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San Miguel de Tucumán
Juan sebastian
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An International Relations student passionate about History and Politics in Tucumán city!

Society is renewed, people live another rhythm, the old standardized forms bore people. Each content that is disseminated is valuable and each person who must assimilate it will do so in a different way than the person sitting next to it.

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Political Science major with a focus in economics. I teach my classes by combining storytelling with interesting discussions while trying to make it as interactive as possible.

I make learning fun and find innovative ways for you to learn. In my personal experience, enjoyment and meta-cognition are critical to the learning experience. Most of classes are designed for early high school up until Adults. I am a middle school teacher, and would be available to teach middle school as long as it is Social Science or conversational ESL.

Paris 17e
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Doctor and lecturer at SciencesPo, Polytechnique and Dauphine, gives classes for all levels in Humanities.

High school-Bachelor-Master-Preparation to SciencesPo and HEC business school. Economics courses : Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, History, Culture Générale, English, French, Geopolitics, International Relations, Philosophy, Geography. Writing assistance.

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Recent MA Graduate (Political Theory) from the University of Toronto in White Rock / Surrey

I work with students and see myself as a facilitator rather than a teacher. It is my job to discover the optimal methods that will help achieve the desired learning goals. I enjoy working with students and their parents to ensure that progress is being made.

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SciencesPo Paris student giving Political Sciences lessons among other fields of knowledge.

My teaching method is to guarantee that at every point of the course, the student has understood the higher aim of what he is leaning. I am a big fan of every day examples and I don't think that pure theory is well-adapted to understand thoughts.

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Public policy student with two years of experience tutoring student-athletes offering tutoring in social sciences and humanities.

I approach each topic by first explaining the material, then using tools to help the student retain the information (i.e. flashcards, games). The goal is to eventually have the student explain the material to me without assistance. If one can explain the material then that person has demonstrated a firm understanding of the subject matter.

1st lesson offered free !

Student of International Relations teaches human reinforcement classes in Rio de Janeiro

My favorite teaching method is to follow the student's normal schedule of classes, but always with lightness and fun tone. I try to use examples from the student's daily life, mainly, because I believe that is the best way students can overcome their difficulties and learn.

1st lesson offered free !

CQUniversity Student from Sunshine Coast. Discipline areas include secondary, ancient history, modern history, English, dance theory, and geography.

I am a confident pre-service teacher whose lessons are geared to assist students from all backgrounds. Whether you are looking to improve your overall literacy skills, become an A student, or improve in highly academic subjects, I can assist you. I believe every student can be successful when you have the best foundation for learning, which I will embed in my sessions.

1st lesson offered free !

International Business Student, with course certifications in International Politics and International Law, currently pursuing a diploma in Human Rights. Wide knowledge in Geography and Geopolitics.

I teach the lessons freely depending on the knowledge that the student brings in advance and the needs and expectations of each one. The speed I establish with the student depends on the difficulty that represents for them understanding the topics. I am very patient, I adapt easily and I am receptive.

1st lesson offered free !

3rd year Deakin Uni student offering help with high school Politics & Law assignments, HSC, VCE, SACE, QCE, WACE. I can help with assignments, understanding concepts & exam prep via live chat or email

I can help with assignment and exam preparation for high school Politics & Law subjects in every state. I can answer specific questions via email, and for more involved 'lessons' we can use live chat.

Campo Grande
1st lesson offered free !

Hello, I'm Tayane and I 'm graduated International Relations , I'll be teaching history, geography and culture in general. I'm from Campo Grande-MS and I really enjoy meeting new cultures. I also

I base my classes through books offered at college, such as the History of International Relations and the Clash of Civilizations. Books are my source of teaching, following the articles found on websites and youtube videos. Its miscellaneous with contents.

Claudia daniela
1st lesson offered free !

Intern of International Relations offers classes for subjects associated with social sciences and English and French languages ​​for high school and high school students in the Naucalpan and Tlalnep a

My name is Daniela, I am a bachelor in International Relations, my technique is based on taking the topics that need to be learned and making a conversation that is entertaining, that along with presentations of easy understanding, I am a very patient person when teaching , besides that I am very interested in making myself understood by people, that is, I like to use language that is suitable...

Belo Horizonte
1st lesson offered free !

Undergraduate in History (UFMG) offers classes of History, Geography and Philosophy for youngs and adults in BH

Bachelor's Degree in History from UFMG, with educational experience with children, youth and adults. Our classes will be focused on the contextualization and discussion of the contents so that the student develops his critical and interpretative capacity.

Ciudad de México
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1st lesson offered free !

Law student gives history and geography classes to students, of all ages

Knowing the student's learning rhythm as well as his / her development in the subject and based on it, encompassing the subjects, reinforcing with didactic exercises, and giving a more friendly side to those who do not like history and geography.

(2 reviews)
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Student in History at la Sorbonne provide private tutoring in History and Geography at Paris and by skype

I attach great importance to attention and listen to the students. So I adapted my method and my work to your desires, needs, gaps. And even your character! I have for supporting academic books, but also my own courses, novels or short stories, websites, and synthesis methodology sheets ... And if necessary the annals of patent and bachelor.

