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Law graduate gives Italian lessons, for any level and sector, both for adults and children.

I am Italian and therefore this is my mother tongue. I am currently teaching it to some teachers of a High School in Saint Brieuc. I am perfectly able to work both with adults and children, and for any level or sector.

Alcalá de Henares
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Native Italian offers to give Italian classes in Madrid or by Skype

Hello! I'm Caterina, Italian girl from Venice. Spain is giving me the most exciting and happy period of my life, so I would very much like to return the favor with my classes! I am writing to all those who want to learn or improve Italian, that is, regardless of the level you have. I live in Alcalá de Henares, but I can stay without problems in Madrid.

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Learn and improve Italian in Barcelona with a mother tongue teacher graduated in Languages (English C1+ and Spanish C1)

My classes are for children and adults, from level A1 to C2. We are going to learn lots of things practicing speaking, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary. You will be happy and satisfied doing very interesting activities, working hard and enjoying at the same time.

El Cajon
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Spanish and Italian lessons with an italian master student in San Diego

Hi, I'm an Italian girl graduated in Business Administration. In few months I am going to finish my Master in Economics. I have been living in Spain and studying Spanish for 3 years. I have the highest level of Spanish language and I can help you to improve your skills.

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ONLY ONLINE! Learn Italian language with a native speaker, Italian as a second language teacher

ciao! I am Nadia from Verona, I am a 33 years old experienced ESL teacher in Italy and abroad; I got a diploma in education science and a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures. I worked and lived abroad for many years and taugh Italian to students of different countries and ages, both to individuals and groups.

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Italian tutor in Rochester, NY. Native speaker combines both grammatical and conversational skills for students. Graduate of Nazareth College

Nazareth College 2013-2017. Bachelors of science in Business Administration and Italian. GPA of 3.9. Friendly and caring tutor that will combine both grammatical and conversational methods into lessons. Native Italian speaker from Pescara. Both parents are Italian professors in Binghamton, New York.

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Italian teacher in Italy keen on teaching Italian as a foreign language

I am an Indian national living in Italy and I teach Italian here.My way of teaching is a bit different from the traditional method. I use lots of activities to work on vocabulary, accent ,grammar etc. For me it's important that my student learns to communicate in Italian than just knowing the grammatical part.

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Italian tutor in Salt Lake area! Just returned from time abroad in Italy

I just returned from living in Italy and although I took Italian classes in the US for 2 years, I didn't really learn the language until I spent 8 months living in northern Italy! I have tested as 80% fluent and have tested into the Italian literature levels of learning this language. I use a more inquiry-based learning style.

San Francisco
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Italian native teacher located in Bangkok offers worldwide lesson through Skype or in private class.

Friendly and professional young woman from Rome, located in Thailand. Native speaker of course! I offer different types of lessons according to the specific students requests.

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Journalist helps you with your Italian so you can travel to that dream country.

Journalist dedicated to the education of children and youth and to community work. I can teach you the language or reinforce it in a practical way and accompany you in this process. Through the web cam we can perform various activities such as using in different contexts in a way that makes the class more practical.

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Italian Online from Argentina, optimal levels of education and high use of language

I am a teacher, I have experience in tutoring and schools. I possess a wide range of students of different ages. In case of an early or little education I possess material to develop student's intellect and learning.

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Native Italian ready to educate middle Tennessee in Italian lessons starting today!

I am fluent in Italian, used to live and work there, and still has family there.

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I am first year student at ISTI university. I can teach French, Italian,Spanish and English

I am a first year student at the University ISTI in translation and interpretation. I can give you lessons in a pretty fun atmosphere for learning while having fun. I am a girl of 19 years, and I would like to put money aside for a vacation without having to depend on my parents.

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French language courses, Spanish, English and after school and dissertation help, translations

Teaching for over 10 years with passion, alternating grammar lessons, and exercises to work on texts and songs as well as other audiovisual activities which make a pleasant and enjoyable lesson. for more info (concealed information) Skype: Mobile ch.

