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Ex-student of Master in Tourism, native speaker of Italian, teaches private or group classes in Malaga!

I treat the subject freely, both through exercises and conversations. I like to adapt the method to the students by talking to them before. I organize my classes preparing them beforehand and agreeing on the arguments that you want to discuss before.

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1st lesson offered free !

Italian course by an Italian graduate of the University of Bologna and Lycée International

Italian native, I teach Italian at all levels (LVI, university), I can also help with homeworks. Former student of the International Italian Section High School and graduated from University of Bologna. Methods can be adapted according to requests. Located St Germain in laye city center.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian native speaker keen to make you improve your knowledge of Italian culture and language.

I start from the English language, I leverage on mutual roots of Italian and English. I love teaching the language explaining their origin and how is usually in use among native speaker. I can use a more academic methodology for students or is required.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian PhD graduate offers Italian lesson in Hobart and nearby areas.

Learning is a fun process. Lessons will be adapted in accordance on your language level. Fluency, accuracy, vocabulary teaching, pronuntiation are all topics that will be treated. Contact me to talk about your necessities.

Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina
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Graduated in Linguistic Mediation offers Italian language lessons for adults and children online

Conversation is the basis of learning: without error there's no growth, so we'll talk as much as possible to understand how and what is wrong and to improve more and more. My lesson lasts one hour, during which we can talk about everything you want or, if you prefer, we can correct written texts, solve doubts about grammar ..

Surfers Paradise
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1st lesson offered free !

Wanna learn Italian? That's the moment! Not only words, but culture and history too! Italian doctor in psychology with didactic experience will teach you this beautiful language in Gold Coast.

My teaching method is practical, more conversation than theory. We will see the basic grammar, playing with the rules, but then we will focus on daily speech. To enrich the learnig, I will teach throughout music and movies as well.

South Fremantle
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Ciao amici! Learn Italian has never been more fun! Contact me and you will not regret it

Lessons will be fun and personalised. We will decide together what is the best way for you to Learn through music, games, books, videos and much more.

1st lesson offered free !

Teaching basics and beginner Italian to those who want to learn. Also helping those who are studying Highschool level beginners or continuers Italian to fine tune their language skills

My teaching style is very universal to the requirements of the student. Allot of work will be conversation based to Italian the language in a normalised way to allow it to sink in. Other areas can include translation of music.

Paris 10e
1st lesson offered free !

Italian, graduated bac + 6, I give Italian language courses remotely for passion.

I approach the subject freely, especially through reading, listening and a lot of conversation. Depending on the need I focus on particular tematiques, grammar, technical language, Italian culture, etc. The register can vary from literary Italian to spoken language on the street.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian student of medicine - you are quickly taught the language of my country!

I am available to explain grammar and to make conversation! for all ages and levels! even at home! I did a year of study in Paris having worked in the hospital as an external doctor and I speak French Courrament

New York
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1st lesson offered free !

A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English, Italian and Russian! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and I am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, I got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

Cava de' Tirreni
1st lesson offered free !

Master's Degree Graduate in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature Offers Italian private lessons

My Italian lessons are based on the different aspects of the language: grammar, written production, oral production, listening, reading, and pronunciation. My goal is to make the student improve their skills so that they can easily express themselves in Italian.

1st lesson offered free !

Looking for a peculiar way to learn Italian? Young native teacher specialized in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language is waiting for you!

As a language student, I realized that books and assignments alone are not enough to learn a new language. Moving to the country where the language is spoken can be a great start because you have the opportunity to live the language in all contexts.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Italian speaker is here to help you to learn or improve your Italian.

I base my class on individual goals my students want to achieve

1st lesson offered free !

