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Passionate teenage Guitarist from Toronto. Learn how to play guitar today with julian!

I am a very flexible teacher. I believe if a student is serious about learning he/she will practice. I am a very laid back teacher and also try to be funny and open at the same time.


Young guitarist 13 years of conservatory graduated from the CEM gives lessons of guitar and music theory in Nantes

I base my courses first on the exchange with the student to identify what interests him as style of music, what is his level objective, if the theory interests him etc .. Therefore I try to to make sure that it is a force of proposal even if I can also make proposals myself. Then between each course, I advise or ask (depending on the desire of the student) exercises that I will give.

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Music major located in Guelph - willing to travel to Cambridge and area- guitar, piano, sax and flute.

I base my classes on the wants and needs of the parent and student... I use various methods depending on experience of the student.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
(4 reviews)
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Guitarist By pure heart, love to teach, Fond of music. I am running my Academy name: SIX STRINGS GUITAR ACAD, CHANDIGARH. ONLINE CLASSES & HOME TUITIONS AVAILABLE. BE IN LOVE ALWAYS.

I believe in love and positivity and always try to give both through my classes as well. Smile, truth and pure heart is my strength. My teaching method is very simple and very friendly. I believe in positivity so you will be more positive towards your passion. I do home tuitions and online classes according to the client's comfort.

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I've been playing guitar for eight years. and I have stage experience. I'm quite a judge of blues guitar.

I think the most important point in playing the guitar is to be a good listener. The harmony, the important guitarists, will do the study on the playing techniques. It doesn't matter if you have no prior knowledge about the guitar. You can come to the level where you can play the solos of the guitarists you can play from scratch, enjoy, watch and admire.

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Learn and Master the guitar in Perth. The faster method that has served over 2.000 musicians. Music diploma, over 10 years of experience and international career.

Not every music student has the same needs. You need a method that has been proven to work over and over again, but you need a professional to identify exactly which method is going to give you the results you are looking for, as fast as possible, so you remain motivated and confident.

Talegaon Dabhade
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Rhythm guitarist with 11 years of Acoustic guitar experience and self learner is teaching guitar from basics.

These classes will be totally from basics and I prefer to teach in a way that one can learn himself/herself. Every class will be evolutionary and on the basis of the learner, the progression of the classes will be taken.

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She has a degree in Literature, conducts essays in the correction of works, with extensive studies in mathematics and physics, assistance in the resolution of workshops, and basic guitar classes.

I give guidance in the resolution of workshops, I make corrections of texts and creation of content, step by step explanations in writing by video call, virtual or in person. This allows explanations and help in the solution of high school and university work for all of Colombia.

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Bachelor of Music Student Specialising in strings instruments willing to teach music and music theory to all!

My teaching method follows a very intuitive music mindset, I encourage my students to follow their own musical journey and use my knowledge to aid them in whatever path they wish to follow. Whether you would like to learn sight reading and theory, jazz improvisation, or would like to simply know how to play chords and sing along, I will be 100% devoted to helping you achieve your goal.

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Performing multi-instrumentalist offering lessons on guitar, bass and includes sheet music reading.

For younger students I try to focus on simpler concepts and to revisit lessons to help solidfy the material until they feel comfortable progressing. Familiarity with material before it's necessary for application I feel is also a good approach.

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Guitar lessons with pro musician graduated jazz conservatory. All levels, all styles. Quick and fun learning for beginners and easy access to theory for improvement.

Lessons for all ages, children, teenagers, adults, all styles. From the beginner without any musical base, to the guitarist who wants to improve himself. I like to know the objectives, the motivation and the tastes of each one to propose personalized lessons, serious and in a good atmosphere. Beginners: You never played guitar, or any musical instrument.

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4 Years distinction student of my music school in Guwahati Assam and 1 years experience teaching

methodology is simple, i have some pre-prepared lessons that i have prepared to master specific skills and such lessons include playable melody too. that keeps the interest intact. hard work is still fully the key to master the skill of playing a guitar....

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced guitarist, composer and producer gives music classes ( Intermediate to Advanced )

I started playing guitar by myself ,as well as music theory.I wanted to understand what I was doing on the guitar, why did I have to play that certain chord with a specific guitar fingering position and why the chord was a C major 7 and why is it commonly used in the Blues style. That’s why the Theory comes after the guitar practice.