Santa Paula
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Undergraduate Student gives tutoring help in German, Spanish, English and Italian. If you need help, let me know.

I'm a self-taught learner of German and Italian. I know Spanish because of my parents. I love languages beyond learning them. I'm very in the history of language as well as how languages effects our daily lives. Language learning is very important.

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Graduate in foreign languages ​​and literature provides tuition of English and German, for help in literature, translation and grammar. I live and Turin, and are willing to travel in any part

I propose every lessons type from grammar to the translation techniques, the letteratur and readings of texts and curiosity of those concerned. Mostly help university students and high schools students with the preparations of texts and examinations, or to perform the tasks assigned to school.

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I title B2 C1 in English and Italian, I teach both subjects besides Spanish for foreigners.

I give conversation classes and I prepare for official exams in English and Italian, from A1 to B2. I am specified in Trinity exam preparation but there is no problem if the student would like to be submitted to any other official examination.

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I give foreign language lessons and modern literature grammar and Italian language

Simon mattia Bigarelli teach Italian and Portuguese in Cape Town in South Africa for more than a year. I was born in Modena speak English Spanish Portuguese and Italian.

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How to learn Italian and to study English and Spanish in a fun way

I have a degree in languages, specifically I studied translation for English and Spanish languages. In my classes I use a method that initially provides techniques such as listening and comprehension (songs, movies, video) and later analysis of the grammatical rule or topic to discuss. I like to explore topics of culture and teach curiosities and special details to my students.

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English, German or Italian private lessons or via Skype. All levels

Private lessons or Skype lessons. Languages. ​​English, German, Spanish or Italian taught by A high school teacher with extensive experience and C2 language level.

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Italian Teacher gives lessons to primary and high school students in Sydney

I approach teaching Italian in an authentic and fun way. I teach the four core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in context, with authentic materials. The integration of intercultural understanding is also a very important part of my lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Graduated in philosophy and international sciences with a master's degree in diplomacy; teaching experience of Italian, English, French, German, singing, philosophy and singer. I worked in Brussel

I teach Italian to foreigners in a simple but effective way ... I teach English, French and German to Italians in a fast and dynamic way. I teach singing to Italians and foreigners in tune and no ...

Bassano del Grappa
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced teacher offers professional Italian courses for foreign students for all levels

Graduated in Literature with honors, after having taught in several language institutes in Italy, in France and in partnership with American universities, I offer Italian courses for foreigners for all levels. My experience with students of each continent, combined with my technique of theatrical expression that I have developed over the years, will make our lessons efficient and playfull.

1st lesson offered free !

Italian MBA professional gives italian classes for everyone and at any level

I have an MBA and several professional certifications in finance but I always enjoying teaching on my spare time. I enjoy seeing progress on my students. I am flexible and I can teach at any level you need and at your own pace.

1st lesson offered free !

1st generation Italian-American gives Italian lessons for beginner to intermediate students in Denver.

1st generation Italian-American providing beginner to intermediate Italian language lessons. High energy and supportive instruction focusing on conversational Italian, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Additional studies include introduction to Italian culture, regional cuisine, and insider travel advice.

1st lesson offered free !

Business economics, politics and business management. Dress on the Asiago Plateau. Degree in modern languages ​​and tourism

I am a graduate in modern languages, culture and tourism. I attended the Institute of Accountancy (5 years) in Asiago. I think I have knowledge both humanistic and business economics. I have excellent knowledge of the English language, medium knowledge of French and German. I prefer a web-based teaching because it's hard to travel. I would like above all to teach children of middle and high school.

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Modern Foreign Language and Literature teacher available to help you achieve your goals.

I am a language teacher in London. My lessons are aimed at users interested in improving English, French and Italian for their exam preparation or/and their personal development. My lessons are tailored to the particular needs of my students.

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Quadrilingual teacher, student LFM Ex Bac Scientific. Helped both languages ​​and sciences (mates, physics, chemistry, biology).

I am a former student of the French school in Madrid, I made double double both the high school and Spanish scientific selectivity as the French (Bac). I speak 4 languages, Spanish and native French, Italian and English bilingual B2. I'm good in math, science, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics ... I can also teach Language.

