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Illustrator offering anatomy drawing, digital/traditional painting and more art lessons. Learn to Draw with me!

I base my lessons on my own experiences from university. I believe that anyone can learn how to draw and paint if they have someone to guide them, and with enough practice they can go really far. I always start with realism. Anatomy and still nature is really important, so I always tell everyone to keep a sketchbook and some markers with them every time they go out.

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Art and Design, BA Hons in Fine Art Painting, 30 years work experience as Graphic Designer Adobe CS based in Glasgow, willing to travel.

I base my teaching on your needs and aspirations. Novice to advanced. All materials and techniques covered. Representational to abstract. Portfolio preparation, exam preparation. Critical thinking, art history. Gallery and exhibition visits. Computer graphics and desktop publishing, web design, exhibition design.

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Very experienced, helpful & friendly Art Tutor available in the East Midlands.

I have a Degree in Fine Art and 30 years experience as a Graphic Designer in the Print industry. I can teach at any level and to any age group.

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Want to be an artist, don't forget to learn art first at Bristol

I never draw to show a child how to draw do something. If I would show a child how something is drawn, the child would get the idea that my drawing is the answer. The child would think that her job is to copy my drawing. Looking at my drawing is a very poor way to learn to see for yourself. Eliciting a careful description from the student We cannot draw what we do not notice.

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Qualified Art teacher in Nottingham - Help with Art, English, Languages and Design

My teaching methods use a lot of visual prompts and demonstrations to nurture and unlock the student's potential. I like using role play for languages with emphasis on the fun aspect to become more fluent and confident. I am experienced with SEN children, having worked with a variety of children with special needs.

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Children's author/illustrator, digital designer, art student mentor. Teaching in Brighton & Hove.

I teach from my home studio, overlooking our beautiful garden. I have mentored students through GCSE, A'level art/ graphic design, Degree advised on portfolio presentations for Uni applicants. I prefer to work in small groups or one to one.

Doe Lea
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Self-taught and Alevel-trained Artist offering art and design lessons in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

I can provide art lessons to students at primary and secondary school level. I start off my lessons by introducing the media/material of choice and allowing some experimentation with the said object so that the student can be familiarised with it. I would then show the student how the media could be used and give them a project to complete.

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Creative Audio Production student offering art, poetry and music lessons in NI

I am namely a jazz/blues guitarist and have studied to a Grade 8 standard - I also play double bass, bass guitar, piano and sing. I write a lot of poetry and draw illustrations which have been commissioned for use by several bands/companies. When teaching I try to cater to the needs of the student, dictated by their learning styles and enthusiasm wherever it lies.

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Artist/Animator coarse,s for beginners or artists in a rutt, Helping inspire inspiration.

Kinesthetic Learning, Although i am happy to share past experiences to help guide a student and will set up how to videos for ease of learning. i believe most experience is gained through trial and error. In a kinesthetic learning environment, students perform physical activities rather than listen to lectures or watch demonstrations.

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Young artist and medical student excited to help art enthusiasts in london

I am looking to give lessons to either students studying art or anyone that has an interest in how to improve their skills and fluency. Art is a way of living! My lessons follow the needs of my students; what they're struggling with is targeted first.

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My name is Pakiso and I am Veganic farmer and fine artist, I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I teach English, growing veganic food and Fine art

My teaching is rigorous and really creative, in English lessons, I focus on pronunciation and during veganic farming and art lessons, I have the experience to share.

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Modern Art Tutor in Birmingham with art studio. Currently exhibition in Birmingham/London

I base my teaching on what the student relates most to and what their personal interests are, developing a keen eye for detail and skills in pencil drawing and painting. I have a wide range of materials for us to use to make the classes as fulfilling for the student as possible.

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Art student that want to help other passionate young artist to peruse their passion into something more

My lessons include helping the student in either a specific area of art, wether its Painting, drawing or design. Then narrowing it down to a more specific route such as acrylic painting, illustration or graphics. I want to give my student the chance to be versatile.

Dalgety Bay
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Gifted graduate artist offering art lessons for everybody at any level in Leeds

I approach art to suit the individual but also aim to break the boundaries and help to explore the creative spark and translate it into an artistic form. I practice with traditional and expressive art with a range of lessons to fully understand your perfect style of drawing or painting.

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Passionate Professional Artist with international experience in drawing, sculptures and glass art based in Glasgow

I believe that the key to the success in art is taking individualistic approach. It is by understanding of individual interest, hobbies and passion that I can uncover hidden potential and subsequently work on spheres that require improvement to achieve the full satisfaction of the client.

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Experienced illustrator based in Warrington, specializes in inks, acrylics and oil paints

The main objective is to determine the student's understanding of form, light and shade, composition and contrast. Knowing the basic building blocks of visual arts is essential, and will allow a student to discover their own style of self expression.

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I am a PhD in Architecture and Design. I offer geometry, math, science, art, graph-design and architecture classes.

My teaching method is interactive and interdisciplinary. Is important be various and innovative. Using different disciplines as movie clip, music, and art examples is possible have a lesson more funny and less boring. I am really patient and friendly. My best quality is problem solving in an innovative way.

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Illustrator, Art analyser, from teaching Comic book panel structures to shading techniques.