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DEM guitarist of the Conservatory of Belfort gives particuler and collective lessons, possible travel (Mulhouse) and webcam.

My work method adapts to each student according to his musical tastes, desires and goals. The goal is to advance the student at his own pace, around songs that he appreciates, while accompanying him by going further into the difficulty and understanding of musical language.

Saint Lucia
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Private acoustic guitar lessons (played for 11 years). Jam like John Mayer!

-"Everything is hard before it is easy" -Don't rush the art, eventually, it will come naturally -Cover the basics, repetition, mastery -Learn from tabs (get playing straight away) -Focus on chord shape, progression, and strumming patterns -End goal: Find flow in your music -Have fun!

Guitar lessons
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Guitarists / Professional Educators give guitar lessons at home and school in Tourcoing Lille metropolis.

Hello, Guitar Lessons is a professional guitar school established on the Lille region (specifically in EF2M Tourcoing). She is one of 24 structures that joined the national network of schools Ibanez. Your teachers, passionate musicians and seasoned composers share their expertise through special courses open to all students who want to learn and have fun by practicing the instrument.

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Guitarist 12 years of practice (2nd year at Tous en Scène) gives lessons on Tours (37)

If you want to learn songs, we will look at the types of chords used and the rhythm. We can also take a look at the harmony of the piece (if requested). To learn a style of music, we will check together its characteristics. To develop improvisation, we will develop the ear, the knowledge of the neck, and the modes in a playful way, always playing.

(2 reviews)
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5 years worth of playing experience ready to be shared in an easy to understand and fun way.

Basic general music theory, guitar basic theory, basic chords, barre chords, finger style, soloing, song writing, and singing. A hands on approach.

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Guitarist with 10 years experience giving guitar lessons from Parramatta to Campbelltown

My teaching lessons are a mix of practical ability, theoretical knowledge and aural skills to allow students to quickly learn how to play tunes, then understand the theory behind songs and finally equip them to be able to create their own original music.

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Music lessons for Bass Guitar, 14 years experience teaching different music styles

*Lessons focus on different aspects of music, including technique, theory, groove development, bass lines creation, harmony and repertoire. *I tailor lessons around student learning styles and levels, and ensure that all student concerns and needs are met.

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Guitar Teacher/Session Musician based in Mumbai gives guitar lessons online or at home!

My teaching methods basically depends on the kind of music the student is most interested in.

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I am firoz Khan. I am here to teach you how to communicate you emotions through guitar. Music is something that can only be learned with patience and guidance, and I am here to provide that. I've spen

My teaching method is based on the grabbing pace of the student. My teaching base revolves around practice. My approach is directly simple and easy and to understand . No music experience required. Perfect introduction to learning the fundamentals in a good environment.

1st lesson offered free !

HELLO, welcome to my profile. There are several reasons for why I should be teaching you. I'm a sound design student in Noida with almost 7 years of experience in playing guitar and drums. I am also t

I have learnt from different people, used different methods. Self learning has also been a big part of my curriculum. My teaching starts with identifying the musical potential of the student. Music is a lot more than just choosing an instrument to toy around with. Each individual interested in learning music needs to find the right and suitable branch for themselves, for eg.

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(1 review)
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Guitarist with 12 years of experience. Classes in Spanish or English in Barcelona!

I have been teaching guitar for more than 4 years. As such I have detailed lesson plans that cover everything from basic technique to music theory, singing and helping you play your favorite songs. ---------- For more than 4 years, I teach guitar and music. You will have a lesson plan in detail, from basic techniques to singing, musical theory and the solos of your favorite songs.

South Kingstown
Grant maloy
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Billboard Top 10 recording artist will show you how to get the most from your guitar - acoustic or electric. I am especially glad to teach beginners!

Each student is starting at a different place, so I craft my lessons for each one. Whether you never owned a guitar until today, or have been playing for years, I find out where you're starting from ... and we talk about what your goals are. Then I develop a plan to get you there.

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Learn and Master guitar skill on the most trusted Gibson's Course Book.

Teaching students the scientific and practical approach towards music Theory.

