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Catherine - Brockley - Journalism

I'm a passionate and supportive tutor with a PhD in English and six years' tutoring experience. As a lecturer in English at Goldsmiths, UCL and Kingston university, I teach a range of topics. My tutoring centres on the student's specific needs.

Chafford Hundred
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Magazine and newspaper writer and editor teaching A Level and GCSE Media Studies

I engage students with media in a unique way - by being creative and critical with pupils, I allow them to create their own content and practice putting their new found skills to use, as they would in any media job.

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Psychology and Criminology graduate with extensive marketing, design, communications and PR experience

I believe that anyone can learn anything if it's taught in a way that is right for them. My teaching style first aims to learn how YOU learn to discover the best way for your to remember things in a fun and friendly environment.

North Anston
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Psychology graduate and heavily skilled in media studies and drama - Sheffield & Rotherham

What I have to offer: - Psychology at degree level, specifically Neuroscience as well as Biology and Chemistry.

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Media Professional with teaching experience gives lessons in Media Studies for A-Level to Undergraduate students in Greater Manchester

As a current Masters student with previous experience in both teaching and media industries, I strive to provide extra help to those studying in media fields in a professional, yet approachable manner. This is through creative learning materials, workshops, and industry contacts.

Gloucester Road
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Mark - Gloucester Road - Psychology Dissertation / Assignment / Essay / Proofreading / Editing / PhD Thesis Writer

We provide premium dissertation / Essay / Assignment / Coursework editing & consulting services and 1-1 private tutoring in London. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Take a look at our full list of essay consulting services below. We offer a broad range of consulting services to students and anyone studying in higher education.

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Philosophy Masters graduate offering lessons on the love of wisdom out of Hastings, UK

I teach undergraduates based on a student's needs. This could be a broad conversation about how to approach a topic or essay question, help with structuring and research methods, or reviewing knowledge. It depends entirely on what is required from the course.

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Film, Radio and Television Student in Canterbury teaching media, film, television and communications!

I want to get to know you! and your passions in media and incorporating that into your work in order to make the work enjoyable.

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History university student offering tutoring in History, English Language and English Literature up to A2 Level

I provide lessons for students who are studying for both their GCSEs and A Levels. I would also happily provide tutoring for students that are struggling with either History or English at pre- GCSE, high school age. My teaching method relies heavily on variety.

Earls Barton
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Multimedia Journalism graduate offering lessons online and based around the Northamptonshire area.

My teaching method would be to look at the key aspects you're struggling with and to tackle them one by one. If you have a set list of things you'd like to work on, I can also help by giving advice and extra context.

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BA Journalism Graduate & Freelancer offering advice to anyone hoping to pursue a career in Journalism or communications

Willing to offer advice to anyone hoping to pursue a career in journalism or communications. Can advise on: University choices, areas of journalism/comms, work ethic, what it takes to make it, working abroad, how to gain experience, contacting editors/journalists, pitching, technical skills, and any other general tips/advice...

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History masters student, exceptional communication skills, mobile throughout Birmingham and able to tutor year 7 through to undergrad.

Exceptionally patient and understanding, able to approach topics and ideas from different directions and different angles. Through multiple roles both within university and externally working with teams and individually, i have fermented excellent communication skills and social abilities and would tailor each tutoring session to the student in question.

Greater London
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Anthropology journal editor offers anthropology and media in London for university students

Editor of bimonthly ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY offers advice in publishing short articles in the field of anthropology. With international teaching and research experience at various universities, I also offer teaching and research advice on a broad range of subjects within anthropology. Any work would be tailored to the requirements of the particular students.

Greater London
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B.A History Graduate/Journalism M.A Student gives history, current events and journalism lessons to GCSE, A Level, and adult education students online

Hello, I'm a freelance writer, blogger and journalist. I graduated with a 2.1 in B.A history in 2014, and I am about to start an M.A course in Journalism. During my degree, I gained in-depth knowledge of Nazi Germany, Colonial India, Slavery in Medieval Europe, Witchcraft Accusations, Medieval Heresies, and more general insight into historiography and other historical periods.

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Recent graduate and freelancer to advise on journalism and media studies matters. User of Adobe software and writer who can tutor over internet or in person.

Want advice on anything media related? Essay or article to write, script to prepare, audio to create? I am happy to engage in a range of flexible tutoring styles to give advice. The content can include walk throughs as well if needed and I work particularly well with visual learners.

