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CELTA Qualified ESOL Teacher, experienced, friendly and bilingual. I live in London, and speak Arabic, English and am learning Spanish. I understand that learning a language can be challenging, but pr

I like to plan active learning lessons, I always assess students' best ways of learning and plan my lessons around them. I am always happy to look for new activities and materials to suit your individual learning patterns. Every student is different, but learning should always be exciting and enjoyable.

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Business graduate teaches Esol and advanced English, business English. Helping students learn fast

I have a degree in business management, and I teach esol and English for beginners. I teach wide range of people who are interested in developing their English language. My lesson plan includes objectives of the topic, the key materials needed and activities, which will recap what has been learnt.

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A-level student with high marks in English and a passion for it.

I'm very patient and will be willing too work on aspects like perfecting an English accent and pronunciation which will accompany a clear understanding of everything Said in English. I'm A level student studying history and English my two passions in this world and would look forward too giving people the chance too learn English.

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Punjabi, Hindi, English, Science, IT, Maths one to one Tutoring sessions t

My qualification: B.Sc(Medical), B.Ed, M.A (eng), M.Ed, PGDECI, M.sc (IT), MCA Can teach ICT, Maths, Science, Punjabi, English, Hindi, Biology age groups: Primary, KS1,2,3, GCSE, Adult Learner One to one sessions. Have 6-7 years of teaching in schools, colleges in India and private tutoring in here.

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Student offering English Language lessons at home in the North of England

My teaching method is to individually teach and revise the English Language with you. We will start with the basics like animals, colours, verbs and then move on to more complex things such as full sentences and grammar. You can choose how many lessons you want.

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I'm a RSA/Cambridge qualified ESOL and EFL teacher, and previous IELTS examiner, with 20+ years experience teaching English to adults and children. Slough / Windsor / Heathrow area.

I teach English/ESOL/EFL to adults and children, and can help with preparation for the IELTS exam. My lessons are interactive and fun, and will be tailored to your individual level and needs. I love to teach, and will challenge you to achieve your best! I hope to make English as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

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Published Author teaches English both written and verbally in Bournemouth available immediately

Whilst I do not have a degree in English, it is still a passion of mine and I've spent many years studying from a literature and language stand point. My style is one which works with the student and works at a pace which suites them.

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Communications Studies degree graduate, offering English lessons online. Patient and very friendly

My teaching style is to understand what my students require and I work to ensure you gain what is most important to you. I will work to develop areas students need work and provide the relevant feedback necessary to progress.

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I am here to teach you English Language (LINGUISTICS, LITERATURE). I have degree of BS ENGLISH!

My teaching method contains both verbal and non verbal way. I refer my students to not only read but to understand what they are actually reading. I mostly use the imagery power and also use the audio visual aids to clear the concepts of the learners.

Sabine pixi
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Contact English teacher with a relaxed attitude at home in rural Wales

My teaching method is very flexible and has to fit the individual's preference and talent.

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I've been tutoring English since 2007 and I'm looking for new students

My teaching style adapts to each student and what aspects of English they want to learn or are struggling with.

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Hi, My name is Paige. 
Book a class if you’re interested in learning general English, preparing for the IELTS test or wanting to learn English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

It depends on what your goals and learning styles are. But I do believe that the best way to learn a language is to use the language. So my lessons are often equally divided to let students receive input and produce output.

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You want to learn English? Struggling to write letters? A university graduate in English; I can teach you!

My teaching method is to first listen to my student and see which area he or she would like to focus on. I can help with basic English, sentence construction, grammar, spelling, pronunciation and so on.

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Female ESOL tutor with Open University degree in English and TEFL qualification

I give ESOL lessons to adults at the moment but also work 1-1 with children. Teaching the children is dependent on English level and need. Sometimes vocabulary groups are covered, vocabulary related to the class topic, verb tenses, sentence construction and grammar. Adult lessons are by topic, with relevant vocabulary and grammar.

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Qualified English teacher with experience and passion for teaching students written and spoken EFL.

I'm equipped with the Communicative Teaching Method. I apply this method in the classroom through interactive, student-centered activities that maximize “student talk time.” I scaffold my lessons so that they include pair and group work, as well as movement around the classroom.

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Experienced English tutor providing lessons in the English language online in Allen

My teaching method is primarily based in grammar and vocabulary tutorials. I will instruct students in proper sentence structure as well by providing sample questions during lessons. I will also help revise and restructure essays and other written work that may need improvement.

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A Business Management billingual student offering English language classes in Hampshire area.

I'm able to teach anyone who would like to learn about this subject and improve their language skills. I believe talking is the key of developing therefore my classes will be very much informal chat based with tasks for understanding grammar and vocabulary.

Houghton le Spring
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Law student on a year abroad in Spain looking to teach English.

My teaching method is to have a short conversation to see the students ability, from that I will set out a range of topics that we can learn and talk about. I am easy going and I am happy to teach the student what they might prefer to learn.

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I teach english and speak a bit of Japanese and thai. I like poetry

I will teach you the basics, answer questions and explain the more complex rules and different ways of using english.

