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Mathematics is not about how many answers you know...It's about how you behave when you don't know????

My first goal is to help the students to understand the concept and build confidence in them

São Paulo
Ana laura
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Student of high school and medalist of scientific olympiads. I teach mathematics, physics and chemistry for high school (focused on the desired entrance exam) and for elementary education II

The main focus in my classes is the entrance exam (emphasized for Fuvest, Unicamp, Unesp, Unifesp and Enem). I try to identify at the beginning of the class the difficulties of the student through some classic questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Science classes, intensive summer course. It is perfect if you didn't pasa your subjects. I can help you !


Fort Lauderdale
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Columbia University grad offering tutoring in South Florida and New York City

I have for the most part tutored middle and high school students. I approach every problem with the student and work together to solve it.

New Delhi
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I can teach mathematics to solve problems in a very fast manner

basics and the strengthening the concepts according to the syllabus and i taught maths for the 10 class cbse students for 2 years so i have i idea of the basic syllabus so i can teach well

Chiclana de la Frontera
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Aerospace Engineering student teaches mathematics, physics or other subjects related with science.

I am a student in Aerospace Engineering and I am prepared to teach any subject at the undergraduate level (or lower), especially in mathematics and physics. I like that students understand perfectly all concepts through exercises and "reviews" to prepare around the subject that the student wants to study.

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College student in engineering gives Maths tuition to students except 11,12 class

I am Karamdeep Singh . I teach Maths to all class students except 11th and 12th . First i complete each chapter of the original text book to make strong base for the students then high level books like R.D. Sharma etc.

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1st lesson offered free !

Preet Hindustani Online Study All in 1 Exam in Hindi by PS RATHORE

My teaching method is practically Connect with things and teaching in interesting and different way than others.

1st lesson offered free !

Maths is no more nightmare, success is for those who dare dream about it.

I believe in making strong the basics of any subject I teach, so that it won't be difficult for any student to understand the subject well

1st lesson offered free !

Student from delhi university with a bsc degree in mathematics take coachings for maths.

I base class on one topic at a time that will cover the explaination of the topic..important questions that cannot be solved.. Higher order questions and then assigning assignment of that topic to students.

1st lesson offered free !

Maths tuitions for students till class 10(ssc)! Home tuitions are not allowed!

My teaching method is that I teach from basics and try to make them understand easily with basic simple techniques

1st lesson offered free !

The success of a community, society or country depends on the dignity accorded the teaching profession. Qualification: M.tech from N.I.T., kurukshetra. Teaching: Mathematics (9th,10th, +1 & +2)

Engage with children's thinking; give them sufficient time for dialogue and discussion and space to think about their ideas, methods and mathematical representations of the real world; focus on underlying concepts and processes with prompting and probing questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering graduate with a passion for teaching mathematics to school students for developing engineering aptitude

Provide clarity of concepts and basics especially in maths, since it helps to analyse any problem and find the solution in a systematic way

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Pursuing engineering from Delhi Technological University. Loves to learn and make other learn as well.

I approach a topic by building foundation for the topic and revisiting the basic concepts involved in understanding the topic.

1st lesson offered free !

My name is Mayank, Currently I am working in MNC company(AIG) . I have completed my engineering in computer science from CMR Institute of TECHNOLOGY in 2016. I have 6 years of experience in teaching.

I am computer science engineer from CMR Institute of Technology. I have completed my engineering in 2016. Currently I am working in AIG.

1st lesson offered free !

Maths for all competitive exams like ssc cgl, bank cds nda and all one day competitive exams

No formula no tricks just easiest way all questions within seconds , complete arithmetic and advance Maths at high level

1st lesson offered free !

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1st lesson offered free !

An Engineering student giving tuitions for engineering mathematic only. This includes M1 M2 M3 AND M4.

My teaching methodology includes first teaching the students, module wise. Once the completion of one module is over,a test will be conducted on that module. The test paper will be written by me. These tests will help the student score better in their internals. And after the completion of portions, mock tests will be conducted before the externals. Minimum 3 papers will be conducted.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering student offering classes in basic mathematics will be as patient as possible and am also open to learn new things.

My teaching method is by first trying to find the problem faced by the student and try to solve it by taking an easy step by step approach to the problem.

