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Translation student teaches Chinese, German and English at all levels in Castellón

I offer an interactive way of learning for people of all ages. I can teach Chinese (up to B1), German (up to B1) and English (up to C1). I can also offer help with translations of these languages. Flexible schedule.

Marseille 9e
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Origin from Germany I teach German and English for all school cycles and higher in BTS, Prepa, etc.

The courses are aimed at all levels of learning. I teach the young who want to learn the language in a playful way. At the school level I apply the methods and techniques to make students active. I lecture to students in kindergarten and thus of the cycle of the second degree. In addition, I propose courses that prepare national tests, the Brevet and the Baccalaureate.

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Be a Passionate GERMAN learner by writing ,reading , speaking , thinking in INDORE

My teaching method is activity base ,it will include you more than me . Your part will be 80% .

Ciudad de México
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German classes (all levels) in Mexico City by Graduated from German University

I like to teach visually with updated material and practical examples. I also give tips that have worked for me to learn the language. I prepare my classes with time according to your needs and depending on the level or age.

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Online German courses from level A1 to B2. Timings 5am to 12pm.

Thorough practice of German grammar, informative introduction into German culture, history and language, special emphasis on communicative skills and writing through special literal devices, intensified attention to each learner and working on his or her lingual weaknesses. Training of each level in 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

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Franco-German student gives German lessons in Rouen and its surroundings (SER, Sotteville ...)

Binational German-French and second-year postgraduate school of engineering in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, I offer German courses for all levels. I was a student in the Abibac section and I got my abitur (German bac) with honors. I can help you prepare an exam, perfect your language or accent, or master the subtlety of the German language according to your needs.

Daisy Hill
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German native registered teacher and translator available in Logan, Brisbane, and online

I develop your classes towards your specific needs and interests. If you are a total beginner who wishes to travel to Germany, for example, I cannot only teach you the basics but also a bit about the country, the people and the culture. I am looking forward to learning about your German language interests.

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German as a Foreign Language A1-C2 online or face2face in Dettingen, Heidenheim and Ulm / Neu-Ulm

You want to refresh and improve your school English? Getting ahead in the job? Or just having fun learning a new language? I offer you an exciting and creative lesson with varied topics, clearly explained grammar, many interesting tasks and especially conversation, conversation, conversation!

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German lessons one-to-one. Learn German online with a course tailored to your individual needs

Do you want to learn German? Do you speak a little bit but you want to learn more? Do you want to talk, write and read better? Are you new to Germany and do you hardly speak that language? Or would you like to polish up your German language skills and become more confident in speaking and writing? German is the most widely spoken language in Europe! I provide you in typical example situations...

Porto Alegre
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Bachelor of Arts in UFRGS gives German classes in Porto Alegre

I use books used in language teaching for undergraduates in languages, as well as other self-teaching materials. If possible, use the target language from the first day of class, so that the student gets used to it. If there are problems, I speak in Portuguese.

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Proposes classes in English, German or French for all levels and in all subjects for primary school or junior high school pupils/students.

Teacher, 18 years of experience in teaching languages and 9 years regarding other junior high school-subjects,proposes privatesessions of French, English and German for all levels and tutoring all primary + college subjects throughout the Bas-Rhin, especially the CUS. Also willing to conduct small group training sessions.

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Germanist (MA phil.) teaches German as a foreign language (DAF) for adults

I use my teaching method to fully adapt to the individual needs and wishes of my students. To awaken enthusiasm for learning, I regard it as the primary basis for successful language acquisition. What is fun promotes motivation and leads to success. One lesson unit is 45 minutes.

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Freshly graduated from La Rochelle Business School, with a C2 level in German, I decided to share this passion for Goethe's language with you.

Before I start teaching hard, it is important for me to get to know the person whith whom I am dealing. This allows us to start better. Then together we will test your level. With fun methods and adapted to all ages. This will allow us to know your strengths but also the points to improve. The alternation between writing and speaking is in order.

