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Practising artist offering fine art and art history tutoring in North Yorkshire

My own art methods are based largely around the creative use of mixed media and salvaged materials in some cases. Projects are planned with a specific aim or goal in mind from the outset and linked often to previous historical art influences or genres.

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Art Student offering fine art and illustration lessons up to A-Level in North London

My teaching can range from beginner lessons up to A-level and intermediate lessons. My lessons consists of studying artists great work, introducing techniques for areas such as life drawing, teaching traditional as well as digital methods of painting and watercolour.

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Online Art Tutor specializing in Figure Drawing, Head Drawing, Anatomy, Construction, Gesture. If you are looking to improve your figure drawing skills get in touch.

My approach depends on your skill level but always has an emphasis on taking the complex and breaking it down and making it simple and formulaic so that you can really get a step by step approach so that nothing ever feels like your being thrown in the deep end. This I believe is the best way to teach figure drawing by going through step by step and approach it like you would building a house.

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Product Design BA student offering Art and Design, Drawing and Fine Art lessons. Developing confidence in Art and Design Skills for all ages

visual communication, verbal communication, interactive learning ,active participation, model learning, one on one tutoring, group communication, feedback to parents, formal and informal instructions, inquiry based learning, cooperative learning, student -centered and teacher -centered teaching, high-tech approach, low-tech approach, game based learning, kinesthetic based learning

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Want to become better at art? BA Fine Art student offering variety of art lessons! From drawing to acrylic or oil painting!!

From my perspective art is about the artist him/herself, thus I won’t be telling them what to draw. Instead, I love providing freedom to the students for their own idea, which will lead to an unique and meaningful art peice.

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Primary education student offering drawing lessons in Bracknell, featuring cartoon humans, animals and more.

My teaching method is first seeing how a student draws, then walking them through the steps toward their desired skill. I base my classes on students interests and goals. I approach each topic by giving the student freedom to show their skill first and then adding constructive critisism and technique improvement.

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Architecture student offering realistic pencil drawing classes with over 12 years of experience in drawing

As art is subjective towards the artist and the critic, I leave room for the students first to discover their inner artist. I would teach the techniques, which include, observing, shading, texturing, proportioning, chiaroscuro and countless other ones, then allow the students to place these techniques into use based on their perception.

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I teach painting. I am located in Malvern, happy to travel some.

I like to offer a traditional style of working and describe how this might be obtained though exploring the elements that go into the process. I also look at potential subject matters. I look at the use photography, sketching and gathering of source materials. I also look at materials and surfaces. My recent studies have looked at how landscape is explored by contemporary artists.

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Fine art student offering art tutoring in Rotherham, with knowledge of GCSE art and A Level art

My teaching method is getting the basics right, such as drawing and colouring in, before moving on water colours and then acrylics. As a teacher I like to see what the pupil s abilities are and then I work from there.

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Illustration graduate based in South Wales, my theory is to add a bit of blue!

My teaching method will be structured yet fun, I like to see people enjoying themselves while they learn. I have a lot of experience within painting, I have also studied 2 years of fine art at Aberystwyth university. Illustration is so expressive, you can show so much emotion through an image, without even adding any colour.

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Beginner's still life and landscape sketching classes from volunteer school art teacher

My art curriculum is an introduction to basic techniques of still art and progresses to landscape studies. Depending on the background, age, and learning goals of students I focus on different aspects of pencil and pen sketching from the basics of -lines, shapes, and textures, to the slightly more advanced perspective art.

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Communication Designer and Graphic Artist (MA level) offering illustration/painting classes in London

I will ask for the experience they have and what are they really into. It's mostly about practising so I would be guiding the process.

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Painting and Fashion Design Master Degree Holder from Vienna Art University -

I teach the teschnical part of drawing ,fashion design, painting and fashion illustration courses , after some time student will reach a point where I will help to the student to find his own personal way in art and design.

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Interior Architecture Student Helping with exam prep and anything art from GCSE to A Level in Lincoln and Peterborough

My Teaching methods are different towards every student since everyone learns differently. I usually help GCSE and A level students. I can provide examples of my work and the structures I've used previously whilst providing honest and constructive criticism. I like to think of myself as just a friendly student willing to help as much as I can.

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Post Graduate finishing with a 1st in Illustration and Animation. Confident cartoonist, creative thinker and problem solver.

I find what each students abilities are and help them find grounds to reach their potential. Approach their work in a positive way, this will allow them to make confident decisions and in turn create better work. Learning the fundamentals of art is essential and to get a rich understanding of this to start with is key in providing efficient progression.

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Fine Art BA(Hons) First class graduate giving lessons in Art: Drawing, ceramics and academic tutoring

I have a creative teaching approach to allow students to gain confidence and realise their capabilities.I would be very suitable to help young creatives completing secondary and further education in art. I will go through projects to help students realise how they could progress work.

