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North Richmond

David - North Richmond - Maths

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I primarily teach Mathematics at a wide range of levels and have been doing so for a number of years. Whilst most of my students are preparing for either SATs or GCSEs, I also offer tuition to A-level students, including those studying Further Maths.

Strawberry Hill

Andrew - Strawberry Hill - Maths

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics and French at all levels up to and including A-level and English literature or language up until GCSE. - Tell me about your qualifications. I graduated in July 2009 with a First Class BSc joint honours degree in Mathematics with French from the University of Manchester.


Maths Tutor Twickenham - Dr. Raval

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computing. - Tell me about your qualifications. MSc. (Computational fluid dynamics); PhD. (Computational fluid dynamics) - How much do you charge? I charge £18/hr for inhouse training and £20/hr if I have to travel in and around London. I offer discounts for group lessons and children.

Central Hounslow

Nikhil - Central Hounslow - Maths

Hi. I love to help people grow so enjoy training people to help them improve their skills in Programming, Algorithmic Trading, Data Science, Mathematics and Finance.

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EFSTATHIOS - Chiswick - Maths

With undivided attention and carefully designed courses, Stathis' students get the help they need to achieve high performance in their GCSE and A-level exams.

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Very experience maths teacher in Hounslow for A-level maths and further maths

My methodology is to break the topic into small manageable chunks to make it more accessible to the students. I love teaching A-level maths and it is my biggest satisfaction to see my students understand the different topics in Maths and develop the love for the subject.

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Enthusiastic Maths tutor for pupils studying GCSE Maths as well as A-level Maths

I have previously tutored GCSE pupils however though I have not tutored A-Level students I can safely say I have the correct level of experience to do so considering how recently I finished my exams. I take organisation seriously, I do believe past papers are the key to achieving your Maths grade.

Hanger Lane

Suchara - Hanger Lane - Maths

If there is anything I can help please lets me know, am preferred to hear from you via the email first. Also, am believed we would find the suitable time to meet. Don't tell me about it if you find math, physic and statics difficult, young people need the inspiration. To be successful in life is something everyone is look upto.

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Cambridge Natural Sciences student offering Physics, Maths, and Chemistry lessons in London. Willing to travel.

Hi! I'm a Second Year student studying Natural Sciences at Christ's College, Cambridge. This year I began to specialise in Physics and Maths, but I also have plenty of experience in Chemistry.

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Harvard University student offering Calculus (or lower level math), Spanish, and standardized test/college application prep with 2 years experience

I am a college student that gives tutoring lessons to other students at my college and to local high school students. I prefer to approach the lessons differently depending on the subject and the student's desired learning style and goals. I prefer to talk to the student beforehand about ways that they learn best and what they would like to accomplish.

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A- level Math student offering Maths tutoring up to As Level in London

I will give lessons in maths and further maths up to As level. I will help you achieve the grade you are aiming for by assessing your abilities and helping on topics you find difficult. I will go through them in our lesson and assign homework to make sure you fully understand the topic. I will also bring my own resources on any topic you need help with.

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Qualified maths teacher with 5+ years of experience at KS2 to KS5 based in London

I treat each pupil as an individual and can quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses. I use a combination of techniques to help my pupils apply their knowledge to unfamiliar questions or problems. My focus is for pupils to develop confidence in their mathematical abilities.

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Soon to be Electronic Engineering student offering Maths+Physics lessons ~ West London

Lessons should be carefully tailored to the student and this is something I stand by. With Maths and Physics in particular, besides repetition and experience, approaching a topic from numerous angles and understanding the reasoning behind certain formulas is essential.

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Imperial college chemical engineering student tutoring A-level and GCSE maths and science

Through straightforward and logical lessons, I can help you develop a strong fundamental understanding of the subject, which is key to achieving the best grades and will prove very useful to you in higher education (if you so choose that route). I'll advise you on exam technique, using past papers and examiner reports to demonstrate how to tackle various question types.

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Cambridge Maths graduate offering maths lessons up to A-level in South-West london

I believe that lessons need to be tailored to suit a students particular needs, so in the first couple of lessons I try to evaluate the level of the student of what specific topics they need to work on. I regularly go through exam questions so that students are more capable and confident when they take their exam.

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MSc. in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College PhD student 8 years of experience tutoring. Tutoring Maths, Physics and Thermodynamics in London

I base all my lectures in the constructive alignment principle, which means basically matching the student capacity with the intellectual challenge. During the first lesson I assess what are the learning outcomes required and the knowledge/skills of the students. Based on that and the available time, the tutoring sessions are planned.