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Communications Expert with wide experience in many sectors gives digital communications, media and PR lessons to adult professionals and students in London

You don't know what's the best way to draft a communications plan or no clue on how to set KPIs or define communications objectives? You don't know how you can integrate social media and digital in to your communications projects and to maximize results and brand visibility? Well, just give me a shout. I am a passionate communications expert, with extensive experience in different industries.

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PhD in Sociology with over three years of teaching experience at Top 10 UK university offers sociology/criminology/culture and media studies tutoring at home

Top 10 UK university sociology tutor, I offer private (individual or group) tutoring in sociology and related topics (criminology, anthropology, culture and media studies). I focus on interactive learning, encouraging you to foster your own critical thinking tools by adequately using sociological concepts and theories.

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Psychology and Anthropology Graduate offering lessons in History, Anthropology and Psychology in Loughborough and surrounding areas

I have the ability to structure lessons according to the needs of the student and my ability to deliver the lessons in ways which are interesting and informative while at the same time being enjoyable.

1st lesson offered free !

Journalism professional offers tutoring in London, along with media studies, and communication.

My teaching method is based on my experience and know how as a financial journalist and editor, dealing with different cultures and understanding. I adopt a step by step approach with each student and the syllabus of each individual is carefully covered.

1st lesson offered free !

Communications Student offering Tutoring in History, Journalism, Communications and Philosophy in Kent

I base my classes on a simple approach - content, revision of content, and then a round up of the lesson. I intend my lessons to be to the point and engaging, helping students learn what they need to know before they get bored. I make my lessons relatable to the every day to help students understand them far better.

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Student with a passion for Psychology and Journalism and based in North Wales

I aim for each session with students to be casual but worthwhile. By engaging with how the students learn best I will develop a teaching strategy that would cater to their personal abilities and requirements. My friendly and sympathetic approach towards any student that is struggling will make the learning process far more bearable and enjoyable.

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History graduate offering history lessons for GCSE and Alevel students in London

I am offering lessons to GCSE and A level students at any level who desire to achieve higher grades. My lessons would involve me showing students how to answer exam questions effectively and be well prepared for them.

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Journalist and lecturer with 15 years of international experience and master's degree available for tutoring in London or online

I have taught journalism to BA and master's students for several years at Bournemouth University and also at universities in Nepal, after around 15 years as a journalist and editor for various publications, covering crisis and conflict reporting as well as current events, politics and the media.

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Sports writing for online journalists, You Tubers, Bloggers, Social Media Reporters. Learn or develop your writing skills with an experienced sports content editor.

Courses tailored to your needs, whether you are looking to break into sports journalism or make your You Tube channel, club website, blog or social posts more engaging and SEO friendly. Full spectrum of topics covered: reporting live events, headlines, news, features, interview techniques, writing text and titles for video, editing, using stats and analysis.

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Politics University Graduate Looking to aid the next generation to achieve academic prowess

My teaching method revolves around having a good sense of humour and try to ease the stress of exam season. Less of a focus on memorising information, and more of a focus on being able to apply that information in an exam scenario.

1st lesson offered free !

Come study with me for secrets on how to master exam technique and easy tips - including how to get into Oxbridge (like I did!)

My teaching method varies upon what the student is looking for. If the student is looking to pass or excel in a particular exam, I help the student first cover core content in order to ensure that there are no gaps in their knowledge and then help them master exam technique through recurring questions and past papers.

Old Somerby
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Confident media tutor in the East Midlands. Confident working with students of all ages and all abilities. I have a BTEC in film and TV and a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I have several years exper

I like to speak to students (and their parents if applicable) beforehand to find out what works best for them and what the ultimate goal is. Lesson plans will be worked around them. I am happy to work with special education needs children.

1st lesson offered free !

History Graduate offering USEFUL lessons in History, English and Media Studies. I will ensure a high level of writing is achieved. Numerous pieces of my work have been published by national newspapers

My teaching method involves breaking down each examination or topic into sub topics and tackling them methodically. Once all topics have been covered tests and practice questions will follow to ensure the information has sunk in. If you don't practice the exam you will suffer. Real discussion around the topics is also of upmost importance.

(10 reviews)

Laura - Ealing Common - Journalism

Teaching is my third and final career and I love it. I get on extremely well with students of all ages and abilities and enjoy watching their confidence and competence develop quickly as they begin to achieve more than they thought possible.

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Student of journalism at Kent offering history and other social sciences online

As a journalism student i want to try and make whatever im trying to teach you as entertaining as possible , i would try to explain to you an event , crisis , or problem as if i was narrating for you the plot of the new avengers movie so that way its easy for you to remember and can get the best possible results , and you can consider me not only as a tutor but a friend

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