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A qualified MA Global Journalism English tutor ready to teach you the English Language. Learn how to speak, read, write and listen in English. You will be fluent very soon with me

My teaching method is always suited to the individual’s needs. I first assess the student’s command of the English language and what level they are at. After doing this, I then plan my lessons for them. By knowing how confident they are with English will always allow me to add the value to imrpove their languge skills. This method has always produced great outcomes.

Sal s.
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Yesterday we were clever, so we improved the world. today we are wise, so let's improve ourselves.

The first lesson I spent time talking to my student to figure out what would be the ideal system for him or her. I believe that no matter the age or background while learning anything, we need to understand why we are learning this particular subject.

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Experienced & easy going English teacher offering to pass all her wisdom onto you - based in London

I strongly believe that the most effective learning takes place if the student is interested, motivated and primarily is enjoying the lesson. I always aim to create positive and easy going environment for the student, but at the same time I motivate the student to work hard and think for him/herself. I will show you the way, but you have to walk it yourself.

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Motivational EFL/ESOL tutor with a PhD in Linguistics and 20 years teaching experience offers home tuition in Brighton

I strive to offer students motivational and supportive learning spaces in which they can have fun and achieve their full potential. I regularly adapt my teaching to suit different types of learners. I am sensitive to students' changing needs and encourage them to share with me how they like to learn and what works well for them.

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Love English! The language is given to us to create mutual understanding

My teaching method is interactive. I like using game technique- it helps memorizing rules. I prefer using live text rather than exercises as I teach adults only. My texts are all original. All my methodology is individual and client- centred.

1st lesson offered free !

Over 4 years of experience teaching English as a second language. Working with students ages 4-58 I promise to cater my lessons to your age, level, interests and language/cultural needs.

I base my class on the needs of the individual. Whether it’s business English, cultural orientation, small talk, listening exercises, accent training, comprehension and many more.

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Experienced Native British teacher in Asia , Suit young learners Students and Adults

My teaching method is fun and exciting , learning with laughter and passion to learn I like to give the student all my knowledge and experience in education and make it exciting for them to learn with me , Fun is the best way to learn

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Start speaking English in just 30 days. Fully qualified and well experienced lady teacher

I always lay a good foundation. I do not teach according to the students's age or qualification. I teach them according to their existing ability, after assessing them. My teaching method is a combination of different methods i.e.

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Experienced TEFL-qualified ex BBC journalist teaching English speaking and writing online in London

I'm happy to tailor my classes to your exact needs and ability level, whether you're a beginner or advanced. I'm very flexible and I always try to make it fun and relatable to real life situations.


Lottie - Professional Voice, Speech and Accent and Dialect Coach and Senior Voice Tutor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Hello, I'm Lottie and I can help you reach your full vocal potential. Whether you need to improve your communication skills, learn an accent or improve your English I am here to help you achieve your goals. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Voice Accent and Dialect Speech Accent Reduction English as a foreign Language - Tell me about your qualifications.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn to improve your English speaking and writing with a Native English speaker!

I try to ensure that anyone who takes part in my lessons has fun. Which means a lot of filling in the blanks games and speaking exercises where the student has to show me their level of English.

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Perfect! Trevor has worked with me on accent reduction. I am a fluent speaker so the work he needed to do was very subtle, since my mistakes were not always that obvious. He was patient, kind, clear, and overall very professional. He was very helpful during...

Mara, student
1 week ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I needed help boosting my understanding of grammar before starting my CELTA course. David has done a phenomenal job, always well prepared with extremely helpful, relevant material and breaks down each competent into easily digestible chunks. Would...

Billy, student
2 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! I started my lessons at Melissa´s when I didn´t had a glue what type of exam I needed. She figured out which one would fit to my aims and she was right! We practiced for the IELTS academic within six months and I got a really good results. We...

Antonia, student
2 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Eleni is a superb tutor .... very skilled and engaging ... she has really helped me with my understanding of English ... I would highly highly recommend her !!!! ️️️️️️

Sally-anne , student
2 weeks ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Mark is a really nice guy, that make the teaching lesson goes smoothly and fun. He’s really detail oriented and also he will provide you with a lot small tips of British slang, idioms and culture. Definitely I recommend him.

Pablo, student
2 weeks ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Melissa is a perfect english teacher, a very good friend as well, she understood our needs very well and offered a very good plan for my wife to adapt to the life in the UK. Many thanks to her.

Yasin, student
3 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

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Lessons with a Private English Tutor

For everyday life in the UK, you’ll need to have a good grasp of the English language. It’s useful for interacting with people in school, work, and anywhere else you may find yourself. There are three main aspects of language: reading, writing and speaking. Do you need to attend a language school? Why not? A private tutor is even more effective as their lessons are tailored to you. You might have come across free English lessons or English lessons online to help you study the language. However, the most effective method is to have your own dedicated private English tutor.

