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Primary School teacher looking to tutor 3 to 5 year olds with English & Maths.

The different teaching methods I use will cater to the varying learning style/styles the child has. The student will be provided with high quality interactive teaching and learning resources to help develop their learning. The hour long session will consist of a recap of the previous lesson for 5-10 minutes. Followed by an introductory activity for 10-15 minutes.

1st lesson offered free !

Recent 11+ student, excellent, skilled maths, reading, handwriting and creative writing tutor

My method for preparing children for exams is by flearning: failing and learning, I begin my first lesson accessing the student, figuring out his/her weaknesses and focusing on these core areas, throughout my lessons I cover basics as well as extension maths depending on the student. In addition, I well set my students previous exam papers or an exam at least every month to access their progress.

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All rounded teacher offering English, maths , science, READING in London for KS1 AND KS2

Lessons should be engaging and fun. Lots of conversations and practise. I have been giving lessons at a primary and secondary level. i have also organised and ran a adult reading classes for English and additional reading. Both adults and children have made good progress.

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Kip McGrath Education Centre Caerphilly. All tutoring performed by fully qualified teachers.

All our tutoring is performed by fully qualified teachers using our wealth of resources, blending paper based, computer based and game based education techniques. All tuition is completed in our modern and friendly education centre in Caerphilly based in the Castle Court Shopping Centre.

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I am a native English Speaker BSc (Hons) BA, looking to teach any age

I can teach English from primary through to Junior and anywhere up to Professional level. My English writing, reading and speaking is excellent having completed 2 Degrees in the UK from 1990-95. I am keen to learn students to write. speak and read English to Graduate Level.

1st lesson offered free !

Teacher offering private tutoring sessions for 5-11 year olds in all subjects

My teaching method is working with each individuals ability and needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Teaching Assistant offering tutoring sessions in Maths and English to Primary School students.

My teaching method is fun and inclusive with a practical approach to learning. Practise through appropriate tasks and activities to support a childs learning.

1st lesson offered free !

First timer or improving your English,7+ ,13+ tutoring ,English and Maths

In my teaching I mainly tend to follow the UK curriculum but a different approach can be used in case of adult or overseas learners. My methods are based on many years of practice and are pupil centred .

1st lesson offered free !

Psychology graduate from London offering English tutoring to young children and teens

I base my classes on fun and creativity. I like to be hands on and get everyone involved in class.

1st lesson offered free !

Mature gentleman whose father was a master of letters loves the beauty!

Logical, although sense is not necessarily common, these are my teaching methods, if I have done my homework, know my trade, know my stuff, and people genuinely WANT to learn then it is easy for me, if they are not there to learn then they are not just wasting my time but everyone's time that are there to learn!

1st lesson offered free !

Current, experienced BU Biology Student available for KS1 and KS2 English Tutoring

I approach each child as an individual, spending the first session getting to know them and working out what areas we need to focus on. From there on each session is tailored to your child's needs. I am able to help with reading, phonics, spelling and writing.

1st lesson offered free !

Law Graduate, masters student, offering English & Maths help up to GCSE level, and Law/Essay writing at degree level help.

I like to make my lessons include some fun and interactive exercises. I am very passionate about the subjects I teach therefore this helps me to help others.

1st lesson offered free !

Multiplatform Journalism student offering English lessons for all students up to GCSE level.

Every student learns differently so I will always take that into consideration when it comes to helping you learn

1st lesson offered free !

Student studying sport and health & social care with high GCSE in english literature

My teaching methodology is to ask the student what topics they are confident in and which they are struggling in as this allows me to have an insight of what exactly it is that i need to break down for them. Then i approach their learning in a way that they feel helps the best, weather that be visual or verbal.

1st lesson offered free !

Fast, focused and fun English sessions with qualified teacher in Essex, in the Chelmsford/Witham area

You will have a simple baseline test to carry out early on, this gives me a basis of what your strengths are and what we need to work on.

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Experienced special needs teacher offering bespoke learning plans to children struggling in the classroom

I have a Batchelor of Education degree in English from King Alfred's college Winchester, ( now the University of Winchester). I coach pupils with a range of needs and motivate children to learn using a variety of activities. Having an awareness of individual children’s interests, I plan purposeful and challenging lessons, which are differentiated accordingly.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated last year and did the International Baccalaureate. Now at university studying my voice!

I always thoroughly prepare my lessons, as I want to make sure I understand everything extremely well before I feel comfortable teaching it to someone else. I am very kind and know what it is like to struggle with something and I think teaching is a very rewarding experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Spanish native speaker offer Spanish lessons to all levels and age group

I base my classes on speaking and listening comprehension. I also enjoy sharing knowledge, inspiring both children and adults. I have experience in leading, training, motivating and developing others.