1st lesson offered free !

Internationally experienced history teacher, offers one on one and group lessons, flexible and creative teaching style

I like to take a creative and fun approach to education, focusing on both the personal interests and learning needs of each student. This may involve the use of multimedia learning materials, and I will often attempt to engage with history from a critical lens.

1st lesson offered free !

Political Science Alumni gives classes! Politics is way easier than you think!

My teaching style changes depending on my students, my goal is to make sure you reach the highest potential you possibly can as a student. Some of students need visual examples or verbal, it's whatever you as the student need.

1st lesson offered free !

History Professor (PhD) in Kitchener-Waterloo. Areas of expertise: Canadian and American history, Military history, Environmental history, Geography, general test preparation, and essay writing.

My commitment to academic excellence and student success is demonstrated by my flexible skill set and innovative pedagogy, as well as my ability to relate to a wide variety of learners. My goal as an educator is to engage students in course materials, cultivate their critical thinking and communication skills, and encourage them to embrace intellectual and cultural diversity.

1st lesson offered free !

Former master's student and honours graduate teaches and tutors in political science and filmmaking

My methods are tailored to either the individual or group needs of my students so that they can develop their personal talents and skills. They range from a structured lecture to seminar to flexible comprehensive one-on-one tutoring and teaching.

1st lesson offered free !

History Graduate offering to tutor in Temecula, CA! (4 years experience - BA)

I approach each lesson targeting the student's specific needs and what areas need clarification, understanding, or foundation. I am fully aware how tricky or dusty History can be, therefore I try to make real-world connections, comparisons, and examples in order for students to enjoy, understand, and retain historical information.

1st lesson offered free !

Professor of History, with advanced knowledge of English and I give writing classes at San Sebastian University.

My main methodology is active learning. I understand that students should be the protagonists of their own learning process, articulating new knowledge with their previous knowledge in order to achieve meaningful learning. So that it becomes a challenge to know and learn, beyond the need to approve.

Wattle Grove
1st lesson offered free !

Curtin Uni Graduate and Seasoned Operator offers History lessons to all ages.

I prescribe to multiple methodologies. Firstly, I conduct a learning needs analysis on all students to determine curriculum entry point followed by one or more of the following: Lecture/classroom delivery; Tutorials; Task/project demonstration; and Role plays. I incorporate: formative and summative assessment; The Principles of Assessment; and The Rules of Evidence.

Adalton de paula parrela
1st lesson offered free !

Lawyer and Consultant in Business Management teaches History and teaches courses in Florianópolis, SC or via EAD.

I believe that the best way to teach / learn is to do it together, in a full and honest communication. I value the process of "learning to acculturate" rather than just "studying for the test". There is a lot in the world to know, in a process that does not have to end. I myself continue to learn - and studying: I am starting a Masters and a PhD in Business Sciences.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated in Political Science and International Relations offers repetitions in History, Geography, Geopolitics, Political Sciences, International Relations, Public and Constitutional Law, Internatio

Graduated with honors in Political Sciences and International Relations with numerous advanced courses and work experience in relevant sectors. Clarity and simplicity are the counterpart to deepening and understanding of the subjects dealt with.

São Paulo
1st lesson offered free !

History classes and related areas: general culture, preparation for entrance exams and reinforcement

To provide the student an accessible and useful historical knowledge for personal and professional life. Bringing the student a historical view of society implies highlighting the importance and usefulness of History for all, regardless of age, education or work area.

Ciudad de México
1st lesson offered free !

Expert in Strategic Communication and Crisis Management (Public, Regulatory and Government Affairs)

I am a public relations professional who lives and works in Mexico City. I have a company of my own since 2017 (concealed information) in partnership with 2 professional colleagues in communication. I am specialized in Higher Direction of Government and Public Policy, having expanded my knowledge in Santiago de Chile (UNAB).

1st lesson offered free !

Graduate in Public Relations I offer reinforcement in History and Communication in Goiânia

My name is Fernanda Veloso and these are some of my professional qualities: First: I have been a volunteer for 7 years in the Scout movement, which has allowed me to develop a good relationship with people, especially children. Second: I am very communicative, which enabled me to have a lot of good contacts, inside and outside the country.

1st lesson offered free !

ANU Masters student giving Humanities lessons to high school and uni students

One of the key requirements of humanities is to understand the topic from a deeper level and understand why and how certain things exist or have happened in the past. I focus on the student to have that clearer understanding and through the medium they best understand it with.

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1st lesson offered free !

An Oxford graduate and experienced tutor of humanities in Greater London Area

I have a positive attitude and a passion to assist and motivate struggling learners. I found, from my own experience, that people learn things differently and at different paces; when students struggle with a subject, it’s usually because their learning style conflicts with the style or pace with which it is being taught.

Viswanadha kasyap
1st lesson offered free !

High School level History (World, European and Asian)/ Essay writing techniques for Social Sciences

I am quite flexible when it comes to teaching. I can go over historic topics like a story which would usually make the class interesting. I will have a power point presentation which will be provided, so the student can recall the contents of the class.

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