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History graduate from Cambridge University offering tutoring online and around Brighton & Hove, covering History and university applications!

- I will adapt my classes based on what you would most like to improve. - I use lots of interactive teaching methods, such as mindmapping, original memory techniques, and using images and colours. - I will set small and achievable homework tasks so that you can get the most out of our lessons.

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Ancient History and Archaeology student offering lessons in History and Latin in the Leicester vicinity.

As I am a Master's Ancient History and Archaeology student, I have the independent skills necessary to deliver concise lesson plans that will greatly benefit any potential student in a quick, methodological and effective manner. I am also able to pinpoint exam technique which is a crucial element for success.

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First Class Honours Media Production Graduate and Freelancer offering classes in the South of England

As someone who always liked learning but never liked school, I base my teaching methods around critical thinking practices, as I feel this style caters to all types of learners. I always try and relate any work to real-world examples and practices, allowing you to see the usefulness of what you are learning, through both a practical and conceptual lens.

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Recent graduate from St. Andrews offering GCSE, A Level and various other qualification tution in Belfast

My approach is largely driven by the student, some of my pupils struggle with coursework. In that case we go through work that they have already produced and see where improvements can be made or a greater understanding of the material achieved. Some students love learning through pictures so we create mind maps together and talk through the material - it really depends on the student.

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History student in Sheffield offering extra tutoring in History, Philosophy, Ethics and Theology

My particular skill set lies in essay-writing, revision and exam preparation, as these are all skills which are being refined throughout my degree. While the essay style that I teach is especially applicable for A Level exams, it is also useful for those studying at GCSE - though I am certainly able to accommodate for students at Key Stage 3 or below.

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A** A level current uni-Student offers HISTORY lessons online and in BRISTOL

During my time running children's parties and as a lifeguard, I noticed that the key to a child's success is encouraging their pre-existing qualities and inspiring them to develop areas where they are less adept. As a tutor, I think it is vital to praise the abilities my tutees already possess while also diagnosing where they could improve in the future in a positive and friendly way.

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Humanities Student offering History, Geography and Politics lessons at GCSE Level and currently studying A-Levels

I tutor GCSE humanity subjects (History, English and Geography). My teaching method as an essay based tutor is to make concise notes on each topic and note key events/dates. Once the necessary knowledge has been covered then I like to focus on exam technique. Watching videos can be very beneficial aswell, especially for visual learners.

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A-level Student offering History, Geography and revision for GCSE tips in Bicester

I want to teach students in GCSE year as I am more comfortable with the topic. My teaching methods is to tackle what the student finds difficult to understand and then focus on that subject. Progressing from this with practice papers and furthering information. As a tutor I am patient but also due to experience understand the pressure and there can help the student find their way to work.

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History postgraduate (politics graduate) offering history and politics lessons in Canterbury and surrounding area

I firmly believe in a mixed teaching methodology, blending visual, written and oral elements to suit the needs of the pupils.

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Essay writing can be daunting and difficult but I can assure you that with the right technique and information, it can be pretty enjoyable as well as getting you top grades.

My style of teaching is very much individual to the student - I am able to provide a very structured approach or simply help with this week's homework. I can give lessons to KS3 and GCSE in Maths, English, Sciences (Triple and Double Award), History and some French. I can also help with AS and A2 Maths, History and Biology.

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History Tutor - fully qualified teacher, Oxford graduate. GCSE, A-Level, Oxbridge tutoring

With four years experience of teaching secondary school History, I am able to deliver a great range of historical topics to the needs of the student, whatever their age, ability and previous knowledge, in an engaging and tailored manner.

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Cambridge history student offering to tutor in a wide range of subjects

My method is based on individual needs and requests, and I am willing to make the lesson topic specific or more focused on exam techniques. I completely understand that with certain topics you simply need for the information to be conveyed in a different way in order to wrap your head around it.

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British History M.A. and former UK Civil Servant offering history and politics tutoring for all levels

I approach teaching by taking the time to learn each student's needs and motivations and tailoring my approach accordingly. I believe effective learning is two-way and a good tutor should approach teaching believing he can learn as much from his students as they will from him. I am happy to teach all levels from GCSE to university.

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Classics and Ancient History Research student based around both Birmingham and Walsall

I am able to teach students up to a degree level, and would structure my lessons personally around the student themselves. With each new student, I will be sure to first ask what you hope to achieve and learn from the tutoring sessions and what topics you would like to prioritise.

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Sociological based Tutoring in Hampshire (wide range of associated subjects) by 2nd Year University of Southampton Student.

I aim to teach through grasping the strengths of students and working towards enhancing those and improving weaknesses to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience, where I want to build the confidence of the student so they feel they can approach any academic task with belief in themselves and with the ability to do brilliantly.

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Marine Biologist helping students swim to success in Geography and related subjects

I am currently working in research and development for the Asphalt Industry. I will give lessons to those who are currently preparing for KS3 and GCSE Geography or related subjects. I have several years learning Geography up to Degree level. I can teach on a one to one basis or a small group (no more than 3).

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Russel Group Political Science Student offering History, Politics and General Humanity lessons in London

My teaching method is perfect for those who depend on one on one sessions. I like to identify from the student a specific area and then delve into a variety of specifics and details that are relevant to their question. I typically will ask them to answer some questions verbally to see if they understand what I've been talking about.

