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Newcastle upon Tyne
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Full Time L3 Personal Trainer offering full workout programs and nutritional information.

My method of teaching is 1on1 interaction. Each session will cover topics YOU want to be covered, I will answer any and all questions you might have and I will give you my best and most honest opinions and ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

Fitness instructor offering guaranteed results to those that desire the best body possible in Gosport,Hants

My teaching method is based around the clients experience fitness level and personal needs and requirements.

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Level 2 Gym Instructor offering lessons in personal training and sports coaching and development

My name is Samuel Smith. My email is (concealed information) please contact me there for further questions. I have low prices but a great understanding of sports and training. I am good at helping people understand the subject and the material within it.

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Weightloss and body transformation coach based in South Wales operates globally online

I am a former award winning British Army Physical Training Instructor. I am a REPS L4 fitness trainers specialising in Nutrition, mindset and fitness coaching for weight loss.

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PowerWave Muscle & HiiT Fitness Instructor for 1-2-1 & Group Sessions !

My teaching methodology is to understand what my client's capabilities both physically and mentally. Then to help each individual to reach and achieve their goals – coaching them in technique and quality of movement. A PowerWave session is 30 minutes in total. You will begin with 5 minutes basic warm up moves, getting the body ready for exercise.

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Qualified Active personal trainer offering personal training and fitness sessions in Blackpool

My teaching methodology is finding a clients weaknesses in fitness and turning them into strengths by motivating them and assessing their limits, I then gradually work on those weaknesses so that they can become the fittest version of themselves. I always work within a client's boundaries and work around injuries and illnesses so that they can be comfortable with the sessions I provide.

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1st lesson offered free !

Qualified and insured Personal Trainer based around Leicester City Centre - general fitness, weight loss and muscle toning

I am an empathetic trainer and I try and tailor my teaching style to the requirements of the individual. My approach to training is through progressions - showing people how to take one exercise and develop it into something more challenging and fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly motivated Personal Trainer available for individual or group classes in Dhuram

My metod of training is adaptable and based on individual needs. The training starts with a goal with the aim of reaching it by working on the weakness and developping new skills. My role as a Trainer is not only to push the phisical border forward, but also motivate, encourage and sustain the trainee from the psichological point of you regarding the established goal.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports and Exercise Science Student from Nottingham, offering help in Fitness, Physics and Physiology!

I provide teaching for those up to the second year of university. My teaching methods are adaptive and unique, suited for those who find it difficult to go at the pace of regular lecturers! My lessons break down larger topic areas allowing students to go at a pace that they can understand.

Sutton Coldfield
1st lesson offered free !

I am a motivated Fitness professional who is accomplished in helping members and clients of all fitness levels get into better shape and improve their lifestyles; I would like to help others gain this

I have a very relaxed and patient tutoring approach. I am always happy to discuss the students needs and ideas, so together we can improve their understanding and passion in their chosen career path.

1st lesson offered free !

Beginner fitness in Hereford with your personal workout buddy with 2 years cf experience

I am dedicated to giving you the best workout buddy ever. I will personally work out with you in whatever capacity we decide on. I will fist evaluate what exercises will best benefit you and then will create a schedule.

1st lesson offered free !

BsC Sports Science/Psychology, Level 3 personal trainer offering fitness lessons, workouts, and meal plans.

I base my approach on SUSTAINABILITY. The focus is on keeping energy levels high, body and mind fresh. Exercise programs should not deplete you they should energise you. Creating goals specific and personalised to you , that are sustainable long term. In my lessons we will focus on a sustainable diet/workout plan/maintaining energy levels and motivation.

Virginia Water
1st lesson offered free !

Graduate in Sport and Exercise Science with a passion for helping others with their fitness.

I base my classes on what the individual wants to improve on and then I can provide information and training techniques for them to stick to. I like to monitor their progress as well to make sure they are on track and if I can provide any more help and guidance.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Personal Fitness Training, Advice On General Fitness, Nutrition, Workouts, Exercises, Muscles, Muscle Groups etc.