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Young artist offering a wide variety of drawing lessons in South Essex

My teaching methods are very practical and hands on, always encouraging growth and creativity with every lesson to ensure each student leaves with better skills and knowledge than when started. My lessons are aimed at people of all ages and backgrounds. Each class is approximately an hour long and however many weeks the student wishes.

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Illustration Graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University looking to teach all types of painting and drawing skills

my teaching methodology is allowing the student to express themselves and do what they enjoy, when the student finishes the artwork, i'll then help them to reflect on what they could of done better and give them homework to work on to improve.

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Qualified Art Teacher offering Art, drawing and painting classes in & around Sudbury, Suffolk

I am qualified in teaching GCSE, AS & A Level, Arts Award Bronze & Silver. In the past I have run informal art therapy sessions for autistic students using 'Self' as a starting point to explore art and techniques. I am a happy and approachable person & believe everyone should have access to a creative individual education.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Graphic Design Graduate offering Illustrator, Photoshop and Design Lessons in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am pretty flexible with teaching and will accommodate my lessons to the student. Adobe products are not simple to use but I will break down the basics of the main three programmes (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) and allow the student to approach a focus on an area.

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Fine Art Glasgow / and 2D Traditional Cartoon Animation drawing, teaching how to approach different stile and tecniques. Learn how to think and how to do!

My teaching method dipend very much on the student interest, his starting level, and what is his target.

Sarah grace
(11 reviews)
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Professional Visual Artist sharing experience in all areas of Art and Design in Sheffield

I am a practicing visual artist and believe experimentation is vital and mark making in its broadest sense provides the tool to search and discover ways to create. I work within drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, papermaking, collage and bookbinding.

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Artist offering painting/ drawing and special effects makeup lessons in Southall, London

Being a self taught artist almost all my life has benefited me as i've always had the opportunity to find clever ways of developing my style of art work. I will be teaching my students this very same way of thinking in order to find their own unique style and develop on that to produce amazing art work at the very best of my students abilities.

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Teaching how to paint, create innovative ideas & working in artist styles. Incorporating different artist styles together to create your amazing pieces.

I will firstly go through basic concepts firstly, then advance in techniques. Also I’ll encourage you to find your own style and explore different artists to create experiment with. I’ll suggest adjustments to ur pieces to improve, giving constructive criticism when needed.

(4 reviews)
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Taster sessions, Group and 1-2-1 tutoring in Perspective Drawing, Portraits/Character Drawing, 3D/Anamorphic Drawing

The lessons offered are varied. From Fine line portrait drawing to 3D anamorphic designs. The taster sessions allow you to try out and explore which practice of drawing you would like to develop. They will take you through one , two and three point perspective drawing and how this can be used to develop portrait/character and 3D/anamorphic styles of working.

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Freelance Illustrator in Alton Offers art tutoring for fellow creatives. Beginner or more come along!

I base my classes in helping student find their style and what makes them unique in their art! I will often demonstrate too.

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Fine Art graduate who currently studying an MA in Printed Textiles :)

I like to begin by finding out which area the person(s) are struggling in, in order to help them maximise their skills. Discovering their own interests and relationship with the subject area will help towards narrowing down where the student want to strive to be.

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Fine Art graduate looking to tutor or teach drawing and painting, to develop into my budding career.

My teaching methods would mainly be demonstration and participation, and the lessons would be fun and enthusiastic for the students who are learning.

Bethany lauren
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Experienced artist with fine art education background looking to share my passion and advice!

My teaching method is very advice based! I believe all art is wonderful, but sometimes we need others to inspire us, give us tips and ideas to really excel.

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Perfect! My lessons with Rebecca have been inspired. Rebecca holds her immense knowledge lightly, guiding, supporting and educating with relevant information that moves my art to levels I could only dream of. I would highly recommend Rebecca, she knows her...

Ruth, student
5 days ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Rebecca is super efficient, always on time, great with detail and knowledge of the mechanics of painting. Always gives full detailed reports of the lessons. She has a gentle nature and manages to get the most out of our child's abilities. She is...

Rachel, student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Lucia has helped me massively with my Art A Level Course, in particular, working through two sketchbooks which are weighted with a high percentage of the overall mark. What has helped me most is Lucia's extensive knowledge of the course, and by...

Jess, student
3 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! We’ve been using Sophie to help with a GCSE art student, in particular refining some drawing techniques. She’s brilliant - she really connects well with the student and preps relevant lesson material perfectly. Well delivered and well...

Jenny, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lauren is fantastic . She is very approachable and friendly. She spotted straight away how to improve George’s GCSE outcome . She leaves him tasks to complete each week so he stays on track with his coursework. She listens to his ideas and works...

Mary, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I studied with Alisavo while I was at college. I studied fashion and textiles however my cource also included a lot of drawing, something that I knew I needed to work on. Alisavo was excellent at helping me with my technique. I was shown how to make...

Rebecca , student
5 months ago
(7 reviews)

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