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I am offering Sports practise and help from football to basketball in Ramsgate

My teaching method is to demonstrate each task that I will be teaching them. I will do this whilst explaining it step by step so that they don't get confused or want to give up. I also make it as fun as possible, I will make a few jokes and always give them praise no matter what.

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A university student who studies sport science and management whilst also playing hockey at a high level

My teaching method is to make sure that you will fully understand the topics, the use of discovery learning whilst also having me explain things in more detail so that you fully grasp the topic and understand what it is happening fully

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Sports tutor previously worked for 2 professional football clubs with over a decade of experience.

i approach each topic with great in depth knowledge and teach in a way that is fun and the class have in depth knowledge and learn extremely quickly with my techniques and skills. Primary school is my expertese but have reached in universities and upper schools.

Wood End
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Sport Graduate offering lesson on sports development and coaching levels up to university

When teaching I start off with what people know about a certain topics to know what knowledge of the subject does students have. My lesson structure is to start using the basics then start developing lesson on a wider base of knowledge and using examples for more understanding.

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Ice hockey coach 9 years of experience in Brighton ready to pass on experience

i like to teach through verbal and practical demonstrations to improve players ability, i like to make lessons fun cause i feel that is the best way to learn and they take more in when they are having fun and they should enjoy what they are doing.

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Recently finished university student specialising in Physical Education with a range of teaching capabilities

My teaching method is very hands on, a creative mind allows for enjoyable lessons, and in my experience enjoyable lessons allow for effective learning to take place. I prefer to make lessons inclusive for everyone as opposed to the best performers which is key to my methods.

Sutton Coldfield
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Sports Development Coach, FOOTBALL,HOCKEY and LACROSSE catered for. Based in BIRMIGHAM,WEST MIDLANDS.

Fitness is a necessity so that will be conducted first with a look into skills and technique coming in after. HIIT provides best results, and varied sessions maintain engagement and keep it fun.

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Experienced PE and SEN teacher offering help with Qualifications, advice or basic sports knowledge or skills.

My teaching method is very much student based, I know that everyone learns in different ways and tailor any teaching to the specific students needs.

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Want to make your hockey into a lifestyle rather than just a hobby?

First would be finding out how much they know in the sport and where exactly they want to take it and working on the certain aspects needed to take them where they want to be

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Young and enthusiastic Field Hockey coach, willing to coach any age of player!

The coach should get involved with the training in my opinion, rather than giving instructions from the side, they should join in the fun!

Welwyn Garden City
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P.E student offering to teach rugby and Hockey at a high level

So when approaching different situations in rugby and hockey the main goals is to score so I you ave to take every problem step by step so you eventually solve the problem. I personally think i would be a very good tuto to anyone but especially to people my age.

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Warwick Uni 2nd XI Captain and Ladies 4th XI Coach. I have played hockey since the age of 7 as well as been a keen runner, swimmer, rugby and squash player

My teaching method will vary depending on your past experience. For beginners I’ll focus on the very basics and one-to-one coaching, but for more advanced players it will be more game practice and I’ll ask my teammates to help and make up the numbers for many game-like scenarios.

Kingston upon Thames
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Hockey Specialist Coach for Forwards, Strikers, Wingers, Skill, Shooting, Pace and Endurance

I run fun engaging sessions perfect for young strikers who take control of games and can change the games on their own. I specialise in close contact skill and pace and endurance. I can teach anyone how to beat a player 1 v 1 every time as well as providing the finish needed to complete the goal.

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PE Teacher/Sports Coach Offering Sessions In Milton Keynes At Primary School Age

I approach sport as a subject that can be enjoyable for anyone, if differentiated properly. During my years of teaching PE in a primary school, I have encountered many different types of obstacles that have halted participation.

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Sports Science student, Irish international hockey player, with high amount of coaching and teaching experience.

I am a friendly and outgoing person who bases her lessons upon the person I am teaching. Having played sport for many years, I totally understand and appreciate that teaching styles need to be adapted for each person to ensure they are learning the most from each lesson.

Navi Mumbai
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I am Hockey Player since my Childhood and have represented many schools games, state level, National Level Tournament. I have represented Amravati Hockey University also. During my journey I have teac

I love Hockey and it's my Passion. I am on a mission to build young childrens to take up Hockey. I have passion for Hockey and wish to build a hockey team for future.

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I am an engineering student and i play a lot and coach my college team.

The classes are for anyone who is a sports enthusiast or is in any related UG PG program related to sports and anyone who loves sports can come and learn!!! i teach like a friend and help like a parent i am not a teacher consider me your friend and there you go with flying colors.

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RMIT University student with 5 years of professional soccer and futsal experience provides private training sessions at home.

My teaching method is based around the student, keeping in mind thier capabilities, interests and passion. I start with basics unless the student is fimiliar with them already. A typical session includes a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by skill exercises and ball control activities and ends with stretching for upto 5 minutes.

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I am admirer of Rahul Dravid from India for cricket and Goalkeepers from Hockey international teams. Also follow cricket world wide tournaments.

My Methodology is pure concentrating on basics, Person has to have a good and strong foundation on a particular game or sport to excel, Also as a player he should concentrate on all the department of the game to excel. Would like to make a player mentally strong to make sure he/she gets adjusted to the games flow without any second thought.

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Want to excel in our national game hockey, write to me I can help you.

Skill oriented. Starting from basics to advanced skills, various types of drills of with ball and without ball and strategy play.

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I'm a student from health science and a national level hockey player.

My teaching methods are strategically good. And I train alot of tactics to grow in competence with other players in hockey.

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Die with memories nit dreams without fitness you are nothing and without physical education all this is like starting with nothing in mind

My teaching method is by motivating the students by encouraging them so students will not only learn it, students will follow it and make it future

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I’m Mahesh Pawar I completed my graduation with bachelor of engg Degree Intrested students can contact

My teaching method is Based on max Practise if you guys revise whatever I teach you then you don’t fill any worry about that subject

Talwara Jheel
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Hockey learning from chandigarh sggs college sector 26 am indian player in indoor or national player in field hockey

My methodology is very easy, student proper coaching from me, students good player in minimum 1 year or playing in 6 months

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I am Abhishek Mishra, International Hockey Player. Represented India in 2010-11, Played all A Grade Tournaments with ONGC from 2010-2015. Played many Senior Nationals and thought students in Surat for

My Methods are very Results Oriented, interesting and Basic or Advanced. As per todays demand and interest of the student i plan a special result oriented schedule to every individual.

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Business man with Event Management firm in New Delhi teaching Events online

My teaching method is based on practical experiences & case studies for better understanding of live situations in the life

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