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15 Years Experienced Foreign Language Teacher in Madurai for your Language Learning Requirements

Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills Excellent knowledge of the grammar and written form of English language Ability to teach students English grammar, and provide them training to read, write, and converse well in English Fluency in speaking and writing in English Ability to develop language learning skills of the students Ability to teach English to the...

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Training center offers academic reinforcement and German courses for students and adults

Depending on the level of the student or what you need, we offer private lessons, mini groups or groups. We also offer reinforcement for university students and courses to learn or improve the German level with vocabulary specific to the professional field.

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German course by a former student of preparatory class in Erasmus in Germany!

As I leave a general course (CPGE), I have a sufficient level to offer courses of French and Latin up to the Bac level. This allows me to help students, but also to improve myself since I am already preparing for the CAPES and Agrégation competitions.

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Primary Education teacher and Nativ german speaker. All subjects and German classes

Good afternoon, I'm graduated in Primary Education. My classes are for all those students, who need help in all subjects. Also, for German and English classes. Active method, total participation of students, for a complete teaching and learning.

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Native German Speaking Tutor makes learning enjoyable by mixing effort with fun facts and amusing cultural differences

Guten Tag! I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. I am fluent in German and English. I moved to the United over 30 years ago with my family. I worked as a chief flight attendant for Lufthansa Airlines for many years.

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English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese and French lessons. Improve your fast with a language teacher for your own. Try our private lessons, adapté to your rhythm and your

The Institute Neo is a private language teaching center and cultures that offers customized courses in Geneva, Switzerland. Our difference is our personal, customized approach. We place the student at the center of education: we adapt the course and methodology to suit your needs and your schedule so that you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

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Graduate in Languages offers English, Greman and Italian lessons for students of all levels in Salsomaggiore Terme and the surrounding area.

I offer English, German and Italian lessons to people of all ages and needs. The material will be prepared according to the needs of the student. I find that personalized lessons are the most suitable way to meet student needs.

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Student at Sciences Po gives German, English and Italian courses to domicle in Grenoble

Hello ! My name is Romain, I'm 18 and I'm studying at Sciences Po Grenoble. I hold a BAC ES mention very well and I speak fluent English and German. I offer language courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Having obtained 20/20 in all of the baccalaureate language (German, English and Italian) I am able to offer effective assistance and quality.

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Individual and precise education and training in my mother tongue German in the region of Geneva and Online

My goal is always to individualize my teaching. I think being confronted with a concrete situation is the best method for learning. Learning a language is not only done with discipline. Each one should develop its specific and realistic routine. I am there to help you with that.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced and motivated Teacher/Tutor of German, Italian and Albanian Language in Boston Area.

I graduated in 2007 from University of Tirana (Albania) with a Bachelor's degree in the German Language with a Major in the German Language and Minor in the English Language. Later I gained a Post-graduate certificate in teaching the German Language from Goethe Institute. When I teach or tutor I emphasize the importance of the excellent communication and interaction with the students.

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German/Austrian - 'Basic' through 'Accent Reduction' by native speaker and College faculty

I am an Austrian-born native German speaker who lived many years in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and moved finally to the US. My teaching experience comes from years as full-time faculty at a private US University where I taught IT. I helped Austrian Mittelschullehrer (High School Teachers) preparing for their IT classes under the auspices of the Austrian Ministry of Education.

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ENGLISH LESSONS (Alençon, Le Mans)

English lessons, by a teacher with international experience (12 years) (France, Czech Republic and the United States). All levels, beginners, advanced, grammar, conjugation, conversation exam preparation ...

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Helene, English & German Teacher in Merignac, Pessac, Bordeaux and Talence.

Graduated with a Master in Foreign Languages ​​English and German, I have been working for ten years in an international context. I teach languages and run my own business in services for wine companies. Mother of two children, I am used to be and work with kids and young people. I have the skills required to help them learning and improving their language level.

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1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Letters student gives German and Italian lessons to anyone who wants to learn

My methodology is individual. It depends on the person in front of me, on his needs, on his characteristics and on his level of knowledge. Based on the student, I try to structure and organize the teaching. I consider fundamental the reading of certain texts, the dictation and the teamwork between teacher and pupil.

