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Illustration and Concept Art graduate teaches painting and drawing techniques in Ottawa

My teaching methods are very flexible and based on what skills the students wish to learn. A typical class will include step by step directions and demonstrations covering a variety of skills such as creating a painting, drawing anatomy, or colour theory. My classes are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate artists.

Brunswick West
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Professional Artist and experienced Children and young adult Art teacher and tutor. Experience in the USA and Australia. Trained at my family’s Art School. 5th generation artist.

I base each lesson on the students needs- which are established in the first meeting. Each customised lesson is based on Art History - be it a specific Artist, period, or medium. Lessons are designed for the students age and needs.

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Oil painting, acrylic painting, sketching, glass painting, clay painting, mud and mirror painting artist.....Choose your passion and add pinch of art in your life :-)

My method of teaching is to teach basics first. Each and every detail need to be conveyed step by step in the manner understood by the student. Art is all about passion, patience and practice. What ever I teach with passion I want the students to imbibe with patience and practice.

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Artist/Graphic designer in ajmer, Rajasthan gives photoshop classes, Acrylic painting and drawing classes online or at home

My teaching techniques would be purely based on enhancing the basics and then going to a higher level of the subject based on the students level of understanding. I would mostly prefer to take it online and if the student prefers to reach me at home for a clearer underrstanding, iam open to it. My preferred level would be from class 3rd to 6th..basically primary to middle group.

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Student, wanting to teach different methods to create an illustration (eg, woodcut, silkscreen, watercolor, acrylic, photoshop, illustrator). I'm from Limache, 5th Region of Chile, I can travel , no

My teaching method is workshop type, I use practice as a way of learning, because the theory in the illustration is very basic and it is in practice where you learn the most.

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Student at Cours Florent Music and Bachelor of Applied Arts

In terms of drawing, or visual arts practice, I prefer to let students choose what they want to study beforehand, so I can bring all the necessary material, books and references. As for English, I can help the student with his homework, give him tips and tricks so that English is more present in his everyday life.

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Student in arts from mumbai , can give interesting sessions in painting and drawing

I give tips, tricks, and hacks to my students to help them improve and polish their exsisting talent !!

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Hi there. I have over 5 years of experience working in different industries and projects related to comic books, children illustration books, illustrative memes, illustrations and teaching in both dig

I believe in bringing out the best from within my students. I believe in shaping their abilities to the extent that they can be seen as something of a great or good skill. I can teach kids, students, art aspirants, Hobbyists and people preparing for exams/portfolios who need help in preparing the best of their capabilities.

Jose roberto
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Student of Architecture teaches in relation to plastic arts (architecture, drawing, painting and photography) in Aguascalientes.

I like to follow the rhythm established by each person, and advance in how much the person can be. It follows a rhythm and establishes the bases, it is nothing more to throw into the void without explaining but going step by step with the person and explaining in its majority what should be done and how.

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Student in hotel management the gives a tuition in how to draw sketch .normal art.work and types of art and design. Paintings

My teaching methods is depending on student what he want. And I try to the all query is solve them Monday to Friday is classes so students are comfortable to this than they apply and if u no more time than come to the sat .sun.

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Build your own world through Visual Development and Story Art for Animation

Drawing for Animation is more than just making a beautiful illustration. Everything that you design and create has a specific purpose in that world. Through the course of this lesson we will learn how to do visual development for animation through a series of exercises that focus on world building, layouts, props and character designs.

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Working professional having great interest in spreading Art Skills in Mumbai :)

I am an electronics engineer. I am bron and brought up in Mumbai. Students interested to learn sketching, Painting, drawing, colouring, I am the right person you are looking for :) Drawing/Sketching is my hobby, hence, I know few tips for the same, my method of teaching is different from others.

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Jewelery and horology |Professional drawing course | Adult only | Toulouse

Hello I graduated from the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts Toulouse and the Strate School of Design in Paris. I propose here to share my passion for Art, innovation, creation through drawing. The courses are centered on you, your desires, your project. The price of the hour is quite high compared to the prices charged but I think that what I can offer you justifies it.

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Creative, Drawing classes, painting, sculpture, illustration on the entire Paris region! Contact me!

Hello, My name is Caroline, I am soon 22 years old. I have always been passionate about art, be it drawing, painting, sculpture, illustration ... I am a jack-of-all-trades, and I like to share. I give simple lessons that develop creativity and imagination, while remaining very attentive.

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3rd year Student design, I love drawing and would enjoy sharing that same passion with others!

I am available all year and I can do the classes at home (Brussels), in a quiet café (or predefined place) or in my apartment. I do not really consider myself a traditional teacher. Personally, this student-professor relationship does not have anything beneficial to me and only establishes useless condescendance in the course.

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To Give life to his imagination? to Learn to Draw better? At your service ! (Graphic designer for Google events)

I followed a training design and architecture and I during my studies conducted numerous art exhibitions in partnership with the School of Fine Arts, where I exposed my own paintings and drawings. I am also an illustrator and editor of fanzine The Insomniak and I regularly posts pictures on my homepage (FB: Douds).

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Collegiate art major helps beginning students of all ages hone in their artistic abilities

I am a senior art education major (with minors in literature and philosophy) with experience giving private art lessons to beginner and intermediate students. Students generally start with a basic overview of abilities and discussion of what they wish their end goal to be. We then move into the basic techniques for a specific medium.