1st lesson offered free !

Primary Level Tutoring to Meet Your Child’s Needs - English, Maths, and 11 Plus Preparation

I work according to each child’s individual needs and find approaches to suit them. An initial baseline assessment is carried out then I plan work for sessions based on this, tracking progress along the way and using a range of innovate techniques, resources, and approaches to help the child reach their full potential.

Gonerby Hill Foot
1st lesson offered free !

A French student with much experience of teaching practical and school subjects- with an equal enthusiasm for both!

Currently, the content of my English lessons vary as I teach varying abilities and ages. Therefore, I am qble to deliver beneficial and appropriate lessons in the most basic, yet also more difficult lessons. Well in advance of all my classes, I consider to whom I am presenting myself, their interests and their capacity.

1st lesson offered free !

Gcse student offering help with 11 exam prep, covering all academic areas.

My teaching methods are to work on the least confident areas to build up confidence with the subject in general.I will always ask what you wish to work on at first and then begin to develop the lessons to tailor your needs afterwards.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified and Experienced Teacher with many years experience in working in the education sector

My teaching method/s is classroom based with a bit of fun when needed. I will introduce the topic / title, then ask my students whether they are familiar with it, their thoughts as to what it may mean ,then I will clarify what it actually means and entail.

1st lesson offered free !

Primary teacher with 20 years experience offering English lessons in West London

My skills are in the teaching of reading through a variety of phonic strategies. I am knowledgeable with the elements needed when writing a variety of genres such as informative, recounts and fictional stories.

1st lesson offered free !

English student sharing her passion for English through tutoring around the world

My teaching methodology consists of teaching people to better their English vocally and know how to implement it within their lives to ensure they give a great impression. I am also able to assist in written work and proofreading.

1st lesson offered free !

A level English literature student offering english lessons in Belfast for KS1,2 and 3

Allowing the pupil to present their work or demonstrate knowledge or technique then I give constructive criticism, guidance, offer methods and techniques to help them achieve their true potential. I usually give homework or exercises to help pupils retain knowledge on, or practice whatever it is they are struggling on.

1st lesson offered free !

English tutor and full time GCSE English Teacher, here for your assistance!

I like to teach young children as that's who I know most about! My lessons usually start with a DO NOW this is to be done independently and testing the child's knowledge about the lesson before and the skills I am teaching. Then I will do the main task this will usually be writing a story over a few lessons using techniques such as similies, metaphors and writing structure.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Quirky, flexible, motivational and engaging English teacher and tutor based in Nottingham

Each tutee is a blank canvas, I assess their needs, tailoring the work to them, everyone has specific tailored lessons

1st lesson offered free !

Educating and inspiring growth in English and Religious studies- Up to University Level.

My teaching method is to first evaluate what your weaknesses and strengths are within the subject. From there, I can construct lessons and tutorials to help achieve the desired grade, which for me is always the highest! My approach is layed back in the sense I allow you to take control and explain what your main concerns are.

Brook Green
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

English - Early Years, KS1, KS2, KS3, 11+, 7+, 8+ and SATs Prep

My lessons are flexible and adaptable and meet the needs and learning styles of your children. I aim to instil confidence independence and enthusiasm. I believe that a positive education leads to a happy child with a curiosity for learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Early years, KS1, KS2, KS3 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+ and SATs prep Maths English French - Tell me about your qualifications.

Notting Hill

Donna - Notting Hill - School English

I am an experienced and enthusiastic SEN and academic tutor, with 6 years' experience working with children and young people in education. I foster an approach centred on developing confidence, self-belief and an autonomous learning style. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach literacy, numeracy, and GCSE study skills. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Perfect! Elaine has worked wonders with our daughter who needed help with her handwriting. Her calm, supportive, engaging and inspiring approach ensured that Anna's confidence and handwriting rapidly improved. We can't recommend her highly enough.

Lorraine, student
2 weeks ago
(10 reviews)

Perfect! Brillant teacher! Olivia has helped my son with his English. She is very well prepared, friendly, patient and supportive. She explained things really well. Jedi has improved, he can now analyze poems, he is much more confident with his writing...

Audrey, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nina has been amazing, within three sessions my son has grown massively in confidence with his writing, Nina even researched what the best pen would be for a left handed person, Nina has a calm and very supportive attitude.

Keith, student
4 months ago
(4 reviews)

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