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Mechanical Engineering student offering Maths, Further Maths and Physics lessons up to A-level standard

My teaching method is to introduce a topic with the more simple concepts and gradually get into teaching the more complex subject. Importantly ensuring to try questions as we go along.

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Imperial College engineering student offering piano, music theory, maths and physics tuition in London

I am a friendly and approachable teacher, and am also flexible in how I approach lessons. I usually approach lessons by explaining concepts in a clear, easy to understand way, with the aid of plenty of diagrams. I encourage questions at every step of the way, and encourage deepening of knowledge of that subject.

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A2 level student with very good maths skills able to tutor up to A2 level maths and further maths

I am an a level student and i give lessons to students that are both my age and younger. i have helped students understand maths from the basics and most have been able to apply those skills to much more complex questions. so far i have only tutored voluntarily but have had a deep interest in taking it into a larger environment and try to help more students with maths and further maths.

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Recent Maths Graduate Offering Tutoring in SW London. Other subjects also offered: Spanish, French, English.

I can offer tutoring up to GCSE level in Maths (I have Maths and Further Maths A levels) I can tutor up to GCSE Spanish, and beginner level French. I approach each topic individually, but build each lesson on from the previous subject. Before moving on to a new subject I will ensure all material is understood.

Old Malden

A-Level Maths SW London | Science | Physics Lessons Kingston

I became a teacher in my fifties and find that I far prefer to tutor rather than teach in a school. I am therefore a full time tutor in maths and physics. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, GCSE Science - Tell me about your qualifications.


Vanessa - Norbiton - Maths

- Classes What our process looks like for you: 1 - After you contact us to register your interest, we will conduct an informal and friendly telephone interview with your child to understand their needs and academic goals 2 - Your child will come in for their first lesson, soon after which, we will provide detailed feedback on the strengths and development needs of your child in that subject 3 -...

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Saf - Alperton - Maths

- Classes With most school classes packed with 25-30 children, it doesn't take a Maths genius to work out how much one-to-one time your child is going to get with their teacher per hour. Our class sizes are 9 maximum, with an average of 6. Or you can choose one-to-one. - Ages and Levels Covered We provide tuition for children between the ages of 4-18.

Kingsbury Green
(7 reviews)

Rajesh - Kingsbury Green - Maths

I am passionate about helping students overcome challenges in maths and master the subject. As a recently qualified teacher, I understand you want your child to attain the best possible results and I am dedicated to achieve this for all students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? A-level Maths, Further Maths. GCSE Maths, Physics. Higher Maths, Physics. IB Maths, Physics.


John - Fryent - Maths

I'm a former Head of Maths in a Sixth Form College, but am now retired from full-time teaching and give individual tuition in students' homes. I've been doing this in the Harrow area for the last 10 years. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics for GCSE, and A-level Maths and Further Maths (all modules).

Oatlands Park

Maths Tutor Weybridge | Maths Lessons Kingston

My name is Lee Reps and I am a secondary school maths teacher. I have been tutoring mathematics since September 2011 and find that working on a one to one basis with a student extremely rewarding and beneficial to the student. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I cover all aspects of mathematics from Key Stage 2 up to University level. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Theoretical physics student offering mathematics and physics tutoring (and coaching) up to any level in London.

My teaching method is to explain to the student the topic we're working on, then teach the student how to think about problems relating to it. I'd go through an easy problem then an extended problem with the student, which would give me an idea of what the student is good at and what they need working on.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly Experienced Maths Tutor with a PhD in Medical Physics from UCL

My approach is unconventional yet simple. Unlike standard methodologies for teaching maths, I promote somehow old fashion teaching methodologies. I give the student the tools and teach them how to use them correctly and effectively, rather than spoon-feed them by solving the biggest number of problems and exam questions.

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Key Stage 4 & 5 Maths Tutor Stanwell, Hounslow, Feltham, Ashford -GDeih-Collison

With recent changes to the Maths curriculum for schools, it is vital to have the right kind of help in order to do succeed.

Wembley Central

Jeel - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Computing. KS3, GCSE and A levels.

Dear Parents and Students, I am 26 years old, I teach because I enjoy it and I love teaching. Tutoring is my passion along with many other aspects of life which include investing, public speaking and volunteering. - Which subject(s) do you teach? A - Levels - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Computing. GCSE - Maths, All Sciences, ICT, Computing, Economics.

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