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Surrey Docks

Ingrid - Surrey Docks - German

Ich moechte Studenten und Schuelern helfen, um ihr Examen zu meistern, wenn es um die deutsche Sprache geht. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am a teacher 'German' language. - Tell me about your qualifications. Ich habe Germanistik studiert und im spaeteren Leben Linguistik und Phonetik. Ich unterrichte in hochdeutsch. - How much do you charge? I charge £ 45,00/h resp. £ 50.


Lisa - Moorgate - German

I am patient and professional with an ability to relate easily to young people. My reward is helping people obtain the academic achievements that will prepare them for the world of work. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English Language and Literature, French, German and Maths. I also provide adult literacy tuition and coach children on 11 plus and secondary school entrance exams.


Marit - Bishopsgate - German

Excellent coach who loves helping people find the right career. I will help you to help yourself. General business consulting and private coaching. Translation and German language tutoring services. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach career advice, job applications, CVs, interview skills, presentation skills, business advice, business ideas and German. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Crouch End

Emma - Crouch End - German

I am a fully qualified (PGCE) classroom music teacher and professional clarinetist and a passionate educator. I just moved back to my hometown London this March after having lived in Cologne Germany for five and a half years.


Simone - Aldgate - German

I believe that the most important thing in my profession is to think outside the box as every private student comes with a different set of needs. I motivate my students to push themselves beyond their usual boundaries to get them further quickly. And I believe in the potential of every single one of my students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach English as a second language.


Claire - Barnes - German

I am a very friendly, patient and energetic teacher and aim to allow students to get the most enjoyment possible out of their chose discipline. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I can provide the following services: - Individual Flute Tuition (beginners to grade 8) - Individual French Tuition (up to G.C.S.E - grammar/conversation etc) - Individual German Tuition (up to G.C.S.

Shepherd's Bush

German Tutor Shepherd's Bush - Alice Mitchell

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German, and I am also happy to provide tutoring in Linguistics for any undergrads who are finding the subject difficult. - Tell me about your qualifications. I've just graduated from Oxford with First Class Honours in German & Linguistics. I achieved 11 A*s at GCSE, and 4 As at A-Level (in French, Spanish, German and English).

Tower Hill

Rob - Tower Hill - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German and French from absolute beginner to GCSE standard. - Tell me about your qualifications. I left Sixth Form at a specialist Language College having gained A-Levels in French and German (both grade A), as well as a GCSE in Italian, for which I received an A* grade. I am currently studying BA German and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London.


Simone - Wanstead - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German, French, Italian, Ancient History, Classical Civilizations and Law. - Tell me about your qualifications. Master in Art History, Philosophy and Classical Archaeology, Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Postgraduate Diploma in Education. - How much do you charge? £20-30. - Where do you teach? I teach from home.


Klaus - Shaftesbury - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach music up to GCSE level, Singing, Correct Breathing Technique, Modern Foreign Languages (German, Spanish, Romanian ) and Flamenco dance. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Rufus - Aldgate - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Philosophy, Religious Studies, German and English as a Foreign Language. - Tell me about your qualifications. I gained four As at A-level in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Music and Geography.

East Dulwich

Marilena - East Dulwich - German

Guten Tag! I'm a native German speaker and hold a Film BA from the International Filmschool Wales and an MA in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths. My passion is to mentor young people and help them achieve their goals through individual tutoring. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I tutor German at all levels from primary school to A level and university.


Christina - Knightsbridge - German

I specialise in German language and literature (I am half German), English language and literature, and Environmental Studies or Geography, either as an ongoing support to complement school work, or as a more intensive preparation for exams.


Alex - Battersea - German

When you decide to teach to someone, it comes with a great deal of responsibility and accountability. You simply cannot afford to cut corners as you are helping to shape someone else's future. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical guitar. Music Technology Music Theory Maths German Italian - Tell me about your qualifications.

London Fields

Laura - London Fields - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I am able to teach Italian, Spanish and German up to A-level and French up to KS3 level. - Tell me about your qualifications. I hold a UK BA degree in German from the University of London and a Postgraduate Masters in Translation from Imperial College. I have completed a PGCE (Modern Foreign Languages: German, Italian, Spanish 11-18) at Sussex University.

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Native German speaker from Vienna offers language lessons and tutoring in London

I individually consult with each student beforehand the goals for a our class. If you want to follow a certain language (school) book that is totally fine with me. However, I am happy to prepare materials according to your needs and what you want to learn or the topic you want to improve in.

1st lesson offered free !

Improve your German with a native German speaker in London - beginner to advanced level

Everyone learns a language in a different way, so we will learn in the way most suitable for you! Whether you need help with assignments, have questions about grammar, or would like to have a conversation in German, we can figure out together how to effectively use the lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

King's College London student from America offering German lessons in and around Central London

When I was in school, I found it impossible to fully comprehend a subject when being just lectured. Instead, I found that a peer-to-peer approach works best. Having been a student learning these topics at one point, I can easily understand what works and what doesn't with each area of study.