Business Student gives English, Math, Science and italian language tutoring sessions in Toronto and London

I am slow and thorough when tutoring. I am patient and explain things as if they are being explained to a beginner. I am always testing relevant information so that the student can comprehend it even when I am not present.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Student in University of Adelaide gives lessons of Italian for children, teenagers and adults

First of all it would be good by dividing the lessons in sections: -first 15 minutes in learning new vocabularies; -30 minutes of grammar; -finally 15 minutes of conversations of what we learnt during the lesson. Then I think that the best way to learn a language concerns also the understanding of culture and history of the country.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in communication and marketing gives basic Italian language lessons for foreigners

The lessons are aimed at people of all ages who need or want to learn Italian. My approach is about simplicity, memorization and fun.

1st lesson offered free !

Available for both ITALIAN and ENGLISH lessons, experience with children and students!

I don't have a fixed scheme, we can organise the lesson as you prefer, having fun while learning together! Conversations, traslations, help with homework.-. everything you need. Non ho una metodologia predefinita, possiamo organizzare la lezione come preferisci: divertendoci mentre impariamo insieme! Conversazioni, traduzioni, aiuto compiti... qualsiasi cosa di cui tu hai bisogno.

1st lesson offered free !

Computer science student teaches Italian for native English speakers at low prices for everyone!

Lessons are planned for you and for your level. There are speaking lessons, writing lessons and grammar lessons, things are gradually taught for a better learning. Are also available speaking practice lessons, where we can speak together to improve you Italian communication skills.

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1st lesson offered free !

Native Italian, I give italian lessons in Bordeaux / based on your goals

I have 2 Masters in Tourism, one in Italy, the other one in France. I teach following your goals and I want to be sure you acheive them. That's why our lessons will always be customized and the first lesson is free in order to fix the goals.

Reggio Emilia
1st lesson offered free !

Italian mother tongue student offers lessons and insights to students also of foreign origin.

Methodology adaptable to each student. Lisenting, speking, reading, writing and comprehension. Teaching of verbal structures, paraphrases, prose, the main words and propositions. Translation of texts from native to Italian and / or vice versa.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated at the classical state high school of Novara I propose lessons for elementary and middle school children and foreigners based on overcoming the grammatical limits

my approach to the subject is scholastic according to the grammatical rules required and necessary to have an exposure of thoughts suitable to an environment in which one can compare freely.

1st lesson offered free !

PhD student in advanced research in Spanish Language and Literature and with a master's degree in teaching European languages ​​and translation with 3 years of experience, teaches Italian and Span

My methodology begins with a grammatical basis and then enriches it with elements of oral and written comprehension and production, without forgetting cultural elements. I address all levels and personalize the classes to the demands of each student and level.

San Bartolomé
1st lesson offered free !

Teacher with 20 years of experience in Italian school teaches Italian in Lanzarote

Customized method for all needs. Conversation, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, depending on what the student asks for. Comparison with the Spanish language. Available for individual or group classes. You can use multimedia material. It is not necessary to buy books.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Italian the fun and simple way without the books or tapes!

My teaching method is simple: I start with the basics. The alphabet and the vowels. This gives the pupil a command on the phonics. Then I show how certain letters sound when combined with other letters; the "gn" as in lasagna, has the combination sound as an N and Y...

1st lesson offered free !

Graduating in Foreign Languages ​​in Bologna offers Italian lessons for foreigners, Modena area

ENG: Lessons are made for everyone who needs to learn or improve the Italian language level.

Queens County
1st lesson offered free !

Native Italian Teacher offers Italian lessons in New York to all ages

I am a mechanical engineer with more than 6 years of professional experience. I left Italy 5 years ago and while working abroad I found that many of my friends, colleagues and later people who lived in the same town I was, were really interested and curious about learning Italian for the first time or to improve their personal level.

Thousand Oaks
1st lesson offered free !

Italian 25 yo, ESL teacher , offering Skype italian language and culture lessons. Do you wish to live or study in THE beautiful country? CONTACT ME. First lesson free

Italian living in italy but heart based in California.Wheter you are a very first time laerner or an advanced speaker, I'm going to make sure my classes will be suitable for you. I focus on your passions and hobbies to make learning this beautiful language more attractive.