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A history undergraduate student at UCL looking to help out some fellow students advance their learning !

I base my teaching around my students' style of learning. Whether that be lecture style auditory or interactive learning, they're all manageable. I aim for my lessons to be fun, but also educational.

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Recent graduate offering history lessons to a university level and general humanities lessons

I love being a part of the learning experience for young people as they take on board information and process its often varied meanings. Believing it important to teach using a variety of methods to engage learners and prevent repetition when studying.

South Shields
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Student offering tutoring sessions in History and Politics, from GCSE to A-Level

I will strive to adapt my teaching method to each pupil/student depending on how they best learn. However, I will do my best to ensure that the necessary information comes across and make sure the pupil/student is comfortable with the progress made.

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IR Graduate offering History and Politics Lessons to degree level in Wigston

I approach each topic by working with what the student is currently studying, for example of the student is studying Hitler's Germany then I will ask them to bring some reading or a sample question so we can practice and discuss,

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Postgraduate history student offering history tutoring in Glasgow up to university level

My teaching method is highly individualized. I start by assessing the skills the the student has already and comparing them to the skills the student needs to have in order to succeed. I then design lessons that will help them gain those skills. I do a lot of hands on work, such as primary sources and writing skills.

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Experienced, qualified teacher offering personalised tutoring in Humanities subjects up to A Level in Southeast London area.

I conduct a Needs Assessment Analysis with tutees to try and gauge their learning styles and previous knowledge. I then approach each topic being taught within the subject area using guided discovery strategies, whereby students not only learn to take responsibility for their own learning, but are simultaneously taught how to learn.

Crouch End

Nicholas - Crouch End - History

An approachable and experienced English and Drama tutor ready to help you achieve your full potential. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Key Stage 1 - 3, GCSE, A Level English GCSE, A Level Drama GCSE, A Level History Essay Writing Proofreading Drama School Auditions LAMDA Examinations - Tell me about your qualifications.

(1 review)
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Student currentley taking a year out available to teach Geography and History to A-Level standard in North West Cumbria - gained A* in both subjects in the new style A-Levels last year.

A focus on building confidence in key universal themes and ideas coupled onto which detail can be attached. This is coupled with highly specific exam technique practice to hone the skills required to succeed. An overview of the time period or topic will be created with course specific details filled in later.

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Public Policy Masters student at Swansea University offering lessons in politics/history inc American studies/ US Politics and general knowledge related to humanities

I can cater to various students but my primary audeience would be children/ secondary and A-level students that wish to gain a greater understanding of these topics from a comfortable start and exploring further into these subjects depending on their grasp on the information they are given.

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History student, at Queen Mary University of London, offering history lessons in London

The lessons I provide will match your syllabus, but I encourage students to push themselves further, so they are not only able to pass their exams, but most importantly become better historians. History is not a difficult subject, but is often made complicated by a single style of teaching, however students need to try out a multitude of methods to find out which way works out best.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Russel Group archaeology graduate offering history and archaeology tutoring in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I believe tailoring my teaching to the needs of the individual is extremely important in learning. It would be incredibly useful, then, to have a session where I can understand what kind of learner the individual is (visual, auditory or practical) so that I may then plan each teaching session using techniques I know works for that type of learner.

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Cambridge Masters Student, former KS3 History Teacher looking to engage and support eager students!

My teaching method seeks to improve three aspects: Critical Reading Skills, Comprehension, Reasoning and Writing. My listens involve reviewing relevant reading materials (provided by you) or sample texts I provide. We will work on breaking down and analyzing the structure texts. The next aspect will involve writing sample arguments, by learning how to write structured outlines.

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A* History student offering fun and useful History, Philosophy and French Lessons in London

I enjoy an informal type of lesson- going through an essay and discussing the pros and cons of it is one of my favourite ways of teaching as are more active methods of learning such as Kahoot and fun presentations and games. I will mark essays for you as well as providing you with revision material and past papers.

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Perfect! Marjotte is a truly brilliant art history tutor who is intelligent and supportive! I recommend her highly! To research on the artist movements in Jane Austen's time for my MA thesis, Marjotte greatly helps me with researching on the 18th century...

Linda, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am delighted with my tutoring sessions with Robert. I was unsure in general about getting a tutor but now I am so glad to say that it has been totally helpful for me. Robert has a great style of teaching and puts a lot of effort and thought into...

Ana, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Juvan responded quickly to my request and agreed to meet me soon after. I'm a mature student at university - we are studying the same subject and I wanted his opinion on the structure of my work. He understood the difficulties I was having and gave...

Alex, student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Daniel is a fabulous and understanding tutor. I am very ,very pleased with his approach and style of teaching. I would highly recommend Daniel due to his enthusiasm for teaching!!!

Shruti, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sharif has been just great! First of all he very smart and knowledgeable and he always asks me if I agree with his lesson plan beforehand. He also understood very quickly my weaknesses and strengths- I am much better visually so he will always...

Madi, student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I had wonderful expirience of meeting fantastic and knowledgeable tutor but also great and friendly person . Thanks to Dr help I was able to complete my final exams. I would recommend this tutor to everyone who like me who study via the OU and...

Monika, student
9 months ago
Dr. amanda
(3 reviews)

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