(1 review)
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Student in mother tongue translation gives Italian lessons in Geneva (free conversation, grammar, small group classes, vocabulary, ...)

I base my method on the requirements of my students. I try to like to integrate a lot of conversation in my classes, so that the student can feel more and more comfortable with the language. I am also available to explain grammar, to give brief exercises to do where to concentrate my courses exclusively on the conversation.

Paris 6e
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Italian native student in exchange at Sciences Po Paris where I study economics and international relations

Ciao! Sono Gaia! With more than 5 years of experience teaching Italian at all levels I offer Italian courses in Paris to improve your level, whether you want to be more confident, to study or to work abroad or simply to learn this fantastic language. I work with a methodology adapted to the needs and interests of the students.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Italian. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! I like the way Andrea motivates me and he always brings topics according the topics I like, which makes studying easier. I'd highly recommend him.

Timea, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Francesca is a very reliable, patient and knowledgeable tutor, and I very much enjoy our weekly lessons. As she is very creative she also has great ideas of helping me to remember words, and making learning Italian more fun! She is a professional,...

Stacey, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I've had 8 private lessons with Wanda in central London (and now signed-up for 8 more). We had excellent communication deciding where and when the lessons would take place. Wanda is flexible and is able to work in the evenings, after work. Her...

Steve, student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Rosa is a wonderful tutor. I really look forward to my lessons and I enjoy them. I am very rusty, but Rosa helps me to engage with the Italian language again. Her lessons are structured and good. I am delighted to have found such a great...

Josephine, student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Antonella, Is a lovely teacher. Very patient, calm and kind. You get a real slice of Italy studying with her. She is brilliant! X

Jo, student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Really lovely lady. My son is over the moon with her Italian lessons.

Reeva, student
9 months ago
(3 reviews)

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How To Choose Your Private Italian Class?

Italy and the Italian language also called Dante's Language, evoke so many things when they are discussed. First, it's the singing quality of the accent and pronunciation. Then it's the many amazing places to visit and travel to, from Venetian gondolas to Roman monuments. But of course, there's also the Italian culture, cuisine, cinema... the list goes on! And what if you put a little dolce vita in your life too? Superprof invites you to join our scuola de lingua and many talented Italian teachers based all over the UK.  

The Italian Language: One of the Easiest to Learn!

Can learning a language be done quickly and easily? In general, no. Learning a language requires time and discipline. But when we are talking about learning Italian, if you're an English speaker, or have ever dabbled in similar languages such as French or Spanish... the task of learning this language of love becomes immediately much easier! Why? According to studies by linguistic specialists, it would seem that the Italian language has important similarities to English! The Italian language is also greatly similar to the other 6 Romance Languages spoken around the world by millions of people: Spanish (470 million), Portuguese (250 million), French (150 million), Italian (90 million) and Romanian (25 million). Similarities that exist between all these languages greatly facilitates the work of an Italian teacher and their students, and there can be similarities found amongst the romance languages as well: the richness and diversity of their cuisine, culture, cinema, literature, history of art, architecture in their cities. However, if one is being honest... isn't it Italian that truly interests and draws you in?! If you've ever learned a bit of any of these languages in school, you've already got a large head start. Plus, by learning a language, such as Italian, it opens the doors to learning a 3rd sister language much more easily! Studying Italian can be one of the best ways to become bilingual for those who are native English speakers. But in order to do so, you will need to find an Italian language teacher who is ready to give private lessons at home! Just as well, because you've found the right place! Whether it is a teacher from the Ministry of Education, or a self-taught teacher, or native speaker who wants to convey his love of the Italian language and culture.  