1st lesson offered free !

ITALIAN AND EXT TUTORING FOR HSC STUDENTS (sydney university student majoring Italian)

My name is Milly and I have recently finished high school- I want to help students achieve their best with grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and oral practice to HSC students and give tips and tricks on how to achieve the highest band as well as how to avoid errors.

1st lesson offered free !

Educated Italian native speaker with teaching experience offers Italian lessons in Aachen for every level

My teaching method is adapted to the needs of the students. I believe in learning by immersion. That is, I will explain as little as possible in German or English, unless it is necessary to achieve a correct understanding of the grammar.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Italian. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! I like the way Andrea motivates me and he always brings topics according the topics I like, which makes studying easier. I'd highly recommend him.

Timea, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Francesca is a very reliable, patient and knowledgeable tutor, and I very much enjoy our weekly lessons. As she is very creative she also has great ideas of helping me to remember words, and making learning Italian more fun! She is a professional,...

Stacey, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I've had 8 private lessons with Wanda in central London (and now signed-up for 8 more). We had excellent communication deciding where and when the lessons would take place. Wanda is flexible and is able to work in the evenings, after work. Her...

Steve, student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Rosa is a wonderful tutor. I really look forward to my lessons and I enjoy them. I am very rusty, but Rosa helps me to engage with the Italian language again. Her lessons are structured and good. I am delighted to have found such a great...

Josephine, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Antonella, Is a lovely teacher. Very patient, calm and kind. You get a real slice of Italy studying with her. She is brilliant! X

Jo, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Really lovely lady. My son is over the moon with her Italian lessons.

Reeva, student
9 months ago
(3 reviews)

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How To Choose Your Private Italian Class?

Italy and the Italian language also called Dante's Language, evoke so many things when they are discussed. First, it's the singing quality of the accent and pronunciation. Then it's the many amazing places to visit and travel to, from Venetian gondolas to Roman monuments. But of course, there's also the Italian culture, cuisine, cinema... the list goes on! And what if you put a little dolce vita in your life too? Superprof invites you to join our scuola de lingua and many talented Italian teachers based all over the UK.  

The Italian Language: One of the Easiest to Learn!

Can learning a language be done quickly and easily? In general, no. Learning a language requires time and discipline. But when we are talking about learning Italian, if you're an English speaker, or have ever dabbled in similar languages such as French or Spanish... the task of learning this language of love becomes immediately much easier! Why? According to studies by linguistic specialists, it would seem that the Italian language has important similarities to English! The Italian language is also greatly similar to the other 6 Romance Languages spoken around the world by millions of people: Spanish (470 million), Portuguese (250 million), French (150 million), Italian (90 million) and Romanian (25 million). Similarities that exist between all these languages greatly facilitates the work of an Italian teacher and their students, and there can be similarities found amongst the romance languages as well: the richness and diversity of their cuisine, culture, cinema, literature, history of art, architecture in their cities. However, if one is being honest... isn't it Italian that truly interests and draws you in?! If you've ever learned a bit of any of these languages in school, you've already got a large head start. Plus, by learning a language, such as Italian, it opens the doors to learning a 3rd sister language much more easily! Studying Italian can be one of the best ways to become bilingual for those who are native English speakers. But in order to do so, you will need to find an Italian language teacher who is ready to give private lessons at home! Just as well, because you've found the right place! Whether it is a teacher from the Ministry of Education, or a self-taught teacher, or native speaker who wants to convey his love of the Italian language and culture.  

Learn the Italian Language: The Importance of Speaking Italian in Europe

When we count the Italian speakers in Europe, we realize that the Italian language is the 6th most common native language spoken in the European Union with 69 million practitioners. In other words, a highly impressive amount. One of the most common languages spoken in the EU, Italian, coming in at 6th place, puts it closely behind English in 4th place with 70 million native speakers in the EU. First, second and third place goes to Russian (120 million), German (95 million) and French (80 million) respectively.  This can give us an idea of the value in taking some Italian courses, or to even organize a trip to Italy one day, to put your skills to test in the beauty of the country itself: Rome, Siena, Florence, Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Sicily or Sardinia! While travelling, you can of course practice all that you have learned with your private tutor, homework help specialist, online Italian course tutor, or free Italian courses at home!