1st lesson offered free !

German native speaker, post-graduate science student is offering German lessons in London

My teaching method is learning by doing. I can give German lessons for beginners to advanced, also GCSE. In each lesson we will work on reading, writing, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation or a selection of these. We can use your study book as a guide or otherwise Collins' easy learning German.

1st lesson offered free !

HCI-Student from Germany is offering German language lessons for individuals and groups

My teaching method is to screen the pupils' homework from school. Based on the content I'll create assignments and working sheets. I also assist them with their homework. I might use some books for my lessons for inspiration. I'll also will give homework to the students.

1st lesson offered free !

Native German speaker studying Biomedical Science at LMU tutoring German in London

Throughout my school career I had a tutor for about 10 years who has always supported and motivated me. In university, I learnt that it is not always the topics I enjoy but the professors who make it interesting. I try to bring this knowledge to my tutoring experience and do everything I can to make learning a pleasant experience.

1st lesson offered free !

German native speaking teacher offering politics, history and German lessons in London

I always try to make my lessons interesting through creative tasks and different methods like different group work, role-play, discussing ted talks/documentaries, concept mapping, storyboarding etc. Me as a person, I am very chatty, active and openminded and love to involve this in my lessons.

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Qualified German trainee teacher from hospitality offering authentic German lessons in London

My teaching method is learning by doing. It is important to enjoy what you are doing, therefore I want us to have a relaxing atmosphere where your creativity and inspiration can flow. We will go with your speed and focus on what you want to achieve in a certain amount of time.

1st lesson offered free !

German native speaker and recent Acting Graduate offering fun German lessons in the Fulham area.

I have no formal qualifications in teaching however I have been working as a translator for the past year and am fascinated by languages. I am interested in teaching German at a beginner's level and creating a fun and positive environment through using my experience as an actor. My method is based on communication.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

German enthusiast undergraduate student with Goethe Language Certificate, experienced with kids, Central and West London

Hi, I am an undergraduate Imperial student and I can give lessons around Central and West London (South Kensington/North Acton).

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

College Student fluent in German able to offer tutoring for GCSE students and under

I understand the pressure that it feels to study an unknown language so I will offer my help to work through textbooks and vocabulary lists to help pupils steadily understand how to use the vocabulary and not just to remember it.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Oxford graduate and qualified teacher offering German tuition and conversation lessons to students of all ages and abilities

Combining my strong academic record with a supportive and empathetic style, I seek to tailor my approach for each student depending on their strengths and needs. I aim to use my experience teaching people of all ages and my understanding of pedagogy to ensure every student makes progress.

Mia maria
1st lesson offered free !

German Native Speaker doing her postgraduate studies in London offering German Tutoring at all levels

I am a German native speaker. Having had experiences as a German tutor and many experiences as a language student myself (for French (C2) and Dutch (B1)), I know how important it is to address individual needs, teach understandably and creatively as well as to give students the confidence to speak or write German. I offer Tutoring at all levels.

Tirza lydia
1st lesson offered free !

Young, vibrant German native speaker looking to help others learn the German language and expand their horizon.

I aim my teaching at anybody who is interested in discovering the German language, as well as more advanced students. I believe that learning a language not only enables you to communicate in that language, but also provides you with a new worldview, as every language can only be learned by also understanding the culture.

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1st lesson offered free !

Recent German and History UCL graduate offering oral and written tutoring lessons online and in London

I am offering lessons to anyone from beginners to advanced. (A.1 - B.1/2 according to the European CEFR scale). I would create an individual curriculum and timetable depending on the desires of the student, for example focussing on topics and vocabulary areas most relevant to the individual.

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Why take German courses in London?

German is one of the most studied foreign languages in Europe. It is quite natural that its presence in London, the "city of dreams", is extremely strong, to the delight of Germanophiles!

The German language is a Germanic dialect, from the group of Indo-European languages, at the head of a cultural and political zone of great importance. German is officially spoken, sometimes in slightly varying versions in dialect, in Germany (the leading European economic power), Austria, Liechtenstein, but also in certain parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, Brazil (it's true!), Poland, Romania, Denmark, Switzerland (even adding the Swiss guards of the Vatican), Italy... and Namibia!

To these 100 million speakers for whom Deutsch is a mother tongue, we must also add 100 million more  German speakers who speak the language as a second or third language: if you are here reading this article, it seems likely that you are a part of or will soon help to grow this number!

In many nations - and this is particularly the case in London - learning German is considered to be a good thing for the mind, spirit and one's culture. German courses are generally popular with certain elite, and many upscale institutions use them to build their best classes (unlike Spanish classes).

Londoners: these reasons and many others can encourage you to follow your dreams of discovering the Goethe language or continuing to perfect your language skills by taking German lessons with a licensed tutor.

