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Maths/ English SEN tutor - London - MSc Educational Psychology graduate - six years experience working in schools supporting children with SEN

I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centered on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style. My tutoring style uses a person centered approach, that enables the student to manage their own learning overtime.

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Dedicated South Wales 1-1 Dyslexia tutor with 23 years experience to children/students

Every individual in school/university or the workplace, is entitled to achieve their full potential. An individual's learning abilities can be developed through the identification of their learning styles. Using an individual's strengths, strategies can be adopted and applied to meet areas of learning that challenge them.

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Special Needs Teacher supporting dyslexic students with reading, writing, spelling & maths. Bsc (hons) & OCR Level 5 Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Personalised teaching that is focussed on the needs of the learner. Lessons are challenging yet fun and regular assessment and guidance ensures that all learners make progress. Lesson for dyslexic learners are multi sensory, fun and focus on developing skills to help improve reading, writing, spelling and phonological awareness.

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Professional Graphometrist (Handwriting) 35 years experience and specialist knowledge in Learning S

1 -1 and I only require an image of the handwriting and will advise accordingly. It all depends upon the quality of handwriting.

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I am a qualified SENCo offering 1:1 Sessions in English KS3/4/5.

My sessions are personalised depending on the SEN needs of my pupil. I take time to assess and create resources to meet the needs of my learning. I believe in order to teach students with SEN I need to understand their needs and be supportive.

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Spanish special needs teacher offering to work hard to enable your child to reach his full potential.

I do not follow a particular methodology. I adapt my lessons or sessions to the child needs so I use what I see it works for the child. I always tend to use multi-sensory approach since it works for both special needs and mainstream kids. I have created a Facebook page where I share articles and interesting facts for parents who like to be up to date with methodologies, research etc.

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Ellen - Offering 1-1 or group support for students with SEND - based near London Bridge

I am an experienced SEN tutor who has previously worked with children and young people with a variety of different needs; particularly with individuals who present with SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health) needs and ASD. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I tutor in literacy and numeracy in addition to study skills and exam preparation (including stress-reducing mindfulness activities).

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Licensed Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University with 5+ years of experience

I begin by getting to know the students that I'm working with and how they learn best. I utilize their learning styles to craft lessons that will meet their needs. When introducing a new topic or skill, I usually start with a hands-on activity as a hook to excite students about their new learning.

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Literacy Support for students with Special Needs needing tutoring in literacy skills

Students learn differently so it is important for me as a teacher/tutor to discover how a student learns best, their strengths and weaknesses, gaps that they have in their learning and ways I can help them to achieve their best and learn despite any learning difficulties that they may have.

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Special Ed. teacher loves working with children. Have been teaching for 10 years.

My teaching method is hands-on differentiated instruction among each student, to best support their learning needs based on their individual education program. I exercise positive reinforcement within every lesson for each child. My experience with behavior intervention has allowed me to foster the growth of my students across all domains.

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I specialized in helping students using the Orton-Gillingham approach and it works!! If you are reading this, you are the luckiest student alive. You are about to have the best tutor in the galaxy!!

ESL, Reading Specialist, Orton Gillingham Approach, Reading Comprehension, Essay Writing I can teach and tutor any academic subject and and pay close attention to homeschooled children who also needs someone who can listen to them and have great academic conversations with.

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Special Education Teacher in Clayton, NC with 7 years experience teaching/tutoring students with special needs in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and social skills.

I work with students up through high school level on any of the academic subjects or on social skills and problem solving. Each subject is taught differently. It varies and may include... -a brief introduction with examples and the student practicing. -guiding students through the process by exploring and asking questions until they figure it out themselves.

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College senior with high-level English. I can help your child become a better reader.

I approach reading with my students by their grade level. I can tutor one on one or in groups. Also, I can help your child become a better writer. I have lots of patience and can work with children with disabilities.

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Brown University Student with 6 years experience, offering tutor services in Providence to Students with special needs and learning differences

I have always learned differently, which has been a blessing in disguise. As a tutor, I aim to use my own experiences to help students find creative, out-of-the-box strategies to learn and study. I have over four years of experience as a tutor and supervisor with students of all ages (0-14), and a variety of special needs and learning differences.

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UK qualified Dyslexia Specialist in Brampton available for support with reading, spelling and writing

My lessons are structured, cumulative and multi-sensory. I follow the Alpha to Omega program to support children with LDs, however, my lessons are customized to the individual needs of each student. I identify the students' learning style(s) and teach them in a way that is best suited to their needs.

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Sydney-based Learning Consultant with Montessori Diploma, BA (Hons) and dyslexia/learning difficulties experience

I either provide personalised tutoring programs to students, but alternatively also assist with schoolwork/homework in a range of subjects including English, Maths, French, German, HSIE, History, music (piano), including techniques to overcome learning or developmental difficulties and increase students' confidence.

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Special Education Teacher with 12 years experience teaching small group reading instruction.

I have successfully used structured, multi sensory teaching techniques to help students in grades K-12 learn how to read. My energy and enthusiasm is contagious and builds confidence and desire to learn. I am highly creative and have the ability to motivate struggling learners.

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Educational Psychologist of 20 years experience offers home tutoring for all ages

My teaching method is to make an assessment and then work the areas, that has to be improved by the students, for example: spatial orientation, language, etc.

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