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German tuition in Munich, grammar, conversation, offer at home or as an online lesson, German / English teacher, interpreter

I offer courses for different language levels, from beginner to advanced. The lessons consist of grammar, exercises to grammar, reading text, which includes the grammar and new lexicon, then the conversation in free form based on the new grammar and lexicon. Answer all moments in the text or grammar that are still unclear.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning German. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Well we've made a start! Claudia is an excellent communicator and a very good (and patient) teacher. Although we found the course materials a little confusing at first (they're all in German) we are getting to grips with it now and, with Claudia's...

Stephen, student
6 days ago
(9 reviews)

Perfect! I've spent literally years trying to find the right German tutor ... and I think I've found her! Someone who I actually want to meet and talk to, who isn't going to turn learning into a chore, who is flexible enough to adapt her teaching to my...

Eric, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Very positive meeting. We've agreed on aims and approaches. Looking forward to next lesson.

Christopher , student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We take German lessons twice a week and have been struggling to keep up in the past few months. The course we are taking has to be taught in a formal way due to the diversity of languages spoken by participants. Gabriela taught us some...

Linda, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Lisa is very helpful and tailors all material to suit my needs. We communicate by email due to the distance involved and this works very well. We can Skype if required. Lisa is always very prompt with her feedback and marking and I then get the next...

Martin, student
6 months ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! We are immensely impressed with Lisa! She teaches our 11-year old daughter who is bilingual (English / German) but - as so many bilingual children - lacks basic grammar and struggles with spelling / writing. Since she started her Skype lessons with...

Karin, student
6 months ago
(8 reviews)

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Speak Goethe's Language With Help From A German Tutor

Learning foreign languages can sometimes be a real headache. Some students have to work hard in their German courses to improve their level. But why not turn to more inclusive and student-centered method of teaching and learning Goethe's language? In the company of a tutor who will come and meet you for in-home lessons too of course! Giving German language lessons is part the daily life of hundreds of private teachers across the UK, so why not benefit from it yourself?! The German language is sometimes better assimilated in this way, with the help of two minds and a tailor-made curriculum, as opposed to the lessons you would follow in a group class. Thanks to these specialized teaching methods, which also follow national language guidelines, learning German outside the education system has never been easier!

The Importance of the German language in Europe and in the World

At school (starting in high school), it is true that German courses don't always have the best reputation. Students often mistakenly consider that they are less "sexy" than English or Spanish classes, for example. If to think this seems extremely simplified, there is perhaps one point to make: it will be always easier to learn English than to become bilingual in German. The language of Goethe is, to be quite honest, much more complex than that of Shakespeare. It, therefore, seems necessary to remind students, high school students, academics and others, of the importance of German courses and this more coarse language. In the UK, in Europe and in the whole world!

German: The Most Common Mother Tongue Language in Europe

Learning German is not easy. German language courses are certainly one of the most challenging language courses to learn. It will be necessary to learn it bit by bit through a language stay or with private lessons (why not online distance courses several times a week?). There are many aspects one needs to learn: German grammar (grammar exercises), vocabulary (words, sentences, verbs, expressions), its culture, German-English translation, oral comprehension, common conversation. One must study written and oral expressions and go through these different stages in order to progress! Today, the language of Goethe is the most commonly spoken language in Europe! Even more so than English, Spanish and French. To get a better idea of about the scope of the German language and its influence, know that it is spoken by 79 million people or 15.71% of the EU. As far as the linguistic distribution of the German language is concerned, there are German speakers in Germany, of course, where it is a native language. However, the language is also spoken by the majority of the population in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Other German speakers are also found in Belgium, France (Alsace, Moselle), Italy, Luxembourg, South America and the USA.