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Versatile guitarist/singer with 18 years experience giving the secret to mojo. You have what it takes, I promise!

Every student is in a different place with their learning, and every student is probably already doing some pretty unique things in their practice without realizing it. Any song can be broken down into simple parts, or just simplified all together. Just because you aren't playing a song exactly the way it is on a recording doesn't mean you cant play that song.

1st lesson offered free !

Guitar lessons, solfege, musical theory in English by a music teacher with 14 years of experience.

I started my musical studies at the conservatory of Athens "Anagennisi" in Greece. During my studies I worked mostly with Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, Pop Rock, Jazz Blues and Finger Style styles. After completing my studies I started teaching in 3 conservatories in Athens. The age range of my students starts from the age of 4.5 years old up to 75 years old.

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Perfect! Started my lessons with Andy 2 months ago now. Each and every lesson has been valuable to my playing and further development. Feeling extremely more confident with my technique. A great tutor who’s patient, friendly and flexible.

Lincoln, student
1 day ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Andy is an excellent Guitar tutor who has helped me improve my playing immensely. He is very knowledgeable and patient, and although I wasn't a complete beginner when I started lessons with him, he has really helped me to improve. He has always...

Gillian, student
4 days ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Jay's a terrific teacher, in our first lesson I had about 30 'aha!' moments and understood where I was making mistakes and the workings of my guitar. My understanding of my guitar, and my technique are getting exponentially better after each and...

Shad , student
5 days ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Christina is a superb teacher! She’s fun, patient, encouraging and always smiling! I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to learn.

Sarah, student
3 weeks ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Would super super recommend Andrés. I take lessons with him online. Before I had started I thought it would be difficult to learn guitar thru Skype. Andrés proved me wrong. He is an incredible teacher and takes the time to go through music/guitar...

Zein, student
1 month ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Matthew has been brilliant with my 9 year-old son. Friendly and professional Matthew has been very encouraging and supportive. Could not have asked for better tutor, highly recommend him :-)

Noea, student
1 month ago
(4 reviews)

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Before choosing your guitar, you first must ask yourself what your favourite music style is. A steel-string guitar, for example, will be more adapted to folk music, while an electric guitar will be better for jamming to classic rock hits. Different styles also apply to the ukulele and to the acoustic guitar. Once you’ve decided which style to pursue, and you’ve purchased a guitar and a guitar pick, it’ll be time to do the heavy lifting: learning music theory and taking beginner guitar lessons! Pop rock, metal, jazz, folk, blues… Make sure you communicate your preferred music style to the instructor you’ve chosen via Superprof. The goal of our website is to offer guitar lessons for everyone!

Learning to play the guitar with a personal instructor, rather than sloppily learning online!

Thanks to Youtube, the comeback of vinyl records and the incredible access we have to music, our musical culture is the greatest it’s ever been. Today, teenagers and young adults can become huge fans of Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Jimmy Hendrix, even if they’re now dead or much less active than they were years ago. In short, the possibilities are endless if you want to learn about the history of modern music and one of its star instruments, the guitar. We’re living in an amazing musical era! And, in the face of all of this enthusiasm, maybe it’s time to go from being a simple guitar fan to becoming a true guitarist, don’t you think? Do you also dream of jamming to guitar solos, playing arpeggios or your own musical creations? The next step for you, then, is signing up for guitar lessons! As you probably already know, the guitar is, by and large, a fairly demanding instrument. While some beginners advance more quickly than others, there are a lot of things to learn: how to coordinate both hands, music theory, how to read sheet music, obtaining a sense of rhythm, how to find a melody… To do this, some people choose to take online courses. “Online music lessons,” “Music online,” “Guitar online,” “Online guitar lessons” and “learn to play the guitar online” are popular searches that catch the eye and spark curiosity. But this learning method is far from being the most suitable option to learn the guitar. The best for a beginner guitarist is to either go to a music school to be properly trained alongside other musicians or to find a personal instructor. Ideally, a professional with a music degree from a national conservatoire, who will be able to teach you music theory and the history of music, and who will know how to slowly introduce you to reading sheet music and guitar tabs. However, you can also opt to train with a self-taught musician. The main goal is that you learn how to play the guitar, understand music theory, learn to read sheet music and discover the beauty and richness of this instrument: chords, arpeggios, guitar tabs, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, tuners, different guitar brands (Gibson, Fender Strarocaster, Ibanez), a complete musical training, discovery of rock, blues, jazz manouche, the genius of Jimmy Hendrix, solo improvisation, steel-string guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar…

