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Drum lessons that will keep you inspired and motivated! New England area.

I believe in the power of music for social change, and besides writing and performing it to touch people’s hearts, the most direct way to change society is by teaching it. No matter if they will grow to become professional musicians or take another direction, music education has greater benefits for those learning it, and the benefits are reflected in everyday life.

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Basic drum and solarium lessons for adults and children! (province of Livorno)

Hi I'm Gianni, I've been studying privately with several teachers and schools in my area and played in hundreds of concerts around Italy and Europe for over ten years. I offer drill courses for those who want to get closer to the instrument and why not, to the written music.

Boca Raton
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Professional drummer for over 20 years gives lessons and music theory in your home or my studio

I studied classical percussion and drum set for many years, attending an Arts High School and continuing on to college. I can make learning drums, percussion and music theory fun and easy. Whether it's for school or solos, we can do everything.

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DRUMS DRUMS DRUMS to your home! Learn technique, reading and different styles

I am a musician sponsored by adidas Originals who has toured the world playing drums. My specialties are rock, hip hop and electronic music. I focus on developing technique in my students. I am very interested in knowing the music that they like for me to adapt according to what they really love and willing to play.

Los Angeles
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Memorable and Fun Drum Lessons from Worldwide Touring Drummer/Percussionist based in LA

I studied Percussion at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I played in jazz combos, percussion ensembles, orchestras, as well as playing solo recitals on marimba, timpani, and jazz vibraphone, as well as competing in Concerto competitions. I toured worldwide on Cruise ships, playing in cover bands, jazz bands, behind singers and dancers in production shows and world-renowned guest soloists.

Ciudad de México
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Drums, harmony, history and appreciation of popular music lessons. In Mexico City.

As a drum teacher, I seek to develop students technically and help them develop a musical language applied to the drumset.

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Drummer offers drum lessons (from jazz-fusion to metal) at home for beginners and advanced level in Bologna.

Drummer from the radical passion for the instrument offers lessons at home mainly based on jazz-rock-fusion technique and metal.Tecnica of double pedal, posture, tunings for different styles, wrist and finger technique, lettura.Metodi Jim Chapin, Tullio de Piscopo, Marvin Dahlgren and altri.Il everything is still set on the specific personality and dell'allievo.

Las Vegas
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Pro studio & touring drummer / educator with many years of exp' teaching drums in Las Vegas

The main goal is to achieve real world results, for a beginner it is very important to get a very solid foundation and build up from there, for an advanced drummer the idea is to find the weak points and strengthen those while expanding your independence drumming, dynamics & musicality (which is part of a broader method i developed based on legendary drum educators Gary Chester,Ted Reed & Jim...

San Gil
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Classes to individuals of Cello, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Music Theory and more.

Starting from your musical interest and the goals you want to achieve, we will articulate musical theory, solfeggio and the study of the instrument. The classes are aimed at children, young people and adults of basic and intermediate level who want to explore the world of music from the study of cello, drums, guitar and piano.

Southern River
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Experienced drummer and percussionist teaching drum lessons, from home, my studio space in Northbridge or I can come to you!

My methodology for drum tutoring varies with age and skill level. My drum lessons would be suitable for those who are wanting to start playing the drums, all the way up to experienced drummers wanting to improve their skills or adapt to more sounds.

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Graduated Brazilian teacher gives drum and cajon lessons - Nice and surroundings

Hello ! I am Felipe and I am Brazilian. I am a professional drummer and an educator based in Nice, south of France. I teach in 4 langages and the lessons are orientated towards each students individual goals from complete beginner to professional for all ages.

Yerba Buena
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Drummer with 6 years of experience offers drum course in Yerba Buena, Tucumán

My classes are aimed at those who want to start in the world of drums, or people who need help reading scores, learn songs , rudiments and techniques. Developing efficiency while playing , in speed, precision, fills, polyrhythms and dynamics.

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Friendly easygoing drum lessons from a passionate drummer that will improve your playing!

I am of the strong belief that everyone learns differently, I think it is key to asses a students learning style and adapt immediately. I am very easy going and patient, but also persistent and encouraging (I love seeing progress and how happy it makes students).

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Students ans Jazz Drummer gives Drums Lessons. 13 years of music experience. Department: Charente

Agostino method for music theory. I am not a big fan of the conservatory method. A few dozen minutes of music theory to get back into the bath then play and play-back. 2 hours are required for a class. Department of practice: Charente.

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Recent College Graduate with experience in Percussion Performance located in West Virginia.

If the student is new to percussion, they will be learning the basics. If they have prior experience, we will take that experience and experience and expand on it. I feel that each student is different so different techniques will be used for each student.

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Creative and flexible Music Teacher with 5 years of private studio and classroom experience offering in-home piano, drum, clarinet, and theory lessons in the Indianapolis area.

