaching experience offering GCSE and A level tuition in Cardiff!

I believe in taking a holistic approach to studying English. Language, literature...when you take a step back you realise it's all about expression and communication! I help my students to understand both the formal and contextual aspects of a text by asking questions and creating a dialogue.

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Prize winning Historian, able to assist with History and English exam prep

I believe in allowing the students to teach me what they know, then once the gaps are identified we will build a plan on how to address those. Able to do exam prep, revision, and check through essays as well.

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English graduate available for tutoring up to degree level. Cat lover, peppermint tea drinker. Shall we get you those top marks?

Empathetic. I know all too well how it feels to struggle in this arena, we all need a little guidance from time to time and I love the subject, why not share it! Initially we can go for a coffee and chat about where you’d like to focus your support. I can then draw up a rough month long plan and we can go from there.

Welham Green
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Psychology student providing GCSE and A Level Psychology lessons in the Hertfordshire borough, as well as, London

I prefer to adapt my teaching skills to my student as I believe every individual has a specific way of learning new information. Therefore, I tend to structure my lesson according to the students preference, ability and knowledge level and this will be decided from the first lesson.

Greater London
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Psychology student offering both online and face to face secondary school level lessons classes!

I have been giving lessons for 5 years, all of different ages and in different courses. I currently also tutor online as a part-time job, helping students with their homework and assignments.

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History Graduate from Newcastle looking to tutor in History and English Literature

I base my teaching on the individual needs of each student. I believe this helps establish a trusting relationship between myself and the student because they are receiving catered, 1:1 support from their tutor. I believe students learn so differently from one another and really keeping this in mind is key for success.

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Perfect! Graham was very prompt in helping me with my assignments. He kept me informed and asked questions to make sure we were on the same page. I‘m impressed by his knowledge and thoroughness as well as his continued and prompt correspondence with me...

Grace, student
4 months ago
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