My teaching method is, open up a question leading to topic, make it relevant to the class, get their thoughts, open up with the lesson techniques, see how people respond to my explanation, give them a practicing task, go around and help those who need one-to-ones, classic

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London Art Student- Grade 9 GCSE (A**) experience of volunteering to support younger students in art classes.

I am very flexible and adapt to the needs of who I'm working with. In order to help you develop your artistic skills or expression I would give you ideas to experiment with e.g a combination of materials that I feel is interesting. If there's an area you're struggling with I can advise ways you can get passed initial struggles.

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Art A level student offering enlightening lessons on Painting, drawing, sculpting and preparing you for exams.

My teaching method is to tailor make the lessons to the student's needs, while setting them on the right path for top marks. My lessons consist on the sharing of ideas, the expectations of the exams, and the best way to make the art work more special to the student.

Florence Court Demesne
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Young Contemporary Fine Artist currently offering affordable Beginner Drawing and Painting Classes

As an art instructor, I believe that every growing artist is unique and deserves a lesson structure built around their strengths and interests. Every lesson I teach is designed to trigger your imagination and develop your skills in a fun and creative way, ensuring that every day of learning is inspiring.

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Art and Design teacher based in Glasgow with a Degree in Textiles

I have a very calm demeanour and offer a friendly and relaxed environment to learn in. Having gone to Art School myself I understand the pressure of the application process very well.

Stony Stratford
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Experienced illustrator and designer based in Milton Keynes. Previously lecturer in graphic design

It depends very much on what my students want to achieve. If it's booster classes to enhance skills to run alongside GCSE's or college/university then we focus on the areas you need help with and set up a program to suit you. If it's a new skill like photoshop, it is structured classes step by step with assignments to be done in your own time.

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Illustrator with 12 years of experience and education, gives private art classes

I always try to understand at first the level of knowledge and skill of the student and then structure the lessons accordingly. I focus more on the basics at the beginning so that he/she will be able to handle and have a better understanding of future artworks.

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Student from Royal College of Art gives drawing lessons - based in London

My name is Vojciek and currently I'm a (MA) Royal College of Art Student. I'm offering class to the people who are interested to improver their skills in drawing or sketching. Step by step I will teach you the most efficient techniques also I can help you to create nice portfolio which can help you to get to your university.

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A grade Art student tutoring in techniques from watercolour to pen and ink from home in the Cotswolds

I have experience of mentoring students from GCSE level upwards. However I do feel that I would also be well equipped to assist students from 11 and upwards. I attempt to breakdown basic painting techniques in order to help my students to visualise how best to blend colour, create texture, and provide a real exciting movement in the images that they wish to create.

Luis tiago marques martins
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Bachelors Honors BA Fine artist First 1 st offering to Teach Children and Youth up to College Foundation Year 3/4 Levels in Arts and design subjects, Fine art, Printmaking techniques, Etchings/Engravi

I have a passion for education and believe it to be the Foundation of any civilized culture and society. As such, I want to be part of transforming the lives of Youth to prepare them for college and University and careers.

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I am an Illustration student, with the desire to teach arts and design.

My teaching style would be student led class and Iwould integrate a more hands on learning. I help supervise and I give them the knowledge to then go forth and explore and I guide them along the way, making classes fun and creative.

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Talented,original practising visual artist & muralist offering art lessons in East Anglia

I am a painter,muralist,designer and tutor with over 20 years experience of running arts based workshops for children and 8 years experience of tutoring adults.Through my own studio practice I love to challenge myself with large pieces using bold colour and a fluid approach to my work.Drawing is key to everything and I draw straight onto my canvases which evolve and grow constantly.

North Walsham
1st lesson offered free !

Calligraphy and Handwriting tutor offers lessons for adults and children. North Walsham area. Qualified in Visual Design with 15 years tutoring/coaching experience.

I like my students to enjoy what they are doing and I encourage them to persevere whilst understanding any difficulties they may have. In Calligraphy I spend the first few weeks on one script learning the basics . After this we can then progress onto further scripts and other related skills.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Drawing. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! My lessons with Rebecca have been inspired. Rebecca holds her immense knowledge lightly, guiding, supporting and educating with relevant information that moves my art to levels I could only dream of. I would highly recommend Rebecca, she knows her...

Ruth, student
5 days ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Rebecca is super efficient, always on time, great with detail and knowledge of the mechanics of painting. Always gives full detailed reports of the lessons. She has a gentle nature and manages to get the most out of our child's abilities. She is...

Rachel, student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Lucia has helped me massively with my Art A Level Course, in particular, working through two sketchbooks which are weighted with a high percentage of the overall mark. What has helped me most is Lucia's extensive knowledge of the course, and by...

Jess, student
3 weeks ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! We’ve been using Sophie to help with a GCSE art student, in particular refining some drawing techniques. She’s brilliant - she really connects well with the student and preps relevant lesson material perfectly. Well delivered and well...

Jenny, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lauren is fantastic . She is very approachable and friendly. She spotted straight away how to improve George’s GCSE outcome . She leaves him tasks to complete each week so he stays on track with his coursework. She listens to his ideas and works...

Mary, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I studied with Alisavo while I was at college. I studied fashion and textiles however my cource also included a lot of drawing, something that I knew I needed to work on. Alisavo was excellent at helping me with my technique. I was shown how to make...

Rebecca , student
5 months ago
(7 reviews)

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