Learn the Italian Language: The Importance of Speaking Italian in Europe

When we count the Italian speakers in Europe, we realize that the Italian language is the 6th most common native language spoken in the European Union with 69 million practitioners. In other words, a highly impressive amount. One of the most common languages spoken in the EU, Italian, coming in at 6th place, puts it closely behind English in 4th place with 70 million native speakers in the EU. First, second and third place goes to Russian (120 million), German (95 million) and French (80 million) respectively.  This can give us an idea of the value in taking some Italian courses, or to even organize a trip to Italy one day, to put your skills to test in the beauty of the country itself: Rome, Siena, Florence, Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Sicily or Sardinia! While travelling, you can of course practice all that you have learned with your private tutor, homework help specialist, online Italian course tutor, or free Italian courses at home!

Italian Language and Culture Courses

But if Italy is a major country of Europe (and the world), it is also and above all known for its exceptional cultural heritage. According to UNESCO, Italy is the country with the world's largest cultural heritage today, with nearly 51 sites ranked in 2015! Learning to speak Italian can, therefore, bring to life unique experiences in this Renaissance country. From the Tower of Pisa to the Coliseum, through the amphitheater of Taormina (Sicily), the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel or the La Scala Opera House in Milan! To learn Italian means not only moving towards the enviable status of being bilingual in Italian. It can also mean embracing its incredibly rich and beautiful culture. Starting with Italian cuisine, as well known around the world as the Great Boot! And as we mentioned above, don't forget: Italian cinema, theatre and literature. Why not focus your studies on the Italian language? Italian courses can be found everywhere in education: college, high school, university. Obtaining a degree in Italian during your studies may well bring you closer to that incredible job opportunity you've been looking for, at a time when many companies are looking for resumes from candidates who have mastered 2 languages and many are looking at Italian in particular. Learning Italian very early can lead to a brilliant professional career. You can also take classes in the evening, through continuing education, learning Italian online or at home with a specialized teacher. A linguist expert can not only help you to get a diploma, but also to learn Italian quickly: grammar, adjectives, qualifiers, the Italian alphabet, and even help you to become an Italian tutor yourself one day, why not or obtain admission to a specialized program.  

Italian Language Courses: Less than £20 Per Hour on Average

Learning Italian with a private tutor seems to us to be the best option by far to learn how to quickly speak Dante's language. This and a linguistic stay obviously: a direct immersion in one's language city of choice to deepen one's knowledge. But the advantage of taking Italian courses at home is that it allows a student to work the language within one's own scheduling and in-depth: Italian culture, plurals, pronouns, conjugation (verb and time), adjectives, adverbs, written expression, vocabulary (words and expression), the history of art... So many parameters of language can be acquired by choosing this method of teaching! But for students who do not have a big budget, choosing to embark on the adventure of learning a language through a course with an Italian teacher, it is above all an investment. However, learning a language on Superprof becomes much more affordable, an Italian language private tutor can be as reasonable as £15-20 per hour.  

To Speak Italian: Choose Your Italian Tutor From Nearly 3,000 Teachers

As for the choice of the teacher, the next bit of good news after a relatively low average price: the number of Italian teachers at your disposal! Tutors on our platform focus on student understanding first and foremost by offering a tailored program, Italian exercises and adapted teaching materials. Whether you are a beginner in the language of Dante (so named after the writer Dante Alighieri) or already familiar with some of the grammar and vocabulary, taking several tutoring classes on some evenings and weekends will allow everyone to improve.  

In Conclusion And To Go Even Further!

Thanks to our Italian teachers, the Dolce Vita is at your fingertips. To prepare for a holiday, an exam, or simply for the pleasure of discovering Fellini and cinecitta movies in OV (Original Version)! Italian is a Latin language which is easier for English speakers to learn than many other languages. Tutors will carefully tailor classes just for you to help you progress as quickly as possible. Some colleges and high schools also offer Italian lessons to their students (as a second or third language). Learning Italian is even easier if you have already had the opportunity to take Latin lessons! Some of our Italian teachers can give you private lessons on general conversation or to help you translate your document into Italian as part of an apprenticeship for private or professional reasons. On the other hand, if you are learning Italian as part of your studies, we also offer private lessons in Italian based on syntax and grammar or on literature. We also offer the option to choose your private Italian tutor according to your requirements: price, method of teaching, location, highest certification achieved.