Learn German to Work With One of the UK's Leading Economic Partner

Before learning German, it's important to have all this data in mind as it can also be a smart career move to learn German! Because yes, Germany is one of the leading economic powers in Europe. The options available for learning to speak German are also quite numerous. Starting with private lessons (in-home classes, evening classes, distance courses, or online courses where you can even learn German for free). Several hundred foreign language teachers are at your disposal to help you progress in this complex language. And then there's all the numerous variations within the language to tackle! As a teenager, students can choose from choices such as in-home tutoring or after school support. Learning the German language in this way can then perhaps allow them to participate in an exchange program abroad to practice their skills. Just like in the movies, an exciting summer exchange program, where one can spend a few weeks immersed in a kind of intensive course or "deutcsh lernen" to discover a new language and culture. With all of these options, coupled with a German language course led by an in-home tutor, you can give yourself every chance to reach your professional goals!

German Language Courses: Less Commonly Offered in Schools

Choosing the options of home schooling or tutoring is similar in some ways to taking courses in a real language school. It might be similar to what you may have already experienced in your English classes, French lessons or Spanish classes, for example. The role of a German tutor is to efficiently and clearly teach you all the language skills you need while at the same time helping you to work on your shortcomings. Most schools offer two languages, in my experience, with the most common being French and Spanish, followed by German. In light of this, calling on the help of an in-home German tutor might be the only option for some students whose schools don't offer German as an option. Online or in-person tutors can be native speakers, teaching certified, bilingual or self-taught. They will certainly all be equipped to help you to improve your German speaking skills. Which also often involves helping you acquire the proper German accent.

Your German Classes Could Cost Less Than £17 per hour!

When you are a student, hiring a German teacher who will come to your home or meet you at a location in your city is not always easy. Cost is often a major consideration! However, consider the fact that this German tutor might help you gain the skills which will allow you to eventually: get a diploma, an admission to the university of your choice, a prep school, to get international internships after graduation, vocational training, work as a teacher (such as a German teacher in higher education or secondary school), work in the European Union... So many options can open up when you sign up for classes with an in-home German tutor! Especially since learning German in this way doesn't cost an exorbitant amount either. Whereas some German courses can reach surprising hourly rates, an in-home German tutor on our Superprof platform averages about £18 per hour. Reasonable then. Even more so when you know that home schooling can sometimes give you a tax reduction as it is a personalized service!

Find Your German Language Teacher From Among 2,700 Teachers

German courses are among the top 30 most requested private lessons on Superprof. For help with after school classes, language class support, preparation for an upcoming trip or new job...

How to learn German Quickly?

This also explains the large number of teachers we find throughout the UK. Finding a German teacher among the 1200 language professionals on the Superprof site is a breeze.

Customized German Classes

Tutors, according to your needs and desires, can also help you work with many aspects of the language of Goethe: German vocabulary, grammar, German geography and history (World War II and other key moments), comprehension, pronunciation, German civilization and literature, German culture, UK-German relations... Choosing this method of learning also means bringing to your home academic and school-like methodology for learning language. Ideal for preparing for an exam and progressing efficiently.

How to Learn German?

Whether for professional reasons, as part of your studies, or for fun, our German private teachers are available to give you private lessons and help you to overcome the difficulties sometimes involved with learning German: grammar, syntax, verbs, adjectives, translation into German.... Goethe, the Grimm brothers, Hesse, Mann and all the other great German authors will reveal the magic of their writing to you thanks to our private teachers: native speakers, bilingual, specialized teachers. If German is not enough for you we also have private teachers who can offer you French in-home classes and many other modern language options. In order to allow your children to access the highest level of classes, do not hesitate to offer to them the option of learning German as their second language, as our private tutors are ideal guides in helping them to learn a new language, which can help open up other options for their bright futures. Thanks to our private teachers, becoming bilingual in German is within your reach, and you won't  make the mistake of saying "Ich bin ein Berliner". Our private German lessons are offered for all skill levels and in different formats from small classes to one-on-one, at various rates that you can peruse by scrolling through the profiles of our German tutors. Soon, thanks to your private German lessons, you can say start saying "Ich spreche Deutsch"!