As a personal trainer, my job is to deliver the best possible customer service experience. I use my knowledge and personal experience to help people achieve their goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Martial Arts fitness instructor with 15 years experience in bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

I am a martial arts fitness instructor and have been teaching classes and individual sessions for 3 years. I have achieve second degree black belt in karate and am level 3 sports qualified. My students have achieved increased confidence, self-esteem and self awareness as well as achieving grades within karate and improved fitness and self defence skills.

1st lesson offered free !

15 Years Teaching Physical Education and Fitness, Health and Well-being and a Qualified Health Coach. I am motivated by helping adults / students achieve your plan. We work together and and build arou

I work with you. I use my developed skills in behavior change to help motivate you. This will incorporate your personality, life stage and of course setting achievable goals that work for you. I will be your coach to help guide you on your journey.

1st lesson offered free !

Outstanding sport and fitness tutoring from an Exercise Physiology graduate, located in Leeds!

My name is Ben and I offer lessons in all disciplines of sports. These range from physiology, to training methods (including strength & conditioning and weight loss), to nutritional advice. My knowledge is backed up by my 2.1 exercise and physiology degree.

Sutton Coldfield
1st lesson offered free !

Gym instructor/personal trainer offering physique transformation and online coaching tips fatburning cardio and musclebuilding.

My teaching method is to establish a working relationship and understanding of each clients personal needs and goal dependant inspitations leading to a better improved version of yourself.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Female Personal Trainer offering Personal Training in Edinburgh for other women

I tailor what and how I coach based on the individual, everyone is going to have different goals and preferences. I want us to be able to work together to create a workout that you will truly love, I will never make you exercise in a way that you don't enjoy.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Italian Rowers of national team 5 time at world championship undergraduate in economics master in quantitative finance

for accademic field i like a problem solving approach so, understand where your difficult is and solve it in a easier way for training i like to train with you for give you all my tips and advice as an international rower

1st lesson offered free !

Oxford-based: Become more physically and mentally in tune and proficient. Trained with some of the top coaches in the country. I am training to be part of the U.S. rugby 7s team and looking to pass on

I give lessons to anyone willing to learn and wanting to improve, from children to older adults to upcoming sports talent. Mentoring is a big part of sporting and athletic development and this is my approach to teaching. Sessions start with understanding the clients goals and history and an initial assessment. From there I build a program to structure the progression.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal trainer/ sports therapist/ sports nutrisionist, offering fitness and therapy lessons in Suffolk

My teaching methodology is both visual and audio learning. With both visual and explanation/description used providing the best chance of remembering the information. I also senario based situations that will appear in the working world.

1st lesson offered free !

Fitness enthusiasts looking to influence others to take fitness to another level

I approach every topic with a passionate can do attitude, I love to coach and develop people to be the best they can.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer offering personal fitness and muscle strengthening sessions in Northern Ireland

A motivated tutor, wanting to help people get into fitness or get lapsed exercises back into it. I offer basic or advanced fitness sessions for both newcomers and experienced customers. These vary from basic cardio and resistance training to High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT).

1st lesson offered free !

Online Personal Training Lessons - Exercise Science and Anatomy and Physiology - Healthy Living

The way I teach is based on the person I am tutoring, I will adapt tot their learning style to make the sessions as beneficial for the, as possible

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Training, fitness advice, program design and dietary advice. Motivator and life coach

I have an extreme passion in helping others achieve their fitness/life goals. I have the ability to connect well with people and help them knock down the barriers that often stand in the way of people's dreams. I am a good motivator and linking that with my fitness knowledge and my desire to achieve and help others to achieve, I can help direct you on the right path and make your goals a reality.

1st lesson offered free !

Circuits and Spin Instructor in Watford looking to help people in weight loss

I base my teaching on commitment. You have to be 100% in the game. I don't like excuses and yes I will be hard on you as a trainer but I believe that is the only way to achieve your results.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal training student offering sports lessons and help online! In Stoke on Trent

I'm a student hoping to further myself in sports by teaching/helping others that are also on similar topics to what I am covering now/ have previously covered. I am educated to Level 3 NVQ Certification. My characteristics as a person are calm, logical and patient.

1st lesson offered free !

Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor offering ways to keep fit while keeping the correct form

My teaching method is patience and executing a movement with the right form before progressing.

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