1st lesson offered free !

Alumni Student from Delhi University with best teaching knowledge in Maths & Science.

My teaching Method is based on my experience and learning Standard from the past which i have learn and experience from most Tutor and guidance in my career

1st lesson offered free !

I am an MSC Agriculture can teach math physics into class x.

I am like to teach online and it will helps the student to learn easily. Moreover time is not an issue for both of us .As per our convenience we can share .

1st lesson offered free !

Gve home tuitions from last 5 years to CBSE students .Classes 1st to 10th

I prefer to give tuitions to indibidual student. My fav. Subject is Mathematics.

1st lesson offered free !

Education is the most powerful thing of all human being.Education need for all

My teaching method is very easy for all students who can understand very simply.And remember for long time and .

1st lesson offered free !

I belive in good foundation, if your basic clear than education become so simple

My teaching methodology is so simple just i am intrested in clearing concepts of students ...

1st lesson offered free !

Interested students ask questions in mathematics subject.i clear all doubts of your problem.

My teaching method is 'how to simply understanding you in simple voice and home work is main purpose to incresing the stability of students.

1st lesson offered free !

Students of primary school only math subject cleraly preparation thank you .

I teach easy rule and regulation by short cut method which all of students can understand and follow us thank

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Perfect! I've been having difficulty with the most complicated topics in maths such as differential equations, trigonometry and linear algebra. He helped me to learn these topics, prepared for the exams and was very committed to my case. I was truly happy...

Vaida, student
1 day ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Josh is incredibly competent in both maths and chemistry. He is always keen to ensure that our daughter came away from every lesson with exactly the informatin and it was obvious that Josh spent a lot of time preparing for each session and was...

Jo, student
1 day ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Bethan has been tutoring my daughter for a few weeks and already we can see a difference in our daughters confidence. I would highly recommend Bethan.

Simona, student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Myriam is a fabulous tutor; our son was not only very pleased to get such in-depth help during his lesson, but also some fantastic after-lesson resources.

Rebecca, student
2 weeks ago
(11 reviews)

Perfect! Brooke is a reliable and committed tutor who is experienced in teaching A level Physics. She has a friendly and approachable manner. My daughter's confidence and attainment have improved since having lessons with Brooke. I have would have no...

Mary, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! The Dr is a definitely a very knowledgeable person, patient and competent. Additionally he has very kindly found the time to search for a book and send it tome even though we did not have lesson that day, which I very much appreciate

Mia, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

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Getting maths support from a tutor: sometimes offers invaluable help

Children and adolescents, from kindergarten to high school, are used to being taught in large groups by a university certified teacher. But what would happen if you changed this methodology and by doing so allowed your child to dramatically progress in math? An in-home maths teacher is a maths professional who intricately knows the ins and out of teaching, while also adding a little something more... Notably, a skill set in successfully working one on one, at home, with students. They can sometimes be self-taught, an engineering student or an experienced engineer, but they always offer professional and tailor-made help to foster the successful progression of the student.

Can in-home maths lessons be a solution for social inequalities?

Arithmetics, Euclidean division, algebraic expression, Cartesian geometry, linear regression, solving a second degree equation, periodic function, calculating the square root... It's impossible to deny, mathematics are not always very easy to understand! And if in addition to all these difficulties encountered in mathematics we add in disparities due to social inequalities... it becomes even more challenging! In this regard, the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), an international organization based in Paris, published in June 2016 a report highlighting the disparities between the various French social strata in the field of mathematics, which can be easily compared to similar findings in the UK. To sum up the study a little, the OECD argues in particular that the most disadvantaged students learn simple notions of math, while the most advantaged tackle arithmetic, linear equations and other high-level concepts early on. One statistic states: 43% of "disadvantaged" students are less familiar with mathematical concepts than others, while the national average is 65%. To fight against this very worrying trend, there is a solution for parents and their children: in-home tutoring, which is available for everyone! And in the face of such statistics and increasing disparity amongst students, the remedy offered by a private maths teacher at home becomes invaluable... We, therefore, invite all different levels of students to turn towards home schooling support, which offers help with homework and maths classes at home!

