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1st lesson offered free !

Italian young teacher gives lessons in Sydney, for everyone who shares the love for this passionate language!

A language is nothing, if not an alive entity. In order to learn it, one has to experience it, so my lessons will include speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar, and the lesson won't finish there: assignments will be included. Not usual one, though, but live ones: movies, songs, everything that can help human memory imprint new information.

1st lesson offered free !

University student in the faculty of languages ​​in Milan offers lessons as Italian as a foreign language to beginners and learners: conversation, translation, written and oral expression and comprehe

My lessons are for eveyone interested! I like to interact with students, speak up, exchange cultural anecdotes and I will always try to explain and anwer to any doubt so that you can impove.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Native Italian speaker, studying art in Belleville, gives Italian to people of all ages

Since I know that Italian can be intimidating to tackle at first, my method is based on a balance of grammar and conversation exercises, aiming to make the language structure as natural and intuitive as possible. I expect the students I tutor to make lots of mistakes and learn from them in a tension-free environment.

Paris 19e
1st lesson offered free !

Teacher of Italian mother tongue gives Italian lessons in Paris at all levels, adults, children and teens.

I base my classes on the conversation at the beginning, to understand your levels; explain and apply grammar rules according to your needs. I give lessons to adults, teens and children for the preparation of exams or for your leisure.

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University student in communication and marketing gives basic Italian language lessons for foreigners

The lessons are aimed at people of all ages who need or want to learn Italian. My approach is about simplicity, memorization and fun.

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She graduated in English / German / Italian l2 for all levels and offers translation services EN> IT and vice versa in Palermo

Graduated in languages ​​and modern cultures with the highest marks and specialized in English and German, they give language lessons for any level and for students of any class. I also teach Italian L2 lessons to foreigners. My lessons are based on experimentation, especially if my teaching target is children and adolescents.

Mountain Creek
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Italian native speaker gives Italian lessons to high school students and adults in the Sunshine Coast (4557)

Depending on the entry level of the student I support my teachings with visual materials, prepare exercises to do with you, interact with images on books and listening to audio and entertaining italian music, using a wide variety of vocabulary.

Chácaras Califórnia
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Italian teacher gives lessons online to Portuguese speakers. Practical classes from Italy.

The classes are designed for those who are interested in discovering Italian, practice their pronunciation, improve their written / oral comprehension and enrich their vocabulary. I give classes for everyone's level and they can be individual or in group.

1st lesson offered free !

29$ - Marco, 30yo, Experienced and Qualified Native Italian Teacher and Examiner in Melbourne

I care about what you actually want to do with the language, what you need it for. I assess what you know already and try to solve grammar or communication problems of your speaking. For total beginners I try to give the tools so that you can immediately start to speak (e.g.

Lyon 5e
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English, French and Italian teacher. Bachelor degree student in International Relations and Translation

I approach the teaching of my working language in a structured, well organized way. My teaching method is classic, but I try to have a fun approach sometimes. The most important thing for me is to put my students at ease and to work the language as much as possible, both orally and in writing.

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Italian language and culture courses for everyone at home and online. What are you waiting for?

Hello, I am a Master in Philosophy and after I finished my studies with a Master in Philosophical Counseling. The methodology is very simple and we are based on a progressive development through listening to short texts, the explanation of grammar, reading and writing. In base the level of departure of the student I adapt the program in function of his knowledge.

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PhD student teaches Italian, for all your needs and for all levels

I base my teaching on your need: whether you need a few words to get by during your holiday or you need to learn Italian for your professional needs we'll calibrate the course so that you can reach your objectiv

1st lesson offered free !

Italian-speaking opera singer offers phonetic courses for the sung Italian language, translations of opera booklets and arias, conversation sessions

I am Annalisa, 36 years old, chorist (contralto) in the chorus of the Dijon Opera, passionate about languages ​​and linguistics, especially about phonetics of languages ​​applied to singing.

Highgate Hill
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Qualified teacher with multi-year experience gives private lessons online and/or on-site in Brisbane and Lismore.