Italian Language and Culture Courses

But if Italy is a major country of Europe (and the world), it is also and above all known for its exceptional cultural heritage. According to UNESCO, Italy is the country with the world's largest cultural heritage today, with nearly 51 sites ranked in 2015! Learning to speak Italian can, therefore, bring to life unique experiences in this Renaissance country. From the Tower of Pisa to the Coliseum, through the amphitheater of Taormina (Sicily), the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel or the La Scala Opera House in Milan! To learn Italian means not only moving towards the enviable status of being bilingual in Italian. It can also mean embracing its incredibly rich and beautiful culture. Starting with Italian cuisine, as well known around the world as the Great Boot! And as we mentioned above, don't forget: Italian cinema, theatre and literature. Why not focus your studies on the Italian language? Italian courses can be found everywhere in education: college, high school, university. Obtaining a degree in Italian during your studies may well bring you closer to that incredible job opportunity you've been looking for, at a time when many companies are looking for resumes from candidates who have mastered 2 languages and many are looking at Italian in particular. Learning Italian very early can lead to a brilliant professional career. You can also take classes in the evening, through continuing education, learning Italian online or at home with a specialized teacher. A linguist expert can not only help you to get a diploma, but also to learn Italian quickly: grammar, adjectives, qualifiers, the Italian alphabet, and even help you to become an Italian tutor yourself one day, why not or obtain admission to a specialized program.  

Italian Language Courses: Less than £20 Per Hour on Average

Learning Italian with a private tutor seems to us to be the best option by far to learn how to quickly speak Dante's language. This and a linguistic stay obviously: a direct immersion in one's language city of choice to deepen one's knowledge. But the advantage of taking Italian courses at home is that it allows a student to work the language within one's own scheduling and in-depth: Italian culture, plurals, pronouns, conjugation (verb and time), adjectives, adverbs, written expression, vocabulary (words and expression), the history of art... So many parameters of language can be acquired by choosing this method of teaching! But for students who do not have a big budget, choosing to embark on the adventure of learning a language through a course with an Italian teacher, it is above all an investment. However, learning a language on Superprof becomes much more affordable, an Italian language private tutor can be as reasonable as £15-20 per hour.  

To Speak Italian: Choose Your Italian Tutor From Nearly 3,000 Teachers

As for the choice of the teacher, the next bit of good news after a relatively low average price: the number of Italian teachers at your disposal! Tutors on our platform focus on student understanding first and foremost by offering a tailored program, Italian exercises and adapted teaching materials. Whether you are a beginner in the language of Dante (so named after the writer Dante Alighieri) or already familiar with some of the grammar and vocabulary, taking several tutoring classes on some evenings and weekends will allow everyone to improve.  

In Conclusion And To Go Even Further!

Thanks to our Italian teachers, the Dolce Vita is at your fingertips. To prepare for a holiday, an exam, or simply for the pleasure of discovering Fellini and cinecitta movies in OV (Original Version)! Italian is a Latin language which is easier for English speakers to learn than many other languages. Tutors will carefully tailor classes just for you to help you progress as quickly as possible. Some colleges and high schools also offer Italian lessons to their students (as a second or third language). Learning Italian is even easier if you have already had the opportunity to take Latin lessons! Some of our Italian teachers can give you private lessons on general conversation or to help you translate your document into Italian as part of an apprenticeship for private or professional reasons. On the other hand, if you are learning Italian as part of your studies, we also offer private lessons in Italian based on syntax and grammar or on literature. We also offer the option to choose your private Italian tutor according to your requirements: price, method of teaching, location, highest certification achieved.