The growing importance of maths

We cannot deny the crucial importance of mathematics in our lives. As soon as learning begins in school, children start with distinguishing numbers and shapes. Then, whether they grow up to become a mathematics major in university, or go to polytechnic school, engineering school, business school... and more: maths can be found in the daily and professional lives of everyone!

Maths in education: multiplication tables to Pythagorean theorem

Taking private lessons in mathematics or hiring a teacher for tutoring and help with homework, is proving increasingly necessary. Parents have less and less time to devote to these tasks. But the importance of maths and science subjects (physical sciences, engineering sciences, science and technology) does not decrease with age. Thus, to get accepted into certain university programs and give yourself every chance to get the career you want, or to ace your GCSEs and A Levels, you must know a number of mathematical topics perfectly! This obviously begins with mental arithmetic, the multiplication table and equations (division, multiplication, subtraction), then moves on to the Pythagorean theorem, Thales theorem, right triangles, geometry classes, algebra, trigonometry, learning to solve an equation, an arithmetic sequence, mastering prime numbers, natural integers, complex numbers, relative numbers, calculus, probability... With the help of a maths teacher, you can review all these topics and begin to get to know them by heart, which makes taking the GCSE that much easier. Improving your maths skills can open many doors after high school and help you in finding the best career for you.

What good is maths in everyday life?

When you have your nose to the grindstone and you're tearing out your hair in frustration: maths can feel like hell! Even to the point of wondering what is maths even good for. But by taking a step back from these small roadblocks, we quickly realize the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives. It is with maths that, from an early age, kindergarten and primary school, we first learn to understand our world. A world and a society regulated by numbers and logic, 1 + 1 = 2. Learning mathematics is, therefore, equivalent to discovering the codes that govern our environment. Subsequently, maths allow us to perform countless everyday tasks: calculate distances, percentages, statistics, understand your bank account, subscribe to a bank loan, negotiate, budget... In one's professional life, the knowledge learned from your different maths teachers will be a deciding factor as well. In order to join professions in fields such as computer science, finance, accounting, commerce, architecture, interior design or even to start up your own business, maths becomes a necessity.

Why get help from a maths teacher at home?

Hiring a maths tutor for your child at home is an important decision. To give them all the best chances of success to start. But also for the expense that this can represent. It is, therefore, important to explore beforehand: what are the benefits of home tutoring and getting help with homework?

Tutoring and help with homework can combat difficulties

When you want to progress in math, it is necessary to know the difference between private lessons and academic support. A maths teacher does not have the same approach for one or the other. Let's talk about tutoring at home: it is reserved for students who are having difficulty, looking to improve and succeed academically! This is also why we talk about help with homework in these support classes. In middle school, in high school and even in higher education, maths can pose a lot of problems. The logic of some exercises is not obvious to all students. Worse, maths is also known to cause many psychological blockages. And to deal with such limits, calling upon an independent maths teacher, who can devote all his time to the student, can often be life-saving.

GCSE, A-Level and University... Prepare for the big deadlines ahead of time.

Private maths teachers are not just for students having difficulty. Some simply have to prepare for a major event and ensure admission to their desired program in one of the major schools they are targeting. And to enter upper level maths courses, physics, biology, engineering sciences, business school, polytechnic or engineering school, calling upon the help of a teacher specializing in at-home maths support is more than recommended! In any case, it is an ideal way to learn good studying techniques and know your subject matter like the back of your hand.

A maths tutor can help put an end to psychological blockages

As we said above, maths can undeniably cause large psychological blocks in many students. It is a fact. But incredibly helpful tutors can also help with problems with shyness. It is true that being asked in front of everyone to solve a maths problem on the board about a fluctuation interval, a confidence interval, a standard deviation, a cosine or a tangent, a polygon, an affine function, an exercise in chemistry physics, a differential equation, a complex number, to find an abscissa or start a literal calculation... Can certainly be intimidating! Especially when it has to be done in front of thirty other students. Some middle and high school students are thus limited by their introverted nature and shyness to participate. And in the end they can progress more slowly. A real problem that an at-home maths teacher can solve immediately by fostering a peer-to-peer relationship. No more the image of the all-powerful teacher standing behind his desk and potentially intimidating students: instead a new kind of mathematics teacher (having gained a diploma or not), close to the student and accustomed to teaching in these sometimes delicate contexts.