Ciao a tutti, I am an unconventional and creative teacher, who enjoys teaching Italian. I adopt a communicative approach and diverse, alternative techniques in order to understand, prioritise and fulfil students' needs. We can work together on-site and/or online via Skype.

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Italian mothertongue but also English and German Student: I'm ready to help you boost your language skills!

Hi! I'm Juicy and I'm an university student in Milan. I would like to help adults or students to get back their independence and feel at ease in everyday situations. I would start with some vocabulary building and oral expression competence.

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Native Italian teacher and translator gives lessons to everyone that needs improvement.

I have taught English and Italian in South Africa and worked as an English-Italian Consultant in one of the best schools in Cape Town. I also volunteer to children in order to introduce them the English language and how important is to learn. In Italy, I have taught business English to Engineers and sales. My method is tailor-made for the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Parliamo in italiano per farci capire nel mondo ???????????????????? ☕️ ???? !! be italian my friend !! Classes in Madrid of conversation, vocabulary or Italian grammar, translation of texts helps is

classes aimed at people who want to converse in Italian or to students of schools or university students who need to converse or review vocabulary and grammar, specific classes for those who need to go to live in Italy for work and have to learn the language or know how to talk!

1st lesson offered free !

Italian mother tongue with years of teaching experience also abroad gives foreign language lessons

With the help of a completely new and interactive method, we will go on learning Italian, encouraging a very quick learning and aimed at managing every day and working life contexts. I like to follow my students step by step through learning and their progress and at the same time building a relationship of mutual trust.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian Language and Culture lessons by a former Rotary Exchange Student, Online

I am a past Rotary Youth Exchange Student who spent the last year in northern Italy. I currently study at the high school level in Ohio, and although my school does not offer Italian courses, I am a fluent speaker.

1st lesson offered free !

Bilingual French-italian speaker and translator giving Italian French and English lessons in Paris

The following are some of the elements that I always take into account when I give courses: - an interactive teaching method adapted to the needs, the student's objectives and the level of his / her initial language - learning to master fluency techniques in Communication in French and Italian and English

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Teacher Mother tongue Italian, with Degree in Linguistic Mediation and Communication, imparts lessons in Italian and foreign in Rome

I am a graduate-level degree in Communication, with a triennial in Linguistic Mediation and Italian as L2. My lessons appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. For me teaching the Italian language does not match the classical school learning in which the student adheres to the study of a language book subdivided into units.

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Become a true ITALIAN in Paris, learn the language by having fun!

Italian language courses and Italian culture by qualified and experienced professor Hello, Italian teacher in a linguistic and humanities college, I offer private Italian courses for all levels: grammar, conversation, culture and literature, preparation for the BAC . My courses are based on the use of documents (articles, literary texts, film excerpts, songs, images, etc.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian for foreigners in Padua! A qualified and experienced teacher offers private Italian lessons for foreigners

“Students are not vessels to be filled, they are a fire to be kindled.” -Plutarch- That’s the leading principle of my teaching method: to make students protagonists of their course, motivating them in new ways according to their specific needs, so as they can enjoy the learning.

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Estudante de Italiano aero de conversação em italiano in zona do Porto

Portuguesa a viver em Itália com nível de italiano B2 oferece aulas de italiano de conversação e explicações de gramática a níveis base. Use técnicas and dinâmicas that are foram travel to estudar línguas estrangeiras, incluíndo italiano. Offer aulas no Port and furnishings.

1st lesson offered free !

Pavia - Graduating offers tuition in English, French and German, preparation tasks, help translation

I am a graduate student in the University of Pavia, English study since I five years and over time I have accumulated a bit 'of experience in helping students prepare lessons and exams. Often you need additional support with respect to the teacher to allow the student to practice the correct way.

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A graduate teacher with experience offers Italian courses for foreigners in Trieste

I am an Italian graduate teacher. I am available to those who want to learn from scratch or to deepen the knowledge of Italian language and Italian culture in a serious and effective way, with grammar, reading, writing and conversation exercises.

Castellammare di Stabia
1st lesson offered free !

I am an Italian mother tongue and I propose conversations and understanding of texts in order to learn Italian.