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Cartoonist and illustrator. I teach cartoon, watercolor and drawing lessons in Anjou

I am a cartoonist and illustrator, specializing in animal drawing. My private lessons have above all to adapt to the needs and demands of my students, in order to help them to progress effectively while respecting their universes, their traits and their tastes, while offering them to discover styles and New techniques.

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Art and Architecture Professor - AutoCAD lessons / Rendering Animation classes today!

Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Cooper Union Brookdale Community College –Lincroft, NJ – Adjunct Professor September 2004 to May 2014 Outstanding Adjunct Professor Award 2009-2010 Construction Documents – I teach a class of typically (15-20) students to produce all of the drawings necessary to build a single family residence with an addition of their own design.

Rio de Janeiro
Ana carolina
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Brazilian arts student, teaches drawing and acrilic painting keeping focus in present-day

The basic content o the classes is my anarchist principles seeking a more horizontal class and without hierarchies, both student-teacher and content. I try to be attentive to the development of the student and search for things that can help their development, more than order, guidance.

São José do Rio Preto
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Digital illustration illustrator offers face to face and online classes with Photoshop in Rio Preto-SP

Teacher with experience in illustration area, graduated in Graphic Design and training courses carried out in the course of digital illustration, based always in a beautiful design. Classes focused on creation and study: -Values ​​and Volume -Environment -Characters -Objects (cars, machines, weapons, etc.) - Creatures (animals, monsters, etc.

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Venture with Art, explore, and bring out your artistic voice. Students of all ages will work with a certified teaching artist.

I encourage the community to explore and bring out their artistic voice. Enjoy this process in a playful intuitive environment while clearing blockages and promoting happiness through art.

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Learning the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator ...) on Brussels, with student graphic

Student in late Bachelor Communication, I offer courses to become familiar with Adobe suite including programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. This is a course that adapts to your interests, which can allow you to explore different creative ranks in the digital world. I can also help you with courses you already take, or with specific projects.

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Artist offering painting, drawing and craft lessons to all ages in Naples fl

I give lessons to all ages. Art is not limited by an age or skill level. I look forward to students teaching me as well. I find the style of the student and base that off my approach to teaching.

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Bachelor's degree in art therapy preparation, 6 years of schooling and a year of working in elementary schools. Looking to give lessons in art: drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history to toddler

I have a bachelor degree in art therapy preparation with a focus in painting and sculpture. 6 years of college education studying courses in painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, art education, 3-D design, print making, art history, architecture and history of architecture. Currently obtaining a master degree in Art Therapy.

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DIY projects in warli painting, wall art, card board crafts, customized gift articles

I'll be uploading lot of photos and videos for all required diy projects and the ones already completed by me

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I am a professional and experienced Arabic teacher for non-native speakers , graduated from Faculty of Languages ) Arabic section Ain Shams University in Cairo which made me able to teach Arabic ..

I am a native speaker able to teach you modern standard Arabic , Quranic Arabic ( classical Arabic ) as well as Colloquial Egyptian Arabic .

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Learn Abstract Oil Painting and Resin Techniques from a Columbia Graduate and Working Artist

I give painting lessons to all levels of artists alike. It helps to have previous experience with acrylic paint but it's not completely necessary. I have been mentored from esteemed Chicago artists, Anna Kunz, and Fidel Rodriguez, that have shown me professional tricks and ways of thinking about paintings mediums that will expand your artistic capabilities beyond what you are doing now.

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An artist by passion gives arts craft and painting tutorials for beginners

My way of teaching is I start from basic and demonstrate step by step procedure to the student and beginners

1st lesson offered free !

Students of Art and Astronomy Creation offer Private Drawing of various mediums in the Special Region of Yogyakarta

The learning method that I offer before is how to find out what needs to be achieved by the student, what is his interest in art, so that after knowing what he needs, I will try to provide material and stages in the learning process.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Drawing. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Lucia has helped me massively with my Art A Level Course, in particular, working through two sketchbooks which are weighted with a high percentage of the overall mark. What has helped me most is Lucia's extensive knowledge of the course, and by...

Jess, student
6 days ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! We’ve been using Sophie to help with a GCSE art student, in particular refining some drawing techniques. She’s brilliant - she really connects well with the student and preps relevant lesson material perfectly. Well delivered and well...

Jenny, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lauren is fantastic . She is very approachable and friendly. She spotted straight away how to improve George’s GCSE outcome . She leaves him tasks to complete each week so he stays on track with his coursework. She listens to his ideas and works...

Mary, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I studied with Alisavo while I was at college. I studied fashion and textiles however my cource also included a lot of drawing, something that I knew I needed to work on. Alisavo was excellent at helping me with my technique. I was shown how to make...

Rebecca , student
5 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! I would highly recommend taking art lessons with David ! I was very pleased with my one to one lessons, which helped me gain confidence and improve on my skills as an artist. David has a wonderful positive and encouraging teaching style. Thank you...

Anna, student
5 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! I really like how Debra is teaching me the basics of drawing and how to build my confidence too. She is clear and helpful. I suggest her as a tutor.

Veronica, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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