Learn German in London

The city of London and its surrounding boroughs are full of possibilities to speak German fluently or even as a locale for a brief tourist stay.

From the Goethe-Institut London, to university programs, language schools and other language study intensives in German countries, the choices are plentiful.

But the most effective learning formula is that of taking private German lessons. In this way, there is no longer a single street in London that cannot access German lessons! Whether one speaks the "tudesque" or "Germanic" dialects, it is always a question of one and the same language, whose variants make us think of Latin in terms of grammatical discipline.

A discipline that becomes quickly easier when revising ones irregular verbs and Germanic vocabulary in St. James's Park, the Regent's Garden or by selecting a spot to study along the Thames river...

If you live in London, you will probably have German classes available at your doorstep, no neighborhood being left out. If the public transport system or private schools don't instill you with motivation or confidence, know that it is up to you to bring German lessons to your own home!

A luxury a bit more difficult to afford in the UK countryside, as there are less options available, but becomes much more easily accessible from any major city or surrounding area, thanks to a particularly dense public transport network: subway lines, city buses, trains...

London and Germany: privileged links

German culture has long since appeared in the English capital

If there are many films and books that remind us of the dark hours of the war, we should not believe that the links between London and Germany only concern the two world wars... Let us look at the more elegant and distinguished cultural contacts!

There has been, for many centuries, many German Anglophiles very fond of London and, in return, many Londoners imbued with Germanophilia, demanding to improve their German language learning.

Many Londoners and people around the world have left their homes and travelled to Germany over the years, to experience the great ones Germany has had to offer from Beethoven, Johann Bach, Johannes Brahms, Georg Handel (composers), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher), Steffi Graf (tennis player), Claudia Schiffer (supermodel), Diane Kruger (actress) and many more!

Germany is present in literary, arts, politics and culture in London as many German immigrants have made an impact on the city over the years. George Handel spent the greater part of his life in London and the British Parliament made him a British subject in 1737. William Herschel, a German astronomer who discovered Uranus in 1781, also moved to England. Reuters is one of the largest media organizations in the world and was founded in 1851 by German Paul Reuter. Karl Marx, being one of the most famous and influential political thinkers in the world, moved to London in 1849 after being expelled by France. These are just to name a few.

Germans in the United Kingdom form one of the largest minority ethnic groups and largest foreign-born groups in the country today. There are many Germans living in the UK and many Britons- or German British- have German ancestry, including even the British family. The Office for National Statistics estimates that in 2013 there were almost 300, 000 German-born residents living in the UK. In London itself, there are many Germans living in West London, particularly around Richmond, where there is even a German school. A great neighborhood to find a German tutor one would think!

Why not take your German language lessons with one of our teachers?

German courses in London: find a tutor quickly with Superprof!

Are you fed up with beginner German evening classes or the foreboding grammar exercises promised by paper textbooks?

Don't be discouraged in your desire to become multilingual: learning a foreign language at a beginner level as well as an advanced level does not need to be boring!

Private individual courses to learn German in London are there to help you become bilingual, step by step. The regularity of private lessons of this kind, with a native speaker, is even more effective for learning German than that of levelled intensive German courses.

It is obvious that to deepen one's knowledge and skills in the German language, tailor-made training leading to conversation classes in London is worth a thousand times more than group lessons, even in small groups.

This language training with a private teacher will also prepare you to travel to Germany for an intensive internship, to live in Germany, study in Germany or work in Germany or another German-speaking country.

In addition, you will be able to stay connected with your German language teacher via video-conferencing during your time away.

German Tutors in London: hundreds of teachers are waiting for you!

With Superprof, there is no need to live in the heart of downtown in order to find a specialized German tutor with personalized lessons enabling you to progress quickly in your reading and speaking skills.

Public teachers, native speakers, German students, those who have been bilingual since birth... with all of our diverse options you can find the right fit for you, all ages and backgrounds are represented, but also the varieties within the language (German professionals, technical, business, poetic, old style, German translation...). Most courses run between £10 and 25 per hour... very affordable!

The idea is to make it easy and accessible for everyone to learn German at home, by facilitating students and tutors to meet, without any hourly commission on our part.

There are currently several hundred teachers of the German language who are registered on Superprof for purely the city of London- peruse their online profiles listing their hourly rates, location, a short biography, accreditation, ratings and comments left by former students, availability, speed of response, seniority on the platform, and more...

From all the different districts in London, there is an abundance of quality teachers on our site, helpful for anyone wanting to learn to speak German! Know that the skills learned here will facilitate any further language learning you engage in down the road, learning Portuguese, Spanish, taking Russian or Chinese lessons, other linguistic options are also available on Superprof!

By extending your search to the entire greater London area, there are even more private German tutors available to meet your needs. Utilizing their skills is the ideal way to study German, immersing yourself in Tudesque syntax and learning to manage phonetics in no time. It's also the perfect way to stay motivated, as learning a new language can take time and dedication, it's a great idea to have an experienced cheerleader guiding you along the way!