My ad is also addressed to people of other nationalities who speak English and who would like to learn Italian. It is obviously aimed at people of any age group. The lessons will be structured through conversations and comprehension, readings of texts directed to familiarize with the Italian language.

Paris 18e
1st lesson offered free !

Young Italian girl who have just arrived in Paris is at your disposal to give you Italian lessons!

Hello everyone, I am Giulia Conte, I am Italian and I have just arrived in Paris to continue my studies of music. And Italy I attended the language school and I studied French, English and Spanish but my mother tongue is Italian, which I would like to give lessons to all who are interested.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Italian from someone that was born and raised in Milan, Italy

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy. Finish high school in Florida and about to get my bachelor degree of science in Biology. Speaking and reading is the best way to learn a new language. I know three of them and this how I became successful in speaking them.

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Perfect! Greta was a phenomenal tutor for me. She was very patient and detailed in her approach, all designed for my specific needs. She has distilled a new confidence in me when I comes to using my Italian and I can't recommend highly enough! 5/5

Alex, student
5 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Alyona is an amazing tutor who has already, in just a few short weeks, helped me to improve my Russian massively. Thanks to her style of teaching, I've already started to find patterns and feel more confident with the language. If anything is ever...

Fuzz, student
6 days ago
(31 reviews)

Perfect! Giulia is very friendly, the lessons were a good pace and she tailored them to my needs. My italian definitely improved!

Jenny, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I like the way Andrea motivates me and he always brings topics according the topics I like, which makes studying easier. I'd highly recommend him.

Timea, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Francesca is a very reliable, patient and knowledgeable tutor, and I very much enjoy our weekly lessons. As she is very creative she also has great ideas of helping me to remember words, and making learning Italian more fun! She is a professional,...

Stacey, student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I've had 8 private lessons with Wanda in central London (and now signed-up for 8 more). We had excellent communication deciding where and when the lessons would take place. Wanda is flexible and is able to work in the evenings, after work. Her...

Steve, student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

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How To Choose Your Private Italian Class?

Italy and the Italian language also called Dante's Language, evoke so many things when they are discussed. First, it's the singing quality of the accent and pronunciation. Then it's the many amazing places to visit and travel to, from Venetian gondolas to Roman monuments. But of course, there's also the Italian culture, cuisine, cinema... the list goes on! And what if you put a little dolce vita in your life too? Superprof invites you to join our scuola de lingua and many talented Italian teachers based all over the UK.  

The Italian Language: One of the Easiest to Learn!

Can learning a language be done quickly and easily? In general, no. Learning a language requires time and discipline. But when we are talking about learning Italian, if you're an English speaker, or have ever dabbled in similar languages such as French or Spanish... the task of learning this language of love becomes immediately much easier! Why? According to studies by linguistic specialists, it would seem that the Italian language has important similarities to English! The Italian language is also greatly similar to the other 6 Romance Languages spoken around the world by millions of people: Spanish (470 million), Portuguese (250 million), French (150 million), Italian (90 million) and Romanian (25 million). Similarities that exist between all these languages greatly facilitates the work of an Italian teacher and their students, and there can be similarities found amongst the romance languages as well: the richness and diversity of their cuisine, culture, cinema, literature, history of art, architecture in their cities. However, if one is being honest... isn't it Italian that truly interests and draws you in?! If you've ever learned a bit of any of these languages in school, you've already got a large head start. Plus, by learning a language, such as Italian, it opens the doors to learning a 3rd sister language much more easily! Studying Italian can be one of the best ways to become bilingual for those who are native English speakers. But in order to do so, you will need to find an Italian language teacher who is ready to give private lessons at home! Just as well, because you've found the right place! Whether it is a teacher from the Ministry of Education, or a self-taught teacher, or native speaker who wants to convey his love of the Italian language and culture.  