The English Language: The Difficulty Faced by Current Generations

It’s no secret that a lot of the younger generation struggle with the English language and reading, writing, and speaking it. Language specialists have been focusing on the problem of spelling in the modern age and text speak. With so much media influence from across the pond, it can sometimes also be tricky to know what’s British English and what’s American English and how and when you can use each. The second reason that the level is going down is because that English, like many other languages, has a number of complicated concepts including personal pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, verbs, the active and passive voice, conjugations (present simple, past continuous, present perfect, future, etc.), spelling, grammar, writing, etc. A lot of the younger generation are used to typing out messages online and on their phones, where particular grammatical rules aren’t required or expected. Similarly, with spellcheck available every time you write something on your computer or phone, more and more people are unfamiliar with how to correctly spell certain words. While those in primary schools and secondary schools are tested on spelling, once they get to university and start their first jobs, spelling rarely gets tested. Even those who were regularly tested on spelling and grammar as they were growing up will start to struggle with it when they no longer have to rely on their own knowledge. Of course, there's no need for alarm. English private tutorials are there to help you with any aspect of the language you're struggling with. There are also tutors that can help those speaking English as a foreign language. Whether you need to learn English for a Cambridge exam or need business English for your career, tutors can teach you differently to the way you'd learn in the classroom. In fact, they can focus on any aspect of the language you want, be it pronunciation, speaking with confidence, writing an essay, achieving fluency, or just help with some English homework.

The Importance of Being Able to Write Well in English

The ERASMUS programme has helped plenty of students from the UK to live and study in other European countries. It's also helped so many British people to learn a foreign language. Of course, this can sometimes come at the detriment of your own mother tongue. If you feel that your own English has gotten a bit rusty, you can always brush up on it with the help of private tutorials. Your English will need to be good if you’re working in an international English-speaking market. With so much text being created in the form of text messages, emails, and websites, being able to spell correctly has never been more important. This is where your private English tutor can help. You can’t take your English for granted! Quite the opposite. You need to regularly work on it. How can you attend university classes and get a degree if you can’t really write in the English language?

The Perfect Solution for English Lessons

With so many other things to learn at GCSE and A Level, the elementary aspects of a language can often fall by the wayside. A private tutor can help you to improve your English. In fact, they can help you improve your writing, spelling, and speaking. Having a good level in English will be an advantage in almost every field of work. That said, it’s also useful for finding work. Current recruiters are starting to look more closely at candidates’ spelling and writing skills. How could you hire someone who made dozens of spelling mistakes on their CV? You should be aware that you can perfect your spelling and writing with a private tutor. Thanks to tailored lessons, the student can go back over anything they’re struggling with, even if it’s something as fundamental as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Speaking Better with English Private Tutorials

Reading and writing aren’t the only aspects of the English language that have taken a hit with the arrival of modern technology. Speaking and listening have also worsened. People speak more like they text. Similarly, reality TV showcases a wide variety of non-standard dialects. There are plenty of reasons for it. So how can you improve your speaking in order to nail that university presentation you have to give? What about your next job interview? A workshop at your job? Getting a teaching qualification? Getting your dream job? There are so many situations where your speaking skills are called upon. So how can you organise a workplace meeting, a conference, or a brainstorming session if your speaking skills aren’t that good? The same is true for everyday life. How can you take part in a political conversation if your speaking leaves a lot to be desired? Hiring an experienced and qualified private tutor is sometimes the best way to go.

Private English Tutors for Improving your English Marks

We’ve looked at longterm solutions. Reading, writing, and speaking are hugely important in everybody’s daily lives. What about the short term? What if your child is struggling in their English lessons at primary school, secondary school, sixth form, or university? English tutorials can help students to get good marks. In primary school, it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive as bad grades can quickly snowball in a child’s formative years when they’re learning all the essentials of their mother tongue. They can’t afford to have gaps in their knowledge of reading and writing. The same is true when they move on to secondary school. As they start studying a plethora of new subjects, their language skills become even more essential. By the time they’re studying their GCSEs and A Levels, they’re expected to be proficient users of their mother tongue in terms of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students who struggle with language skills will see their grades drop significantly in subjects that heavily rely on them like the humanities. Of course, a private tutor can always step in to give them the extra help they need.

Go Further with Your English

Whether you’re brushing up on your grammar, spelling, conjugations, writing, speaking, or literature skills at primary school, secondary school, or university, a private tutor can help you to fill in any gaps. Whether you do private tutorials, small group classes, or online tutorials, the tutor can tailor their lessons to you. Maybe you’re looking for a tutor to help your kids? From reception to upper sixth, private English tutorials can prepare kids for all the exams and work they’ll have to do throughout school. They can be particularly useful for helping them with their A Levels and getting into a good university. Of course, after their A Levels, their private tutorials don’t necessarily need to stop. Additionally, those who don’t speak English as their mother tongue can also benefit a lot from private English tutorials to help them learn to speak like a native. In any case, our private English tutors know how to tailor their lessons to their students and get the most out of them every hour they spend together. Every learner is different. While some may learn vocabulary quickly in their second language, others may be better speakers of English as a second language and improve quickly after a few hours of tutoring. Either way, each hour you're taught English from a private tutor is an hour you've got the best instruction for you.