I consider my teaching method to be traditional, yet creative and unique to the individual student, since each student's goals and learning styles are unique. I seek to make music fun and practical to students while still teaching them the fundamentals of music theory, technique, and history. I strongly emphasize theory and music reading.

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São Paulo
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Drum Lessons for all ages and levels - Grooves, Fills, Time, Improvisation, Musical Styles

batteries lessons for all ages and levels. Drummer for 15 years, been through various teaching methods and numerous difficulties to reach the level I arrived. Thus, knowing the ways, and especially the rocks in the middle of it, I prepared an easy and very didactic method to help any student.

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Passion turns out profession here. Need to be a good drummer keep following me.

I ll teach from the basics of the instrument and I ll teach both theory and practical. I ll teach my own lessons and I ll teach Trinity Music college syllabus too.

Los Angeles
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Solo Singing and Drum-set Tutor! High Talent and years of study and teaching experience!

As a singing teacher - my methods steam largely from what was taught in the SLS organization and IVA, because that is where i learned. Rather than trying to explain things as they should be done, we use excercises to put things into practice immediately and THEN explain what is happening in your body. You do it first - and then put it to words yourself.

Luis daniel
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Drum teacher with extensive experience in genres such as (Pop, Rock, Latin, Reggae, Metal, Electro.) Tips, techniques, advice and advice (Drum Coach)

My method starts from an approach based on the needs and interests of my students, in a dynamic, fresh and practical way.

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Primary Education Student gives drumming lessons for the drum kit in the Northern Tablelands

My teaching method is purely student-centered, focusing on the student's interests and style as they play the instrument. My lessons would involve playing simple to advanced rhythms, listening to drumming in a variety of cultures and practising reading sight notation.

(1 review)
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Amiya Creative Solutions provides tuition in Tabla, Key Board and Vocal Music

My teaching method is both traditional and modern. And I guide both Indian Classical and Light music. I provide different study materials with soft and hard copy which are very suitable and usefull to my students using digital media.

Buenos Aires
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Music teacher. Particular and experienced in all ages. At home. Emphasis on piano, initiation, drums, flute and Ableton Live (electronics).

I've got a career of musician from University Sergio Arboleda and at present I'm studying a master in music of 20th century I've got experience teaching piano, keyboards, drums, corporal percussion, flute traverse and electronic technics; also many kinds of rhythms and styles like: jazz, blues, rock and classic.

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Progressive, Experienced & Seasoned Professional Master Teacher and Multi-Instrumentalist on Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass and applied Music Theory, Scott Moyer

I am a successful professional musician for over 50 years and a music teacher for 42 years teaching Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Theory, Songwriting and Beginning to advanced Rhythm studies. I specialize in getting you, the student, to fully understand the instrument you have chosen to learn to play by having a complete and thorough curriculum of study.

Ciudad de México
Luis fernando
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Private classes of percussion and drums for all levels; (We have instruments) in Edomex and CDMX by Lic. In Percussions - UNAM

I am a qualified percussionist, working in symphonic orchestra, I offer drum and percussion classes (drum, marimba, timbales, accessories, etc.) that include technique and elementary repertoire of it. This course is aimed at any type of student who wishes to reinforce and expand their knowledge in the area and / or preparing admission exams to professional music schools.

São Paulo
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Studying music with a Bachelor in drums. Over 10 years of instrument study and experience in presentations. I live in São Paulo - capital (center). Lessons in residece.

I have played drums for over 10 years and have experience with presentations of all kinds as well. I'min the last year of music in FMU, which has a strong focus on theory. I will use simple theory methods, but very effective, such as Tonal Harmony (Kostka), and Music for Sight Singing (Ottman).

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Concert level drummer with 8 years of experience looking for students with a knack of rhythm to work upon. Young and dedicated towards bringing out the best in you.

My methodology is teaching subjectively as each and every person has a different way of learning. I tend to harness the innate potential of the student as a musician and develop a wholesome skill set as per requirements and liking of the student.

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Bill Emerson Music LLC. Musical instrument lessons in the Detroit, Michigan metro area. Lessons for Drums, Drum-Set, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Band & Orchestra Instruments.

I design lessons for each individual's needs. Lessons teaching music theory, sheet music reading, using method books, and teaching chord charts and guitar tablature for learning songs. Lessons are taught weekly, available in 30 or 60 min. classes.

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Hello fellas I play TABLA on the Drums do u wanna learn I belong from India and I want to spread the music I know. I am a bachelor in performing arts .

I teach through music books and music theory . I also teach konakol the language of rythm I also teach basic music theory.

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Perfect! My daughter has just started learning Tabla, and since she is young, I had my reservations of her creating a good rapport with a tabla teacher. However, Ricky is young with a very positive attitude and has managed to engage her enthusiastically with...

Anita , student
2 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Adam, first and foremost, is a great guy to be around, he’s focused, friendly and always looking to do his best for others. As a fellow drummer, I can say this guy has got all the skills you need to be a top drummer - great technique, adaptable...

Jana, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

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