The advantages of having a personal guitar instructor at home…

All of this, and much more, can be learned as a beginner! But, of course, you have to be ready to work at it. Because the guitar, even if you’re pretty coordinated and can manage the different hand movements, or if you have a good sense of rhythm, requires some work. Lots of work, really. Passion, even! For example, you shouldn’t wait until your guitar lesson to practice, but rather try to dedicate a couple of hours a day to strumming those strings. When you start learning to play music, you’ll see that you can make quick progress. But, the best way to get there is to practice a little bit every day. You’ll be able to reproduce songs from your favourite artists, as long as you remember the keyword: practice. You know what they say: practice makes perfect. There’s no way around it!

Music theory or guitar tabs?

When it comes to music theory and learning how to read sheet music or guitar tabs, you can follow your guitar instructor’s lead. There are many advantages to taking private guitar lessons at home, even if music school lovers may disagree. Thanks to private lessons, beginners can benefit from having a guitar instructor all for themselves. The entire lesson will be dedicated to you, and your instructor will be entirely available to work on your favourite musical styles and to focus on your specific trouble areas.

Playing the guitar: what style to choose

As we mentioned above, the history of modern music has been heavily influenced by the guitar. Today, people worship guitarists like gods and certain bands like absolute legends (Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, ACDC, Santana, and so many others). But, to try to emulate all of these idols that you certainly already know and rock to their most famous songs (No Woman No Cry, Redemption Song, Layla, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Californication, Nothing Else Matters, Stairway to Heaven, Smoke on the Water, Feels like Teen Spirit, Sympathy for the Devil, etc.), you’ll have to take many guitar lessons and immerse yourself in music theory, to learn how to play arpeggios, bar chords, etc. In short, follow a complete training programme. Because playing the guitar also means learning about different musical styles and concepts: folk, acoustic, blues, rock, trying out the bass, the pentatonic scale, tapping, left-handed guitars, hard rock, contemporary music, vintage songs, playing pull-offs and hammer-ons, legato, accompanying your guitar-playing with your voice, gypsy jazz, major and minor scales, halftone, improvisation, rhythm, hooking up an amp, vibrato, jazz, pop, playing fingerstyle guitar, reading guitar tabs, bossa nova, funk, soul, flamenco pieces, metal, reggae, etc.

Find a guitar instructor near you

Guitar lessons are the most requested by our students on Superprof when it comes to music classes. This isn’t entirely surprising, though, given that the guitar is a string instrument that speaks to a great number of people. Aspiring guitarists will thus be happy to know that a large number of guitar instructors are waiting for you all over the United Kingdom! Over 3,000 on Superprof, to be exact. Also, you should probably like to know that a guitar lesson costs much less, on average than learning to play another instrument (like the piano, for example), with an average cost of £25 an hour. To rock out to the guitar solos you’ve always dreamed of playing, whether it’s locked in your bedroom, in front of family and friends, or before an audience, stop looking for “guitar lessons,” “choosing a guitar,” “how to learn to play the guitar,” “electric guitar lessons,” “beginner guitar lessons,” “free guitar lessons” and other generic online searches. What you’re looking for are the rock-star tutors we have at Superprof.

How to go even further with your guitar lessons

Are you looking to start taking guitar lessons to learn how to play a six-string guitar with a professional guitarist? Or maybe you’re looking for a personal instructor to better acquaint yourself with stringed instruments in general? Someone gave you an electric guitar as a birthday gift, and now you want to learn how to play your new instrument? To play like Eric Clapton, acquire Jimmy Hendrix’s sense of touch and mimic the riffs performed by Keith Richards, Superprof can propose guitar instructors for all types of musical styles (flamenco, classical, country, traditional Latin or Celtic, etc.) and for all types of guitars (classical, acoustic, flamenco, electric, electro-acoustic, etc.). Our selection of private instructors for bass guitar will allow you to discover this other special stringed instrument. The study of music theory will also be a huge plus in expanding your musical culture.