Learn the Italian Language: The Importance of Speaking Italian in Europe

When we count the Italian speakers in Europe, we realize that the Italian language is the 6th most common native language spoken in the European Union with 69 million practitioners. In other words, a highly impressive amount. One of the most common languages spoken in the EU, Italian, coming in at 6th place, puts it closely behind English in 4th place with 70 million native speakers in the EU. First, second and third place goes to Russian (120 million), German (95 million) and French (80 million) respectively.  This can give us an idea of the value in taking some Italian courses, or to even organize a trip to Italy one day, to put your skills to test in the beauty of the country itself: Rome, Siena, Florence, Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Sicily or Sardinia! While travelling, you can of course practice all that you have learned with your private tutor, homework help specialist, online Italian course tutor, or free Italian courses at home!

Italian Language and Culture Courses

But if Italy is a major country of Europe (and the world), it is also and above all known for its exceptional cultural heritage. According to UNESCO, Italy is the country with the world's largest cultural heritage today, with nearly 51 sites ranked in 2015! Learning to speak Italian can, therefore, bring to life unique experiences in this Renaissance country. From the Tower of Pisa to the Coliseum, through the amphitheater of Taormina (Sicily), the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel or the La Scala Opera House in Milan! To learn Italian means not only moving towards the enviable status of being bilingual in Italian. It can also mean embracing its incredibly rich and beautiful culture. Starting with Italian cuisine, as well known around the world as the Great Boot! And as we mentioned above, don't forget: Italian cinema, theatre and literature. Why not focus your studies on the Italian language? Italian courses can be found everywhere in education: college, high school, university. Obtaining a degree in Italian during your studies may well bring you closer to that incredible job opportunity you've been looking for, at a time when many companies are looking for resumes from candidates who have mastered 2 languages and many are looking at Italian in particular. Learning Italian very early can lead to a brilliant professional career. You can also take classes in the evening, through continuing education, learning Italian online or at home with a specialized teacher. A linguist expert can not only help you to get a diploma, but also to learn Italian quickly: grammar, adjectives, qualifiers, the Italian alphabet, and even help you to become an Italian tutor yourself one day, why not or obtain admission to a specialized program.  

Italian Language Courses: Less than £20 Per Hour on Average

Learning Italian with a private tutor seems to us to be the best option by far to learn how to quickly speak Dante's language. This and a linguistic stay obviously: a direct immersion in one's language city of choice to deepen one's knowledge. But the advantage of taking Italian courses at home is that it allows a student to work the language within one's own scheduling and in-depth: Italian culture, plurals, pronouns, conjugation (verb and time), adjectives, adverbs, written expression, vocabulary (words and expression), the history of art... So many parameters of language can be acquired by choosing this method of teaching! But for students who do not have a big budget, choosing to embark on the adventure of learning a language through a course with an Italian teacher, it is above all an investment. However, learning a language on Superprof becomes much more affordable, an Italian language private tutor can be as reasonable as £15-20 per hour.  

To Speak Italian: Choose Your Italian Tutor From Nearly 3,000 Teachers

As for the choice of the teacher, the next bit of good news after a relatively low average price: the number of Italian teachers at your disposal! Tutors on our platform focus on student understanding first and foremost by offering a tailored program, Italian exercises and adapted teaching materials. Whether you are a beginner in the language of Dante (so named after the writer Dante Alighieri) or already familiar with some of the grammar and vocabulary, taking several tutoring classes on some evenings and weekends will allow everyone to improve.  

In Conclusion And To Go Even Further!

Thanks to our Italian teachers, the Dolce Vita is at your fingertips. To prepare for a holiday, an exam, or simply for the pleasure of discovering Fellini and cinecitta movies in OV (Original Version)! Italian is a Latin language which is easier for English speakers to learn than many other languages. Tutors will carefully tailor classes just for you to help you progress as quickly as possible. Some colleges and high schools also offer Italian lessons to their students (as a second or third language). Learning Italian is even easier if you have already had the opportunity to take Latin lessons! Some of our Italian teachers can give you private lessons on general conversation or to help you translate your document into Italian as part of an apprenticeship for private or professional reasons. On the other hand, if you are learning Italian as part of your studies, we also offer private lessons in Italian based on syntax and grammar or on literature. We also offer the option to choose your private Italian tutor according to your requirements: price, method of teaching, location, highest certification achieved.